Best PC Soundbar – USB & Bluetooth Choices with Subwoofer

The stock audio options never seem enough when planning and setting up a multimedia or gaming PC setup. The best PC soundbar seems handy in this situation with loads of options, including USB, Bluetooth, and other connectivity. It can work with TVs and gaming PC to get the best sound at a budget price. The home theater and TV soundbars can sneak under the display.

The stock audio options never seem enough when planning and setting up a multimedia or gaming PC setup. The best PC soundbar seems handy in this situation with loads of options, including USB, Bluetooth, and other connectivity. It can work with TVs and gaming PC to get the best sound at a budget price. The home theater and TV soundbars can sneak under the display.

In contrast with the TV soundbars, the computer soundbars are best for placing under the display while accompanying many drivers. It eliminates the stereo separation but allows you to enjoy music without having to deal with the cluster of wires. Not only the computer soundbar for monitor gives sound accuracy, but it also gives an edge over the gaming headsets. It provides a pleasant listening experience you can miss with the stock speakers.

Table of Content

  1. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System
  2. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound System
  3. RAZER Leviathan for Deep Immersive Bass
  4. Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under-Monitor Soundbar
  5. YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Soundbar
  6. Nebula Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofers
  7. Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround System
  8. Redragon GS560 Adiemus RGB Desktop Soundbar
  9. SAMSUNG HW-N300 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar
  10. Panasonic SoundSlayer with Hi-Res Sound

10 Best PC Soundbar 2022

This article is the best place to start if you are hunting for the best PC soundbar for music. I have compiled the top 10 soundbars for PC in 2022 after hours of research and testing the things around. You can choose the soundbar according to your preference, as most of them can sneak into small spaces due to their compact design.

Best PC Soundbar

A brief review of each product will help you narrow down the selection, while the buying guide at the end can help you decide the list of features you should look into when buying. Don’t miss out on my recommendation for expert suggestion and my best pick

1) Bose Solo 5 Desktop PC Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 Desktop PC Soundbar
ModelSolo 5
Recommended ForMusic, TV, PC
Dimensions3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inches

The Bose Solo 5 desktop PC soundbar is a great soundbar designed for those seeking to upgrade their TV speakers. Mounting this device under any diagonal of your television will give you more space and prevent other cables or ports from being blocked. I liked how it serves its purpose of delivering excellent audio quality.

Slim and Compact

Bose Solo 5 has a small and compact design. Unlike many other bulky sound bars, it doesn’t take up much space, is intrusive to your television viewings, or obtrusive within your home. It is also very durable because of its built-in metal grid, which keeps it from getting damaged from all the wear and tear that might occur over time.

Sound Performance

Despite its small size, the quality of Bose Solo 5 Soundbar’s sound is far superior to anything else you can purchase. It is ideal for those who do not want their entertainment area to take up a lot of space without compromising quality sound or amplification options.

The tweeter was a pleasant surprise because it sounded as nice as it looked. We weren’t expecting much bass to come out of such small dimensions, but it was big and strong at higher output levels without becoming uncontrollable.

Complete Control Over Functions

Another amazing thing about the Bose Solo 5 is its ability to have full control over the TV and soundbar functionality as it comes equipped with the universal remote. It can make changes on the devices with the flash of an LED light provided behind the grille, which shows whether the command got successfully registered or not.

Ports and Connectivity

The Solo 5 soundbars come with Optical, Coaxial, and Aux input. It comes equipped with an optical cable so it can be connected directly to devices that do not have HDMI ports. On the other hand, there is no HDMI port, so if you wish to use it with devices that don’t have any of these connections, such as video game consoles or Blu-Ray players, you will need to purchase a converter separately.

  • The universal remote comes in handy for handling multiple devices
  • It has a compact build to fit any gaming or multimedia setup
  • The sound quality is excellent, with clarity in dialogue
  • It has digital coaxal connections with cables included
  • The sound field seems somewhat narrow
  • It lacks HDMI ports for connecting gaming consoles

2) Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Bluetooth Computer Soundbar

Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Bluetooth Computer Soundbar
SpecificationFeatured Values
BrandPolk Audio
ModelMagniFi Mini
Recommended ForHome Theater, Movies, Music
Dimensions4.3 x 13.4 x 3.2 inches

Though it may be small, Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Bluetooth Computer Soundbar delivers great sound quality that rivals other, more expensive options. It’s easy to connect to your other devices, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable way to improve their home audio setup.

