Best 6.5 Subwoofers for Car and Home Theater

Most bass lovers assume that they can only enjoy bass from large subwoofers. They can enjoy the high-class bass with the best 6.5 subwoofers. These compact subwoofers are specially designed for more minor space areas like small rooms and fast cars. They can easily fit anywhere in the room or the Diggy of your car.

These best 6.5 subwoofers for bass have numerous options, but every woofer is not worth your investment. Are you looking for the best 6.5-inch subwoofer home theater for 2022? Then look no further. We are here with five subwoofers that provide high bass and increase the overall richness of the sound. In this article, we have mentioned the specifications and features of five top-rated hardest hitting 6.5 subwoofers.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Best Budget 6.5 Car Subwoofer of 2022 List

Table of content

  1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5” Subwoofe (Recommended)
  2. Pyle 6.5 Inch Bass Woofer Sound
  3. Skar Audio EVL-65 Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer
  4. Pioneer TS-A1690F A Series 6.5-Inch Subwoofer
  5. Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X Shallow Woofer System

1) Rockford Fosgate Prime Budget 6.5 Subwoofers for Home Theater

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime
  • Configuration; 3-way Range
  • 4 Ohms Impedance
  • Grill Trim Rim
  • Integrated tweeter crossover
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 91 dB Sensitivity
SpecificationFeature Value
Dimensions16 x 8.3 x 4 Inch
Power Handling250 Watt
Impedance2 Ohms
Weight3.5 Pounds
Mounting Depth2.15 Inch
Warranty1 Year

Our list of the best 6.5 subwoofers would not be complete without Rockford Fosgate subwoofers. Unfortunately, only a few speakers are available in the market value for your money. These best budget 6.5 subwoofers are highly budget-friendly.

The speakers come with a rubber surround, which makes them durable, while this is an excellent 3-way 6.5 coaxial speaker available on the market. In addition, it comes with a mounted silk dome pole which positively enhances the performance of woofers.

Rockford Fosgat Great speaker

This is the best 6.5 car subwoofers that provide high range performance. In addition, they are one of the most affordable and cheap subwoofers available in the market.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Budget 6.5 Subwoofers

Subwoofer Power:

This excellent subwoofer has an RMS rating of 45 Watts, while its peak power measures 90 Watts. Therefore, it is more than enough for indoor or car use. You will get excellent performance and high-quality sound with this subwoofer.

In addition, this powerful subwoofer provides unmatched bass along with a loud sound. So if you are willing about buying these subwoofers, you are investing your money in the right place.


These subwoofers are still surviving in the market of large whales because they are made from the best materials. In addition, the durability and reliability of these subwoofers are unmatched.

The subwoofer rubber is surrounded by its vacuum polypropylene cone, also associated with a stamped steel basket. This ensures that audio output is quite good on all the frequency ranges. In short, the Rockford Fosgate subwoofers offer you incredible reliability.

Silk Dome Pole:

This subwoofer features a silk dome pole which is also a very exceptional feature in woofers. The silk dome pile is mounted with a piezo tweeter and midrange. It ensures the rich sound quality of the subwoofers.

The subwoofers provide you enriched mid to high range performance which is excellent for this price of subwoofers. In the end, there is a great brand value of Rockford Fosgate, which makes it a trusted subwoofer.

Easy Installation:

These subwoofers come with mounting hardware, which results in easy installation. In addition, the mounting depth makes a subwoofer fit even in a short space or in a compact car.

Moreover, it comes with a set of grills, which gives the subwoofer speaker an extra layer of protection. In addition, you can also use the subwoofers without grills for maximum sound and enriched performance.

Make Buying Decision

The Rockford Fosgate is one of the most reliable and durable woofer systems, protecting the cone with additional grills. Moreover, it gives you maximum performance and is relatively easy to install.

