8 Best Wireless Subwoofer Kits 2022 for Home Theatre Review

Subwoofers are the ultimate choice for your home theatre and car. Not everyone can have a great experience with using subwoofers for him. They can change the atmosphere at your home with long wires. Subwoofers that take extra space are also very condemnable. That is where subwoofer kits jump in. They are not standard kits but wireless kits for a perfect working experience. Subwoofer kits are also available with a wired connection. Only wireless equipment can solve the problems for you. Wireless subwoofer kits are designed to be a solution to all of the issues you face with subwoofers. You no longer need to purchase an oversized woofer speaker for your car and home theatre. Wireless subwoofer kits can give you the same performance as a large woofer.

Subwoofers are the best option to give your house a properly engineered look. But remember, we are talking about subwoofer kits. Kits have some accessories that make the subwoofer perfect for you. The transmitter plays a vital role in managing the required frequencies according to the genre of music playing on subwoofers. You can use the best wireless subwoofer kit from many a meter. In this manner, you will feel more managed than wired kits. The original subwoofer kit can be friendly for the home theatre as well. It will make you fall in love with subwoofer kits. I have gathered the best wireless subwoofer transmitter/receiver kits for your better understanding.

Table of Contents:

  1. iFinity Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  2. Rocketfish Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit Home Theater
  3. Klipsch Best Wa-2 wireless subwoofer kit
  4. DYNASTY PRO AUDIO Wireless Cheap Subwoofer Kit WSA-5TR
  5. Dayton Audio Wave-Link Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  6. REL Acoustics Arrow Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  7. Martin Logan Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit SWT-X
  8. SoundPath SVS Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Top 8 Best Wireless Subwoofer Kits

Best Wireless Subwoofer Kits

After covid’s effects on the economy have made everyone busy, everyone suffers from a hectic life. During this hectic life, when you get a chance to have a good time with your family is like a blessing. You plan a movie night with your life partner. A home theatre is the best option for a romantic movie night. You don’t want that chance to be ruined in any manner whatsoever.

A subwoofer without the kit can destroy the idea of movie night at the home theatre. Also, it will take more time to adjust with wired subwoofers. So, to give you a complete professional movie night experience, I have gathered some perfect subwoofers kit ideas.

1) iFinity Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit

iFinity Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Audio Transmission: Digital
  • Amplifiers: Up to 4
  • Size: 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.1 Inches
  • Frequency Transmission: Large
  • Walls/Ceilings/Floors: Yes
  • Power: AC
  • Wall Mount: No
  • Current: 7.5 Volt
  • Components: Transmitter & Receiver

My friend told me about his new setup of home theatre. He told me he had spent some good bucks on this new setup. He was fed up with the long wires spreading all over the room. I suggested he use iFinity Wireless Transmitter/Receiver for Subwoofers. This kit can convert your wired setup to a wireless subwoofer setup. He did the same, and it worked. My friend was pleased with his home theatre now. He mentioned how it helped him watch movies with pure, high-quality Audio. This iFinity wireless audio transmitter/receiver is exceptional.

Convert your wired setup to Wireless

The manufacturer has launched this excellent setup with proper care. This subwoofer kit comes in a small and compact style. A wireless subwoofer network always gives you the best feeling of living in the modern era. This kit will not lose any audio due to poor wireless connectivity. After converting the wired network to Wireless, we get the best feeling.

Healthy Frequency Management

Ingoing and management of frequency play the most crucial role in audio motion. This kit can manage audio frequencies to give a high-quality output. You will not regret purchasing this excellent combination of transmitter & receiver. It can also handle the high frequencies of active speakers. You are not just going to convert your setup to Wireless. You are also going to get high-speed frequency management.

Multiple Connections Feature

The commercial market is full of manufacturers that claim the best wireless subwoofer kit. None of them has the unique feature of multiple connections in it. This iFinity wireless audio transmitter/receiver can connect up to 4 speakers. In other words, this will convert 4 of your speakers to a wireless setup and high-quality Audio. It can cover the complete house at the same time.

