Best Headphones for Classical Music

When listening to recorded items, you’ll observe that you cannot wholly involve yourself with the notes and characteristics unless you have a suitable set of surround audio speakers or a great pair of headphones. However, considering that true surround audio speakers occupy space and set you back a great deal to mount and keep, headphones are conveniently the leading choice.

Utilizing top quality headphones will certainly make listening, researching, or evaluating classic items much more accurate. However, you cannot simply choose any pair of headphones and anticipate classical music to sound ideal. Since classical music benefits from the broad frequency range humans listen to and feel. A couple of headphones that restricts that range can drain out specific tools, eventually minimizing the general precision of the recorded item.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Table of Contents

  1. Sony MDR-ZX110 Classical Music Headphones (RECOMMENDED)
  2. Philips SHP9500 Best Affordable Over Ear Headphones for Classical Music
  3. Grado SR80e Best Headphones for Classical Music Under 100
  4. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Best Wired Headphones for Classical Music
  5. Sennheiser HD 560S Best Audiophile Headphones for Classical Music

Top 5 Headphones for Classical Music

Best Headphones for Classical Music

Hans Christian Andersen: “Where words fail, music speaks”.

Have you been searching for the best headphones for classical music, we acknowledge in what way tiresome it could be with the numerous choices occasionally. With great headphones, you can recreate the sensations and sounds.

Classical music is among the categories that have a great deal of information. This short article includes a listing of the best headphones for classical music. Detailed access, good sound, sound stage, and imaging are some of the aspects we considered. Do not stress, we prepared an informative listing for you, and we ensured to clarify exactly how to choose the ones that fit you the most.

1) Sony MDR-ZX110 Classical Music Headphones

Sony MDR-ZX110

Driver Unit: 30 mm | Impedance (Ohm): 24 ohms (1KHz) | Frequency Response: 12–22,000Hz | Sensitivities (Db/Mw): 98 dB/mW | Cord Length: 1.2 m | Dimensions: 5.87 x 1.81 x 7.87 inches | Weight: 4.8 ounces

Optimizing your sound experience has never been simpler than with SONY ZX-Series headphones. There’s no requirement to jeopardize, constructed with convenience and efficiency in mind.

Neodymium Vibrant Drivers Provide Specific Audio

Light-weight 30mm neodymium vibrant driver systems allow the headphones to provide a punchy, balanced response to even one of the most requiring tracks. Integrated with an extremely delicate diaphragm, you’ll have the ability to transform the headphones up louder and still take pleasure in clear, specific sound throughout the range.

Swivel Folding Layout makes Traveling Simple

Take these headphones anywhere with you. The headphones’ pivoting earcup layout allows very easy storage space when you’re not utilizing them and improves mobility when you’re taking a trip. The earcups rotate the level, so you can load them right into a travel suitcase or a bag without fretting about them occupying excessive useful space.

In-line Remote and Mic

With an in-line remote and integrated microphone on the headphone cable, it is the best Sony headphones for classical music; you can make hands-free phone calls from chosen smart devices while listening to songs. Switch over conveniently between tracks and calls without any requirement to eliminate your headphones.

Supported Earpads for Complete Convenience

Listen in complete convenience. Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones own a self-adjusting headband and soft padding earpads covering the entire ear. Take pleasure in the resilient convenience you require for listening to your preferred CDs back-to-back.

Enfolding Closed-back Layout Seals in Audio

The closed-back, enfolding layout twists around the ear, assisting in securing in songs and maintaining interruptions. Acoustics are mirrored back in the direction of your ears, so you listen to even the subtlest of audios.

Tangle-free Wires

The resilient, 1.2m y-type wire withstands grabs and tangles so you can obtain caught up in your tracks, not your cable.

Wide Frequency Range for Clear Low and High

The wideband frequency range extending 12Hz to 22kHz provides deep bass, abundant mid-levels, and rising highs. Listen to the detail in every track and remain in song with all your songs.

Buyer’s Choice

SonyMDR-ZX110 is the best headphones for classical music. It has several functions that enable it to perform well in each regard. It’s folding layout, remote, mic, hands-free facility and convenient earpads are a great addition to the headphones.

These functions are advantageous for producing the item that made it the best budget headphones for classical music. I recommend this item due to the consumer reviews and high-quality headphones.

