7 Best In Wall Subwoofer Speakers Review in 2022 + Guide

Even though a subwoofer has a significant effect on audio quality, it might also impact your overall listening experience if it is visually forceful. A designed subwoofer will fade into the background while providing strong low-end frequencies for your movies or music at home.

This article narrowed down our selection and highlighted the 7 major in-wall subwoofers you’ll need to make the ultimate home entertainment setup. The list of the top best in wall subwoofers on the marketplace lets you add additional bass without taking up too much space. These subwoofers achieve the right balance of simple form, high-quality sound, and user-friendly features, providing a boost of bass with no effort.

Top Chosen In Wall Subwoofers List

  1. Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer
  2. Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Sound System
  3. Theater Solutions SUB8S 300 Watt Subwoofer
  4. Monoprice 10 Inch Fiber In-Wall Subwoofer
  5. OSD Dual 8″ in Wall Paintable Subwoofer
  6. Pyle Ceiling and Wall Mount Enclosed Subwoofer
  7. Theater Solutions TS1000 In Wall Subwoofer for Home

7 Best In Wall Subwoofer Speaker for Home Theater

Although, according to our observations, we’ve collected a list of the most popular best in wall subwoofer 2022. It will assist you in finding the desired one for your requirements. I’ve included product specification table, features, advantages, and disadvantages to make it more informational. These subwoofers achieve the right balance of simple form, high-quality sound, and user-friendly features, providing a boost of bass with no effort.

1) Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer
Connectivity TechnologyAuxiliary
BrandPolk Audio
Model NamePSW10
Frequency Response80-160 Hz and 40-160 Hz

PolkAudio is one of the audio brands that has developed over time to provide people with better sound at a more attractive cost. Most of Polk’s audio equipment has always been fairly priced when it comes to price. When you compare Polk Audio products with other speakers, they come at a reasonable price compared to other sound systems.

Extra Bass and Punch from a Powered Subwoofer

A 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer and a particularly designed directed port offer perfect bass with additional detail, giving your music and movies life. If your room space is low, no worries about it, it is easy to adjust in-wall, as you want.

Quality Sound

Even at low frequencies, enjoying an exciting yet balanced listening experience with rich, powerful audio. Works well with any speaker and plays only the most demanding nodes without distortion.

The sound of PSW 10 is very impressive. On my PS4, I put the Subwoofer to the test by watching Netflix, listening to the radio, and enjoying COD: Ghosts, my all-time favorite first-person multiplayer.

High Amplifier Power

This sub is very durable and fit for extended use due to sophisticated engineering and best-in-class resonance with free power materials. Polk Audio PSW10 has a smooth sound system with a high-quality sound feature, making your day perfect.

Easy to Integrate with the System

Simply connect this sub to the receiver to instantly improve the audio quality of your music. Features a continuous 80-160 Hz crossover with a 40-160 Hz (-3dB). This review will check the look, quality, packaging, accessory, features, and more of the Polk Audio PSW10 10-inch.

  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Good sound quality
  • Everyone easy to uses it
  • Lacks LFE
  • It is magnetically shielded.

2) Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Sound System

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Sound System
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Model NameR-12SW
RecommendedSound Systems

If you are looking for a sound system, subwoofers are a perfect choice. The high-performance Subwoofer’s front-firing driver and all-digital amplifier provide deep sound and position flexibility and offer low-frequency response with great minimizing distortion feature. The built-in all-digital amplifier provides adequate power while keeping high efficiency and converting source accuracy.

Powerful Sound Experience

Even before subwoofers in this price range, the Klipsch R-12SW stands out the most in terms of quality. The bass is really powerful; most other subwoofers in this price range can make a loud vibration, especially when the volume shows up. Low frequencies are delivered without distortion by the Klipsch R-12SW. Because of the cleanliness, every deep bass note is played out much more effectively.

High Quality Features

Even before researching subwoofers in this budget range, the Klipsch R-12SW stands out as the most high-quality choice. The bass is quite powerful. You may assume the R-12SW to have even more features than other subwoofers in the same price range. However, the lack of extra functionality may not be a deal killer for some users, as it does not affect the audio quality.

Budget Friendly Option

When using inexpensive audio cables, such as those included in the Klipsch R-12SW, hums can result. If you detect a sound, use the maximum uptime connections. For a 12-inch subwoofer, this is great. You’ll have more interest in just about any home audio setup if you already have enough budget for a subwoofer.

