Best 12 inch Subwoofers Under $200

A subwoofer completely changes the way you listen to music. It increases the sound quality of your favorite music . The best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 is not easy to find in the market. An excellent high-quality car subwoofer creates audio perfection and good bass.

Good subwoofers are too expensive, while the subwoofers available at low prices do not work efficiently. To tackle the issue, we have shortlisted the three best 12 inch subwoofers under $200, which are highly rated and most reviewed as the most satisfying subwoofer on the market. In this article, we will discuss the specifications and features of these three subwoofers.

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3 Top 12 inch Subwoofers under 200 dollars

  1. MTX Audio Terminator the Best 12-inch Car subwoofer under $200
  2. Rockville the Best 12 Inch Subwoofer under 200 Dollars
  3. Skar Audio Wall Max Power Best 12 Car Subwoofer under 200

Finding the best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 on the market is not an easy task. First, you need to know the kith and kin of these subwoofers, their features, specifications and more.

People frequently ask what is the best 12 inch subwoofer on the market and how much does a 12 inch subwoofer costs. If you don’t know these things, you can invest in a mediocre subwoofer and waste your money. This article will answer the queries that may help you buy the best subwoofer available on the market.

1) MTX Audio Terminator the Best 12-inch Car subwoofer under $200

MTX Audio terminator
  • Internal wiring bear a max load to 2-Ohm
  • 2-Inch Aluminum voice coil
  • Polypropylene Cone
  • Embroider terminator logo on the carpet
  • MTX Audio Logo on Dust-cap
  • Rubber Surround
  • Aviation grade carpet
  • Authorized internet dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturing Warranty
SpecificationFeatures Value
Voice Coil2 Aluminum
Power HandlingMax: 1200-watt; RMS 400-Watt
Recommend Power Range200 – 400-watts
Frequency Response37-150 Hz
MDF Construction5/8-Inch
Dimension14 x 29-11/6 x 13-1/2-inch x 11-1/8”

If you are looking for a terminator or a beast, MTX Audio terminator will be your first pick. It is the best 12-inch car subwoofer under $200 available in the market.

It is a dual 12-inch subwoofer that provides you with outstanding sound quality along with sizzling bass. So if you are fond of fantastic bass and detailing, you must go for the champion here.

You can enjoy the lowest frequency on this beast in your car as well as in your home theatre. The dual 12-Inch provides you with the ideal bass in your car. In addition, the rugged construction makes it highly durable.

Power Rating:

When we talk about there is no comparison of Terminator’s power rating, it offers you the max power of 1200 Watt while 800 Watt of peak power.

The RMS of 400 watts is outstanding, and it would work more efficiently in the range of 200-400 watts. In addition, you get a 2-inch aluminum voice coil which is perfect for this kind of beast.

Once you spend money, you will not regret it your entire life. Moreover, you can also use it as a home theatre which would be a great idea.

Frequency Range:

This is the best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 and provides you fantastic frequency range of 37 Hz to 150 Hz. These hard-hitting subwoofers are going to be your perfect partner on road trips.

You can enjoy the detailing of your favorite songs and enjoy the accurate bass with it. More importantly, it already has installed speakers; you do not have to put in any additional effort. Just buy them, connect them and hit the roads.

Trust Worthy:

Only a few subwoofers provide you unique and high-quality music, bass and detail, along with an extended warranty. The Terminator is taking the lead and offering you a warranty of 1-year, which makes a trustworthy option.

Now, you can enjoy friendly and loud music with enriched bass without any stress. Buying this highly rated and most distinguished subwoofer would be the best buying decision you will ever make.

Great Enclosure:

The subwoofer has a great enclosure; you don’t have to get in any hassle after investing your money in the product. You only need to have it installed in your car and start rocking with high bass to get started.

This best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 is able to upgrade the audio system of any car in a short time, and it has a long lifetime. So you can change your car and use the same terminator subwoofer in your new car whenever you want.

Make Buying Decision:

This is a beast, and if you want to level up your music experience, this would be the key to achieving that goal.

The enriched bass and significant music experience are waiting for you to make a purchase. Most importantly, you get a 1-year warranty which makes it a most trustworthy option.

2) Rockville the Best 12 Inch Subwoofer under 200 Dollars

Rockville W12K9D2 12 4000w
  • Aluminum box with black sanded appearance
  • Fiber-reinforced Ultra-stiff black non-pressed paper cone
  • Thick foam surround provides incredible sound quality
  • Vented Hole on T-yoke enhances heat dissipation
  • High BL Magnetic motor gap
  • Polypropylene dust cap
  • Used highest grade black glue that handles high temperatures
SpecificationFeatures Value
Size12 Inch
Power Handling1000 Watt RMS; 4000 Peak
Impedance2 Ohms
Mounting Depth6.85 Inch
Dimensions15.3 x 15.2 x 12 Inch
Frequency Response36.7 Hz to 1.5 kHz
Sensitivity83 dB

Rockville is one of the best 12 inch subwoofers under 200 dollars available in the market. This is a slim and compact design with a peak power of 4000 Watts, while the RMS is 1000 Watt which makes it a heavy-duty subwoofer.

