Best Surround Sound Headphones for Movies (Earphones Reviews)

Do you love watching movies? If so, this article is only for you. The two things are inevitable for converting your ordinary movie system into a full-fledged home theatre. The first thing is a big screen with high-resolution image quality and the second one is the best surround sound headphones for movies. There are so many options you can go for, but which one will suit your home theatre, try to find out the answer below.

I have been using different headphones for years and gathered some of the best headphones for movies here in this article. By the time you’ll read it down, it will tell you the 5 best surround sound headphones for watching movies on a low budget. I know how to create a balanced equation of quality sound devices and saving pockets. So, let’s learn how you can do it and get cheap surround sound headphones.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


5 Best Surround Sound Headphones for Movies 2022

Table of Content:

  1. Philips Audio SHP9500 Headphones
  2. SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone
  3. Sony L600 Wireless Digital Surround Dolby Headphones
  4. Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Headphone
  5. Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
Best Surround Sound Headphones for Movies

Finding the best home theater headphones is everyone’s dream, and we know how to convert one’s dream into reality, especially when it comes to sounds, headphones, and watching movies. To enjoy the movie sound to the max, take the feel you are sitting in Cinema, and listen to each musical note separately.

All you need to do is lend your eyes to this guide for some time. So, let’s begin the show with the list of the best headset for watching movies

Top 5 Best Surround Sound Headphones Reviews

1) Philips Audio SHP9500 Best Headphones for Movies

Philips Audio SHP9500 Headphones
  • 50 mm Drivers for Full Spectrum of Crisp Sound
  • Comfortable Double Layered Headband Cushion
  • Breathable Ear Cushions for Releasing Heat
  • Durable Construction Material for Long Lasting
  • Open Back Design to Eliminate Air Pressure
SpecificationFeatured Values
Ear placementOver-ear
Frequency range12-35000 Hz
Max power200 mW
Speaker diameter50 mm
Acoustic systemOpen

Over the last 50 years, Philips Audio has maintained the quality of its audio products. As a result, the Philips Audio SHP9500 is the best Headphones for Movies and gaming. It gives the musical sound that your ears want to hear.

These headphones cancel the noise and provide you with a fully noise-free and snag-free voice that provides relief to your ears. If you are looking for the best surround sound headphones for movies, you need to read the details below. 

50 mm Drivers for Full Spectrum

Everyone loves watching movies, and what if you get the best headset for watching movies within a low budget and highest sounding quality. The Philips Audio SHP9500 headphones reproduce the sounds with the help of its 50 mm drivers and make sure the sound is crisp, clear, and improved bass. It also submits the full spectrum of sound that enables you to enjoy the sound with all your ears. 

Double Layered Headband Cushion

It furnishes the double-layered headband cushions with the ultimate comfortability. Whether you need the surround sound headphones for tv, or for watching movies, it gives you the supreme comfortable headband that neither hurts your head nor your ears. It allows you to jar the headphones for hours, and you don’t feel anything causing aches to your ear surroundings or your patchy head. 

Breathable Ear Cushions

The ear cups of this decent audio device are fully breathable, and you can hear the voice in your surroundings. For example, suppose you watch a movie with your friends or play games with your gaming fellows.

During the session, you need to have a conversation; the Philips Audio SHP950 headphone lets you hear each sound clearly through the headphones. It also releases the heat through these breathable headphones so that your ear gets saved from any unfortunate incident. 

Durable Material for Long Lasting

The construction material of these beautiful headphones is superb, and the headband is made up of high-quality stainless steel and covered with cushions for the comfort of your head and ears. When it comes to ear cups, these are super relaxed and cause no harm to your ears.

The soft grip of ear cups makes your ears enjoy the music and movies for long hours without feeling pain in your ears or surroundings. These are some of the best earphones for watching tv and listening to music at the best price. You can also consider another recent article I have written on the best rock speakers. 

