Best Over Ear Headphones Under $200 – Wired & Wireless

The selection of Over ear headphones under 200 dollars takes a vast understanding of the audio industry. You never know what is coming your way, so before you decide on headphones, you need to understand some significant features that you should consider. The best over ear headphones under $200 are those which take good care of your ears’ health. It provides you the best quality sound unconditionally, and make your time a quality time. 

It’s never so easy to pick the best out of so many options with sameness. But, I have made it easy for you. The more you read this article, you’ll realize that the buying decision is becoming a sweet cake for you. It’s ready; you have to eat it. In this article, I will tell you the nitty-gritty of wired and wireless headphones, how they work, and their features you should prioritize. So stick to this insightful article to pick headphones friends for your ears. 

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Product Details in following Content:

  1. Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphone
  2. Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphone
  3. BOSE QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones
  4. Zamkol Bluetooth Headphones Noise Cancelling, Wireless Over-Ear Headset
  5. JBL LIVE 650BTNC – Around-Ear Wireless Headphone

5 Best Over ear Headphones under $200

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 200

So, finally, you have come out of your home to buy the best over ear headphones under $200, and you don’t want to spend your coffee’s expense for that. Don’t worry, I know some excellent options you can go for under 200 bucks. You’ll love to use headphones selected from this article, as all are well finished, carry first-class attributes, and make your audio worth listening to. So, let’s get started with the first headphones I pulled for you.

1) Sony WHXB900N Best Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones Under $200

Sony WHXB900N
  • Powerful Bass and Connectivity
  • Digital Noise Cancellation
  • Long Extended Battery Life
  • Alexa Compatibility and Google Assistant
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
Battery power30+ hours
Driver unit40 mm
Ear placementOver-ear

The Sony WHXB900N comes with an excellent advanced noise-canceling feature that delivers the sound with maximum clarity and makes you hear every musical note separately. In addition, the long-life battery goes a long way ahead with you to provide unbreakable musical assistance. Moreover, you can enjoy the Alexa service and can control the headphones on your single press only.

Powerful Bass and Silence

Sony is a name famous for its low-budgeted but high-quality great headphones. You get the great bass with powerful silence mode just at the press of a button. No headphone can amuse you to the level of satisfaction until it has reached the powerful bass and frequency control. In the Sony WHXB900N, you get these qualities generously.

You can have the same aspect by selecting a headset from the best headset for gaming and music . Here in this manual, you get to see some more great headsets with distinct traits you must be looking for.

Noise Cancellation

Digital noise cancellation is a feature that ensures every word, noted, and line goes to ear without any distraction. It is a unique and handy feature that you do not get in other headsets under 200 Dollars.

This model of Sony can do your search for the best audiophile headphones under 200 to an end. To enjoy lag-free music for long hours, you can consider it preferably. It is one of the best noise cancelling over ear headphones under $200.

Long Extended Battery Life

Suppose you are playing a game with your teammates, and suddenly, your headphones go out of power, it hurts. So, every gamer and music lover needs a tremendous long battery for nonstop music entertainment.

Fortunately, the Sony WHXB900N model gives more than 30 hours of backup in one go. Once you have charged it thoroughly, take your worries off your mind, and wear the headphones. 

Alexa Compatibility

You can constantly manage the pay list of your tracks by commanding Alexa compatible Google assistant. With the help of a single button press, you can remotely control the volume, bass, frequency, and that makes your sound better for you. Moreover, you can leave your chair, no need to be stuck all the time, and enjoy the music nonstop. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Another great feature that you get to enjoy is its Bluetooth connectivity. It makes your hands free and gives you the freedom to do your other tasks and listen to your favorite tracks. It makes your entertainment easy for you, and you get to know how the best over ear headphones under 200 dollar justify their price. 

Make Buying Decision:

If you are looking for a high-quality headset but you want your pocket to be safe from undue profiting, you are good to go for the Sony WHXB900N wireless headset. It offers the most comfortable ear cups that give solace to your ears and causes no pain and trouble to your hearing.

So, to have a durable and reliable headset for the excellent health of your ears without compromising the quality of sound, you can give this headset a try with utmost confidence. 

2) Skullcandy Crusher Evo Best over Ear Headphones Under $200

Skullcandy Crusher Evo
  • Sound Customization Options
  • Ultra-Low Consumption of Power
  • Wireless & Wired Both Options
  • Best for Gaming Sounds
  • Lightweight for Premium Comfort
SpecsFeatured Values
FinishTrue black
Connectivity optionWired and wireless
Ear placementOver-ear
10 minutes charge4 hours play
Portability typeFlat-Folding & Collapsible
Type of charging cableUSB-C

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo is one of the best editions and made a super hit in the market by capturing a huge chunk. The sound clarity is fantastic, and you can set it through a personalized customization option.

