6 Best Headset for Gaming and Music Review for Melody Lovers

The headset, which allows you to move, and gives you the liberty to leave your chair and make a cup of coffee without disturbing the track at all, is the best headset for you to enjoy gaming and music. The wireless headphones give freedom that makes sense of happiness. You will love to play games and listen to music in this world full of worries. 

So, now the question is which headset you should buy to enjoy the music noise-free and play games with fast tracks because there is a wide variety of brands with distinct features available in the market. If to grab the best headset for gaming and music, follow this extensively insightful article to the end. In this article, I tried my best to put my years of experience by embodying the six finest and most reliable headsets of all time. let’s make a move to the details. 

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Best Headphones for Music Production & Gaming

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth Headphones
  2. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
  3. HyperX Cloud Flight – Wireless Gaming Headset
  4. Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 280 PRO Headphone
  5. Marshall Major III On-Ear Headphones
  6. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Wireless PC Gaming Headset
Best Headset for Gaming and Music Reviews for Melody Lovers

Not all headphones are music and gaming-friendly. Some offer excellent noise-free voice quality for music, and some are good for gaming sounds. But, how would you ensure the quality and use of the headset you are buying and how would you assess that it will not cause pain to your ear? Don’t worry about it because I’ll give answers to all these unheard questions of yours here in this article. its keep reading.

1) Bose QuietComfort 35 II Best Wireless Headphones for Music and Gaming

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
  • Best for Noise Cancellation
  • Remote Control with a Button
  • Balanced Audio Performance
  • Affordable Price
  • Long Battery for 20+ Hours in One Go
SpecificationFeatured Values
Model nameQuietcomfort 35 II
Form factorOver-ear
Headset’s weight8.3 ounces
Manufacturer‎Bose Corporation
Battery Power20+ hours

If you want to learn how an excellent headset provides a fully lag-free sound and how it gives you the freedom to do your other works while listening to your music, you should try this exceptional Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II.

It comes with Alexa tech, which allows you to place the order, and automates your music tracks the way you like them. Meanwhile, you can grab a cup of coffee for yourself. These best wireless headphones for music and gaming give you the best experience when you have them on your ear while playing games.

Best for Noise Cancellation

The triple-level method helps the noise cancellation and makes this headset a pure-sounding machine that makes your gaming and music worthwhile. The experience you get while playing your games is just out of the world. It feels natural as you haven’t felt so far.

So, to keep your ear in good health, bestow them a reliable noise-free audio partner. Recently I have written a handy article to present some more options for enjoying the same feature, to know more click on the best-wired headphones for running.

Alexa Remote Control with a Button

It is a remarkable feature, one of my favorites so far. You can command Alexa by pushing a button and saying, Alexa, turn the volume up, turn it down, and play that song, pause, and more. It is so easy to control the headset, and you can enjoy nonstop music with high-quality soothing and relaxing sound effects. 

Balanced Audio Performance

While buying a headset, always ensure that it offers a balanced and moderate mixture of audio tools. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II comes with great frequency, pitch quality, bass, and more.

And it is essential for the excellent health of the ear, or else you may hurt your eardrum by having an imbalanced sound provider headset. So, to be on the safer end and enjoy the natural feel of music and gaming sounds, you are suitable for this fantastic audio aid. 

Affordable Price

The price of anything matters a lot. So when you go shopping for a headset, always make sure you get the Best Headset for Gaming and Music without compromising on the quality at all. Saving money is alluring, but not at the cost of quality. So to enjoy this rare and attractive combo, you can give it a try to this super affordable and high-quality audio support device. 

Long Battery for 20+ Hours in One Go

Nowadays, playing long games and enjoying your favorite music demands a headset that lasts for hours with you. You can enjoy nonstop music for more than 20+ hours on the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II headset. Once you have charged it thoroughly, you can now feel the soul of music without any trouble and break.