Design and Build Quality

At just 13 inches wide and three inches high, the Polk MagniFi best pc soundbar is much smaller than most other options on the market. Even though it’s made of plastic and cloth, it has a pleasing look. Additionally, its small size means that you’re less likely to have to worry about it blocking your TV’s infrared remote control sensor.

Large Sound Stage

When you buy a sound bar, you shouldn’t expect it to have the same audio quality as a pair of dedicated speakers. However, the Polk sound bar does a great job of filling a small space with clear sound. The side-firing speakers work well, and the sound stage is surprisingly large. The subwoofer also gives a boost to the bass when needed.

Wide Range of Connectivity

Connectivity is pretty good for a sound bar in this price range. It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, optical, and a 3.5mm input. The HDMI port works with a TV, but if you want to use it with a Blu-ray player or other device, you’ll need to use another connection like optical.

  • The sound seems much better when compared to other soundbars of the same size
  • It is compact and can fit any room easily
  • It makes the music streaming simple by allowing the Cast directly from the phone
  • The voice is very clear with the ample bass
  • It has no dedicated mobile application or onscreen display
  • The treble is relatively harsh

3) RAZER Leviathan Best Soundbar for PC Gaming

RAZER Leviathan Best Soundbar for PC Gaming
SpecificationTested Values
Recommended ForGaming Console, Computer, Surround Systems
Dimensions3.1 x 19.7 x 2.9 inches

Razer, known for their gaming headsets, has now created a home theater sound system that is Bluetooth enabled and small enough to fit under your monitor or HDTV. The Razer Leviathan is the best soundbar for PC gaming that includes a wired subwoofer for an even deeper sound experience. It will surely be a hit with home theater and gaming audio fans.

Design and Aesthetics

The Leviathan is one of the smaller soundbars on the market, but it still packs a punch. Razer is known for its dark, high-tech aesthetics, and the Leviathan follows suit with its black metallic grille and contoured design. In addition to volume control and input selection, the soundbar has buttons for managing the Dolby virtual surround sound.

Movies Performance     

Soundbars are often marketed as a way to get “surround sound” without investing in an entire 5.1-channel system, but they don’t always offer the same quality of experience. I found that movies with less gunfire and explosions didn’t sound as good on this particular model – the dialogue was clear. Still, it was apparent that the sound was coming from a small bar rather than multiple speakers around the room.

Powerful Subwoofer and Bass

The Leviathan soundbar is an excellent option for anyone looking for a soundbar that won’t break the bank but still packs a punch. The subwoofer is incredibly powerful and can fill any room with sound, while the soundbar itself is loud enough to compete with any full-sized model on the market. Whether you’re using it for your desktop computer or your HDTV, the Leviathan will provide you with the clear, crisp sound you’re looking for.

  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity for various devices
  • The music performance is solid given any circumstance
  • It has a heavy bass sound
  • The pricing is excellent given the subwoofer and other performance
  • It lacks true 5.1 surround sound
  • It does not pack a punch for high-end clarity
  • It lacks a remote for controlling the functions

4) Creative Stage 2.1 Channel USB Soundbar for PC

Creative Stage 2.1 Channel USB Soundbar
BrandCreative Stage
ConnectivityUSB, AUX, Bluetooth
Recommended ForTelevisions, Computer, Gaming Consoles
Dimensions23.7 x 6.69 x 16.06 inches

The Creative Stage USB soundbar for PC is a great budget sound bar if you’re looking for features like HDMI and a separate subwoofer. The sound is clear, and the subwoofer gives it an edge over other “all-in-one” sound bars. It is an excellent pick if you want to listen to the gaming sounds and songs on a desktop PC. The onboard display helps let you know which input you’re on at any time.

