Open Back VS Closed Back Headphones (Difference)

Whenever you want to buy headphones for gaming, you find the most common types of headphones in the market which are Open Back or Closed Back Headphones better for Gaming. But which one is best for you is a demanding task. So, for this, I’ve written the difference between open back and closed back headphones. It will be easy for you to choose after having full knowledge of these two headphones.

Once, everyone was using good speakers for gaming, but those days are gone now. Now everyone wants high-quality gaming headphones. But it made you fall into a perplexing situation about choosing open back headphones or closed back headphones.

Here in this guide, I cover up all the tiny details on open vs closed back gaming headphones. So, to determine which one is best according to the specified needs, read this comprehensive guide and decide the best for yourself. First, let’s find the difference between Open Back VS Closed Back Headphones for Gaming.

What are Open Back Headphones?

Open Back headphones let the fresh air to pass through the ear cups. Therefore, they usually don’t block our surroundings. That’s why it is best for the situation when you want to be aware of your surroundings.

The advantage of open back headphones is that it gives you better sound quality with clear and more natural sound playback. That’s why it is used by most gamers nowadays. This feature will let you enjoy your gaming music by giving you realistic effects.

What are Closed Back Headphones?

Closed back headphones are the most common headphones which we use today. These headphones isolate you from the external environment’s voice. They will allow your external environment’s voice not to interrupt your gaming or music voice.

Moreover, they also block the leakage of voice out from the earpiece. So, if you want your external voices to interrupt your gaming voice quality, you should go for the closed-back headphones.

Open Back VS Closed Back Headphones for Gaming

Comparison on Bases of Headphone Features

Let’s distinguish Open Back VS Closed Back Headphones for Gaming. Lot of discussion can be happen on open back vs closed back headphones for mixing.

Sound Quality:

The very first thing when choosing an open ear gaming headphones is the sound quality which we can never neglect. Sound depends on which type of music we listen to and from which headphones. So let’s distinguish the sound quality from both open back vs closed back headphones for gaming.

The Open Back Headphones will produce an airy, expensive sound quality that will make you enjoy the music more naturally. Therefore, these headphones are highly recommended when you play some massive and environmental games that have some natural world environment sound effects. Even if you are a musician, you will also experience more natural voice quality.

The Closed Back Headphones will give the booming sound quality. In addition, these headphones have a better bass response. As a result, you will find a more realistic sound quality without interference from your surrounding’s voices.

If you want total concentration on the gaming sound, you must go for the Closed Back headphones and experience high-quality voice with less noise distortion.

Noise Isolation:

Noise Isolation means cutting off unnecessary noise that interrupts your gaming and music listening experience. It may be helpful for you to listen to more clear voice quality.

Let’s figure out noise Isolation through open back VS closed back headphones for gaming and check which one is better in noise Isolation.

An Open Ear Headset gives you zero Noise Isolation. Noise can never be isolated when you have available back headphones. That’s why most gamers use these headphones while playing games.

To know more about gaming equipment, read this comprehensively written article on Ninjas Gaming Setup.

After that, you will see the gaming equipment used by the most famous gamer, Ninja. “Open back headphones are not suitable to use in any noisy location as everyone can hear your gaming sound, and as a result, you can’t pay attention to your game.”

If you want to pay full attention to your game, you should go for Closed Back Headphones. The Closed back headphones will naturally block the noise isolation when you are in any tournament.

The size of the ear cups determines the blockage of extra noise. The bigger the ear cup has, the more it will block noise. This Headphone is the best when you don’t want to listen to an external environment voice.


Which headphones are portable for you, so you can easily take them with you wherever you go? To check each Headphone’s portability, I gather some crucial points that will easily decide you to check the portability of open and closed headphones.

The portability of Open Back Headphones is not satisfied. Because most headphones come with extra big ear cups which you can’t take along to yourself, rarely you will find slight ear cup headphones. So, it’s not possible to take along with you besides a LAN party.

The Closed Back Headphones take advantage of open-back headphones. Because it comes with a variety of collections, you can easily find a portable and easy-to-use headphone in the market. You can even fold them and can select the small ear cups headphones too. So, as a gamer or audiophile, you must take an easily portable headphone.

Price Comparison:

From the details mentioned earlier, we understand the form factor of each Headphone. After reading this informative article, you can decide which one is perfect for you. But, the most crucial question, besides all the features, is which headphones will break the bank? Let’s find the answer below.

The cost matters a lot while choosing anything. Never go for overpriced products. Most Open Ear Headsets are not overpriced. You can quickly get a mid-range price headphone. Below, I’ll recommend an open ear gaming headphone that will meet your requirements yet is not overpriced. 

The Closed Back Headsets are super cheap like you can get one below $50. Further price of a product can fluctuate based on the brand and form factor. The high-end will give you a better form factor and mostly come wireless. But the cheap ones also have enough strength to handle most heavy music and gaming sound.

Sennheiser HD660 Audiophile open bach headphone

Favorite Choice

Through a lot of research on Open VS Closed Headphones, I will recommend you the best masterpiece from the market to be easy for you to buy. But first, all you have a concern about; are open back and closed back are better for gaming?

Yes, both headphones have specifications and features that will let you enjoy a better gaming experience. However, in my opinion, you should go for the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone because the Sennheiser open back gaming headset form factor is German engineered that provides you with exceptionally accurate and transparent sound.
Moreover, you will not experience any distortion or noise during your gaming. So, buy one for yourself and enhance your gaming sound quality.

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