It comes with a double-stacked high-quality magnet and cast aluminum basket with a black finish, making it more efficient and lighter in weight.

A high BL magnetic motor gap and red stitching cone reinforcement ensure the long life of the product. In addition, the Normex spider provides tear resistance, strength and long-term reliability to the subwoofer.

High-Quality Magnet:

This Rockville K9 series subwoofer comes with a double-stacked 190 oz. high quality magnet and a cast aluminum basket with a black sanded finish. It makes the subwoofer more efficient and lighter in weight. These magnets come with unique rubber boot magnet covers which protect the magnet. It also helps in mounting the woofer airtight.

In addition, the 3-Inch and 4-layer black aluminum voice coils wound with OFC wire is the most crucial component. This makes the subwoofer a high quality device that lasts longer than other products.

Heavy-Duty Subwoofer:

Rockville will be your perfect pick if you are looking for a heavy-duty and best 12 inch subwoofer under $200. This 12″ Dual 2-Ohm car subwoofer provides you with fantastic bass and enriched music details.

The RMS rating of this subwoofer is 1000 watts, and program power handling is 2000 watts. More importantly, its peak power is 4000, which is excellent power handling for a budget-friendly subwoofer.

In addition, the motor gap and high grade black glue can handle extreme temperatures. It enables the subwoofer to handle even more power than rated.

Ultra-Stiff Cone:

The cones of this subwoofer are ultra-stiff. They are more robust and thicker than the subwoofers available in the market and ensure more power handling. In addition, an incredible thick foam surround offers you unbelievable sound quality.

It also minimizes the distortion caused by magnets and air. In addition, a red stitching cone ensures the long life of the device, and a vented ported enclosure enhances heat dissipation. It enables you to use the subwoofer continuously for an extended period.


It is one of the most durable and available subwoofer in the market. The Nomex spider provides strength, long term reliability and tears resistance over the traditional cotton and Polycotton spiders. Its mounting depth is 6.85 inches which makes it an easy fit in your compact car.

Buying Decision:

The Rockville subwoofer is a durable subwoofer available at a budget-friendly price in the market. It comes with a high-quality magnet and a widely used 2 Ohms impedance.

Moreover, it is a heavy-duty subwoofer that comes with an ultra-stiff cone that increases the sound quality of the music. So if you want to level up your music experience, it would be your first choice.

3) Skar Audio Wall Max Power Best 12 Car Subwoofer under 200

Skar Audio SVR-12
  • Competition grade pressed paper cone
  • High roll foam surround
  • Advanced airflow cooling system
  • High-temperature copper voice coil
  • Powerful low bass notes
  • Ultra-responsive to any music
  • 12-inch Dual Ohm Voice coil configuration
SpecificationFeatures Value
Size12 Inch
Power Handling1500 Watt RMS; 3000 Watt Peak
Impedance2 Ohms
Motor weight153 oz.
Dimensions15.5 x 15.25 x 10.75 Inch
Frequency Response22 Hz to 300 Hz
Sensitivity87.1 dB
Mounting Depth6.50-Inch

Skar is the best 12 car subwoofer under 200 with amazing features. They provide you with excellent sound quality along with enriching bass. The peak power of this subwoofer is 3000 Watts, and the rating of RMS is 1500 Watts. The 2.6-Inch dual ohm comes with a high-temperature four-layer copper voice coil that is considered perfect for the subwoofers.

In addition, the motor has high and mighty flux, and it comes with an advanced airflow cooling design. This subwoofer is made to provide high-quality sound and make your music experience even better.

Dynamic Bass:

It is the best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 which is highly rated by its user and has fantastic reviews. It is incredibly engineered to provide you with a powerful, deep and dynamic bass.

It will make your road trips and night outs unforgettable. Moreover, you will experience details in your favorite music which you were missing all along these years. In addition, you don’t need a prominent place to fit it in your car, and its compact design can easily fit in small cars.

Powerful Motor:

If you want to play music consciously for hours, Skar would be your perfect partner. It comes with a powerful high flux 153 oz. Ferrite motor, which can make your wish true and provide you with incredible bass.

As mentioned, peak power is 3000 Watts while RMS power is 1500 watts, to be exact, which is brilliant for a budget-friendly subwoofer. Once you listen to your favorite songs on this subwoofer, there is no going back. You will feel that you will always miss something.


The Skar’s cone is surrounded by high roll foam and stitched to a competition-grade pressed paper cone. It increases the reliability and durability of the subwoofer. It also offers you minimal distortion, which is a plus point.

Furthermore, the frequency range of this subwoofer is incredible, and it can catch the frequency of the sound as low as 22 Hz. So, there is no chance that you can miss even a beat of your music. The enriched bass performance with your favorite music gives you the pleasure which you deserve.

Incredible Cooling System:

It offers you an advanced airflow cooling design that keeps the temperature of your subwoofer down. Hence, the problem solved, no stress of heat in the long run with the best 12 inch subwoofer under $200.