Industrial Design and Display

At 21 inches wide, Creative Stage’s best PC soundbar is compact, but its industrial design makes it look great with large screens. And unlike the Vizio, which has a confusing display, the Creative has a two-symbol display that makes it easy to select the input.

Clear Stereo Sound

Creative’s best PC soundbar under 100 is designed for excellent performance whether used as part of a desktop PC system or not. It produces enough volume for near-field listening and has a clearer stereo image when located three feet away rather than six.

Movie Watching Experience

While several soundbars boast high-quality audio for movies, the Creative soundbar surpasses them. For the best movie experience, placing the subwoofer nearby the listening position is best. However, the captive lead prevents this from being possible. Though it is a perfect length to go under a desk, it is not long enough to also place under a coach alongside your trousers.

Remote and Presets

Unlike the RAZER Leviathan, the Creative Stage 2.1 comes with remote control. It enables you to operate the soundbar from a distance while giving you access to presets. There are four sound modes and a volume control delivered on the remote. You don’t have to worry about operating the functions if you lose the remote due to the presence of physical buttons allocated on the soundbar.

  • It is feature rich with several high options at hand
  • The subwoofer is excellent for bass and sound
  • The rock and dance music performance is phenomenal
  • It has an onboard display for knowing the input and other presets
  • The physical length makes it slightly unfit for TV
  • The sound is not much on the louder side for a larger room

5) YAMAHA SR-C20A Best Computer Soundbar

YAMAHA SR-C20A Best Computer Soundbar
SpecificationFeatured Values
ConnectivityAUX, USB, Bluetooth
Recommended ForMusic, PC
Dimensions25.98 x 5.98 x 5.98 inches

Yamaha’s SR-C20A is the best computer soundbar with a small stereo with an integrated subwoofer. It’s designed to fit in small spaces and deliver exceptional sound. While it does provide some decent sound without needing a separate subwoofer, you may want to consider whether you prioritize space or bass quality more, as this soundbar falls a bit short regarding bass.

Larger Sound Stage

I was impressed by the wide sound stage on this little soundbar. It felt like I was sitting in front of a much larger setup. The sound stage seems up to 8 feet wide for perceived sound. It made music and games much more immersive. With BASS EXT turned on, the sound quality was noticeably better at close range.”

Decent Sound Quality

The Yamaha SR-C20A produces decent sound quality. The response is on the flatter side, so you might have to do some adjusting to get the sound you want. However, there are no overwhelming or underwhelming tones. As with smaller bass drivers, don’t expect too much oomph in the low end.

The sound on this soundbar is impressive! I never thought I would need to go higher than two-thirds volume for clear sound, but the speakers are so powerful that they can fill a room quickly. I also didn’t notice any distortion when I turned the volume up. The upward-firing speakers make a difference in the quality of the sound.

HDMI ARC Connectivity

The HDMI ARC feature is an excellent option for connectivity, as it allows you to use your TV remote to control the soundbar volume. It worked well in my tests, but I was even more surprised by including two optical audio inputs.

Although HDMI ARC is a more up-to-date standard, it allows for more creative options when hooking up game consoles or Blu-ray players to older, lower-end TVs. All in all, this provides a better audio experience overall.

  • It produces a rich tone for immersive listening
  • The size seems a good fit for the TV and PC
  • The sound presentation is focused and clear
  • It has several connection options
  • It cannot add a subwoofer
  • Not best for home theater setup

6) Nebula PC Soundbar with Subwoofer

Nebula PC Soundbar with Subwoofer
SpecificationTestes Values
ConnectivityOptical, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
Recommended ForSurround System, PC
Dimensions36.22 x 4.33 x 2.36 inches

The Anker Nebula PC soundbar with subwoofer is a great budget-friendly option if you want to upgrade your audio quality and introduce smart capabilities with a Fire TV Stick. Although the audio quality is excellent at mid- to high-volume levels, distortion at lower volumes can be a problem, particularly with vocals.

