Best Soundbar Under 200 for Music & TV in 2022

Most people are not satisfied with the audio quality of the built-in TV or PC speakers. The soundbars come in handy, as they have better performance and audio quality than native speakers. But these soundbars can add additional cost to your multimedia setup. The good news is that you can buy the best soundbar under 200 as an alternative to your built-in speakers with Bluetooth and streaming features.

Affordable soundbars allow streaming media and you to play your favorite music directly from TV or PC. These soundbars are best for the sound clarity within a room and are suitable for multimedia purposes. If you are a fan of under-the-TV speakers or your built-in speakers are not loud enough to handle your entertainment needs, these cheap soundbars can help. You don’t have to worry about the connectivity as they have various options, including HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical connections, for a better experience.

Table of Content

  1. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar
  2. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System
  3. SAMSUNG 2.1ch A550 A-Series Soundbar
  4. YAMAHA YAS-109 Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofers
  5. Roku Streambar Pro Dolby Audio System

5 Top Soundbars Under 200

Finding the right product when buying the best soundbars under 200 dollars is challenging. The selection of the budget-friendly soundbar loaded with all the right features is what seems to be necessary.

Best Soundbar Under 200

Therefore, I have researched and reviewed several products investing hours in bringing you the top soundbars under 200. These five products are tested for their performance, features, and ability to perform under different circumstances.

1) Polk Audio Signa S2 Best Soundbar with Subwoofer Under 200

 Polk Audio Signa S2
SpecificationTested Values
ManufacturerPolk Audio
ModelSigna S2
ConnectivityHDMI, Wireless
Recommended ForTV, Home Theater, PC
Dimensions3.22 x 35.43 x 2.15 inches

The Signa S2 is the first soundbar on my list, which despite its compact size, produced excellent audio. It is the best soundbar with a subwoofer under 200 with wireless and HDMI connectivity. If you want superior sound quality at an affordable price, it is the product that can do wonders.

Stress-Free Placement

If you don’t have enough space for placing the soundbar, the Signa S2 is a perfect choice. It combines the power of a subwoofer and speaker in a lightweight and readily portable unit. The tests showed the ability to sneak under the space where other soundbars failed. Even the subwoofer does not take much space and blends ideally with any setup.

Great Build Quality

The plastic used for Signa S2 is durable and provides it an elegant look. The soft curves and simple design make it blend with any modern outlook. The black grille on the soundbar front expands towards the top, making it aesthetically pleasing. On top of that, the buttons to handle the functions help to handle the fundamental functions.

Versatile Connectivity

The Polk Audio S2 soundbar has a few new features than Sonos soundbar. One of the most notable changes is the addition of an HDMI port with ARC functionality. It also comes standard with a 3.5mm slot and a mini jack on the side containing the power cable. Besides the USB connectivity, the S2 features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect to other devices wirelessly.

Control and Remote

Despite the affordable pricing, Signa S2 offers all the fundamental control options making it a simple product. Due to the basic options on the soundbar, the remote control has limited buttons. The HDMI-CEC enabled remote lets you operate the soundbar using the TV remote when connected to the TV through the HDMI port.

Seamless Wireless Streaming

The Signa S2 has a quick and easy Bluetooth streaming process that does not require challenging pairing procedures. You can also expect a stable and reliable connection. The Polk Audio S2 also has two distinct audio modes: music and movies. Each mode has its Equalizer settings to give you the best sound quality possible for your situation.

Interactive Night Mode

The S2 Signa features an impressive night mode that improves the dialogue and tones the bass without any volume adjustment. It becomes helpful for watching movies late at night as it doesn’t disturb others sleeping beside you. The more precise hearing and dialogue make the movie watching more immersive and entertaining.

Audio Quality and Performance

Despite its small and compact size, I have felt the sound quality and overall sound performance of the Signa S2 intense. Although the sound is clear and loud, it is not suitable for bigger spaces as it only fits within a room setting. It still feels solid for a moderate space area and does not lose its loudness.

  • Limited potential for customizations and sound enhancement
  • No Dolby Atmos support results in poor surrounding performance

2) Bose Solo 5 Best Budget Soundbar

Bose Solo 5
ModelSolo 5
Recommended ForTV, PC
Dimensions3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inches

Searching for the best budget soundbar, I got sold on Bose Solo 5 due to its simple design and many options. The lightweight and compact design make it perfect for use under or in front of a TV screen. The voice quality is not the best in the business but enough for maintaining the soundbar level.

