Best PS4 Headsets for Wireless Gaming With PlayStation Headphones

Having the best PS4 headsets for you into your gaming setup in 2022 is not an obsolete move or a simple activity now that the PS5 has arrived. Most importantly, one of the top PS4 headsets is very liable to get along and perhaps truly outstanding with the PS5. If a gamer is yet utilizing the PS4 or PS4 Pro, then, at that point, redesigning your sound is entirely sensible and tremendously reasonable.

Furthermore, if you’re glad to continue to involve your PS4 or Pro as your prior reassure while you trust that stock frenzy will even out, then, at that point, the best PS4 headset is the most effective way to encounter the substantial PS4 library in market. It’s essential to find information first. It’s simply an easy, dependable method for improving your PlayStation experience, a portion of these sets are significant to such an extent that they’ll push the absolute best gaming headsets as far as possible as well.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 PS4 Gaming Headset (Recommended)
  2. Razer Kraken Tournament Best Cheap PS4 Headsets
  3. Corsair HS60 PRO 7.1 Virtual PS4 Gaming Headset
  4. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PlayStation Gaming Headset
  5. SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless Best Gaming Headset PS4
  6. Razer Kaira Pro Good PS4 Headset
  7. ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Best PS4 Headset 2022
  8. Turtle Beach Recon 500 Best PS4 Wireless Headset
  9. Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset 7.1
  10. Razer Thresher Stereo Best PlayStation Headset

10 Best PS4 Headsets 2022

Best PS4 Headsets

Everyone who desires to be the best gamer needs to set up their room with all the necessary PS4 equipment for the best gaming environment. You can choose RGB lightning and many other wireless PlayStation headsets in our list that you are going to read below:

1) Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Ps4 Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Ps4 Gaming Headset
BrandTurtle Beach
SeriesStealth 600 Gen 2
BindingVideo Game
Weight      1 pounds
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Dimensions    8.54 x 3.74 x 9.57 inches
Microphone TypeFlip-to-mute
Battery15 Hour

Although they almost universally upgrade the headset, the Stealth 600 Gen 2 shares more similarities with the previous than not. The sturdy, rigid plastic top band features more oversized swiveling hinges and painted notches on the sides to aid in appropriate headset adjustment and measuring.

Settings and Controls

The left earcup of the headset features a surprising number of controls. A “mode” button allows you to cycle through a limited number of EQ settings. You may also access a competitive-oriented “Preternatural Auditory processing” mode by swiftly hitting the power button adjusting the EQ to accentuate footfall and other game-specific audio signals of the best PS4 headsets.

Plastic Structure

The Stealth 600 Gen 2 has a tiny rugged plastic microphone incorporated into the left ear cup, unlike most microphones these days. It’s convenient, much like the pairing set-up.

Stronger Connections

The software on the Stealth Gen 2 is essentially for downloading firmware updates, although there are a few settings you can tweak, such as the level of the tones the headset emits when it’s paired or low on charge.

Make Buying Decision

When flipped up, the mic is practically flush with the headphone’s chassis, and it’s simple to turn on and off. Although the microphone location isn’t as adjustable as on other headsets, I had no trouble getting the microphone to hear my speech.

  • It and easy to use and organize
  • The audio quality is quite strong
  • It connects the PS4 at the spot
  • It is easy to carry and lightweight
  • The battery takes lesser time to charge
  • The padding is a little hard
  • The bass is weak in contrast to other versions

2) Razer Kraken Tournament Best Cheap PS4 Headsets

Razer Kraken Tournament Best Cheap PS4 Headsets
ModelKraken Tournament
Connectivity TechnologyWired
SeriesKraken TE
ConnectionUSB/3.5 mm  
AudioTHX Spatial Audio  
Audio ControlsIn-Line Remote
Driver Size50 mm

Razer is known for gaming, and their gaming headsets are no exception. For $99.99, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition wired headset features THX genuine surround sound, a 5.1-channel USB audio converter, and two 50mm speakers in a highly ergonomic design.

Sturdy Design

The Kraken Tournament best cheap PS4 headsets maintains Razer’s hefty, round gaming headset design. It’s a well-made pair of over-ear headphones that come in black or green with black trimmings. The earcups have massive, circular plastic casings that surround solid metal and connect to the metal headband. The headband is malleable and movable with sturdy click-stops, and the metal rings allow for narrower rotating for each earcup for a snug fit.

Built-In Quality

A three-foot connection is adequate for consoles with built-in headphone jacks, like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S, and the Nintendo Switch in portable mode (which also includes a headset connector), but it’s too short for PC gaming. That’s when the USB cable, the other half of the Kraken Tournament Edition, comes in handy.