In addition, it takes the least power to drive and gives ultra lag-free and noise-free musical sounds. There are some other excellent features that only the best wireless over ear headphones under $200 can offer.

Sound Customization Options

With the help of the Skullcandy application, you can easily control the sounding effects, volume, bass, and more. This application provides a super awesome experience to enjoy the music with ultra-premium quality sound, and your ears love it unconditionally.

So if you want your ears to be safe from pain and crave a headset that gives the liberty of changing the patterns as it fits the situation, you are reading the detailed review for your needs. 

Ultra-Low Consumption of Power

Everyone loves the headset that offers a vast power backup for a long time. But, hold your breath because I will tell you the highest powerful battery that lasts long, and you cannot have this much power backup within 200 bucks for sure.

So, the Skullcandy Crusher Evo provides 41+ hours of battery timing in one go, which is quite amazing to learn also. There are other headsets with excellent powerful batteries; you can click on the best wired headphones for running to know about them in detail. 

Wireless & Wired Both Options

This model of Skullcandy is available in both wired and wireless connectivity technology. If you want a headset to play games or listen to your music tracks on a desk, the wired is the best option for you.

But, if you intend to play games on your TV and want to keep a considerable gap between you and gaming setups, the wireless is the best for you. Moreover, if you look at the traits of this headset, you’ll acknowledge that it is the wired headphones under $200 or vice versa. 

Best for Gaming Sounds

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo is considered one of the best gaming audio support. If you love to play games nonstop for long hours, you need to acquire a reliable and durable headset and provides excellent sound. It enhances the taste of gaming and multiplies your joy by 100% altogether.

If you are a beginner gamer and want to become a pro-level player, you need an audio partner that can make you sit on the chair for a long time daily. And you can rely on Skullcandy crusher Evo for doing so. 

Lightweight for Premium Comfort

The more your headset is lightweight, the easier it is to wear it around your ears. And it doesn’t make you feel any extra burden on the head, not on the ears, which is mandatory for having long entertainment musical sessions or gaming slots. So, take your load off your head and ears, and choose headphones that give you comfort and solace. 

Make Buying Decision:

It is time to consider all the best features of it discussed above. And fortunately, the Skullcandy Crushed Evo has both to offer generously. It provides almost all the manor and most acceptable attributes along with the best price. 

3) BOSE QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Best Over Ear Headphones Under 200 Dollars

BOSE QuietComfort 35 (Series II)
  • Dual Microphone for Noise Rejection
  • World-Class Wireless Connectivity
  • Volume Optimization EQ Option
  • Fast Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Most Comfortable Cushion Ear Cups for Music
SpecificationTested Values
Connection technologyWireless
Form factorOver-ear
Model‎QuietComfort 35 II
Power description20+ hours

To take your concentration level up while listening to your favorite track, you need to acquire the best Over Ear Headphones under 200 dollars for ultra-rejection of noise. It allows you to focus on music or other works you are to do at the moment.

Moreover, this time the Quiet Comfort 35 (Series II) comes up with Bose AR, which gives enormous strength to the headset and is even more durable and dependable. Let’s look up at the other aspects of this headset in detail.

Dual Microphone for Noise Rejection

It comes with an excellent high-end noise cancellation system, with a dual microphone that allows you to take calls, listen to your favorite tracks, and get access to the assistant Siri.

All you have to do is record your voice and ask Siri to perform functions on your behalf. As a result, you get a lot of room to focus on other important things while the music you want to listen, will be on till you put it off.

World Class Wireless Connectivity

Another excellent trait of this model is its world-class wireless connectivity, lag-free and making you feel a real connection with the music. You can adjust the volume as you think it fits in the scenario.

Whether you are playing games separately or with your teammates, you cannot make it up until your ears listen to the voice through the headset. So, try to choose the one with clarity of sound of music and other side voices.

EQ Volume Optimization

The advanced EQ volume optimized options set the sound at its best level, and you can customize it as you need it. For example, if you have to attend a formal gathering or meeting, you can turn the volume off or set it on the lane mode.

Automation-oriented features always attract and do the best for your satisfaction. To get one, you can consider this excellent audio support once. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

It supports Bluetooth connectivity to the max and enables the user to avoid long wires and lags during headset usage. To make your sound smoothing and comfortable, you need to wear headphones that offer you effortless connectivity. With the help of one button press, you can detach it any time you want.

Additionally, I have written another helpful article to offer you some more distinct headsets providing the same feature; for knowing about, click on the best headset for gaming and music

Most Comfortable Cushion Ear Cups for Music 

Ear ups should always be clean, soft, and easy to rotate. If your headband is strict enough that it doesn’t eat up to create good chemistry with the ears. The Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) helps you enjoy the most comfortable ear cups you have ever had so far. 