Simple But Solid Build

At first glance, the Anker Nebula soundbar is quite unassuming. And, when you consider that it’s only a 2.1 speaker system made up of two speakers and two subwoofers. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the dark mesh fabric covering the soundbar helps it blend into any environment. Plus, if you’ve got a second or third-generation Echo nearby, the fabric will match up nicely, providing great synchronicity throughout the room.

Performance and Sound

The audio quality is pretty good, with a balanced sound and transparent dialogue. However, don’t expect too much bass – it’s not as pronounced as advertised. With the bass setting at neutral, there’s a decent amount of punch. With the bass maxed out at 3, there’s a bit more punch, but still not as much as advertised.

Improved Visual Experience

Nebula is the best PC soundbar that can take advantage of modern standards like 4K, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ for an elevated listening and visual experience. Although it targets most customers looking for a high-end TV watching experience, it is still nice to have a Vision-supported TV for maximum benefit.

Amazon Fire TV

Nebula soundbar provides a great entertainment center for your living room in the form of an Amazon Fire TV. It’s easy to set up, and you can access your favorite streaming services without worrying about an additional dongle.

The interface is user-friendly and focuses on Amazon’s video offerings, but you’ll still be able to find all the popular apps you’re looking for. The Nebula soundbar provides excellent sound quality, making it the perfect one-stop shop for all your media needs.

  • It produces loud, clear, and crisp audio
  • Built-in Alexa and Amazon Fire TV media player is handy
  • It renders 4K fast for the newest media files
  • The design is sleek and elegant for any home theater or PC setup
  • The built-in subwoofer does not deliver deep bass depth
  • The price seems slightly higher

7) Sound BlasterX Katana Good Soundbar for PC

Sound BlasterX Katana Good Soundbar for PC
ModelSound BlasterX Katana
ConnectivityUSB, AUX, Bluetooth, Mic In
Recommended ForComputers
Dimensions8.1 x 26.7 x 19.7 inches

Creative is a trusted name when it comes to high-quality audio. The Sound BlasterX Katana good soundbar for PC is an excellent addition to any gaming or media setup. It’s perfect for gamers who want great sound and a sleek design. The Katana produces some amazing sound and has a minimalist design that will look great in any setup.

Sturdy Metallic Build

Creative’s soundbar features a metallic finish. The soundbar is made of the same plastic material as the subwoofer, but the added design details make it look like a more luxurious product. Despite the added cost, the soundbar and subwoofer are well-designed and sturdy.

Subwoofer Performance

The soundbar uses the attached subwoofer, two tweeters, and two midbass drivers to create its sound. The tweeters are at the front, and the midbass drivers are on either side. The audio quality is the most crucial part of any sound system, and the Katana produces excellent vibrations.

Audio Performance

You want to hear everything when you’re playing your favorite video games. That’s where the Katana comes in. This small soundbar packs a punch, delivering clear sound at a surprisingly high volume. The Katana might not blow you away if you’re used to premium sound systems. But if you’re coming from the budget or mid-range speakers and headphones, it’s a big step up.

Connections and Outputs

Creative included various ways to connect it to the back of the soundbar. There’s a spot to plug in a microphone, headphones, AUX cord, optical cord, USB (for flash drives), and micro USB for a PC. You could have the Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and a Windows 10 PC all hooked up to the soundbar at the same time if you wanted to.

RGB Lighting

The visual highlight of Katana’s LED light show is that it can be programmed to pulsate, strobe, move, or softly glow from under the soundbar and reflect off the surface of your desk. The soundbar can light up your desk with 16.8 million colors and has a few great presets. You can make your lighting profiles with the desktop software too.

  • It has exceptional sound quality loved by audiophiles
  • The subtle lighting is aesthetically beautiful
  • Soundbar design fits nicely under the monitor
  • There are decent connection options for hardware
  • The subwoofer is enormous compared to the soundbar
  • It only supports AAC codecs for the Bluetooth
  • The wired subwoofer can increase the wire clutter

8) Redragon GS560 Adiemus Best PC Soundbar under 50

Redragon GS560 Adiemus Best PC Soundbar
SpecificationFeatured Values
ModelGS560 Adiemus
ConnectivityUSB, AUX
Recommended ForGaming, Music
Dimensions15.75 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches

The Redragon GS560 Adiemus is the best PC soundbar under 50 Dollars that provides soundstage and performance that won’t disappoint you even for gaming and multimedia. Despite its budget pricing, the GS560 delivers a crisp and clear sound with nice levels and rich tunes to enhance your gaming experience.