2) Pyle 6.5 Inch Bass Woofer Sound Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers

Pyle 6.5 Inch Mid Bass Woofer Sound
  • Auto Speaker System
  • Low Impedance
  • MID Bass Woofer
  • Powerful Features
  • Treated Rubber
  • Mounting Depth
  • Lightweight & Portable
SpecificationFeatures Value
Size6.5 Inch
Power Handling300 watts Peak
Impedance4 Ohms
Frequency Response60Hz to 2000 Hz
Magnet structure30 oz.
Mounting Depth2.84”

If you want to get the best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers, then Pyle would be your perfect pick. Its 1″ high-temperature aluminum voice coil provides you with the richest sound and ensures the lowest distortion.

The auto speaker system is engineered to provide high quality and consistency and enhance your music experience. This is a budget-friendly and durable subwoofer that has a 30 oz. magnet structure.

It offers you a 60Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, which makes it a complete package. Ultimately, these stylish woofers give you loud, smooth and detailed sound.

Low Impedance:

Pyle is one of the best 6.5 subwoofers that offers you a low impedance of 4-Ohms, which is most widely used in cars and home subwoofers. These are advanced audio speakers which comprise an undersized wire.

Nowadays, these wires are found in many cars, which makes them easy to connect. Moreover, it will save you capital because you don’t have to spend money on buying a wire. These excellent subwoofers make the most of 300 Watts power, and ultimately your stereo can deliver a fantastic sound with its rubber magnet boot cover.

Rubber Magnet Boot Cover:

Another fantastic feature of these subwoofers is that it is covered with boot covers. It protects the magnet and gives it a long durable life. It takes care that the magnetic field does not interfere with the woofer’s metal components.

That’s how its complete magnetic strength will help in driving the subwoofer cone. These are mid-bass subwoofers with a 30 oz. magnet structure and 60 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. It completes the package and provides you with smooth, enriched, and detailed sound.

Auto Speaker System:

Pyle woofers are one of the latest series of subwoofers that are available on the market. They are designed and engineered for consistent and high-end performance. You can easily manage these subwoofers because they feature a CD PP cone for stiffness without adding any additional weight.


Although this woofer is relatively small, it has its benefits. One of its massive advantage over large subwoofers is it takes less space. In addition, it makes it versatile and compact.

You can use it where a larger woofer cannot fit, such as in your car, or a small room where a large woofer can take a lot of space. Its small size can fit, regardless of how small your car is, and you would be comfortable and enjoy the music with bass.

Additional Features:

The rubber surround secures your speakers and makes them more reliable and durable. In addition, the 1-Inch high-temperature aluminum voice recoil provides detailed and loud sound.

It ensures low distortion and provides you open sound stage. Moreover, the mounting depth of this woofer is 2.84-Inch which adds to the qualities of this woofer.

Buying Decision

It is a versatile and good looking subwoofer at a budget-friendly price, and this would be the perfect pick for you. This mid-bass woofer provides you rich, loud and high-quality sound.

3) Skar Audio EVL-65 Dual 4 Ohm 6.5 Subwoofer for Car

Skar Audio EVL-65 D4 6.5 400 Watt Max
  • 4 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration
  • Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
  • High Roll Foam Surround
  • Advance Airflow Cooling system
  • High-temperature copper voice coil
  • Heavy Motor System
  • Great low-end frequency rate
SpecificationFeature Value
Power HandlingRMS 1250; Peak 2500
ImpedanceDual 2 Ohms
Frequency Response25-250
Motor166 oz.
Magnet Diameter7.35-Inch

Looking for the hardest hitting 6.5 subwoofers. This high-quality Skar will be your perfect pick. It is surrounded by high roll foam, which makes it distortion-free and lightweight.

The covered paper cone protects it from the hits and adds in a long life. In addition, it comes with two-layer spider protection that makes it highly durable and consistent. It provides you with intense and enriched bass and still stays cool due to its advanced cooling system.

Advanced Internals:

The high-tech and advanced internal components are used to design these best 6.5 subwoofers. It comes with a 3-Inch temperature voice coil which is competent enough to handle 1250 Watts at its lowest to 2500 Watts.