  • Comfortable with glasses.
  • Fits on the cellphone.
  • Great headphones for a good value.
  • The wires seem very sturdy & never get tangled.
  • Extremely inexpensive.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact, foldable.
  • Muddy sounding on lower frequencies.
  • Distortion with high volume, depending on frequency.
  • Poor Isolation

2) Philips SHP9500 Best Affordable Over Ear Headphones for Classical Music

Philips SHP9500

Impedance: 32 ohms | Maximum Power Input: 200 mW  | Sensitivity: 101 dB | Speaker Diameter : 50 mm | Frequency Response : 12 – 35 000 Hz  | Cable Length: 3.0 m | Adaptor Plug: 3.5 – 6.3 mm | Dimensions: 6.7 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches | Weight: 10.6 ounces

With over half a century of heritage in headphone acoustics, the firm stays devoted to guaranteeing rigorous requirements in both audio and ergonomic efficiency. That’s why we continuously function to improve and introduce our items, incorporating your choices and experiences right into our signature layouts.

Open-back, Over-ear Headphones

This feature significantly improves audio openness and smooths prolonged high frequencies.

Specifically Angled Drivers

The ear shells deal with accurate and precise audio, engineered to fit the ear’s all-natural geometry. Audio signals are straight carried right into the ears, developing a deep and genuine listening.

Breathable ear Paddings

Philips has crafted the SHP9500 with luxurious, breathable ear pads that enhance breathability and dissipate stress and warmth for longer wearing convenience.

Resilient Steel Headband

SHP9500 features a headband made with cool rolled steel that offers simply the right amount of stress and guarantees toughness and sturdiness. The headband dimension is likewise conveniently flexible with markings for the optimal fit.

Buyer’s Choice

Philips SHP9500 is specifically created for classical music; that’s why it is among the best headphones for classical music. Its open up back function enables it to be much more comfortable in the direction of generating audios. Its earpads can instantly fit the ears, making it hassle-free for usage.

A comfy headband and breathable ear paddings make it possible to dissipate warmth and stress too. The dual steel band likewise play its function in offering resilience to the item to ensure that it lasts much longer. All these functions are advantageous for producing the item that made it the best budget headphones for classical music. I recommend this item due to the consumer reviews and high-quality headphones.

  • The frequency response is exceptional.
  • The layout of the SHP9500 is amazing and distinct.
  • Ear paddings are constructed with breathable, double-layered fabric.
  • The audio is crystal clear.
  • The soundstage is fantastic.
  • Inexpensive; great construct quality; exceptional audio cool, open-back convenience plus exchangeable cable.
  • There was an echo of Battery’s voice while talking within that open-ended bay.
  • Non-replaceable ear pads; rather irregular treble response.
  • Poor audio precision.

3) Grado SR80e Best Headphones for Classical Music Under 100

Grado SR80e

SPL: 99.8 dB | Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms | Driver Matched: 1 dB | Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz | Dimensions: 3.15 x 6.69 x 7.48 inches | Weight: 8.2 ounces

The SR80e uses a four-conductor attaching wire and larger ear paddings, the output of which provides a much more open stage. The SR80e offers an enhanced bass vibration, which improves the general detail. By having these best headphones for classical music, one could pursue the best sounding phones for the cash.

Product functions: Vented diaphragm, no vibrant air chamber, conventional copper voice coil cord, essential copper attaching the cable, mini connect with 1/4″ adaptor.

Worthwhile Audio

The tale of the SR80e holds a unique place in not just our ears, however the ears of numerous listeners. The company integrated the first SR80e in 1991, and it would not be right here today without it.

Signature Audio

Grado audio speakers can expose brand-new notes, and details in music listened to thousands of times. The driver and housing working in tandem respond to sound resonances and essentially remove short-term distortions. The complete bodied vocals and exceptional characteristics enhance the classical music features revealed via the severe clearness and wide variety of the SR80e.

X Series Driver

Fourth Generation Grado drivers are right here. Specially tuned for the SR80e, these best Grado headphones for classical music layout include a much more effective magnetic circuit, a voice coil with reduced efficient mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Reengineering these elements for our 44mm drivers enhance performance, minimizes distortion, and maintains the harmonic stability of your songs.

New Cables & Headband

In addition to the audio speakers, the SR80e owns upgraded cords and headbands. Currently housed in a much more resilient exterior, the 4-conductor cable includes an incredibly stiff copper cable for enhanced pureness of the audio signal. The brand-new headband has even more padding for a comfier experience.