Compact Styled Kit

Manufacturers have their priorities in their products. Some prefer more working on exterior looks, and others prefer more working on the Range and frequencies. None of them is as good as this subwoofer kit. It is compact. The small size of 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.1 Inches gives it a close look. It will not take much space as well. You can place them anywhere.

  • High-Range Active speaker management.
  • Small and Compact in size will not ask for much space.
  • It will cover the complete house with four connections.
  • Digital transmission gives us top quality.
  • External power amplifier connection.

2) Rocketfish Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit Home Theater

Rocketfish Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit Home Theater
  • Audio: Uncompressed
  • Quality: CD
  • Range:
  • 100 ft.
  • Adapter: AC
  • Components: Transmitter & Receiver
  • Technology: Bluetooth
  • Mounting Type: Multiple Options

People ask me for suggestions on their speakers. One of my colleagues mentioned that he has issues with his rear speakers. I guessed there is no issue with the rear speakers. The problem was in the long wires going towards the rear speakers. I told him to use Rocketfish wireless subwoofer kit for this purpose. It gave him the best experience ever. This kit is expert in working as a wireless rear speaker kit.

Healthy Range for Genuine Home Theater Experience

Home theatre always consists of several speakers. All of them cannot be placed in the same place. They needed to be put away from each other for a better sound experience. It can be irritated due to a lot of wires. This Rocketfish wireless subwoofer kit is launched to perform at long Range. It can easily connect with Bluetooth tech to all the speakers.

A Complete Kit for You

Rocketfish has launched the best wireless subwoofer kit. Nothing is missing in this kit. It has a transmitter that can send the healthy frequencies to the receiver. The receiver is intelligent to pick the signals and convert them to high-quality Audio. This kit also has a wireless subwoofer adapter. This adapter deals with AC to provide no audio loss experience.

Rear Speakers Expert Kit

The market is flooded with subwoofer kits nowadays. All of them claim to be perfect. None of them can work perfectly with rear speakers. This subwoofer kit is an expert for rear speakers. Rear speakers in the home theatre give us the pure theatre sound experience. It is not possible without high-quality rear speaker sound. This wireless rear speaker and subwoofer kit will provide you with better than many experiences.

Multiple Mounting Options

Some kits in the market have wall-mounted options. Some have no wall mount option, and they can be placed anywhere. This wireless subwoofer and receiver kit is specially designed with multiple mounting options. It can be mounted on the wall, on a stand, in horizontal and vertical positions. This feature makes it easy to use as per your requirement.

  • Easy to use with a power on/off button at the back.
  • It has multiple mounting options.
  • Prevent the audio loss due to long wires to the rear speakers.
  • Complete kit with AC adapter.
  • It processes Uncompressed CD quality for the best experience.
  • It cannot share a base with the rear speakers.

3) Klipsch Best Wa-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Klipsch Best Wa-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  • Compatibility: WA-2 Port
  • Connections: Up to 4
  • Bass Transmission: Yes
  • Installation: Quick
  • Channel Selection: Dynamic
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Distance: 15 Meters

Last year, I purchased a Klipsch subwoofer for my home. Klipsch is known for producing high-quality speakers. The sound quality was good, but I faced a problem, the problem of heavy and bulky wires with audio loss in transmission. This problem happened because of long cables. Someone suggested I use the subwoofer kit by the same manufacturer. Wireless subwoofer kit Klipsch solved my problems instantly. I connected up to 4 systems simultaneously with its wireless equipment. It gave me an irritation-free operation at home.

Compact Styled Kit

This kit is the best wireless subwoofer kit on the market. If you have a subwoofer setup, it is pretty simple to use. And you’re sick of this messed-up wired connection. You can convert this simple setup to a wireless connection. The design of this kit is compact. It does not require traditional wires to connect. It will make your life easier by providing a high-tech wireless connection.

High-Frequency Range

It comes with a frequency rate of 2.4 GHz. This frequency rate can cover more as compared to 5 GHz. You should feel free to use this kit at any point in the house. Subwoofer kits are primarily focused on producing a solid frequency conversion. They don’t want to suffer an audio loss on a specific end of movies. This kit is more focused on covering more areas with this frequency range. A healthy range means healthy audio quality.