Design and Aesthetics

Redragon GS560 is the best PC soundbar with a simple and minimalistic design. It does not pack any aggressive features and has a sleek layout. The back color adds to its looks with the straight lines on the matte black.

Regarding aesthetics, GS560 has RGB lighting effects. However, the option to pick the color is scarce, and you can only have the choice to decide between the six color options. Lacking the color customization options is slightly disappointed, but I think it is perfect as it is just a soundbar. You cannot expect more from Redragon at such a budget price.

Crystal Clear Sound Performance

The ADIEMUS GS560’s sound is on par with what you would expect, given its price tag. However, where it excels is in the upper frequencies. The highs are crystal clear, making it one of the best Redragon speakers I’ve ever reviewed. You cannot expect to get shaken along with the music, but still, it is a solid performing soundbar.

Regarding the sound quality during my tests, I have observed that the midrange is clean and rich, providing you with a substantial boost of sound. You can hear every bit of sound variety inside the games and movies. The bass hit the right spot as it has a lower range that is convincingly excellent despite the absence of a subwoofer.

  • The sound quality is excellent given the pricing
  • It fits perfectly under most multimedia and gaming setups
  • RGB lighting is perfect to match other gaming accessories
  • The excellent budget choice for a PC soundbar
  • At the high sound, the clarity has some issues
  • Not best for large room

9) SAMSUNG HW-N300 Soundbar with Built-in Woofer

SAMSUNG HW-N300 Soundbar
SpecificationTested Values
ConnectivityUSB, Bluetooth
Recommended ForMusic, Gaming
Dimensions28.1 x 6.9 x 6.7 inches

The Samsung HW-N300 is an excellent soundbar for anyone who wants great sound without spending much money. It is the best budget soundbar PC with four speakers that produce a rich, full sound. You won’t need a bulky subwoofer as it has got you covered. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about clutter as it saves space and blends well with any setup.

Versatile and Compact

The Samsung HW-N300 is a versatile and compact speaker that can be a great addition to any TV setup. Its discreet design means it won’t take up a lot of space, but you’ll still be able to hear the difference in sound quality. The unit has 4 speakers and 4 status LEDs that change color depending on the mode or status.

Audio Support

The HW-N300 contains four speakers and can create a sound of 30 watts across two channels. Even though there is no dedicated sub-woofer, Samsung has a bass EQ control on the remote, balancing the sound.

The Samsung HW-N300 soundbar is a great way to get high-quality audio, whether listening to music, watching TV, or watching a movie. The soundbar supports Dolby Digital 2.0 and DTS 2.0 formats, so you can be sure that you’re getting great sound no matter what you’re watching or listening to.

Dolby Digital and DTS Audio

The Samsung HW-N300 soundbar is a great way to get better sound for your TV. With Dolby Digital 2.0 and DTS 2.0 audio processors, it will provide a vast, noticeable improvement over the TV’s built-in speakers. It turns on and provides you with the music from several sources with a tap of a click.

The HW-N300 isn’t giving you the same audio experience you would get from a high-end surround sound system. It doesn’t have a subwoofer built-in, and while the bass EQ control and DSP settings can help, it’s not going to come close to the sound quality of a cinema-grade setup.

  • The output is powerful for a large room
  • It works without any hiccups with the Samsung Smart TVs
  • It offers multiple input options for connectivity
  • It lacks audio cables
  • It doesn’t have a display for providing information

10) Panasonic SoundSlayer Best Mini PC Soundbar

Panasonic SoundSlayer Best Mini PC Soundbar
ConnectivityBluetooth, HMDI, Optical
Recommended ForTV, PC
Dimensions‎18.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches

The Panasonic SoundSlayer SC-HTB01 is a mini soundbar that is perfect for those who want to improve their TV viewing and gaming audio experience. It is affordable and very compact, making it ideal for those with limited space. It can sit well with small or large TV setups making it a perfect fit for most multimedia setups.

