8 Best Subwoofers Under $100 for Home and Car Audio

Subwoofers are available to meet the needs of people who are fond of music and want to listen whenever they have time; subwoofers are available in both wired and wireless features. Best subwoofers under 100 Dollar are easy to buy as they are cheap and provide relaxation. People usually use subwoofers for entertaining themselves and for recreation. Portable speakers are more reliable and have excellent access to any place.

People often feel it difficult to choose the best company or brand for buying subs. We have multiple scammers these days, which could easily befool people and profit without providing any benefit to the people. But the brands that are mentioned below have the best subwoofers under $100 that are cheap enough that everyone could easily purchase them online.

Online availability of products has also made life easy. If you are looking for affordable, long-lasting and user-friendly subwoofers, then do not feel abandoned. Just visit the products available here and get feasible entertainment for life.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Table of content:

  1. Logitech Z313 Subwoofers (recommended)
  2. BOSS Audio Systems CXX12 Car Subwoofer
  3. Monoprice 108248 Subwoofer
  4. Skar Audio IX-8 D2 Subwoofer
  5. RIOWOIS R-DS6445SaiYin Soundbar with subwoofer
  6. BOSS Audio Systems P120F Subwoofer
  7. Pioneer TS-A250D4 Subwoofer
  8. IIIHAT IPX7 Subwoofer

Top 8 Home Theater and Car Subwoofers Under $100

Subwoofers can be budget-friendly for the client and have powerful speakers that keep the listener enjoying. Subwoofers are of great popularity among the other audible devices. Subwoofer s are usually low in price.

Low profile home subwoofer is most suitable for home as they are also cheap. If someone searches out the subwoofer that is high in quality and low in price, then the below suggested and mentioned products might reach their choice.

We often have speakers in every device we use; if we are traveling, the speakers are present in the car; if we are at home, we own a TV with speakers; if we are using mobile phones, the speakers are available in mobile phone. We have several speakers at once, but the quality of those speakers matters a lot. Here, we have unique in style, quality, and very cheap subwoofers that can be suitable for indoor and outdoor.

1) Logitech Z313 Low Price Subwoofers for Home Parties

Logitech Z313 Subwoofers
  • Finger touch Controls
  • Control Pod 
  • Earsplitting Sound
  • Intensified Bass
  • Immediately Set Up
  • Fast Connectivity and Compatibility
  • High Built Quality
Total Watt (RMS)25W
Satellites2 x 5W
3.5 mm input1
Headphone jack1

Logitech is a Swiss company established in 1981 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it was a steady reach to the Silicon Valley. It has created many products that are related to computers. Logitech is considered in the high ranked companies.

Logitech has sound systems that are mostly recommended because of their quality and reliability. All of its devices are very well equipped that keeping the company in the top ranking. It also provides the guide for setup the subwoofers at home. Best budget subwoofers are available at Logitech.

Finger Touch Control

It facilitates its users to have the music of their choice, just through a single finger tap. Using a subwoofer with a touch system is very comfortable. It allows the customers to take advantage of every feature by just using their fingers.

Control Pod

The control Pod with speakers provides comfort by controlling and settings and usage by just touching the pod. It helps a lot in controlling the subwoofers by tapping. It makes it convenient to change volume and manage headphones.

Earsplitting Sound

The sound that these subwoofers provide is room-filling. It gives the bass tones deeply, and the powerful sounds make it more and more popular among music listeners.

Immediate Set Up

Setting up these subwoofers is not a big deal. It is always ready to connect by using a cable. You can easily connect it to your cell phone or PC and have a terrific enjoyment. The work you need to do for connection is to attach speakers with subwoofers and have a connection of subwoofers with your PC. Then enjoy the sound by getting cheap powerful subwoofers.

Compatibility with other Devices

These subwoofers are compatible with any device having 3.5m input headphones. It will more perfectly work when attached to your mobile for music or when you connect the PC for entertainment purposes.