Powerful Bass Sharing

A unique feature makes it the best wireless subwoofer kit on the market. You must have listened to the people telling you about their high bass subwoofers. Have you ever heard of bass sharing as well? This wireless subwoofer kit Klipsch can transmit the powerful bass to the receiver. Its receiver is an expert in taking in this powerful bass. That means this kit can share the powerful bass to different house points.

Multiple Connections Feature

This subwoofer kit is in the race to be the best. They have added all the required features. Now, this subwoofer kit can also connect to the four subwoofers simultaneously. I used this feature to the max. It helped me to prevent any sort of wires used in subwoofers. It didn’t report any audio less in this feature as well.

  • Long ranged frequency experience.
  • It can provide up to 4 connections at the same time.
  • No wires feel like an expert setup.
  • Small-sized to be placed anywhere.
  • It has a complete setup with a specific adapter.
  • You can use it for specific models that come with WA-2 port only.

4) DYNASTY PROAUDIO Wireless Cheap Subwoofer Kit WSA-5TR

DYNASTY PROAUDIO Wireless Cheap Subwoofer Kit WSA-5TR
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Placement: Wall Mount
  • Frequency: 5.2 & 5.8 Hz
  • In-sight: 100 Feet
  • Through Walls: 50 Meters
  • Audio Output: Premium
  • Audio Type: Uncompressed Full CD
  • Color: White

What we issued the most in our flat was the home theatre. My family planned a new house with a home theatre. After purchasing this house, it was time to set up a home cinema for us. Preparation began, and I was fortunate enough to buy this DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA-5TR Wireless Subwoofer Kit. These subwoofer kits completed my setup. Without its distant wireless connection feature and attractive sound quality, my home cinema was nothing.

Seductive Audio Output Quality

Subwoofer wireless kits have only one purpose: to provide you with high-quality audio conveniently. This wireless subwoofer kit is made to give you the absolute joyful audio quality. I have used many wireless subwoofers kit home theatre to date. None of them was as good as this subwoofer kit. An uncompressed HD audio gives us a natural feeling. A genuine home theatre kit should have this quality. Because of its natural style, this subwoofer kit is known for producing a gem in the home theatre.

Sound all over the Place

A cheap subwoofer kit usually does not have a long wireless distant connection feature. This beautiful subwoofer kit’s quality is that it can be connected from 100 ft away. 100 ft. in sight distance is a handsome distance to use hits subwoofer kit. I enjoyed its distant connection feature using it for connection from ling way. There is a difference between sight distance and walls. This subwoofer kit can connect behind the walls as well. That makes it superior in its category. It can connect to any device wirelessly from 50 meters in the case of walls and floors. This feature made me love this kit.

Complete Audio without any Loss

Subwoofers and kits are reported many times for audio loss. It happens either due to the low-quality wired network or less intelligent wireless technology. This fantastic wireless kit is a solution to this issue. The manufacturer claims that it has introduced dual-band wireless technology that enhances audio productivity. Low interference technology is supported even by 5.2 GHz for a lossless audio experience. These technical upgrades make this subwoofer kit the best wireless subwoofer kit in 2022.

Wall Mount Placement

The best wireless subwoofer kit should be easy to install and place. This subwoofer kit is a wall mounting kit. We can install it up and down on the walls. Its installation process is very flexible. You don’t need to be a technical person to install and use this kit. The best part about its installation is that it will save your time from the headache of adjusting wires. Wireless technology gives you the best experience. You just need to place it on the wall near the power outlet. Also, you don’t need to connect the transmitter to any sort of device or stereo.

  • Hassle-free wireless connection.
  • Distant connection insight and through walls.
  • Its extreme HD audio quality is in a simple shape.
  • Low interference connection saves you from audio loss.
  • One can easily install it on the wall.
  • No need to connect the transmitter with stereo.
  • Stable and rapid audio connection.
  • Nearby devices cannot harm it.
  • It would be best if you placed it near the power outlet only.
  • It can be mounted on walls only.
Dayton Audio Wave-Link Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  • Dimension: 11 x 7 x 4 Inches
  • Compatible with: TV & Speakers
  • USB Connection: Built-In DAC
  • Connections: 4 at a time
  • Format: WA
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Weight: 0.95 Pounds
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz

My friend mentioned that he had installed an excellent setup of home theatre. HE kept praising his setup day by day. I was curious about the brand of speaker he is using. When I went to his house for movie night, I saw Dayton Audio Wave-Link Wireless Transmitter & Receiver with his setup. He said that this experience with the subwoofer kit setup is the best. We enjoyed the movie night a lot.