Compact Upfiring Speakers

Panasonic SoundSlayer is the best Mini PC Soundbar to fit even the tiniest spaces. It sits nicely underneath the TV, regardless of size or gaming monitor. The passive radiator and upward-firing speaker are in the center of the soundbar, making it slightly challenging to place under anything due to clarity issues.

The SoundSlayer SC-HTB01 is a soundbar that doesn’t put all of its emphasis on style and design. It’s a dark grey box, which might be a turn-off for some people who are looking for something with a little more personality. However, sound quality is where it can even compete with most other soundbars.

Five Drivers Setup

The SoundSlayer best pc soundbar is a small but mighty soundbar with five drivers arranged in a 2.1 format. It has two tweeters, two full-range drivers, and one upward-firing woofer. It supports standard and 3D sounds, including advanced standards like Dolby Atmos. Besides that, it can enhance the bass frequencies more than its size.

Remote Control Operating System

The remote control that comes with the SoundSlayer SC-HTB01 is pretty basic, and it would have been nice if Panasonic had put more effort into making it look and feel nicer. The good news is that the button layout is sensible and easy to get used to, so you won’t have trouble adjusting the volume or playing with the presets. You can also pair the SC-HTB01 with other devices via Bluetooth.

USB Ports and Connectivity

The Panasonic SoundSlayer comes equipped with two HDMI ports for input and output. The output has ARC support which makes it easier for you to adjust the TV volume using the remote that comes with the TV. If you have an old TV, don’t worry about the connectivity, as the SoundSlayer has an optical connection. The USB connection lets you update the system and tweak the settings.

  • It is a compactly packed mini soundbar with exceptional quality
  • The sound performance is excellent for the most part
  • It has several connection options, including Bluetooth and HDMI
  • The unique game modes can provide excellent sound for gameplay
  • Sound quality at high can taper off
  • The remote control feels slightly compromised regarding quality

Buying Guide for the Best PC Soundbar

Have a hard time choosing the best PC soundbar? It is usual for someone without prior experience to select the soundbar for a PC and gaming setup. You may confuse different choices and consider what will best suit your needs.

Don’t worry; I am here to help you by pointing out what you should be looking for when buying the soundbar for a PC. Here are the brief details of features you need to observe before buying the soundbar.

Functionality & Performance

Before making a purchase, you must understand how the soundbar for a PC works. While you can learn more about the product through my reviews given above, try to select the one that best meets your needs. There are different types available, so choose the one most similar to what you are looking for.

Customer Reviews

If you’re new to soundbars, talk to people who have experience using them. They can share their real-world knowledge and help you make informed decisions. User reviews can also be constructive in determining which soundbar is suitable for you. Ultimately, they may have the most significant impact on your purchasing decision.

Brand Reputation

Brand loyalty has evolved as deciding factor for purchasing computer accessories and peripherals. People prefer the brand they have had a good experience with and don’t want to try new brands that don’t have a reputation.

Keep in mind that the brand reputation is a signal of the company’s overall product quality. Most popular brands have the highest build quality, and they provide the listening experience that other soundbar misses out on. Choose the brand that you feel comfortable with the most, and don’t overlook the user’s reviews about the brand when trying it for the first time.

Price Factor

When buying the soundbar for a PC, you don’t want to purchase something out of your budget. Remaining within budget is essential as you don’t want to drain your pockets on expensive soundbars when budget choices are available. So, always ensure that you settle for the soundbar according to your budget while providing all the features.

Although buying the best PC soundbar does seem challenging at the start, a thorough product comparison, online research, and reading the reviews can help you in this regard. I have listed top PC soundbars that can fit the needs of everyone, given specific circumstances.
My top recommendation is Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Bluetooth Computer Soundbar. The reason for ranking it above others is its better sound quality than other rivals and more expensive options. It is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable way to improve their PC gaming setup.

Product Recommendation

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