Over-Ear Design to Eliminate Air Pressure

The Philips Audio SHP950 headphones submit open-back headsets entirely over the ear, deliver acoustic music, and remove the pressure behind drivers. When you buy the best wireless surround sound headphones for movies, you need to ensure it furnishes easily moveable headphones that are maximum flexible and comfortable for ears. 

Make Buying Decision:

After discussing the top-notch features of Philips Audio SHP950 headphones, now you can gauge the pros and cons of this handy audio device. It keeps the voice quality up and improves the bass and frequency to amuse you with exciting and acoustic musical cords.

If you search for the best surround sound headphones for movies, you are reviewing the accurate page. It makes you feel the authentic notes of movie sounds and enables you to enjoy your sound more than the screen.

2) SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Best Home Theater Headphones

SENNHEISER RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System
  • Bass Booster for Improved Sounding Effects
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Easy to Control Through Headphones
  • Rechargeable Long Hour Batteries
Form factorOver-ear
Pressure level114 dB
Weight10.9 ounces
Battery description‎2 AAA batteries
Power backup18+ hours

The SENNHEISER is a big name when it comes to the audio industry. Sennheiser RS 175 RF headphone is the latest model which provides the ultimate performance with a distinct cut-to-cut design. It is a suitable device that completes your home and converts your tv room into a theatre room.

Sennheiser’s motivation drives the music devices to the optimum level of quality and provides flawless sounds you want to hear. The best surround sound headphones for movies are not far away; take a look below to know more.

Bass Booster for Improved Sounding Effects 

It features a significant boost to the bass and improves the sounding effects that make you feel the vibes of the cinema you are sitting in. These are the real surround sound headphones that ensure the bass does not hurt your ears and give you a soothing but full of thrill experience. It is at its best when you connect it with your tv, and the sound quality goes up beyond your expectations. 

Wireless Connectivity 

It is a fully wireless supported audio device that allows you to enjoy the liberty of leaving your sofa and doing some chores along with watching movies. It is indeed one of the best surround sound headphones for watching movies, which disseminate the sound that your ear falls in love with.

Moreover, it gives the ultimate relief to have a conversation with the loved ones sitting next to you, and you can hear them without any glitches through the headphones. Wireless connectivity allows you to make it shut down, play the movie, pause it, or change it without feeling the need to leave your position. 

Noise Cancelling

The best headphones for watching movies on the laptop are those that provide a voice full of noise-free. It has a built-in system of purifying the sound and eliminating the small, irritating noises. So, it is how you get to hear the sound that you love, and you watch your movie for hours in one go. Having max entertainment while watching a movie screen is essential; the view should be clear and HD resolution.

But, without a well-balanced equation of sounding requirements, you cannot enjoy the video either. Sometimes, your speaker is blown, and you don’t know about the issue due to high bass or any other reason. So, to diagnose the problem earlier, you can read how to tell if a speaker is blown. It will surely help you keep your top surround sound headphones safe and in perfect condition. 

Easy to Control through Headphones

The main controls of these headphones are built in-ear cups, and you can easily use them as you want. There you find a panel of buttons; by pressing them, you can increase the volume, decrease it, cause the video, change the track, and more. It gives you all the options with the ultimate comfort and convenience. If you search for this feature in other headphones, you might not find one within this much low budget. 

Rechargeable Long Hour Batteries

Once you charge the battery fully and operate it without any break, it can quickly go with you for more than 18 hours. But, practically, it’s not possible to watch movies for consecutive 18 hours, so, technically, you can use these headphones for 2 to 3 days in one time charging backup.

If you take a look at surround sound headphones reviews on Google, you’ll find the Sennheiser in top results for sure. It has earned respect and won millions of hearts over this extensive 50 years of journey. 

Make Buying Decision:

Finding the best surround sound headphones for movies is not complex anymore. If you have gone through the attributes I have explained above, you must be in a position to make a buying decision, but the call is yours entirely. Match its features with your requirements and find out the similarities and differences. I hope it will help you gauge the credibility of these decent headphones. 