Passive Radiator

Match the R-12SW with a strong processor since it features an 8-inch polypropylene woofer and a 10-inch passive radiator for the best low-frequency response and minimizing distortion and motion.

Quality of Sound

Plug the Klipsch R-12SW into the wall to fill in the low sounds that you can hear in music and movies. It enhances the audio quality of your home theater and makes it more attractive to customers. Without you realizing it, you may improve your audio entertainment. When placed on a wall, this subwoofer offers a timeless design for a simple design.

  • The design and bass quality is stunning.
  • It stands out in this price range because of the clear and detailed bass.
  • Good build strength and reliability, No blurring.
  • The sound is not already distorted even at high volumes.
  • There is indeed a power cable attached. 
  • There is no wireless internet connection.

3) Theater Solutions SUB8S 300 Watt In Wall Subwoofer Powered

Theater Solutions SUB8S 300 Watt In Wall Subwoofer
Audio InputsRaw Cable Jack
Speaker TypeIn-Ceiling/In-Wall
Peak Power Handling400w
System Configuration2.0 System

This Theater Solutions speaker is reliable with a high-quality sound system, and it has been created for others who want the most dramatic sound. This best in wall subwoofer amplifier speaker is the best option when you need music throughout the home.

Theater Solutions SUB8S subwoofer speaker has many uses if you like booming bass, a frequency range curve, and a high signal-to-noise level. The clarity and electronics of the theater solutions SUB8S can satisfy video gamers, talk show fans, and musical theater fans alike.

More Powerful Bass

Carbon Fiber drivers have just a deeper deep bass and can handle more power with less distortion than ordinary drivers. These installed speakers’ silk dome tweeters offer airy, clear clarity with defined vocals and dialog.

Powered Sound Experience

Alpha speakers will be used as main home theater speakers, whole-house systems, and surround and immersive sound sources. SlimFit Magnetic Grills match the thin bezel while improving the “Wife Acceptance Factor.

Easy to Install

Select your wall with the attached cutout template, cut it out, then secure the speaker to the wall with the easy install mounting tabs with only a screwdriver. The Theater Solutions TS50W is simple to set up, including use, with a design layout that immediately provides a fantastic high-fidelity experience.

Warranty Claim

Theater Solutions provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, anyone may contact the manufactures anytime. This Theater Solutions SUB8S home theater subwoofer’s excellent driver system allows you to enjoy and makes interesting audio from your systems.

Comparable Fitting Style

While Monoprice maintains that function always takes priority, there’s nothing wrong with having speakers that look great. SUB8S reduce clutter by taking speakers off the floor or bookshelves, and the removable grille may well be painted to match your walls, making it virtually visible.

  • Well design product with CARB compliant
  • Tight and punchier bass
  • High quality and offers great value for money
  • Need to improve sound quality

4) Monoprice 10 Inch Fiber In-Wall Subwoofer 300W

Monoprice 10 Inch Fiber In-Wall Subwoofer 300W
Product dimension14.1 x 13.9 x 5.7 inches
Item Weight10.9 ounces
ManufacturerMonoprice Inc
Capacity300W Peak Power

Monoprice In wall subwoofer made your day perfect if you are a music lover. For everyday listening, these in-wall speakers are ideal. Its Aramid Fiber driver in this Caliber Series sub is made from materials similar to the one used in DuPontTM Kevlar fiber products. Along with its ability to sustain shape under massive stress, this product is suitable for different speaker drivers. 

Easy to Install

The Subwoofer offers a simple installation guide. It may be installed in almost any wall and has at least 3.6 feet of room behind it.

Aramid Fiber

Materials used in the aramid Fiber driver were similar to those in DuPont Kevlar fiber products. Maintains its shape better than polymers, avoiding distortion.

Power Pack

The 300-watt peak power level needs to fill your room with a powerful and space saving subwoofer. As a result, there is plenty of bass extension with little distortion from the irregular oscillations experienced in other polymer-style speakers.

Immerse yourself in a powerful bass that covers the surface. This sub may indeed be supplied by our Unity series 200-watt Bridgeable Power Amp, a peak power rating of 300 volts.

Paintable Grill

Monoprice best in wall subwoofer’s paintable burner helps you almost completely hide the speaker by fitting the shade of your walls. The low-profile, in-wall layout, combined with the powerful Subwoofer, makes this one excellent addition to just about any basic home theater system. The ‘ Wife Adoption Factor ‘ is even stronger with our paintable grill and extremely simple spray guard.

