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With the arrival of the first telephones, the concept of headphones was developed. Telephones featured an earpiece that had to press to the ear.

Headphones, headsets, and earphones are all used in many areas linked with audiovisual products and machines: their functions are pretty similar, and the terms are used alternately, but several major differences that explain by Audio Speaks Experts.

For comfort and adding security, cushions are usually placed around the speakers and over the ears and these cushions are also the reason of the excellent quality of the sound. Headphones allow you to have an extremely personal and immersive listening experience. Headphone transducers, unlike actual loudspeakers, do not require enormous amounts of air to operate, allowing them to produce a powerful sound.

There are various distinct specifications to consider when choosing or comparing different headphones and earphones. The frequency response, impedance, and type of headphone or earphone are all described in detailed in Audio Speaks.

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