Make Buying Decision:

If you haven’t come across the effectiveness of reliable wireless headsets, you have an option now. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II offers excellent support in making your music more delicate and calming for your ear, and you can control it by pressing a single button only. In addition, it is so easy to use, Alexa technology compatible, and the best price you are looking for; all this makes it a complete package for music and game lovers. 

2) Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, Best Studio Headphones for Music Production

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
Connectivity technologyWireless
Form factorOver-ear
Model nameBlackShark V2 Pro
Drivers size50 mm
Weight1.58 pounds
Power description‎1 Lithium ion
  • Best for PC Gaming Experience
  • High-End Sound Drivers Support
  • Cooling Gel to Prevent Overheating
  • Advanced Voice Tweaking Options
  • Low Budget with Ultra Quality

Complete your gaming setup by adding an excellent sound provider to it. Here the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro headsets are the first choice of millions of gamers and music lovers. Those who value sound quality and know how important it is to have a noise-free ultra-premium premium quality of sound on the excellent health of ears are good to go for the fantastic audio support. So get the best studio headphones for music production with primary features.

High-End Sound Drivers Support

The high-end sound drivers with three different contributions for lows, mids, and highs volume make this device unique and distinct to the headset world. In addition, the 50 mm driver size is pretty enough to back the sounding effects and change them according to your taste and need.

So, add value to your music sense and make your gaming experience better than ever before; you can have it anytime, 24/7, from any big store or online portal. You can also look into the best open-back headphones for gaming, one of my recent articles written to make your selection decision easy for you.

Cooling Gel to Prevent Overheating

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro comes with cooling gel-infused ear cups to overcome the heating hazards to avoid build-up pressure and overheating. To get your ear a confident and reliable audio partner, you need to consider this excellent headset once. 

Triforce Drivers 50 mm

The triforce drivers 50 mm helps each volume level individually and create an aromatic environment in which you can enjoy the mid, mid, and highs of volume with the utmost clarity. It is a unique and most acceptable feature amongst gaming and music lovers, and they prefer to buy the headset that offers triforce equally well. 

Low Budget with Ultra Quality

If you look at the features of this headset and its price, you’ll be amazed that a headset can offer this much desirable and attractive trait on a low budget. It looks like a fantasy.

But, if you are looking for the best budget headphones for music and gaming, you got down to the proper review because this scope offers all the features that the best headset for gaming and music can provide on a low budget.

Make Buying Decision:

Save your money, save your time, and above all, protect your ears from pain by having such an incredible headset. The call is yours. I have been in headsets for more than two decades and conducted thorough research on different brands, features, and specs.

It is one of the finest choices I have ever used in headsets. So, to make your music and gaming more exciting and alluring, you can also have it. 

3) HyperX Cloud Flight Best Cheap Headphones for Music Production

HyperX Cloud Flight - Wireless Gaming Headset
ConnectivityWireless technology
SeriesCloud flight
Finish colorBlack
Sound typeStereo
Driver size50 mm
Noise cancellation micDetachable
Impedance32 ohms
  • Gaming Grade Wireless Option
  • Long Battery Life
  • Super Comfortable for Ears with LED Lighting Effect
  • Noise Free Sound System
  • Durable and Adjustable Steel Slider

It is another gem from many big names in producing fabulous headphones for the game and music lovers. The HyperX Cloud Flight Headphone is a fantastic addition to the headsets industry.

It finishes excellent and flawless sound and makes your quality time even more qualitative. To know more about the specs and features of this super fantastic headset, read the details below. 

Gaming Grade Wireless Option

It is the best for gamers who love to play games for longer times. The wireless connectivity option allows you to play games on your PC or your TV. Moreover, the long battery power that goes ahead for more than 30+ hours makes the gaming experience genuine entertainment. 

Long Battery Life

As we touched on these features in the following heading, you get a powerful battery backup of 30+ hours. And you do not get to detach it over and over during your gaming sessions. Unbreakable high-quality gaming sound makes you sit tension-free, and you get rid of looking up the battery capacity of the headset over and over.