  • Simple and easy installation setup
  • Made of Aramid Fiber
  • Use 300W Peak Power
  • Well design and available in unique color
  • It comes with wires

5) OSD Dual 8″ in Wall Paintable Subwoofer

OSD Dual 8" in Wall Paintable Subwoofer
Speaker TypeIn Wall
Brand NameOSD Audio
Model NameDual 8″ Home Theater Passive Subwoofer
Subwoofer Diameter8 Inches
Mounting TypeIn-Wall; In-ceiling

The OSD IWS88 is much less costly than the other subwoofers I’ve mentioned in in wall subwoofer review that design is the main part of a good home entertainment system. However, it offers a multitude of subwoofers for the money for its price.

The Subwoofer is a vital piece of a superb home cinema since it brings the joy and wonder of movies into your household. Let’s look into how much you should invest in good speakers.

Sound Quality

OSD Acoustic Audio’s IWS88 is a good starting point. This speaker is only a few and has a fairly large voice for the price. It can handle 20 to 300 amps, which is a lot of power for a really limited sound. Being an 8 inch cone doesn’t hurt, though.

Bass Power

The IWS88 is a dual 8-inch needle woofer and a reinforced back bridge plate for stronger and room-filling bass which takes you from reality and then into the adventure. It enhances the audio level of your home theater to make it more attractive to people.

In-wall Installation Bracket

OSD Dual 8″ in wall subwoofer easy to install, and you enjoy it as you want. It features a dog-ear bracket system for attaching it to the sheetrock.

  • Woofer and passive radiator combination
  • You can easily install and enjoy this sound system
  • Its available a Trimless design
  • It has limited frequency

6) Pyle Ceiling and Wall Mount Enclosed Subwoofer Stereo

Pyle Ceiling and Wall Mount Enclosed Subwoofer Stereo
Speaker TypeIn Ceiling
Model NameSound Around
Recommended  ProductFor Music Players
Special featuresAttach with all Speakers

The Pyle House PDIWS10 in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofer real-time system in any area in your home or work with bass without requiring significant floor space. This system will increase processing capacity, high-temperature dual voice coils, and increased response rates, leading to more rich and detailed audio reproduction.

Mount them on the ceiling or wall at a desirable location for a flush will look clean. With the Pyle high power subwoofer speaker, you can obtain better large sound quality and add audio to any location.

8 OHM Impedance

The roof speakers in the indoor audio system contain twin 2.0-ohm impedance “8-ohm impedance, and a -inch high heat voice coil. It’s a typical residential audio receiver or loudspeaker. This in wall subwoofer amplifier built to provide both loud, rich sound and quiet background music.

Audio with Full Range

Pyle House PDIWS10 wall/ceiling mounted subwoofer speakers have a frequency response of 40Hz-3 kHz and are equipped with a 10W of power. This top Subwoofer capable of replicating full-range stereo sound & serving as a home around the system.

Power with 360 Wattage

Its Pyle Home in-wall/in-ceiling surround sound speakers have a peak power handling of 360 watts and provide plenty of sound resonance. It has an impedance of 8 Ohm and is excellent for watching movies, listening to music, and TV shows.

White Stylish Look

The in-wall / in-ceiling speaker system has a stylish white grill cover to suit existing flush-mounted designs at home or work for a clean look and provide overall sound performance without sacrificing performance.

  • Wall subwoofer with High Power features
  • 2.0″ Temperature DVC (Dual Voice Coil) Coil
  • 180 Watt RMS, 360 Watt Peak Power Handling
  • Flush Mounts on Walls or Ceilings
  • Custom Install & Uses are a joy with this technology
  • It has Limited sound system compatibility.

7) Theater Solutions TS1000 Best In Wall Subwoofer for Home

Theater Solutions TS1000 Best In Wall Subwoofer for Home
Frequency Response22Hz-200Hz
Output Wattage75 watts  
Crossover Description20kHz
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
installation depth3.625″

The Theater Solutions by Goldwood in-wall subwoofer is a new design for users who want excellent bass for their personal cinema experience without the need for an expensive speaker box cluttering up their living space.

Sound Quality

This Theater Solutions TS1000 in Wall Surround Sound Home Theater Passive Subwoofer is excellent for watching films or listening to massive subwoofer rap music. Only the best quality, moisture-resistant materials are used to produce excellent sound in any listening environment.