Now, you can play it non-stop for hours and experience the consistency in the sound quality of the subwoofer. Moreover, you can also use it in-home parties and use it in your home theatre.

Buying Decision:

Although there are many subwoofers on the market, this one has high bass and sound quality. Moreover, it is highly reliable, and the power motor can play your favorite songs without any issue.

The advanced cooling system is incredible and keeps the subwoofers cool. In addition, it provides you with a dynamic bass which makes it perfect.

Buying Guide for 12 inch Subwoofer under $200

If you have made your mind to buy the best 12 inch subwoofer for under $200, then you must know the essential characteristics of a car’s subwoofer. If not, you will end up wasting your 200 dollars on a crappy subwoofer.

Before making a buying decision, you must know every detail about the subwoofer. So first, ask yourself which 12 inch subwoofer is the best for you. If you don’t have any idea about what you should consider before buying a subwoofer, there is nothing to worry about.

Our article provides you with a comprehensive buying guide to help you make a good decision. However, if you want to make a perfect choice, you should consider the following factors.

12 inch Size:

Size must be your first and most important thing to inspect before purchasing a subwoofer. To make the best decision about the ideal size, you need to think about your requirements and the available space.

If you have extra space, you don’t need to worry about the size, but this is the best 12 inch subwoofer considerable for the car. In addition, they fulfill your desire of listening to music at a higher volume.

More importantly, they are easy to set up in your car and come at affordable prices. In short, a 12-Inch subwoofer is perfect for your compact car, and it will fit perfectly.


In addition to sound quality, a vital feature in a subwoofer is its impedance. It is the resistance to the flow of electricity. The lower impedance of a subwoofer, the efficiently it follows the electric signal.

Today, subwoofers come in with different impedance, including 2, 4, and 8 ohms. However, as mentioned, we prefer the lower impedance such as 2 and 4 for higher quality. However, the 8 ohms’ subwoofers are also considered good and provide you with a perfect bass in the best 12 inch subwoofer under 200 dollars.

Power Rating:

The next and most crucial factor you should consider is the power rating of a subwoofer. Again, have a keen eye on this factor; you never want to miss it out once you learn its importance.

It determines the need for the power supply of a subwoofer from the music system and primary power source. In the market, you will find two types of power ratings, peak power and RMS.

The peak power rating is usually double the RMS. For example, suppose; your subwoofer has 300 Watt of RMS; its peak power rating will be 600 watts. Peak power I the maximum power which a subwoofer can control in a short time. At the same time, the RMS is the total power a subwoofer can handle.

Frequency Range:

Frequency range is the basics of a subwoofer in which audible periodic vibration is calculated in Hertz (Hz). It helps you decide how low a subwoofer can perform and how you can make most of your subwoofer.

Usually, the best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 comes in the frequency range of 20 to maximum hertz. However, you can choose the subwoofers of a higher frequency if you want more control over the sound.


The enclosure is also one of the most crucial factors while buying a subwoofer. You can think about it as a box where your subwoofer is placed, and it has a massive impact on the sound, bass and overall performance.

The two most common types of enclosure for subwoofers are available in the market, ported and sealed. Ported enclosures are more efficient than sealed enclosures, so you should go for them. In addition, they get more output from the same power of the amplifier. You can enjoy the music at maximum with ported subwoofer.

Subwoofer Cost:

One of the crucial factors which most people ignore while looking for a subwoofer is its cost. Of course, you need top features, but you also should consider the price before making a purchase.

And look keenly at the feature a subwoofer is offering you. Many expensive and budget-friendly subwoofers are usually offering the same feature. You just have to do a little research to buy the perfect product at a reasonable price.

Warranty limit:

If you are spending $200 on a product, you need to check whether the manufacturer is offering a warranty or not. It is imperative because a warranty will give you peace of mind that your subwoofer is refundable.

Go for the subwoofer brand, which offers you a warranty to enjoy music without the stress of wasting your capital.

Benefits of the Best 12 inch Subwoofer under $200

The best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 has several benefits, including being budget-friendly. These benefits are discussed below:

  • The 12-Inch subwoofers are compact in size
  • They can fit in your car and small places
  • These subwoofers are perfect for home theatres
  • You can use them at house parties and use them for a more extended period
  • They provide you and enrich bass and fantastic sound quality
  • The detailing of the songs and music is mesmerizing
  • It saves your money, and they are durable and reliable


MTX Audio Terminator the Best 12-inch Car subwoofer under $200
is the best 12 car subwoofer under 200 dollars with reliable features. It provides you with enriched bass and high sound quality, taking your music experience to the next level.
In addition, its fantastic cooling system allows you to listen to non-stop music without any interruption.
It is the best 12 inch subwoofer under $200 surrounded by high roll foam and stitched to a high-quality pressed paper cone making it more reliable.
It has a remarkable frequency range; there is no chance you can miss a single beat of the music. Moreover, the dynamic bass of this highly engineered subwoofer minimizes the distortion and the port noise.

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