Make Buying Decision:

If you have overviewed all the information mentioned above, you must be knowing this super headset I added to the list of the wired headphones with mic under $200. It offers you to auto play the playlist with the help of voice assistant Siri.

I have used it myself for my gaming passion, and I found it the best for gaming sounds. It creates an aroma and an exciting environment all around. If you give it a try, you’ll come to learn it adds value to your sounds genuinely.

4) Zamkol Bluetooth Best Audiophile Headphones Under $200

Zamkol Bluetooth
  • Solid and Durable Construction
  • Easy to Rotate, with Max Folding Ear Cups
  • Skin Friendly Cushion Cups
  • Ultra Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Deep Bass with Long Power Battery
SpecificationFeatured Values
Blue tooth version5.0
Battery typelithium-ion battery (3.7V 500mAh)
Speaker unit size40 mm
Bluetooth range is up to33 ft
Form factorOver-ear
Noise control typeActive noise cancellation

Zamkol is the big name for producing some excellent headsets for 3D audio. It’s been decades since Zamkol ruled over million hearts by furnishing them the best audio devices they needed. Its engineers are world-class.

They know what makes an ordinary headphone excellent audio support. So, to understand the significant features you can get with these best over ear headphones under $200, let’s go down in detail. 

Solid and Durable Construction

No headphone can perform to its optimum level until it has the best and finest material of making. Fortunately, Zamkol has never compromised over the quality of construction because it cares for the user’s ears. 

It would help if you bestowed your ears with the best audio gift to make them feel special and relieved from all the potential pains. You can also read my other recent article; it goes like open back vs closed-back headphones for gaming

Easy Rotation and Folding of Ear Cups

The ear cups are moat essential parts of a headphone. If we look at the smooth rotation and flexibility of the zamkol’s ear cups, you’ll be amazed to use them for sure. These are so soft, cover the ears well, and provide you a solitary situation to fully enjoy the feel of the music.

All you have to do is to adjust them with the help of your fingers only, and you can fold the max, and they won’t break at all. So, this feature makes them super portable as well. 

Skin Friendly Cushion Cups

Usually, the ear cups and headbands are not skin-friendly because they do not maintain hygiene factors. As a result, the more you use them, the more they get dirty and oily, which causes skin issues, rashes, and itchiness.

So, always go for the ear cups that are easy to clean, and their material is of nature that doesn’t go wet and does not absorb the oily sticky substance. Luckily, this Zamkol model is perfect for skin, and you are good to go for these. It is one of the best cheap over ear bluetooth headphones

Ultra Noise Cancellation Technology

No headphone is perfect for the job until it has an inbuilt system of noise cancellation. And let’s look up to the details of this Zamkol model.

I am damn sure you’ll get the optimum sound quality without any snag or extra disturbing voices because its super controlling panel helps to purge the different voices out and delivers you the refined and quality sound. 

Deep Bass with Long Power Battery

It creates an excellent bass for making your musical environment more powerful and enjoyable. You can use it for more than 30 hours after charging it once fully. And it is a pretty impressive power capacity under $200. 

Make Buying Decision:

Don’t worry if you are searching for a budget headset under $200 and not finding the one with your anticipated feature list. Give this super audio supporting device a try and get rid of all your worries because it offers you an excellent noise rejection technology with fully skin-friendly cushion ear cups. The mixture of many other things makes it the best over ear headphones under 200 dollars for sure. 

5) JBL LIVE 650BTNC-Around-Ear, Best Headphones under 200 Dollars

JBL LIVE 650BTNC-Around-Ear
  • JBL Signature Sound Effects
  • Press to Play and Mute Distractions
  • JBL Headphone App
  • Voice Assistant-Enabled
  • Perfect Fit of Headband
Finish colorBlack
Form factorOver-ear
Power time30+ hours
Driver size40 mm

JBL LIVE 650BTNC delivers a signature sound system to boost your audio flavor. It furnishes a strong, powerful 40 mm driver to increase the bass and frequency as needed to enjoy every single track. When it comes to enjoying music, free of lags, snags, and all other side noises, this headphone plays the best shot for that. In addition, it offers many other distinct features that make it the best wired headphones under $200.

JBL Signature Sound Effects

JBL has developed its signature sound system to make your music sense even better. It keeps your needs in mind while designing the headset and provides the ultimate quality audio support for your ear. I am damn sure you’ll love the bass and sounding effects that it creates magically. The uniqueness of this headset adds to the list of the Best Headphones under $200 in 2022.