Buyer’s Choice

Grado SR80e is the best headphones for classical music that enable you to benefit from numerous functions at once. It is one of the best Grado headphones for classical music with several features, and its favorable reviews made it the foremost choice. Classical music listening fans with extensive directory throughout various genres can tease brand-new details they have missed out before, thanks to Grado SR80e Eminence.

The inexpensive pair of headphones provides consistent efficiency regardless of what classical music you’re listening to enthusiastically. I suggest it because of the specifications mentioned earlier and these headphones’ features.

  • Cost-effective.
  • Precise recreation of various tools.
  • It has excellent audio quality with great mids.
  • Comfy on-ear layout.
  • Audio leak and bad noise seal.
  • Suboptimal construct top-quality.

4) Beyerdynamic DT 880 Best Wired Headphones for Classical Music 2021

Beyerdynamic DT 880

Impedance: 32/250/600 ohms | Frequency Response: 5 – 24,000 Hz | Nominal SPL: 96 dB | Power Handling: 100 mW | Adaptor: 1/4 inch | Connection cable: 3m | Jack plug: 3.5 mm | Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 10.2 ounces

The DT 880 Version is considered the classic one amongst the several headphones from Beyerdynamic. Song’s enthusiasts indulge in its all-natural, dynamic audio along with its exceptional roomy recreation. The DT 880 Version undermines ambient noise; however, it does not omit it entirely and communicates a unified audio experience.

These headphones have become part of the Beyerdynamic portfolio for two decades and still take pleasure in their remarkable appeal. All elements are readily available as substitute components, making the DT 880 Version a reputable friend for several years ahead.

Performance Environment at Home

The DT 880 Version sounds neutral and loosened up. The bass recreation permeates extremely deeply; however, it is not overemphasized. This function specifically attracts jazz and classical music enthusiasts since it provides the headphones with truly clear audio and makes the specific elements of the songs distinct.

Thanks to its semi-open layout, the DT 880 Edition enables ambient noise to permeate and get away. However, it undermines it more powerful than when it comes to open headphones such as the DT 990 Edition completely.

Exceptional Putting on Convenience

Thanks to its meticulously chosen products, the DT 880 Version is light for its dimension and guarantees a pleasurable fit. The earpads are recognized for their breathable and skin-friendly velour, making it possible for the audience to take pleasure in music for hours with no extreme warmth accumulation.

Mixing a comfy headband and earpads and the yokes made from aluminum provide the headphones with a secure exterior and a pleasurable suitable for lengthy listening sessions.

Distinction Contrasted to the DT 880 PRO Variation

The DT 880 Version headphones are made for home usage, and the DT 880 PRO studio headphones are equal when it pertains to sound. Identically developed acoustic transducers are utilized. However, the Edition versions have a softer headband for taking pleasure in music at home.

In contrast, the PRO headset has a somewhat tighter fit on the head to ensure that it does not relocate even in case of faster motions in day-to-day studio usage. In addition, the PRO version is provided with a coiled cord and the Edition variation with a straight wire.

Three Variations for Various Playback Gadgets

The 600-ohm version is suitable for HiFi systems with effective headphone outcomes or usage with headphone amplifiers. The 32-ohm version is suggested for functional usage on mobile phones such as tab or mobile phones. Beyerdynamic established the 250-ohm version of the DT 880 Version for home on a stereo.

Buyer’s Choice

The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Version is rather resilient. They fit and provide a broad soundstage with comprehensive tool splitting up. These features place them on the first among best headphones for classical music. I suggest this item to new customers just because of its favorable reviews and performance that it holds.

  • Incredibly comfy.
  • Durable construct quality.
  • Wide soundstage
  • Remarkable clearness and details.
  • The cord is not removable.

5) Sennheiser HD 560S Best Audiophile Headphones for Classical Music

Sennheiser HD 560S

Frequency Response: 6 – 38,000 Hz | Impedance: 120 Ohms | Sensitivity: 110dB | Cable: 3 meters | Stereo Plug: 6.3mm | Adapter: 6.3 to 3.5 mm | Dimensions: 6.06 x 3.07 x 5.67 inches | Weight:          8.5 ounces

Sennheiser is forming the Future of Sound, a vision that improved a 75-year history of advancement and an ongoing drive for quality woven right into the firm’s DNA and society. All over the world, the workers share this interest in searching for the ideal audio, producing items that go beyond assumptions and establishing brand-new standards in sound.