Reviewed Quality

Logitech has been working for more than 30 years and manufacturing wireless and wired moveable audio products. These products have quality assurance, and you can trust them. These subwoofers are also suitable for multimedia and deliver quality sound whether you use them for a lecture in the office or at some hall. You can use this subwoofer with Logitech G29 Steering Wheel.

Buyer’s Choice:

As Logitech is concerned, buyers always feel comfortable with the company as the company has very cheap subwoofers that are best in quality. I have seen this sound system at some public gatherings. It was working according to the demand of people. Its sound was covering the vast area with no distortion. These are the best subwoofers under 100 Dollars.

2) BOSS Audio Systems CXX12 Best 12 Inch Subwoofer Under $100

BOSS Audio Systems CXX12 Car Subwoofer
  • Sealed enclosure
  • Single Voice Coil
  • MAX Power Handling
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
  • Polypropylene Cone fitting
SpecificationFeatured Value
Port Frequency  34 Hz
Sensitivity  85 dB
Impedance  4 Ω
Voice Coil Configuration  SINGLE
RMS Power Handling  500 Watts
PEAK Power Handling  1000 Watts
Mounting hole diameter11.05 inches
Mounting depth4.75 inches
Mechanical Q9.35
Cone materialPolypropylene
Free air resonance (FS)32 Hz
Total Q (QTS)1.43
Electrical Q1.69

Boss Audio System manufactures audio and video products specially made for power sport, automotive, and marine applications. The company came into being in 1987 and has headquarters in Oxford, California, and United States.

The company has been serving over 30 years, and its specialized mechanical and electrical engineers have designed the products according to the customer’s needs. The products from the company are selling in 130 different countries. Best subwoofers under 100 dollars are available on the company’s site, you can buy your own according to your need. 

Sealed Enclosure

The subwoofer performs very well when it is enclosed in a sealed chamber. It helps to provide tight and solid Bass. The pre-fabricated enclosure can be purchased, and if you want the fabric according to your need, the facility of building the chamber is also available. Sealed enclosures are designed to meet the demand of the user according to the design. The best 12 inches subwoofer under $100 is easy to shop online. 

Single Voice Coil 

A subwoofer with a Single Voice Coil is perfectly matching the amplifier. These Single Voice Coil Subwoofers are ideal for applications that are low to medium power. 

Max Power Handling

The Bass Audio System CXX12 car subwoofer has a maximum power handling of 1000 watts of voltage and RMS power handling of 500 watts of voltage. 

Butyl Rubber Surround

The subwoofer is surrounded by the butyl rubber made of polymerization, having 98% of isobutylene. It has 2% of isoprene when it replaces the foam surrounds and provides the best results. 

Polypropylene Cone

The polypropylene cone is primarily popular among speakers, whether for home audio or car. The presence of a cone avoids absorbing the moisture, and due to this, it produces less distortion. Best 12 inches in the subwoofer under 100 Dollars is used in the car to produce desired results for the consumer. 

Buyer’s Choice:

Boss Audio Systems CXX12 car subwoofer is recommended to the user because of its unique features. This subwoofer has been installed in my car for the last six months. Its results are well and good and provide the Bass and frequency that we require. The best subwoofer under $100 is the most unbelievable amount for subwoofers. Quite fine quality is available at such a low price.

3) Monoprice 108248 best budget Subwoofer for Lounge

Monoprice 108248 Subwoofer
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Reasonable Frequency Response Rate
  • Amplifier
  • Wooden Cabinet enclosure
  • Power Saving Mode
SpecificationFeatured Value
Speaker Type8″ High Performance Powered Subwoofer
Driver8″ Reinforced
Amplifier Power Output60 Watts (RMS)
Frequency Response50 ~ 250 Hz
Low Pass CrossoverAdjustable from 50 ~ 150 Hz
FunctionsPower (On/Off)
InputsHigh Level (speaker), Line (RCA)
Dimensions13.75″ x 11.75″ x 11.75″

Monoprice is an online retailer in America that usually sells branded electronics. Its headquarters are located at Rancho, Cucamonga, California, United States. It usually sells adapters cables, HDMI Cable, computer accessories, Professional audio, and Home theatre.