Easy Setup

It’s a fabric-covered cable with a USB connector on one end and an audio control box on the other, and it’s significantly longer (five feet). The box is a 3.4-inch flat black plastic container with huge Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mic Mute controls on the top of this best wireless PS4 headsets under 100.

Make Buying Decision

It’s big, plush, and equipped with strong 50mm drivers that pump out many basses. It also works as a 3.5mm wired headset with practically any gaming system and produces excellent THX simulated surround sound with the accompanying USB converter connection for PCs. Even if it doesn’t enhance the headset’s relatively unimpressive performance in the highs, the adjustable base is a welcome feature based on customers’ experiences.

  • The exceptional audio quality for PS4 users
  • The design looks quite versatile 
  • It is available at an affordable price
  • The battery life is fantastic
  • The control box is worth buying for its price 
  • Soft and comfy cushioning for your ease
  • It has a bigger size than ordinary headsets

3) Corsair Hs60 Pro 7.1 Virtual PS4 Gaming Headset

Corsair Hs60 Pro 7.1 Virtual PS4 Gaming Headset
SeriesHS60 PRO Surround Carbon
Connectivity Technology    Wired
Form Factor On Ear
Hardware Platform PC, Mac
Operating System     Microsoft Windows
Weight           11.2 ounces
Dimensions‎6.3 x 3.94 x 8.07 inches

Corsair has a long history in the peripherals industry and has produced numerous gaming headsets over the years. The Corsair HS60 PRO SURROUND was released in September of last year, and while it is essential, it covers the basics and occasionally provides vital extras like surround sound.

Simple Use

With this headset, simplicity is the word of the game. The Corsair HS60 PRO isn’t for the gamer who wants every bell, whistle, and doodah imaginable—for it’s those who want the best PS4 headsets with a simple audio solution that can be plugged in and used right away. And it’s pretty decent in that aspect. 

Great Audio

The Corsair HS60 PRO audio output is quite typical of a gaming headset—for better or worse. In the middle, there’s a noticeable de-emphasis. The noise level around 2000Hz will be 3 times lower than it should be. It implies that explosions, which are nearly always tuned to be the loudest portion of a scene, will be much louder in-game, owing to underemphasizing in the mids and highs. 

Balanced Controls

Suppose you play games like Fortnite or Overwatch, where audio cues like footfall and speech lines may offer you signs about adversary positions and behavior. In that case, the under-emphasis in the mids is especially worth noting. Except for sibilant sounds (F, S, and SH), which are relatively high frequency, most speech falls into the middle range.

It will make even precise bass output sound louder. If you’re wearing headphones, this production level is perfectly acceptable for electronic or club rhythms but not for many other categories.

Make Buying Decision

The HS60 PRO is a robust gaming headset featuring a lightweight aluminum frame and giant leatherette ear cushions. The headband features a studded leather cushion and clamps down with enough force. The headphones are mounted on hinges that allow for a significant tilt; thus, these headsets will comfortably suit most head shapes. 

  • Strong formation with better materials
  • It would not budge when you start it
  • The microphone sound quality is clear
  • The overall sound technology is impressive
  • It offers a longer battery life 
  • The design looks great while using
  • It does not fit perfectly on small heads

4) Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PlayStation Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 PlayStation Gaming Headset
BrandTurtle Beach
SeriesStealth 700 Gen 2
Microphone TypeFlip-to-mute
Speaker Size50mm Nanoclear
Battery life20 Hour
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Dimensions8.54 x 4.45 x 9.57 inches

For the seasoned headset maker, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 sets a new standard for quality. This headset is as significant to carry as it links with your gear. It manages to give good value, solid build, an excellent sound stage, and look fashionable and subtle.

Sure, the audio quality isn’t entirely up to par with what you’d expect from a stylish headset. Still, with so many other features and creature comforts, you can overlook its flaws in this particular issue.

Modern Design

This pair comes up with a good gripping design. The unique structure looks good while gaming and enjoying with your teammates. Many headphones lack a suitable design, especially for gaming. But this headset is a cost-effective gadget for your modern gaming room.

Elegant Components

This headset’s perfect and elegant black, shiny hue gives an unimaginably attractive look to your PS4. The soft cotton-like cushioning will keep your ears comfy, and the plastic headband will keep it rested on your head. You will not feel any irritation after the long-term use of this gadget. 

Make Buying Decision

If you value relaxation and simplicity of use, this is your product. It’s a dream that happens to a lot of people. You will feel completely relaxed, and it’s a great product based on user reviews.