Under the TV Design

The Bose Solo 5 carries a simple design. It can sneak under the TV while remaining low profile without attracting much attention. To keep things simple and practical, it does not have any buttons. The front has a black grille, while the top and sides have black-colored plastic. The material selection makes it lightweight and sturdy for reliability.

Universal Remote Control

The soundbar comes with a large remote, which some might find to be a bit too big and chunky. However, this size is necessary because the remote serves a dual purpose. It is a universal controller that can control the TV, soundbar, Blu-Ray player, and other similar devices.

Strong Auto Wake

Besides the fundamental features native to the soundbars, the Solo 5 is the best soundbar under 200, which also packs some nifty tech. Its auto-wake feature is helpful if you don’t want to press a button to wake up the soundbar constantly. The auto-wake feature automatically detects the audio signal to power on the soundbar. Once the audio signal ends, it shutdowns the soundbar after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Several Connectivity Options

If you think that a budget soundbar can have limited connectivity options, you might be wrong to assume that about Bose Solo 5. It delivers everything that you can expect at an affordable price point. The soundbar comes fitted with coaxial, optical, and auxiliary ports. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity opens a new horizon for connecting modern instruments.

Embedded Sub-Woofer

Few soundbars have wired or wireless subwoofer that allows them to customize the listening experience. Contrary to this, the Bose Solo 5 has embedded subs inside the speakers. It eliminates the need for an extra subwoofer due to rich and deep bass. You can experience Dolby Atmos sound on an optical port but with the downplayed quality.

Sound Quality

The size of your TV impacts how effective the Solo 5 will be. If you have a smaller TV, you’ll see a more significant difference than if you have a larger TV. The Solo 5 shines when you hook it up to a 32-in TV. Turning the volume to a decent level can give you improved sound weight and clarity than the TV speakers.

Wireless Experience

Soundbars have come a long way in recent years, with many featuring wireless connections that allow you to pair with other Bluetooth-supported devices. It means you can still enjoy excellent sound quality from your TV soundbar. The Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar is excellent for podcasts and streaming content, whether it’s TV or your mobile.

  • Easy to use and entirely optional layout
  • Universal remote operates TV and soundbar
  • Higher volume dost not affect sound clarity
  • Distortion is almost zero even at higher volume
  • It does not have any display for monitoring
  • The sound field seems narrow
  • It does not allow customizations

3) SAMSUNG 2.1ch A550 Best Soundbar for Samsung TV

SAMSUNG 2.1ch A550
SpecificationFeatured Values
Recommended ForTV, PC
Dimensions3.3 x 33.9 x 2.2 inches

The Samsung A550 is the best soundbar for Samsung TV for several reasons. It offers high-quality sound while remaining affordable. The easy-to-use mechanism and solid movie and soundtrack performance rank it higher in the list of cheap soundbars currently available.

Native Samsung Design

If we look at the design and overall feel, the Samsung A550 does not vary much from previous models. At the first look, you may feel the design and detail do not fit the modern requirements, and it shows subtle detailing. But when inspected closely, you will appreciate the work that Samsung has put into the aesthetics and build quality of the soundbar.

LED Display

The Samsung soundbar lacks a center channel. Therefore, it has a fully functional LED display beneath the grille at the center of the unit. The display is updated, and you can feel it is more practical than the other soundbar solutions having LED lights. The screen is visible due to its brightness, and you can easily see its characters. However, it can only display three characters making it scroll the messages for reading.

Three-Dimensional Sound

This sound bar’s most significant selling point is that it offers three-dimensional surround sound. This technology aims to make movies as realistic as possible for the viewer and to make them feel like they are in a cinema. When watching the movie on a built-in speaker or using the soundbar, you can differentiate the level of sound clarity and quality it provides.

High-Performance Bass Mode

The Samsung A550 takes advantage of the Bass Boost mode. It helps to achieve the bass with greater immersion. The high-performance subwoofer helps to achieve the bass at higher levels giving you unlimited entertainment for your living room.

Impressive Intelligent Sound Lite

Equipped with the impressive intelligent sound lite, the Samsung A550 is the best 5.1 soundbar under 200, providing an overall better experience due to its sensors. Due to its extended compatibility with the Surround Kits, you can address your needs and create a channel system. It is not common in the soundbars, which gives A550 an edge over others.