The products manufactured under the authority of this company are very well equipped and have all the features arranged in a very sound way. Beat subwoofers for under $100 are very cheap to buy, and the quality is also exceptionally managed. 

Frequency Range

Monoprice 108248 subwoofer can produce 60 watts output, and the frequency range that it could provide is 50Hz to 25DHz. This frequency helps the power output to balance the bass of the surround speakers or stereo. It is the best cheap sub with a reasonable frequency. 

Multiple Input Options 

This subwoofer provides multiple input options: These several options are used with existing stereo and amplifiers. There is an interrelating output for each input. 

Wooden Cabinet Enclosure

It has a wooden box into which the speakers are enclosed. This box is covered with black cloth and has a speaker at the front that provides sound with reasonable frequency and bass. Best 8 inches subwoofers under $100 are available to shop now. 

RCA Connectivity

It has wired connectivity technology. It could attach to the PC, Laptop and mobile by using the cable. This is somehow difficult to use as it has restricted moves. The user is unable to move the subwoofer according to their desire. It must be used by placing at a specific place. Cheap home subwoofers are in handy online. You can shop easily by taking great care about the features it offers. 

Power Saving Mode

It has the ”Auto-On’ ‘function that keeps the subwoofer in power saving mode. It usually takes 2 minutes to see if no audio input is detected; its power-saving standby mode gets on to save the power. This mode can also be disabled to protect the sound system from overloading power and short-circuiting. 

Water Proof

It does not allow the water to touch its surroundings as waterproof technology has not been added to it in manufacturing. When water gets a direct interaction with the subwoofer, it might run out and stop working. One must keep the water out of reach while using the system. 

Buyer’s Decision: 

Monoprice 108248 subwoofer is best subwoofer is best subwoofer for under 100 Dollars. It is best in price and reliability. I recommend this product to the buyers because of its some new features. It is a multi-task manager, and having a power-saving mode makes it more widespread. I have seen it’s working at my friend’s place and how I felt, it would the unmovable and more user-friendly sound system.

4) Skar Audio IX-8 D2 Best Subwoofer for Car Under $100

Skar Audio IX-8 D2 Subwoofer
  • Voice Coil
  • Foam Surrounding
  • Paper Cone Assembling
  • Frequency
  • Strong Connectivity & Compatibility
SpecificationFeatured Value
Peak Power300 Watts
RMS Power150 Watts
Frequency Response30 – 350 Hz
Sensitivity83.2 dB
Frequency48.3 Hz
ResistanceDual 2 Ω
Rms4.2 Kg/s
Cms0.15 mm/N
Bl10.6 n/a
Vas8.7 L
Xmax7 mm

Skar Audio is a company in St. Petersburg that has audio products. It allows its consumers to have a wide variety of user-friendly products and are very well organized. These products can include the best subwoofer for cars under 100 Dollars. The availability of subwoofers in cheap is very uncertain. Skar Audio is considered among the best companies for audio products.

Audio systems from Skar Audio are best suited to your car and have many features that would probably help you enjoy the music to your fullest. Here is the detail of a product.

Voice Coil

A voice coil in a subwoofer is used to match the subwoofer to the amplifier. It is used to produce a voice that is more and more comfortable to hear. Voice Coil is usually considered best for those applications that are low to medium power.

Foam Surround and Paper Cone

The subwoofer consists of a foam surround and a paper cone. Both of these accessories help the subwoofers to show versatility and allow the sound to be more explicit. The sound effects are felt more realistic—the cone and foam help deliver distortion-free sound to the listener.

Waterproof Tech

It does not offer waterproof technology, which means the subwoofer’s direct interaction with water will affect its working strongly. Subwoofers must be kept in a safe place for keeping them away from the water.