3) Sony L600 Wireless Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headphones

Sony L600 Wireless Digital Surround Dolby Headphones
SpecsTeasted Values
Form factorOver-ear
Battery time17+ hours
Wireless range98.43 ft
Optical cable1.5 m
Weight3.26 pounds
  • Long Wireless Range
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Theatre Mode Sound with Special Cinematic Effects
  • Four Sound Modes
  • Lightweight and Durable Body

Enjoy listening to music for 17+ hours in one time fully charged battery, and enjoy leaving your seat and roaming around up to 98 ft. in the house. The Sony L600 Wireless Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headphones are indeed the best surround sound headphones for movies. It comes with an over-ear form factor that covers the ears and surrounds ears with sound from all sides. Let’s get to know below.

Long Wireless Range

Regarding wireless connectivity, the Sony L600 Wireless Dolby digital surround sound headphones have no match with others. It provides more than 98 ft of wireless range, and you can enjoy music while wearing these headphones and do your chores or make a cup of coffee and grab some snacks such as popcorn to enjoy the movie with the cinematic protocol. It’s all because the wireless connectivity is extended and provides unbreakable signals. 

Extended Battery Life

Whenever we use an appliance, we always look at the power generation system first. So, when we see the detailing of battery power of this beautiful headphone, it is mighty and submits 17+ hours of nonstop music. Once you charge it fully, it goes a long way ahead with your ears. And if you look at its price, it is the cheap surround sound headphones I have ever come across so far. 

Theatre Mode with Cinematic Effects

The Sony L600 Wireless Dolby digital headphone finishes a built-in system for theatrical effects by enhancing overall bass and sounding quality. It takes you to a new world, where you feel like sitting in a Cinema, enjoying your favorite movie with your loved ones. You can change the settings by adjusting the technical details with the help of pressing some buttons.

And if at any stage you feel the sound is not soothing anymore, and it is hurting your ears, before it goes worse, let’s take help from how to reduce ear pain from headphones. In this article, I covered how to avoid ear pain and how you should use headphones for maximum entertainment. 

Four Sound Modes

The Sony L600 Wireless Dolby digital headphone comes with four different sound modes; you can select anyone and enjoy the mode. The four include dialog, sport, games, and movies. So whether you love hearing dialogues, watching sports commentary, playing games, or enjoying movies, you can set the mode accordingly to want the actual sounding aid. Currently, it is indeed one of the finest and the best surround sound headphones for movies. 

Lightweight and Durable Body

Lightweight body plus durability is a deadly combination in any product you buy. And when. It comes in headphones that you have to use daily; it is simply incredible. The Sony L600 Wireless Dolby digital is lightweight, and you do not feel any burden on your head or ears.

And this is the triggering point that pushed you for long hours of usage. Moreover, the body of these beautiful headphones is of solid stock. If it falls, it can survive easily without being banged and shattered from the inside out. 

Make Buying Decision:

I have shared almost all the essential information relating to the Sony L600 Wireless Dolby digital headphones. And now the decision is yours. It genuinely helps you enjoy music for a long time and supports your ears by taking good care of sound quality.

So your search for the best surround sound headphones for movies can come to an end today by considering it in your try list. It gives four different modes to enjoy sound as it fits the situation and more.

4) Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Real Surround Sound Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Headphone
  • Pass the Sound through the Headphones
  • Multi-Function and Multi Connectivity Options
  • Noise Cancelling Environment
  • 30 Hours Long Power Backup
  • Pure Sound with Enhanced Bass
ConnectivityWired and wireless
Form factorOver-ear
Driver size43 mm
Battery life30+ hours in charging of 75 minutes only
MaterialLight Carbon fiber arms
Weight10.7 ounces

TheBowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones are the real surround sound headphones with the highest performance and the convenience of wireless connectivity. In addition, it keeps some excellent traits, including 43 mm drivers and the power impedance for long hour’s usage and more. Finding the best surround sound headphones for movies is a step ahead; keep reading. 