HD 560S

With direct acoustics customized to expanded listening sessions and smooth, satisfying bass efficiency, this headphone was crafted for the logical sound lover. The HD 560S delights the audiophile assessing their track’s whole journey with the audio path. It is amongst the best portable headphones for classical music.

This open-back headphone is tuned to expose the fact in your songs without compromising the pleasing bass response required to recreate intricate contemporary tracks. The low-impedance drivers provide the versatility to recreate hi-fi audio on essentially any one of your sound gadgets such as mobile electronic sound players, laptop computers, A/V receivers, audio user interfaces and even more.

A removable 3-meter cord supplies the ideal quantity of flexibility to access your equipment and includes a 6.3 mm plug with an adaptable 3.5 mm adapter. This combination of precision, broad audio area, smooth bass efficiency, and long-lasting listening convenience make the HD 560S appropriate for hi-fi enthusiasts and tracks tasks alike.

Expose the Fact in your Music

Today’s audiophiles check their songs with the determined objective on a wide variety of gadgets from headphone amplifiers, audio user interfaces, computer systems, and much more.

Sennheiser’s HD 560S provides the direct efficiency needed by logical audio lovers at an advancement worth, enabling the listener to have a sincere appearance inside their music, whether for satisfaction or efficiency.


Luxuriously soft earpads relax around the ear for long-lasting convenience.


Features a removable wire with a 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) plug and a versatile adapter for attaching to 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) resources such as headphone amplifiers, A/V receivers, audio user interfaces and even more.

Open up Earcups that Open up Minds

Experience the impressive audio of a vented earcup that allows soundwaves to broaden normally.

The HD 560S includes an open-back layout that offers all-natural acoustic waves. The Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement creates the ideal triangular listening situation you would find in hi-fi speaker configurations and premium recording studios.

This combination produces a broad, verbalized soundstage without the requirement for space therapy, allowing you to listen to the neutral variation of your songs untouched by the artifacts of a restricted space.

Signature Audio

The HD 560S transducers are tuned for precision, providing reliable A/B contrasts of elements, mixes, and media layouts. The whole frequency range is truthful, enhanced by the smooth, deep bass expansion that exposes what nearfield speakers frequently have a hard time recreating.

Buyer’s Choice

Sennheiser HD 560S are the best headphones for classical music and stood first in the best noise cancelling headphones for classical music. Convenience is a significant aspect entering into the layout of these headphones. These good headsets for music draw a feeling of gentleness in music, especially in the mid-range.

On the whole, the construct and sound quality is exceptional, as you would certainly anticipate from a pair of headphones with this cost. The ordinary customer might not take advantage of them; however, classic admirers will undoubtedly feel their music revived thanks to the combination of premium-grade products and mindful layout factors to consider. The reason for suggesting this product is its numerous features and long-lasting performance.

  • The HD 560S is equivalent in comfortably while having far better securing.
  • It is smoother, along with even more in-depth bass.
  •  Highly Accurate with good loudness
  • Affordable in price.
  • High frequencies are too bright.
  • Harsh sounding without EQ filtering.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Headphones for Classical Music

Buying the best product and choosing a reputable company is always tiresome and challenging. Choosing a headphone that justifies all requirements is too difficult for someone new to audio accessories. Buyer’s guide is always built up to help the buyers in their purchase and enables them to buy the product that suits them well by guiding them from each aspect of the products. A guide made it easy to select one product from many of the same features and functions.

Here, in the buying guide, we have discussed several elements to choose the best headphones for classical music. Primarily, this guide is for selecting the best wired, wireless, over-ear, in-ear headphones for classical music to aid customers in choosing the most essential and user-friendly product for their convenience. 

Open-Back vs Closed-Back Layout

The continuous debate between the open-back and closed-back organizations hasn’t dealt with negotiation yet. However, let’s get involved in a definitive conversation regarding what you need to anticipate when selecting either layout. Considering that the selection between open-back and closed-back refers to preference, you must obtain skilled in the aspects of both types.

Open-Back Headphones

Open-back pairs are what I directly prefer in the world of headphones Normally, open-back ear cups are mainly created for proper airflow, and therefore, for an enhanced soundstage. These classical music headphones mean an omnidirectional circulation of audio where you can notice the 3D depiction of the three frequencies in every classic item.