The most intimidating feature of this subwoofer is its compact design which allows you to fit in wherever you want. If you own a small car with this subwoofer, then you would be going to make the best investment of your life. Moreover, it is perfect for small rooms and apartments.

Subwoofer Frequency:

Most of the biggest 6.5 subwoofers cannot play at lower frequencies, but this little devil works remarkably. It can play as low as 25 Hz so that you wouldn’t miss a single song’s tone. It would provide you with a new experience of music listening, and you can enjoy the music to its full extent.

In addition, Speakar offers you rich bass and accuracy, which improves your music listening experience. If you listen to your favorite song at the lowest frequencies of this woofer, then you would love it, and there would be no going back.

Cooling System:

Heavy motors of a subwoofer can heat the machine real fast. But no worries, Skar has a simple and advanced cooling system that cools it down in no time. So now you can enjoy the music with its powerful motor of 166 oz. without any stress.

You can enjoy the clean and clear bass for a long time without any inconvenience. Moreover, if you are going on a trip with family or friends, you would love its consistency, and you can entirely rely on this woofer. In short, Skar will be your perfect road trip partner.

Efficient Bass:

It is considered one of the finest subwoofers according to your music needs. But, most importantly, it provides you with a heavy and precise bass system. As a result, you would love and enjoy the richness of the music and experience a new way of music listening.

This subwoofer’s quality, high pitch, and bass are considered top-notch and give competition to its rival brands. In addition, this subwoofer is user-friendly and doesn’t directly hit your ears.

Buying Decision

The richness, accuracy and heavy bass are enough features to select this subwoofer to enhance your music experience. In addition, the advanced cooling system keeps the woofers running for a longer time and provides you with fantastic detailing of your favorite music.

4) Pioneer A-Series Best 6 Inch subwoofer Car Audio System

Pioneer TS-A1680F A Series 6.5 350 Watts
  • Easy Installation
  • Smooth and Loud
  • CarSoundFit App
  • Alpha Sonic Air Buds included
  • Polyetherimide cone midrange
  • Carbon and Mica enforced injection-moulded propylene
SpecificationFeature Value
Size6.5 Inch
Power Handling350 Watts peak; 80 Watts RMS
Impedance4 Ohms
Frequency Response36 Hz to 25000Hz
Motor11.2 oz.
Dimensions13.5 x 4.5 x 7.5 Inch

When it comes to the leading brands for car equipment, Pioneer comes in the top five positions. This is because it produces the best 6 Inch Subwoofer car audio devices, which can make you listen to your favorite music again with a new feeling. This is a cheap 4-ways speaker which boosts the delivery quality of the music.

It offers you a smooth and reliable sound technology that enhances your music experience. It comes with carbon and Mica injected cone, which multiply the bass efficiency of the subwoofers. So rest assured, it would be the best place to invest your money to get a high-end subwoofer for your car.

Unique Sound Tech:

Pioneer, one of the leading brands, introduces unique OPEN and SMOOTH sound technology in its subwoofers. This technology gives you a seamless and smooth transition of sound and music from mid-range to high frequencies.

Ultimately, you will get a reliable and consistent sound quality. Moreover, if you want to buy it for your home, you can enjoy the bass-rich music and movies all day long and enjoy the clean and clear sound. In addition, it would perform at its best even with an average stereo system.

MICA and Carbon Cone:

If you are familiar with the subwoofers, you would know the benefits of MICA and Carbon injected cones. However, if you are new to the subwoofers, we will explain it to you.

This is a unique feature found in the speakers and subwoofers. In addition, the injected carbon and MICA reinforcement allow the cone of the subwoofer to deliver solid bass.  It would upgrade your music listening experience and makes you falling love with the subwoofers.

Hard Dome Design:

This subwoofer is considered a high-quality 6 Inch subwoofer among the best 6.5 subwoofers. That’s because it comes with an 11 mm PET hard dome tweeter. The hard dome allows higher stiffness which provides you with even louder music.