Sound through the Headphones

Its ambient pass through the system allows you to hear the conversation and voices outside without taking your headphones off the ears. It doesn’t affect the sound quality but keeps you sturdy and will make you feel like you are using the best genuine surround sound headphones for movies.

The headphones are breathable, and they keep getting voices other than the musical sound that you are getting. And it doesn’t mix them up and keeps your sounding ability high. 

Multi-Function and Multi Connectivity Options

You can enjoy connecting it with two devices at the same time, Or you can have multitasking such as, it allows you to listen to your music from one and on the second device you have to call, the moment you will dial the number, the track would pause and you can go with the flow of call voice.

The track you listened to will automatically start at the moment of connectivity, and you will love this rare and valuable feature. So whether you want the best wired surround sound headphones for movies or the wireless one, it has both options, avail that suits your ears and your movie room. 

Noise Cancelling Environment

The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 features an excellent noise cancellation option in which the built-in system of intelligent sensing gauges the noises and keeps them said from the mainstream voices. And ultimately, you get to listen to the refined sounding quality.

Moreover, if you change your surrounding environment, the sensing ability can assess the scenario and adjust the sending gauge in that environment to deal with noises. It is the best genuine surround sound headphones for movies.

30 Hours Long Power Backup

When it comes to the power backup of this attractive headset, it will shock you by providing you with 30+ hours of backup in one charge. So you can go on a trip with your friends, get back in a cue of days, enjoy listening to your favorite tracks or watching movies, and still, the battery will not leave you alone.

Moreover, if it shows the battery lower is just near to finish, you can charge it, and with the 5 minutes of charge, you get 2 hours extra non-stop movie sounds. So, it is why I added it to the list of the best surround sound headphones for movies 2022. If you want some budget headphones and not finding the right and durable one, give a read to the best over-ear headphones under $200

Extra Power Saving

It has the latest and convenient sponsoring tool built-in that gives you the freedom any time you remove the earpieces from the dead, and it goes to sleep itself. And doesn’t use power while sleeping.

And the same goes with waking up; whenever you put them back on your head, and you’ll see the last track you were listening to, it has started automatically. So, you’ll indeed not find the clear round sound headphones with such attractive and handy traits.

Make Buying Decision:

We have explained almost everything about the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphone. It has an intelligent noise-canceling feature with a sponsoring option for battery saving. Moreover, you can use these for 30+ hours on one pretty fantastic charge.

Additionally, you can have wireless and wired connectivity, whichever you feel comfortable with. So, I found it the best surround sound headphones for movies within a low budget with promising sound performance.

5) Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Best Surround Sound Headphones for Movies 2022

Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Ear Cups Crafted for Ultra Comfort
  • Loud and Crisp Sound
  • Max Wireless Range for Freedom
  • Long-Lasting Construction
  • 50 mm Drivers for High-Quality Sound
SpecificationFeatured Values
Form factorOn-ear
Drivers50 mm
Impedance32 Ohms at 1 kHz
Battery life16+ hours
Wireless range40 ft

Designed for comfort, high-quality sound with 50 mm drivers creates magic in your ears. If you need the best surround sound headphones for movies, the answer is not so tricky, as you already have reached the right review page for that.

The Corsair HS70 pro wireless headphone is indeed something credible to use for ears. It makes your voice heard and others as well. And for hearing those, you do not need to take these off from the ears. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Ear cups Crafted for Ultra Comfort

The ear cups of this beautiful pair of earpieces are crafted to facilitate your ears; it gives you a comfortable posture with long hours of superb quality sound without any irritating and disturbing elements in your ears or on your head. If you go through some more surround sound headphones reviews, you’ll find it in your results for sure. 

Make Yourself Heard

It comes with a handy small detachable microphone that gives you the option to hear the unmistakable sounds of communication in the surrounding area. And it neither misses a musical note nor any surrounding voice nor keeps you awake while enjoying watching a movie. It is indeed the top surround sound headphones. 