  • Dual connectivity for different kinds of devices 
  • The extraordinary battery life doubles the enjoyment
  • The terrific sound quality for games
  • The microphone works best at its maximum
  • Boosts up the lower frequencies 
  • Best active noise cancelling model
  • Most of the design and construction is plastic

5) SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless Best Gaming Headset PS4

SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless Best Gaming Headset PS4
Ear Placement     On Ear
Connectivity Technology     Wireless
Headband typeFull steel frame
Mic TypeRetractable
Speaker driver typeCustom 40mm
Battery Life24 hours
Wireless Type2.4 GHz

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P is, to be sure, a great headset that is planned in light of the PS4. However, it delivers tremendous outcomes for PS5 still as well. The plan is smooth, and the form is vigorous and durable, yet light and comfortable.

Receiver and Controls

The retractable receiver is fantastic, while all the locally available controls are slick, clean, and responsive. The additional feature of the dial for the mic volume for your voice is excellent and the list of capabilities on PC will permit you to modify it while you’re playing on PC. In general, these are the best PS4 headsets for anybody looking to cutting edge while fundamentally playing on their PS4.

Sound Quality

Best gaming headset PS4 is brilliant, especially as it is fresh, clear, and definite. The 40mm drivers work effectively by giving heavenly music, familiar sounds, and a significant part of the battle audios. I would genuinely like a touch more oomph at the lower part of the sound range.

However there’s a noticeable absence of bass in some cases, which can, on occasion, lead to a predominantly disturbing measure of high pitch that is being tossed straight into your mind. It might make you jump and lose extravagance and roundness now and then.

Make Buying Decision

Chris thinks this model is perfect for high pitched gaming signals and studio transmission while fighting with his teammates in challenging combat. They fit his ears, and he feels like having a real battle feel while using them along with his PS4. It is a heavenly zest to play in an environment that feels extremely accurate for his loud gaming sound.

  • Works well with good sound quality
  • There is extensive compatibility with the USB-C dongle
  • Long-lasting battery for a long-term use
  • The bass is suitable for both PS4 and PS5 
  • Sound surround feature functions nicely with PS4
  • The sound isolation needs an improvement 

6) Razer Kaira Pro Good Ps4 Headset

Razer Kaira Pro Good Ps4 Headset
ModelKaira Pro
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer Battery
Weight13 ounces
BindingVideo Game
Connectivity optionsXbox Series X via Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth devices, and PCs (Windows 10 or higher)
Dimensions    10.94 x 10.2 x 6.61 inches

This good PS4 headset imparts a ton to the Kaira range commonly carried out for Xbox before the PlayStation range and, therefore, seems to be comparative while keeping white and dark colors to match the control center.

Fantastic Input

One of the most fantastic selling points is incorporating Razer’s most up-to-date tactile input tech. The consideration of this makes this Razer headset a reliable improvement for just a little absorption from their PS4 headset.

The haptics just requires sound recurrence to work, which is excellent and considers haptics to be entirely appreciated on PS4. The haptics is that your partners and companions addressing you will likewise set them off.

Natural Gaming

Maybe the up and coming age of haptics will want to differentiate between in-game sound to upgrade and chat sound to disregard. However, when the haptics in the Kaira Pro collaborate with the DualSense, your gaming experience is assumed to be a natural position and truly makes for an excellent ride and a vivid encounter.

However, you can switch them off. You’ll ‘just’ be blessed to receive the best PS4 headsets with superb sound quality that genuinely makes a splendid showing from the most unimaginable of blasts to the most critical pitch notes.

Make Buying Decision

This headset has the best gaming ability because it delivers maximum sound to the user without any disturbance in the flow. The features of these headphones are good for people who have IPhones. But these headsets are pretty good to have a clear gaming sound.

  • Delivers disturbance-free audio for Xbox
  • Good Bluetooth 5.0 settings 
  • Audio quality is worthy of functioning properly
  • Admirable mids and highs operation
  • Long-lasting battery for a long duration of work
  • The sound isolation is poor
  • The features are not Android friendly

7) Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Best PS4 Headset 2022

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Best PS4 Headset 2022
PlatformPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 & PC
Boom MicAttached
Surround SoundStereo
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Weight 1.49 pounds
Dimensions    7.28 x 3.48 x 7.17 inches

The newer A50 headset is comparable to the 2016 version in appearance. This headset is heavily built, and the material is quite smooth with no slippery texture. You can wear it for a long time regardless of whatever you are doing. You can enjoy your PS4 games with your family members, friends, and gaming partners. 