It deserves to keep in mind that open-back headphones struggle with audio leaks and little-to-no sound seclusion because of the lack of seal to catch the audio inside the ear cups. So, the background sound will probably disrupt your listening experience, and the immersive soundstage might interrupt anybody close to it.

Although the pros surpass the cons in open-back headphones, these sets will not please bass heads because of the concessions on the lows, which are precisely much more noticeable in their closed-back peers.

Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-back headphones have ear cups that completely incorporate your ears, leaving no space for airway in and out of the earpads’ size. This construction handles the lack of sound seclusion and the unavoidable audio leak of open-back headphones. Yet, the outcome is nowhere near the natural-sounding impact of open-back headphones.

On the other hand, your ears will certainly be much more at risk of heating up with closed-back headphones because of their limiting ear paddings. It has extensively cushioned paddings; however, they might create skin inflammation after extended contact with your ears.

Not just does this result in a synthetic tone, but it’ll provide you with frustration after several mins. Probably it’s a much better choice for a bass effect. However, I would not compromise functional designs, convenience, and spatial audio for the punchy bass response.


There are three primary drivers in the marketplace: dynamic, planar, and electrostatic.

Dynamic Drivers

These are some of the most typical classical music headphones’ drivers. They depend on magnets that include a voice coil. This coil has affixation to a diaphragm that reacts to the air motion and, therefore, develops the audio.

These drivers are one of the most inexpensive, and you can discover a wide range of portable choices that do not need to utilize an amplifier.

Planar Magnetic Drivers

Planar drivers are significantly hefty because of their even twin-magnet diaphragm. The existence of two magnets right here represents the missing distortion that notes the prestige of these drivers and their high cost.

I assume that headphones with planar drivers need to be scheduled for studio surveillance rather than listening to classical music, considering that they’re far from convenient for their weight and cost.

Electrostatic Drivers

The evasive electrostatic headphones are tough to identify amongst expert studio equipment because of their high cost. These headphones use highly thin fixed diaphragms that reverberate when they pump audio signals towards them. Although electrostatic drivers provide the most remarkable audio, they beam when connected into amplifiers.

Ear Cup Layout

Ear cups fall under three classifications: over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear.

Usually, the over-ear type is what many people indicate when describing headphones. The cups right here surround both ears, guaranteeing an immersive listening experience. I would claim that the over-ear cups executed in open-back layouts are ideal because they offer fantastic playback with marginal audio leaks.

On-ear headphones land directly around the sides of your ear. I discover them worthwhile of acquisition because they conserve you the trouble of taking over-ear headphones outdoors. However, they’re much more conscious of ambient sound. Additionally, they might trigger tiredness if put on for extended periods because the earpads might run limited on your ears.

These are certainly in-ear. These are so portable that you can maintain them in your pocket; however, their audio recreation is so insignificant contrasted to full-sized pair of headphones. However, I constantly have a couple of these with me, either as backup or low-power playback gadgets.

Power Needs

Impedance and sensitivity make up the power the headphones will undoubtedly need. Allows have a look at exactly how these requirements associate with the audio playback gadget you’re utilizing.


Determined in ohms, the impedance in the finest headphones drops in between 8 and 600 ohms. Remember that you must acquire headphones with an impedance level close to your playback gadget’s outcome impedance.


Although sensitivity isn’t the incredibly essential element you must think about while purchasing great headphones for classical music, it’s important that you comprehend exactly how it associates with impedance. Typically, sensitivity, determined in dB, describes just how loud the pair of headphones are.


The soundstage provides the listener the spatial acknowledgment of every tool in the playback in great headphones for classical music. It depends upon an omnidirectional discussion of the audio to produce the impression of hearing every specific layer of music.

Whichever means you go; we wish we offered you all the required info to make the appropriate selection.



Discovering the best headphones for classical music isn’t a breeze. Yet, with a far better understanding of the abilities of each of the designs we carry the listing, we make sure you’ll have the ability to compose your mind to obtain great headphones for classical music.
If you intend to obtain the benefits of both open-back and closed-back headphones, you would certainly intend to consider the Sony MDR-ZX110 Classical Music Headphones which is the best headphones for classical music. These headphones are compatible for listening to classical music, due to the fairly high impedance.

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