Light Weight Compact Styled Kit

This subwoofer kit does not look like a traditional subwoofer kit. It is small in size. Its dimensions are 11 x 7 x 4 Inches. Its weight is less than a single pound. You don’t need to worry about the wall mount technology or placing it anywhere. It’s like a walkie talkie design that you will connect to the relevant places with a USB port.

USB Linking Feature

This kit is specially designed to be user friendly. It can be linked to the amplifier and speaker with a USB port. I have a USB linking option on its upper side. This wireless subwoofer will not just get rid of wires for you but also make the linking process easy. This Dayton wireless subwoofer kit is the perfect solution to all problems.

Compatible with Different Genres

This subwoofer is unique in its manner. It is small in size, has USB connectivity & compatible with more than one speaker only. It can be connected to the television as well. You can click the transmitter of this kit on the USB port of the television and see the magic by yourself. Connect the receiver to the subwoofer.

  • Small and lightweight make it easy to use.
  • You should not worry about wires and linking anymore.
  • It has a unique design of transmitter and receiver.
  • High-frequency flow for solid signals.
  • 2.4 GHz can connect to other WIFI devices automatically.

6) REL Acoustics Arrow Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit

REL Acoustics Arrow Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  • Power: AC
  • Wall Mount: No
  • Compatible with: Ti Models
  • Connection: One Click
  • Input: Single Phono
  • Transmitter: 5.1 x 3.5 x 3.25 Inches
  • Receiver: 2 x 3 x .5 Inches
  • Distance: 50 ft.

Setting up a home theatre is not an easy task to do. It requires a perfect setup for the ideal experience. My experience with my home theatre setup was not that good. Its sound kept breaking the time. Wires going every corner of the room did not give a good look. I purchased a REL Acoustics Arrow Wireless Transmitter and Receiver for my Ti model. This Rel wireless subwoofer kit worked flawlessly to provide me with cinema-like feelings.

No Sound Loss Anymore

I witnessed the master working of this REL wireless subwoofer kit. Before using this kit, I faced the issue of sound loss many times. I used to miss the most important dialogues of the series. This kit comes with excellent frequency management. Low-frequency management plays a vital role in the continuous sound operation.

Distant Functioning

This subwoofer kit is perfect for low-frequency transmission. Its receiver is also expertly made to receive the signals of any frequency. This rate of frequency plays an essential role in distant functioning. This subwoofer kit can perfectly work at a distance of 50 feet. Fifty feet should be in sight without any walls in it.

Durable Built Design

This subwoofer kit is not ordinarily built. Its build material is robust. It has a total of five coated layers over it. They are specially designed to be perfect for working in the case of children in the house. It is not a wall-mounted kit. Your children can approach it if you are not in the room. A fall cannot break it easily.

One-Click Startup

Some subwoofer kits in the market are very flexible with their functioning. Starting them is pretty tough sometimes. This REL wireless subwoofer kit comes with the unique feature of single click start. Just connect the transmitter to the amp and receiver to the subwoofer, perform the single click, and connect.

  • Durable with five layers coated on it.
  • Start it in a quick time with a single click.
  • Place it anywhere and get rid of wires.
  • Connect to speakers from a 50-foot distance.
  • AC power source makes it a perfect design.
  • It cannot be mounted on the wall.
  • The design is heavy due to 5 layers.

7) Martin Logan Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit SWT-X

Martin Logan Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit SWT-X
  • Distance: 50 feet
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Compatible Devices: Dynamo X Series
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 7 x 2 Inches
  • Weight: 1.38 Pounds
  • Mount Type: Wall Mount

I have been using Martin Logan subwoofers for a long time. They are incredible in their work. I used its subwoofers to make my home theatre this year. I was having some issues due to the shape of my room. The wires of the setup were hurting me. I decided to purchase Martin Logan SWT-X Wireless Subwoofer Kit. This kit made my design perfect with hassle-free operation.