Well-Built & Easy Use 

You can easily follow all the given instructions, and there is no difficulty in its functions. Play your games with complete enthusiasm and kill your enemies with these headsets’ perfect sound surround feature.  

Fast Signals

Connect the headset to Xbox, PS4, and PS5. It is simple to connect and tightly fits around your head. It can connect to all the gaming sets without harming your ears or any other connected device. The connection that it builds with PS4 is strong enough to keep continuously in touch with your mates while playing the games. 

Make Buying Decision

Suppose you don’t have a PS4 Slim. Thus, you won’t connect game audio straight to the headset from the console. This headset will get connected to your devices or PS4 without any delay, and you will be able to figure it out yourself once you begin to use it as a professional gaming headset. 

  • Best significant surround sound feature 
  • The sound quality is balanced perfectly
  • The adjustable and comfortable structure
  • Unique design and vivid colors 
  • The connectivity range is quite impeccable
  • Very expensive in contrast with other products

8) Turtle Beach Recon 500 Best Ps4 Wireless Headset

Turtle Beach Recon 500 Best Ps4 Wireless Headset
ManufacturerTurtle Beach
ModelRecon 500
Microphone TypeTruSpeak Removable
Speaker Size60mm Dual Drivers
BindingVideo Game
Weight0.16 ounces
Dimensions7.87 x 3.98 x 9.33 inches

In any case, if you think about Turtle Beach’s quality and wouldn’t care, go the wired course this will give you a few greater adaptability and save you a couple of monetary standards on the financial plan. Then, at that point, the new Recon 500 is an outstanding choice. However, another headset for the new age of PlayStations with its more pretentious drivers and sound is a fantastic decision for the best PS4 headset.

Good Quality

You won’t observe sumptuous gamer plan styles or the most top-notch development materials on the best PS4 wireless headset, at that point, since Turtle Beach’s most recent in the long-running line costs under $100. What you find, urgently, is sound so great it shocks you and offers a PS4 headset experience that is dynamite in quality and not excessively severe with the wallet.

Wood Composition

Wood composite infusion innovation. 60mm drivers. Committed woofers and tweeters in earcups. It doesn’t seem like the formula for fresh, exact sound. Still, the best PS4 headsets meet up in an intense flood of super responsive bass, itemized excellent quality, and a pleasingly level EQ bend with only a tad of real kick further down the range.

Easy Controls

This is a basic wired model with only a mic quiet, separable mic arm, and volume scroll wheel in the method of actual controls. Not one for lasting tweakers then, at that point, but rather the people who appreciate easiness and, in a general sense, the incredible sound should investigate this new Recon.

Make Buying Decision

It’s not difficult to set up and requires minimal effort to utilize. At just 80$, it’s additionally significantly less expensive. Alex, a happy customer, utilizes a remote headset so that when it kicks the bucket, he can module the turtle beach recon 500 headsets into a regulator. Very simple to utilize, the sound quality comes through significantly overall quite clear!

  • You can wear it comfortably
  • The microphone sounds with complete precision
  • It offers much in less cost
  • Good sound quality for both PS4 and PS5
  • Impressive bass system for full entertainment
  • Both mid and highs works properly
  • The microphone picks up the headset audio signals

9) Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset 7.1

Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset 7.1
Connectivity Technology    Wired
Headphones Jack     3.5mm Jack
Cable Feature           Without Cable
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required
Weight           1.5 pounds
Dimensions    9 x 5 x 10 inches

The Platinum Headsets from Sony are an incredibly well-balanced and the best PS4 headsets. The headset isn’t designed for watching movies or listening to music, but it’s no slouch in either category. It isn’t easy to imagine a headset that provides better value for money. In general, this is one of the best-sounding gaming headsets currently available.

Strong Construction

Plastic, metal, and rubber combine to create the Platinum Wireless. The top band is made up of two metal bars that provide a lot of stiffness while keeping the headset in place. The Platinum Headset weighs 318.2g if you’re seeking a precise figure.

Battery Life

Sony doesn’t specify a battery life objective for the headset, but based on our experience with it, we’d say it’ll last somewhere between 12 and 14 hours. Of course, if you’re utilizing various audio settings and are frequently conversing with pals, this may vary, but for the average user, expect approximately a dozen hours before plugging back in.

Make Buying Decision

The earpads are constructed of a soft leather material that gets warm after a while but doesn’t have a lot of gripping force. That’s why it’s not easy to wear while having fun with your gaming partners.