Super Comfortable for Ears with LED Lighting Effect

The moveable and flexible ear cups of this headset are unique. You feel your ears are covering with super relaxing cushions. Additionally, the LED Light on the ear cups adds to the situation and makes you feel more comfortable and enjoying this best headset for gaming and music. However, if you put them off, extend the battery life to the max.

Noise Free Sound System

You can plug in anytime you need to convert with your fellow teammates. And it can easily detach to enjoy the favorite track that you crave to listen to. Multiple methods are applied to make the voice crystal clear and noise-free.

So, let’s get your ears to the luxurious-sounding experience they have had so far. Additionally, you want to know how to maximize the chances of getting rid of ear pain. In that case, you can read another article containing valuable information on how to reduce ear pain from headphones.  

Durable and Adjustable Steel Slider

The HyperX Cloud Flight Headphones ensure the set’s durability and adjustability to get your ear a profound audio partner. In addition, the steel slider enhances the comfortability level. It makes your gaming and music streaming worthy, adds value to your listening flavor, and increases the gaming interest to a new level.

Make Buying Decision:

If you do not have an expensive headset and want all the major features in a budgeted one, you are good to go for these best cheap headphones for music production. I used it myself headphone for gaming, and I felt it was so easy to use. Moreover, it keeps protocols in the due lineup to ensure your gaming and music flavor goes up and up. 

4) Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 280 PRO Best Headphones for Music Quality

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD280PRO Headphon
SpecsTested Value
Cord length3.3 ft. 9.8 coiled
Sound pressure level113 dB
Frequency response8 25000 Hz
Battery description‎1 Lithium Polymer
Headset’s weight1.28 pounds
  • High Rejection of Noise Disturbance
  • High-Quality Sound Production
  • Single-Sided, Tough Cable
  • Lightweight and Super Comfortable for Ear Settings
  • Price Friendly

If you intend to buy a flawless headset but don’t want to spend much on that, you are good to go for this fantastic and decent model introduced by Sennheiser. To enjoy every note in your music, to make every sound heard, it comes with great 40 mm drivers.

The Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 280 PRO has successfully satisfied countless users over the years, and it is still counting. To know more, let’s move towards its other features.

High Rejection of Noise Disturbance

Getting the best noise-canceling headphones for music production is not an easy task, but let me help you make it possible for you. Of course, no headset can become the Best Headset for Gaming and Music until it offers an entirely noise-free sound.

Luckily, the Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 280 PRO delivers an unmistakable sound, and you do not hear any noise while listening to your favorite track.

High-Quality Sound Production

The frequency response range from 8 Hz to 25 Hz plays a vital role in producing quality sound. It purifies the noise and makes every note heard. Moreover, the moveable ear cups are super adjustable to make your hearing better.

So, to enjoy the sound of love, to convert your ordinary time into a quality slot. You are good to go for these best headphones for music quality. You can get the same feature by choosing a headset from another article I wrote, which is the Best Dolby Atmos Headphones.

Super Comfortable for Ear Settings

The lightweight factor is so decent in this headset. These ear cups are more comfortable to wear than some heavier headsets. So, to make your ear feel relaxed, a lightweight headset is mandatory.

Moreover, it allows you to enjoy the music for long hours without any ear pain. So, to feel the depth of sound and to hear every note individually, you can try it once. 

Price Friendly

Everyone tries hard to save money on shopping. I hope you do the same. Budgeted headphones also deliver the sound quality up to the mark. And the Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 280 PRO helps you have the highest quality audio within a low budget. That’s why I call it the best budget headphones for music and gaming.

Make Buying Decision:

To get the best over-ear headphones for music and gaming, you need to ensure the basic quality protocols of an excellent headset. If you make a wish list of your desired features and find this out in this headset, I hope you’ll find it very bar to your anticipated headset. So, before it gets out of your reach and your ear gets deprived of a quality audio aid, you can try it, as it deserves to be your choice.