Max Wireless Range for Freedom

When it comes to connectivity, the Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless headphone has super wireless connectivity technology that gives you the freedom to use it within 40 ft. And the 40 ft distance is fair enough to roam in the room or leave the room for the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or grab a water bottle for you.

You can enjoy these best headphones for watching movies on the laptop. And if you want to have wired connectivity for running or jogging, you can consult with another read that goes like the best wired headphones for running

Adjustable Ear Cups

It has another incredible air of features to offer, the max adjustable ear cups with the highest quality sound drivers of 50 mm. No matter if you are inside or outside of your room, you can hear every single note in detail.

Moreover, it makes you hear other sounds that you need to listen to in your surroundings. It certainly makes a hit to count on the best surround sound headphones for watching movies. 

Intelligent Control System

You can use software to enjoy the intelligent control to manage the settings of musical notes, toning quality, bass, frequency, etc. It gives you the ultimate freedom to enjoy your sound without compromising over a single trait that other big names offer.

So, if you take these real surround sound headphones into serious consideration, you’ll come to know what an excellent audio instrument it is.

Make Buying Decision:

After a discussion of the key points, now you can make a decision yourself. Before placing an order for the headphones, make a list of attributes you want to have in your future headphones, then compare them with the list of features I explained above.

I hope it’ll help you justify the placement of these headphones in the list of the best surround sound headphones for movies.

Buying Guide for the Best Headset for Watching Movies

It’s nighttime, and you are not feeling asleep. You want to watch a movie but are afraid of other family members screaming after listening to the movie’s sound.

So, let’s not make it difficult and buy the best surround sound headphones for movies. Here, in this buying guide, I’ll tell you six simple steps to gain an incredible pair of headphones. So, let’s begin the show.

Type of Headphone

First of all, you need to decide which type of earphones you want to have. It is because there are so many types available in the market, such as over-ear headphones. In which the headphones cover the ears fully and lock in the sides of the ears.

Then the on-ear headphone, which comes on ears, and does not go beyond the ears. And in-ear headphones are adjustable in the diameter of ears, and they do not need any headband to hold them up there.

Noise Cancelling

You need to ensure the headphones you buy are entirely based on high-tech to deal with noises. Because nowadays, the headphones are equipped with intelligent controls to eliminate the tiny noises and purify the original sound you want to hear.

There are some best wireless surround sound headphones for movies. You can take a look at them in the above section. And if you want wired headphones, they are also included to answer your query. 

Updated Drivers

Usually, the standard size of drivers varies between 43 mm to 50 mm. So, you should try having one within these figures. Because drivers play a significant role in making your sound hearable and comfortable for ears, whenever you look for the best surround sound headphones for movies, make sure it keeps the drivers of size 50 mm minimum.


There are two significant types of connectivity you can have in headphones. The first one is wired technology, and the second one is wireless. Wired offers a more secure connection and glitch-free sound transmission, while wireless offers you to listen to music from long distances, you can leave your seat and go to another room for conversation and more.

So, both have their sets of pros and cons, but wireless connectivity is more popular these days. So, whether you are hunting for the best earphones for watching tv or the best surround sound headphones for movies, it is a bonus if it has dual connectivity. But, wireless is a must. 

Power Backup

Power backup matters the most, especially when traveling and your headphones have died because of battery drainage. So, always make sure the headphones you are selecting offer you 15+ hours backup in a single charge. Nowadays, some headphones offer a 30+ hour battery with fast charging options. So, keep them in due consideration while making a buying decision for good surround sound headphones. 

Ear Cups Comfortability Level

Ear cups are the parts in headphones that are directly connected with ears and affect them positively or negatively. If they are not soft and standard material, your ears and ear sides can get involved. So, to secure the best headset for watching movies, you need to ensure the quality and compatibility of ear cups well. In addition, they should be flexible and comfortable for ears, easy to move, and easy to fold. 

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