One Remote Control

Similar to the universal remote control offered by the competitors, the A550 soundbar offers one remote control. You can use this remote to control all the devices connected to the TV. It gives you the advantage of dealing with several remotes and prevents confusion in handling them separately.

Ports and Connections

Connectivity is up to the industry standards regarding the Samsung A550 soundbar. It is the best soundbar under 200 with Bluetooth connectivity support. It overcomes the lack of WiFi and NFC, giving you more control over things. Besides that, it has standard connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, and optical audio input.

  • The design and build quality are excellent
  • It supports direct playback from a USB
  • The five speakers and subwoofer setup provide sound clarity
  • It offers complete control of the TV and soundbar using one remote control
  • Bass does not feel very deep
  • The surrounding activity does not seem real

4) YAMAHA YAS-109 Best Soundbar for Music

SpecificationTested Values
ConnectivityHDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi
Recommended ForHome Theater, TV, PC
Dimensions2.08 x 5.15 x 35 inches

If you are a music lover and want the best soundbar for music, Yamaha YAS-109 can surely take the entertainment to another level. It has many features worth appreciating, including tough build quality, subwoofer, Alexa control, and dual connectivity. It looks like an ordinary soundbar but having these features makes it a real deal.

Tough Build Quality

The build quality of the Yamaha 109 soundbar is an exception, like the other products offered by the manufacturer. Even in the budget price, it has not compromised on the durability and sturdiness of the soundbar. The tough plastic shell with the striking textile covering provides a look that most other soundbars miss.

Minimalistic Design

The design of the Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar falls into a minimalistic category with little information about the hardware it supports inside. It can look deceiving as you don’t know what is happening inside. The controls are on the top of the soundbar, making it easier for the users to access them.

Built-in Subwoofer

Not all soundbars have a built-in subwoofer that can enhance the listening experience. Yamaha YAS-109 provides an immersive audio experience with its dual one-inch tweeters and dual cone tweeters. These tweeters treat the mids quite well, and dual three-inch cone speakers enhance the experience by acting as a subwoofer.

Easy to Use Controls

You can control the soundbar manually or using the application. You must utilize the HDMI and optical connections at the rear for manual control. For operating and controlling the soundbar, you will have to utilize the app provided by the manufacturer. It acts like a remote control while letting you access the setting using a smartphone or TV.

Remote Control with Alexa

The addition of the remote control is helpful for the system as you can get additional functionality. The remote has all the fundamental functions while having a compact layout. You can control the EQ settings and use the Alexa button to summon it. You can eliminate the awkwardness of talking to the speaker cabinet using the button.

Audio Performance

The built-in subwoofers of Yamaha YAS-109 deliver solid performance considering its size. It has a reasonable depth that is quite impressive when considering other options available in the market. The bass extension option with the sound depth provides the output that can shake the room.

Dual Connectivity

Usually, the soundbars don’t have both HDMI and HDMI ARC options for the input. Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar has remained innovative in this perspective by providing dual connectivity for TV and playing video games. You can use these ports for streaming videos without any hiccup.

  • Sound quality is crisp and clear
  • It supports DTS virtual surround sound
  • Alexa compatibility is helpful for streaming content
  • The clear voice features enhance the voice in movies
  • It has plenty of connections for different devices
  • It does not support a separate subwoofer
  • Bass is good but not equal to the dedicated subwoofer system

5) Roku Streambar Pro Best Soundbar For TV

Roku Streambar Pro
ModelStreambar Pro
ConnectivityHDMI, Bluetooth
Recommended ForTV, PC
Dimensions32.2 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches

The Roku Streambar Pro is the best soundbar for TV that is the perfect device for anyone looking to simplify their home theater setup. It comes included with the 4K Roku streaming player with a quick HDMI connectivity option for TV and other devices. Plus, its sleek design won’t take up too much space in your living room.

Curved Design and Large Size

The Streambar Pro carries a unique design that looks modern at first look. It has curved corners on one side while you can see the sharp edge on the other side. Besides the dark grey grille on the front, the rest of the soundbar has a plastic built-in matte black color. The LED indicator on the front grille provides information about the signal, clearly indicating when the soundbar receives the signal.

Integrated Roku Streaming

Roku media streamer is quite popular among people who prefer video and audio streaming. The Streambar Pro comes integrated with the Roku Premiere+ to provide you with the features you like for Bluetooth streaming. The speakers do not need you to have Roku TV to make it fully functional, as it can also work with any other TV.