5) Marshall Major III On-Ear Headphones for Music Lovers

Marshall Major III On-Ear Headphones
  • Least Impedance Requirement
  • One Button Remote Control System
  • Collapsible Design
  • Super Easy to Use
Connectivity typeWired
Form factorOn-ear
Model number04092182
Drivers40 mm
Cable3.5 mm
HingesErgonomic 3D

It is one of the latest models introduced by Marshall and keeps the unique and best features no other headset offers within this price range and delivers sound noise-free and consists of a great stew of old touches with the new high-tech sparkles.

this comes with an excellent headband with a unique and soothing ear cup to make you feel relaxed while listening to your favorite track. Let’s head towards the other merits of these fantastic headphones for music lovers.

Least Impedance Requirement

Impedance means the power needed for the headset to run it; it should be well enough to last long hours. The Marshall Major III On-Ear Headphones are the best for low consumption of power. Moreover, the on-ear cushion makes you feel so portable that you can listen to music or play games for hours without feeling ear pain.

One Button Remote Control System

There is a detachable 3.5 mm cord used to control the functionality of the headset and your cell phone. You can change track, replace it, or end a call just by pressing a button. It is so easy to handle and control remotely.

Additionally, the button function is so sharp and quickly performs the command you press it for. For more variety to avail of this feature, you can read the open back vs closed back headphones for gaming. It keeps an incredibly massive variety of headsets within budget. 

Collapsible Design

The design of Marshall Major III is just inexplicable, as it comes with flexible and collapsible cutting edges. That helps you carry the headset anywhere you want.

And it can survive any rough road traveling and won’t go out of order because of pushes and bangs during the trip. So, feel free to have it and carry it anywhere you want to spend your quality time while listening to your favorite music. 

Super Easy to Use

When buying a headset, you need to look into its specs and features carefully. And make sure it is easy to handle the headset, or you won’t feel good about your decision.

The Marshall Major III model is super magically easy to use, you can easily attach and detach it and control it by clicking a button, and you are good to enjoy your melodies. I used it myself and found it the Best Headset for Gaming and Music within a low budget.

Make Buying Decision:

After reading all the significant attributes of this fantastic headset that comes within two figures, it shouldn’t be difficult to say yes to this product. Because usually, when you select a headset within the lines of your low budget, you have to compromise over some significant features for sure. But, fortunately, this headset has an exception in this case, and you get fully uncompromised quality sound for your ear. 

6) Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Studio Headphones for Music Production

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Fully Wireless PC Gaming Headset
  • 100% Wireless Connectivity
  • 3D 360 Degree Sound Stage
  • Superhuman Hearing Facility
  • Ultra-Low Consumption of Power
  • Super Noise Cancellation Feature
Form factorOver-ear
FinishRed and black
Hardware platformWindows
Model nameTBS-6160-01
Headset’s weight11 ounces
Operating system supportedWindows

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 offers some fantastic features. The Turtle company believes in an equation that “hears everything and defeats everyone,” and this is what it has been doing for years to answer the needs of millions of users.

No one can beat Turtle in the quality of sound they provide in budgeted headsets. such you can enjoy the features by having this super exclusive musical support instrument.

100% Wireless Connectivity

If you are a beginner gamer and want to become a pro-level gamer, you need to have stuff around that gives you solace and helps you spend more time on PC. The most important thing is the sound system, which keeps you playing more and more.

And what if you get a fully wireless headphone that allows you to stand up from your chair, make a coffee and have some snacks for yourself, and come again to enjoy your gaming. So for having these best studio headphones for music production, you can have this headset with a fully wireless connectivity option.

3D 360 Degree Sound Stage

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 comes with a tremendous magical effect of a 3D 360-degree stage to make you enjoy the sound everywhere in your room. Moreover, The audio quality and the advanced tech-based EQ audio create a good mixture that enhances the sound quality to the max level. 