It also takes care of the high-end quality and gives you an unforgettable music experience. The highs of this subwoofer are crisp and clean, which makes you fall in love with this little beast.

Powerful Speaker:

Now, lest talk about its power, it comes with an RMS rating of 40 watts per speaker and at the peak, the power rating is 175 watts per speaker. Moreover, Pioneer claims that its max power is 350 watts which is more than enough for quality sound.

Thus, you should not worry about its performance and sound reproduction. In addition, the soundstage of these woofers is fantastic, and most of the users rate it as excellent.

Buying Decision

It gives you a sound performance even with an average stereo. The sound and bass quality is remarkable, and it can easily fit in your car. And the 4-way coaxial speakers and MICA and carbon injected cone make it the best among its competitors.

5) Earthquake Sound SWS Best 6.5 Inch Shallow Mount Subwoofers

Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X
  • High-performance Shallow Sub
  • NOMEX/ROMEX spider assembly
  • Aluminum Bobbin
  • High-temperature voice coil
  • The inverted style cone design
  • Satisfying Bass
  • Low profile for anywhere placement
SpecificationFeature Value
Size6.5 Inch
Power Handling100 RMS; 200 Peak
Impedance4 Ohms
Mounting DepthOne ¾ Inch
Dimensions6.5 x 1.75 x 6.5 Inch

Just like its name suggests, the earthquake is one of the best 6.5 inch shallow mount subwoofers. Despite being a smaller size subwoofer, it provides you with decent bass. The most exciting thing about this subwoofer is its 200 Watts RMS and Max power rating.

Moreover, the spider assembly and shallow mounting depth add to the versatility of the woofers. This excellently engineered subwoofer comes in an inverted cone design, and a well-ventilated basket makes it one of the best 6.5 subwoofers. So if you like to play music for a long time, this would be a seamless option for you.

Spider Assembly:

Earthquake is one of the most durable and reliable subwoofers available in the market. This subwoofer is consisting of a ROMEX/NOMEX spider assembly which allows for linear and stable cone movement.

Thus, you can enjoy a deep low frequency efficiently. Moreover, these subwoofers come with a well-ventilated basket that keeps the subwoofers cool. Thus, you can use the subwoofer at its maximum capacity for a long time.

Shallow Mounting:

As mentioned above, this product is one of the best 6.5 Inch shallow mounting subwoofers, which is a significant benefit of this subwoofer. In addition, the shallow design makes it convenient to fit the subwoofer in existing factory locations.

This makes it user-friendly and less demanding to mount the woofers. In addition, you do not have to do anything which wastes your time while mounting this subwoofer.

Heat Sink:

If you like playing loud music for an extended period, this would be the most outstanding subwoofer. In addition, this subwoofer comes with a high-temperature voice coil which enables the high cooling tech when you use the subwoofers.

The voice coil has a heat sink attachment which helps in keeping the subwoofers cool even in summer. That’s why these subwoofers would not overheat while you use them intensively for a prolonged period.

Inverted Cone Design:

Earthquake features an inverted cone design which has various benefits. The key benefit of this cone design is that it allows maximum excursion when mounting the subwoofer in congested mounting locations.

Moreover, the inverted cone also provides you maximum bass output with minimum distortion. With the help of this feature, you get the perfect sound and music quality.

Buying Decision

If you love to play loud music intensively for a prolonged period, then this is an excellent pick for you. Its several features do not let heating the subwoofers, and inverted cones reduce the distortion and help fit in minimum space.

Buying Guide for the Best 6.5 Subwoofers

If you have decided to buy the best 6.5 subwoofers, you must know the basic features and factors to make the best choice. That’s because choosing one subwoofer in this vast market could be a complicated task.

If you know very little about the subwoofer, you are highly likely to end up with an average subwoofer for your car. To save yourself from later regret and wastage of money, you should learn the kith and kin of the subwoofers.

In this comprehensive guide, we have added some crucial factors which you need to know to buy the best 6.5 subwoofers available in the market. But before investing your money in 6.5-Inch Subwoofers, make some necessary decisions.