Handsome Bandwidth Featured Kit

This kit is as excellent as one could imagine. Its transmitter will pass the signals at a strong frequency rate. It is specially designed with a 2.4 GHz frequency, famous for creating solid signals. This frequency rate will not cover too much long-distance, but it will make a firm bond between amp & speaker.

Light Weight and Standard Size

This kit has a corded electric power source. Its transmitter and receiver are small in size. They are compact. A standard sized subwoofer kit will work perfectly for creating your dream sound. Thanks to this martin logan wireless subwoofer kit, my home theatre became perfect.

Models Compatibility

This martin logan wireless subwoofer kit is specifically designed for the Martin Logan Dynamo Series models. Models are Dynamo 600X, 800X, 1100X and 1600X. These models are perfect for making a real home theatre as well. It can become your wireless subwoofer kit best buy.

  • High-Quality audio output.
  • Wall-mounted transmitter design.
  • Healthy Range of transmitting signals.
  • It is counted as one of the best subwoofer kits.
  • One can use it with specific models of Martin Logan only.

8) SoundPath SVS Wireless Subwoofer Kit

SoundPath SVS Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  • Signals: CD Quality
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Connection: RCA
  • Adapter Rate: 48 KHz
  • Latency: Ultra Low
  • Style: Compact

One of the colleagues mentioned the problem of room rattling because of home theatre. I advised him to go wireless with SVS SoundPath Wireless Adapter Bundle Subwoofer. Because this subwoofer kit is professional in eliminating room rattling due to excessive sounds, it is one of the finest subwoofer kits on the market.

Enhanced Audio Quality of Sound

Mostly subwoofer kits come with the focus of making the system wireless. This subwoofer kit is more focused on enhancing the audio quality. It will give a pure sound experience to your home theatre. The bass and pitch of the sound coming from this kit will provide you with joy without any sort of issue.

Ultra-Low Latency Working

This sound is not just good with a high-frequency rate. It is good with low frequencies like 2.4 GHz as well. A high frequency is suitable for creating a strong bond through the strong signals between transmitter and signals. But a low frequency can work for even better alerts and Range.

Prevention of Room Rattling

Some subwoofers are masters in creating extra loud sounds. Especially when connected with SVS wireless subwoofer kit. It can work to provide you with a genuine home theatre experience. Additionally, it will prevent your room from rattling due to the loud Audio and bass.

  • No space is required as it can mount on the wall.
  • High quality improved audio sound.
  • No room rattling due to loud sound.
  • It can work with specific models of subwoofers only.

Buying Guide for the Best Buy Wireless Subwoofer Kit

We will mention some key points that help purchase the best wireless subwoofer kit. These buying guides will make you feel like an expert on subwoofer kits.

Size and Dimension

First of all, you should try to purchase a subwoofer kit in a small size. Some kits are huge that need a special place for themselves. Try to have a compact size and lightweight to enjoy the best experience.

Frequency Rate

Secondly, the best wireless subwoofer kits come with different frequency rates. High frequency has its benefits, and low frequency has its own. Try to purchase the one that fits your requirement.


Some wireless subwoofer kits are launched for a specific model of amp and speakers only. Always check the compatibility of models before purchasing an item.

Wall Mount

Best wireless subwoofer kits have different options for mounting. Try to purchase a piece of equipment with a wall mount feature. That can save the space in your home theatre.

Bass Sharing

Mostly subwoofer kits are not focused on improving the audio quality. Some kits can transmit the bass as well. Try to buy them for a better bass sharing experience.



The wireless subwoofer kit review might have taken you into a shell of confusion. I have finalized a subwoofer kit for you. Equipment that will work perfectly for you in every scenario. A kit that can solve all of your issues.
This kit is iFinity Best Wireless Subwoofer Kit. It can work flawlessly for a long time. Its Range is very responsive as well. It can work behind the walls as well. It is the best wireless subwoofer kit you are looking for.

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