Superhuman Hearing Facility

Another great Aid of this Turtle model is Deep sound Understanding. It makes you hear every little sound around you. And that’s what the company claims, to hear everything, defeat everyone. So, If you intend to have audio support that allows you to Enjoy every sound effect fully, you are reading the proper best headset for gaming and music review. 

Ultra-Low Consumption of Power

When you buy audio support for your gaming and music enjoyment, you need to look at its power system, how refined it is, and how many hours it lasts long after being charged once. This super Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 offers 15+ hours none stop sound with high bass and pitch, which is impressive for a headset within budget. 

You can also take advantage of this feature by selecting another headphone from the best over-ear headphones under 200. In addition, it furnishes a great collection of headphones with extensive battery timing within budget.

Super Noise Cancellation Feature

It is one of the essential traits of an excellent headset. You get to use a great headset that eliminates all the chaos, noise from the music, and you receive a good quality sound for your ears. Moreover, it offers you a system where you can hear the sounds of other gamers around you, which saves you shout at them as you can listen to them conveniently.  

Make Buying Decision:

Ears love music, and music needs a great quality sound provider. The calm is yours; if you have gone through the attributes mentioned above, you must be aware of the advantages that you can get by having this fantastic audio support.

To add value to your musical sound and gaming voices, you landed on the right page. So, bestow your ears with an excellent and beautiful black and red color headset and genuinely enjoy the soul of music.

Headphones for Music and Casual Gaming Buying Guide

Before you decide on buying, you should see the difference between the features of gaming and music headsets. There are very few brands that are producing headsets with both backups.

So, to buy one for enhancing your music flavor and the gaming setup in one go, you need to follow this extensive buying guide. Here I’ll explain the necessary things you need to keep in mind while selecting headphones for music and casual gaming in simple six steps.

Noise Cancelling 

The headset should prevent noise entirely; you may not be able to enjoy your music fully, not your gaming sounds until you get a headset with perfect noise-canceling technology.

Nowadays, the latest technology has made it easy to find a headset that gives you fully side noise-free sound to enhance your audio quality. 

Wired Vs Wireless Option

It is another essential factor that needs to be kept in mind while deciding on headset buying. For example, if you intend to play games on your desk, you are OK to go with a wired headset.

But if you aim to play games on your TV, you need to choose the wireless. And a wireless headset allows you to move from one place to another without disturbing the track you are listening to at the moment.

Impedance Type of Headband

Impedance shows the power that is required to drive a headset. So, always go for the one with low power consumption because that goes a long way ahead nonstop. Moreover, it would help if you closed the headband rationally.

Finally, it must be comfortable enough to stand on its own around your ears and give you relaxation. You should keep on trying to fix it well. Without this primary feature, no headset can be called the best Headset for Gaming and Music at all. 

Material of Construction and Cooling Options

The construction Material matters a lot. If you choose the headset that looks good and decent but is of substandard and cheap material, you should immediately replace it with solid and comfortable stuff. And you should also check out the cooling options, gel, to overcome the heating pressure in ear cups.

Lightweight and Durability

The more your headsets will be lightweight, the higher their comfortability will be. So, never go for the one that looks stronger because of its heavier weight. Because strength doesn’t come with a heavyweight, it depends on the making and finishing of the product. So, choose one with lightweight and well-finished touches. 

Price of Quality Pick

Price matters for everybody. No matter how rich you are, the quality product with the best price is another level of fun. So, always observe the costs first, then thoroughly look up the options, features, outlines, and specs.

And if you want to save your time and money simultaneously, you can have any of the five I included in this article above. All are well researched and pre-tested. You’ll enjoy my finding for sure. 



Now, it is time to give my recommendation to you. I have used almost all these headsets at different timings; all are good. But, if I get to choose one without even thinking for the second time, I would go with Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth Headphones.These are super easy to use and very comfortable for ears. Wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to enjoy your games on the desk, PC, or TV. It provides you with lighting effects along with sounding vibes. You can multiply your entertainment with a 100 by keeping this headset in your preference.

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