  1. Decide what your expectations from the subwoofer are.
  2. Take measurements of the available space where you are going to keep the subwoofer.
  3. Make a purchase after considering your capital.

There is not a single drop of doubt that a best 6.5 Subwoofer can make your vehicle or home parties more impressive and enjoyable. But before investing a single cent into the subwoofers, consider the following:

Space Management:

The first and most important factor which should be considered is the amount of space available in your hand. All of the subwoofers are three dimensional, and they are not going to lay down.

That’s why you need a considerable place with respect to the size of the subwoofers. So, to avoid any problem, get you a measuring tape and start analyzing the available space according to the subwoofers.

Moreover, you need to consider the amount of mounting depth that you require to adjust your subwoofers. After completing, this crucial task, start looking for the subwoofer which is perfect for the available space.

Mounting or Without Mounting:

In the market, most of the best brands of 6.5 subwoofers require mounting as they are built without an enclosure. If the problem occurs, you can buy a mounting bracket. The rest of the subwoofers do not need an enclosure.

These subwoofers are designed to work elegantly without them. Many individuals think that these subwoofers are more convenient. However, getting a mounting bracket is not a difficult task, so don’t worry about it.

Single or Dual Piece:

Most of the subwoofers available in the market are single pieces, while the rest come in pairs most of the time dual subwoofers. Usually, the one-piece subwoofer is not enough for people.

That’s why before making any purchasing decision, make sure if you are paying for a single or dual piece of the subwoofer. After that, decide what do you want a single subwoofer or a pair. Most people buy a pair of 6.5 inch subwoofer home theatres to get more sound quality and better bass. Decide according to your space and your requirements.


Subwoofers are available in various types of materials. The best 6.5 subwoofers are those which are made of silk, silicone cones, or paper.  They are excellent for high-frequency sounds.

Foam and cloth would be perfect for surrounding rubber, while aluminum and copper coils should be sturdy. In addition, the material should be strong enough to withstand the robust performance of the subwoofers.

More Power:

These are the most prominent factors to check before making a purchase. In addition, you must check the RMS rating of the subwoofers before buying a product because it is going to determine the compatibility with your amplifier.

The higher RMS value means that the subwoofer can handle more power. In reality, the RMS value is going to determine the amount of power that is going to be continuously used by the subwoofer. The minimum and peak values of the subwoofers are mentioned on the packages.


The subwoofers are directly installed in the cars; that’s why they need to be durable. In addition, they need to be futuristic to be compatible with the new stereo system.

They also have to bear the car’s vibrations, thumps due to the bass; that is why heavy-duty construction is necessary for durability.

Weather Proofing:

If you are love to go outside a lot along with your 6.5 marine subwoofers, then you need to buy a subwoofer that is weather resistant. The weather-resistant subwoofer can withstand rain and several other challenging weather types. So, if you are finding an outdoor subwoofer, this has to be this one.

Price Factor:

In the market, there is a wide range of best door 6.5 subwoofers within a variety of price ranges. Alternatively, if you wish to have a more affordable option, you must go for the best car subwoofer for under 200 dollars.

You can get an excellent option of subwoofers for between 100 to 200 dollars. For your convenience, we have added five different subwoofers, from low prices to high prices.

Benefits of Best 6.5 Subwoofers

There are several benefits of the best 6.5 subwoofers which we are going to discuss below:

  • They are compact and perfect for small places
  • They have higher bass and robust construction
  • These subwoofers are lightweight; you can carry them wherever you need
  • They are perfect for home theatre as well
  • You can save a lot of money
  • Subwoofers are durable and reliable
  • Despite their small size, they deliver decent bass


Rockford Fosgate Prime Budget 6.5 Subwoofers is ranked on top in our list. It is lightweight and surrounded by roll foam which makes it durable and distortion-free.
The two-layer spider protection makes it consistent and reliable. Most importantly, it provides intense and enriched bass for an extended period and still doesn’t heat up due to the advanced cooling system.

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