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Many of the best turntables in Audio Speaks also have new capabilities built-in that you wouldn’t find in older record players, such as Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports for recording vinyl to your computer.

Some of these decks can be pricey, but the Audio Speaks is a good entry-level record player who won’t break the bank if you’re on a budget. Thanks to the ongoing boom in vinyl record sales, the demand for entry-level turntables and record players is higher than ever. Vinyl has now outsold CD for the first time since 1986, indicating that customers are rediscovering physical music formats.

This is where the debate between record players and turntables arises. All-in-one, low-cost record players, such as those made by Crosley and Steepletone, are quite appealing for newbies. They deliver an out-of-the-box option, are frequently stocked by big-box retailers.

In our experience, a dedicated, separate turntable always outperforms an all-in-one record player in terms of performance and sound quality.

Generally speaking, the higher the number of bells and whistles, the worse the overall quality. However, I would strongly advise purchasing a turntable that concentrates on perfecting the core playing process. Bluetooth turntables allow you to broadcast vinyl to wireless speakers, while USB turntables allow you to digitize your vinyl collection by plugging your turntable onto a computer.

Whatever your choice, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the greatest record players available, as well as some tempting discounts from some of our favorite merchants.