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Speakers are one of the most common output devices used with computers and TV. Some speakers are built exclusively for computers, while others can connect to any sound system. Speakers are designed to produce audio output that can be heard by the listener, independent of their construction. Speakers are usually sold in pairs so that stereo sound can be produced.

However, this means that the audio from the left and right speakers is transmitted on two distinct channels. Because our ears are used to hearing sounds from both the left and right simultaneously, music sounds much more natural when played through two speakers.

In addition, four to seven speakers (plus a subwoofer) are standard in surround sound systems, resulting in a more realistic experience. Take your pick from our collection of the best speakers, no matter what sort of music you plan to play, whether you’re on a limited budget or willing to splurge the cash.

We recommended floor standing, bookshelf speakers, active, and an all-in-one wireless stereo speakers, which are included in our best systems guide. So whether you’re installing a home audio system from the ground up, upgrading an old set of budget speakers, we’re here to help.