Press to Play and Mute Distractions

You can stay focused on the track while pressing a button, and all the noises will be purged right at the spot you’ll see. Unfortunately, distractions play havoc with audio files, and you cannot enjoy the soul of music until you replace these with active noise canceling system. Fortunately, you can have it by ordering this super excellent audio aiding instrument. 

JBL Headphone App

JBL headphones are fully high-tech constructed, and you can comment on them to the JBL application, and from there, you can easily control all the settings. You want to increase the volume or want to make it down; it’s all at your fingertips.

This application makes it super easy to enjoy the voices, notes, words, and every single line accurately and with the max of entertainment. 

Voice Assistant-Enabled

It offers you another great feature, which is popular these days, which is a voice assistant to control the overall sound system. So, all you have to do is tap your ear cups, and they will play the song you want to hear.

Moreover, you can adjust the other settings with the help of this simple tapping. So, this is why I call it one of the best audio supports you can bestow your ears so far. 

Perfect Fit Headband

The headband is a necessary component, and it perfect fitting is necessary for the comfortable experience of sound enjoyment. If your headset is too fit, it will hurt your head and ears poorly, and you have to face ear pain and head pain.

To avoid such issues, you need to read my recent article on how to reduce ear pain from headphonesIn this article, I have explained all the possible remedies you can follow to avoid ear pain. 

Make Buying Decision:

Now it’s time to consider your decision on this headphone. Ask yourself, are you convinced or not? If you have gone through the features detailed written above, there is no way you would say no to these headphones. Because I found it one of the top-line and most good headphones I have ever come across. So, to enhance your music sense genuinely, you need to consider this excellent sound provider. 

Buying Guide for the Best over Ear Headphones Under 200 Dollar

Before you decide on buying a headphone for your music or gaming setup, you take good care of some points and need to ensure that all these are there in your consideration.

I have been using headphones for years, tried many, gained experience, and now I can confidently choose the one perfect for my setup. So, I’ll tell you how you can do the same in your first attempt. Then, follow the six steps below to attain the best over ear headphones under $200. 

High-End Noise Cancellation Option

You should pay due attention to this first and foremost feature that is the high-quality noise cancellation system. Usually, music lovers have to face an issue that noise disturbs their music, and they cannot enjoy their favorite tracks as they want to. It should offer the maximum noise cancellation option to make your sound clear and lag-free.

Strong & Durable Formation

The construction of any product determines its performance. You can get the desired sound quality that allows you to enjoy the high volume without vibration and it is good for the ears. So, always go for the headphone that provides an ultimate solid and durable construction to hold sound pressure well. 

Comfortable Ear Cups

Ear cups are the game-changer in headphones. If you want ear cups that offer great comfortability and max good chemistry with your ears, you need to be rational while choosing the headphone. Check out its ear-ups thoroughly, observe their material well, and look at the cups enough size to cover your ears entirely. 

Low Power Consumption

Usually, people think that power consumption has a connection with the high volume and bass level, but it is not. The power consumption depends on the formation of the headphones. If the inner system is high-quality materials and all the methods are updated with correlated well, the battery consumption will always be less than usual.

So, choose the high-quality material and powerful battery to get yourself an eternal entertainment doze for hours long. 

Fast and Snag-Free Connectivity

Connectivity technology matters a lot in the decision of buying a headphone. If you intend to purchase the headphones to use while sitting on a chair and playing games on the desk, you are good to go with the wired connectivity.

But if you aim to enjoy free music and want to focus on some other things around as well, or if you’re going to play games on your TV or LED on your wall, you need to buy the wireless headphone. Because in this case, wireless headsets support your comfort level to the max and allow you to free yourself up to some extent. 

Perfect Headband Fit

The headband is an essential component that comes in primary parts of a headphone. Different types of headbands come with headphones. No matter which one you choose, the thing you need to follow is the grip of the headband.

It should always be adjustable and flexible enough to fold it the way users want. If it doesn’t allow folding, your head will be in the problem under tight bands, and you will probably have to struggle through head pain.

On the other hand, if its grip is not suitable enough to hold your ear nicely, you will feel uncomfortable having it on your head. Because all the time, you’ll continue to fix it at its place. 

Always choose the one with a balanced and moderate grip that offers flexibility stretch as easy rotation.  



After discussing all the significant features and essentials that the best over ear headphones under 200 Dollar should have, I concluded that the Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphone
Best Over Ear Headphones are the best option for you to go with. These headphones are fully wireless connectivity with EQ-enabled volume optimization. Moreover, it allows Bluetooth connectivity to play the songs, change them and manage the volume control as it seems to in the environment. So, yes, the Bose Quiet comfort is the best option for having the highest quality sound under 200 bucks.

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