Removable Grill

The grill is removable and easy to usable. A different sub-processor is required for this active sound system, which is ultimately sent through the speaker in such a traditional passive design.

Easy to Use

Use for home entertainment, surround sound, theater rooms, offices, or office properties with in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers. I write this description with my personal experience. The quiet sub needs an SA200 sub amplifier or a super amp with similar specifications.

Frequency Response

To attach your amp to the Theater Solutions TS1000 subwoofer, utilize a wall-certified raw audio wire with a sound quality of 22-200Hz and a 92dB at 8 ohms.

  • 20-150 watts suggested power
  • It has 92dB efficiency, 8ohm, quick release speaker wire connections.
  • Paintable frame & grill, low profile housing, 3.625″ installation depth.
  • 10″ poly-coated woofer with synthetic rubber surround
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.

How to Buy the Best In Wall Subwoofer?

Subwoofers are simple tools to attach with speakers. Furthermore, the way they’ve changed and the material they’re built of can have a massive effect on sound quality, loudness, and power. What to look for in a fantastic best in wall subwoofer for home theater as outlined below.

Amplifying Power:

Since almost all in-wall subwoofers are passive, you’ll need an in-wall subwoofer with amplifier to get them to function. On the plus side, you can then run that power across your cables then instea of requiring to have an outlet nearby, as you can if you’re charging indirectly. This helps them to be set essentially anyplace.

High Volume Music Experience:

It’s useless to invest thousands on speakers that you can’t hear or that are too small for the area you want to fill with sound. For small rooms, speakers with such a voltage level of 200 watts may work, but for medium and large rooms, you’ll need speakers with a voltage level of 300 watts or more.

In addition, two subwoofers in a reasonably sized space will aid in sound transmission. However, wattage isn’t the only aspect when it comes to generating a loud sound. Speaker design, and also the flexibility and design of any housing they’re in, are essential.

Ease of Installation:

It’s important to remember because when it comes to in-wall or architectural speakers, installation is a tough process. It’s great if you can do it yourself and have the correct equipment. If not, a contractor may be an important extra cost to consider.

You need to examine the cost as well as the area. That is a little tricky to get your speakers in the best location (see our article on How to Break In a Subwoofer Properly for some great tips).

You’ll have to cut a hole in the wall, so make sure the size and placement of your speakers are ideal before you start. A 12″ hole is usually required for a 10″ speaker, so be sure you have all the area.

How to Install a Subwoofers in Wall?

If you plan to install the best in wall subwoofer speaker, you are in the right place. Follow these simple steps for all subwoofer instructions: Installing the subwoofer in a corner or against a wall may provide bass, but this is not always the best ability to play.

Little, low-powered subwoofers, including those used in home-theater in a box systems and soundbars, generally employ small drivers and low-powered processors support. However, you’re just getting more of the same terrible bass. Although we accept that such a corner is usually the most useful solution, it is rarely ideal.

Choose a Subwoofer Location

The installation of a subwoofer is among the most significant factors in getting the quality of the sound. The subwoofer should ideally be placed in the room’s corner to maximize the audio level. The subwoofer can be bolted into the wall or brackets can be used. Make sure brackets are securely fastened if you’re using ones.

Connect the Speaker System with the Wall Subwoofer

Since the subwoofer will be supplied either by the amplifier, it is important that the system is secure. The subwoofer should really be put to the test. Turn on the amp and the subwoofer once everything is attached. Inspect the networks and make sure everything is secure if this is not the fact.

Which Subwoofer size is best for bass?

As greater the audio system, the greater the sound, however also sacrifices room. Thus far, the ideal subwoofer size for the best sound is a 20 cm subwoofer.

Where an in-wall subwoofer should be placed?

If you just have a single subwoofer, we recommend installing it on the front wall, ideally in one of the front corners. The subwoofer will couple better to the room if it is placed in a corner, resulting in more bass impact.

Do subwoofers drain the battery in a car?

If you just want to run a subwoofer for an extended period of time, you can choose a car battery that is designed specifically for audio systems. This means that your speakers can play as strongly as possible without depleting your vehicle’s power.

What volts does a subwoofer need?

It is recommended that you are using a subwoofer that needs at least 100 watts Pwm. This will ensure that your audio is loud and clear, but it can be improved more through the use of an amp.

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