  • Best crispy sound technology for gamers
  • It comes up with a sturdy construction
  • It’s pretty easy and comfortable to wear
  • The integration with PS4 is worthy
  • Offers a 3-D sound quality on favorite games
  • Long battery life for continual use
  • The noise cancellation is not good

10) Razer Thresher Stereo Best PlayStation Headsets

Razer Thresher Stereo Best PlayStation Headsets
ModelThresher Stereo
Connectivity Technology     Wireless
Form FactorOver Ear
Battery life16 hours
Driver Size50mm
Audio ControlsOn-Headset

The Razer Thresher is a best PlayStation headset inside and out: it has a quality form and modern design, probably the best solid going for PS4 headsets, a quality mic that is retractable. An excellent optical-to-dongle sound set up, and drivers which can convey the most excellent blast to the gamers, and guarantee you can hear your partners over both.

Platinum Body

The Razer Thresher has turned into my staple, go-to PS4 headset and surpassing the Platinum headset for me. You will undoubtedly decide to stay with the Thresher over the Platinum as it has a superior low-end. Its mouthpiece doesn’t convey noise pollution through to your partners. The retractable blast mic on this age of Razer headsets are still probably excellent, as you would see it.

Ultimate Accessibility

Presently there are a couple of varieties upon the Razer Thresher PS4 still accessible. However, you’ll be pleased with the outcomes of any one of them you catch. Assuming you pushed me, I’d presumably say that setting aside a touch more financial plan for the 7.1 renditions or the Ultimate model is an excellent step in its way.

Life Time Support

What’s more, the word accessible is critical right now as it is likely coming close to the furthest limit of its actual life expectancy. However, if you’re watching out for a great remote PS4 that will last you a drawn-out period, support you on PC, give you sound greatness, and quality audio and game sound, then the Razer Thresher is it. Still exceptionally commendable speculation.

Make Buying Decision

Personally tested, the Thresher handles sound better compared to most gaming headsets. It’s anything but a perfect sound force to be reckoned with, yet it takes care of bass, mids, and highs exceptionally. Notwithstanding, it plunges around 3000Hz, and that implies some cymbal sounds in music could become mixed up in more noticeable bass and mid audios.

  • Undoubtedly easy to feel on the head
  • The modern design is attractive
  • The sound surround operation is simple
  • Noteworthy and superb audio technology 
  • Long lasting battery
  • The connection is activated peerlessly
  • It is more expensive than the competitors


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 PS4 Gaming Headset is our prior recommendation for the people who relentlessly wait to fulfil the desire of having their own top-class and vivid gaming room. The 16 hours of the extended battery will keep you fully updated about your all activities for a more extended period.
They get connected to your gadget even if you are standing at an actual distance from it. Many users have wholly tested the device, and it is still considered the best for its smooth use. If we talk about the manufacture and the structural ability, then it’s also another advantage a gamer can have by using it. The lightweight PS4 headset recommendation is far better than all the competitors to make your gaming a natural zest for you.

Buying Guide for the Best PlayStation Headset 2022

Here is the buying guide for all the requirements that you need to consider and keep in mind while buying an accurate headset for best gaming performance:

Sound Quality: 

Presently, you would be a little insane to purchase a headset disregarding how it will sound! The kind of sound you need from your earphones can be an exceptionally private thing. Specific individuals love a touch of bass, while others need a more nonpartisan listening experience. So choose a more precise audio quality according to your desires.


With this being the best PS4 headsets for gaming, you’re probably going to keep it with you for a long time of your life, assuming our gaming methods the way we want! Picking a headset that is both easy and very much constructed is the ideal method for ensuring you stay joyful while gaming. A good structure and design of a headset can have a significant effect while gaming. Get a decent one, and you will not see any problem there.


If you want the best sound surround headset for PS4, then the noise-blocking feature enables you to get rid of the outside world for as much time as you want. Active sound confinement or even noise wiping out can be an incredible component to have.

However, dynamic noise-blocking will generally add a fair lump to the cost of earphones. It is something to be careful about on the off chance that you’re shopping on a tight spending plan.

Microphone Efficiency: 

If you plan to play a few team games using a headset, you should have a decent microphone. We’ve all experienced crackling mics and know that it can make teamwork nearly impossible. Some headsets also have a button to mute the microphone while playing a vital tournament where you need to have a quick conversation with someone outside of the game.

Strong Connection: 

Most earphones will come in both wired and remote adaptations. If you are playing your game on the bed, it very well may be a bad dream having wires following all around that place. Wireless earphones sought outs this and become a handy gaming sidekick. Try to peruse a few surveys to ensure there aren’t any problems regarding the connections.

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