Advanced Remote Feature

If you own a Roku TV, you probably have seen the Roku voice remote. The remote equipped with the Roku Streambar Pro seems like those remotes, but it has advanced features. Besides the navigation and playback controls, you get access to the dedicated buttons for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Disney+. The remote features a headphone jack on the left side, making it more functional than ever.

Numerous Connectivity Options

Connectivity is where the Roku Streambar Pro shines with its several options. You get access to the HDMI, USB, and optical ports on the back side of the soundbar. The power connectors and the reset button are also present at the rear. It supports ARC channels you can use with the TV to support the audio without needing a separate optical connection.

Streambar Audio Performance

Despite the absence of the built-in subwoofer, Roku Streambar is loud and can produce clear sound for a considerably large room. It can produce the bass to appreciable levels, while the two-channel stereo enables it to produce a wide sound field. You can listen to the music without turning the volume bar to the max in your apartment.

  • It has built-in options for media streaming services
  • Remote has the convenient feature of the headphone jack
  • The virtual surround system is highly effective
  • It supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and many other services
  • Bass response is weak due to the absence of a subwoofer
  • There is only one HDMI port for connectivity
  • Expansion and upgrades are pricey

The Best Soundbar under 200 Buying Guide

Although selecting the best soundbar under 200 is not challenging for most people, finding the right features is somewhat confusing. Here are the features you must consider when buying the best soundbars in 2022.

Sound Output

Output power is significant when it comes to soundbar performance. The wattage will determine how much power pushes through, directly affecting the volume. More watts mean a louder sound, so if you’re looking for that extra boost, you know what to do.

Output is one factor in comparing soundbar volumes. However, it’s important to remember that a 100w speaker will not be twice as loud as a 50w speaker. In general, decibel gains are small, and doubling wattage increases volume by only about three decibels.

Output, component quality, and speaker sensitivity play a role in a soundbar’s volume, so some brands choose not to report output wattage. Additionally, soundbars are not legally required to disclose this information.

Frequency Response

Frequency response is one way of determining the quality of a speaker system. The audible frequencies a soundbar can deliver are essential for a full sound performance. The average human audio spectrum is 20Hz-20KHz, so having a soundbar close to these parameters is essential.

If the soundbar does not have a frequency between these values, it is not the world’s end. It still has the potential for giving the best performance depending on the music and listener’s age.

Tone Quality & Experience

The tone of a soundbar is important for several reasons. The punchy bass of the soundbar plays a vital role in giving a high-quality audio experience in video games, music, and movies. It is why a soundbar needs good quality sound to create a realistic and believable experience for the listener.

Soundbars have a lot of features to bring out the different tones in audio. Some soundbars even have speakers dedicated to this process. When it comes to highs, you must be careful. Too much, and everything will sound thin, but if there are no highs, all audio details get ruined.

Connectivity Options

The way that a soundbar connects to other devices is important to consider when making a purchase. The best soundbar in the world usually has Bluetooth and WiFi connections that are typically easy to use and can connect to several devices, like smartphones and TV systems. More connections usually mean more flexibility for the soundbar.

HDMI cables are the best way to get low-latency, high-quality audio, and video signals from one device to another. But if you don’t have an HDMI cable handy, you can use an optical cable to transfer digital signals without one. RCA and 3.5mm Aux-in connections are also popular options for physical interfaces, but they don’t work as well with other devices.

Size of the Soundbar

The physical size of a soundbar is one of the most important factors to consider when setting up a compact home cinema. You’ll need to ensure that the soundbar will fit in the available space and that it won’t block the bottom portion of your screen. Additionally, remember that a tall soundbar may obscure the TV’s IR receiver, which can impact your ability to control the soundbar with your remote.

For a perfect fit, you must measure the TV length and purchase a soundbar that is not longer than the TV. You can choose compact soundbars like Roku Soundbar if you have small size TV. Also, remember that you can place the soundbar underneath the TV or above it, so size matters a lot.

The best soundbar under 200 dollars is the ultimate choice for music lovers who like to stream movies or songs on their TV. These soundbars are perfect for most apartment sizes as they have loudness and clarity that lacks built-in TV speakers.Although all the options given here are top-notch and packed with features.

I like the Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Soundarb due to its five-speaker 5.1 surround setup and voice clarity. It bundles well with the TV, providing features like one remote control for increasing convenience. Besides that, wireless connectivity makes it universally compatible with the device having Bluetooth connectivity.

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