Waterproof technology has made life easy by providing the facility of unstressful condition whether speakers get water into it. But the products having lack of this technology must be placed with responsibility.

Range of Frequency

Frequency has much to do with the speakers as the frequency provides a strong bass that gives the pleasing music tone and volume. When the low frequencies are produced, it provides the results according to the client’s demand.

Compatible with all Vehicles

Skar Audio products would indeed connect to any car. It gives the same results in every version of the vehicle and makes every car compatible with subwoofers. The compatibility of the subwoofer is highly recommended and appreciated. It provides the listener with a cozy and adventurous drive in the vehicle.

Buyer’s Decision:

Skar Audio IX-8 D2 subwoofers are the client’s foremost choice. Every buyer would surely recommend this product to others as its features are quite different from other products.

The usage of this product in my car has made it the most recommended product for the listeners. This product is recommended to those searching for realistic sound and who want to choose their recommendations.

5) RIOWOIS R-DS6445 SaiYin Best Home Subwoofer Under 100 Dollars

RIOWOIS R-DS6445SaiYin Sound bar with subwoofer
  • Upgrading your listening experience
  • Deep Rich Bass
  • Different Sound Modes
  • Easy-to-Set up
  • Wall Mounting System
Package Dimensions30 x 14 x 5.5 inches (76.2 x 35.6 x 14 cm)
Item Weight9.33 pounds (4.2 kg)
Connectivity TechnologyRCA, Bluetooth,
Mounting TypeWall Mount

RIOWOIS is an audio product manufacturing company. It produces and manipulates several products, and its results are always positive. The company has the motive to provide its users with high standards and low-budget products. If you are willing to buy cheap home subwoofers, then RIOWOIS would be your best choice.

Upgrading your listening experience

RIOWOIS R-DS6445 SaiYin is capable of delivering the powerful sound that would surround your home with a realistic and deep bass sound. It helps to enhance your listening experience. Best 10 inch subwoofer under 100 is available online that provides its customers with several facilities.

Deep Rich Bass

It can deliver the sound that allows the listener to feel the music and the beat enriched with bass. The ideal soundbar is perfect for gaming, monitors, smart TV, and flat-screen. It can be used with all sizes of televisions.

Different Sound Modes

This speaker has three modes that would surround and provide you with a realistic feel. The modes are News, music, and movie. It would be best if you used the remote control to select any of your desired ways. This specialized mode would give you a wide variety of stereo sounds and help to fill up your room with cinematic sound effects.

Easy to Set up

This subwoofer can be set up conveniently without any hazed. It has both wireless and wired connections that would work for your convenience. It could be attached via a wireless Bluetooth connection 5.0, an Auxiliary cable having 3.5mm in size, and a coaxial connection. It can be easily connected to your PC, Laptop, DVDs, mobile, pads, desktops, projectors, smart TV, and high many more. It would provide the same high-quality sound from both wireless and wired connections. It is the best home subwoofer and has excellent sound results.

Wall Mount

It has a built-in setup to have the speakers attached to the wall. It gets hanged on the wall and gives you sound effects that you want from TV. It helps you to carry on with a safe distance from your ears to have a safe sound.

Buyer’s Choice:

The customers usually recommend this product because of having several facilities at low price. It is the best subwoofers less than 100, and I also suggest this product in my surroundings as I have used it myself and got the ever results. The most likely behavior of this subwoofer is that it has both wireless and wired connections.

The best subwoofer under $100 is recommended for everyone who is searching out for All-in-one technology. It is brand new packaging also provides you with the subwoofer, soundbar, Remote control, optical cable, auxiliary cable, Power Adapter, wall mount, and RCA Audio cable with 3.5mm.

6) BOSS Audio Systems P120F Top Rated Subwoofers Under $100

BOSS Audio Systems P120F Subwoofer
  • Low Profile subs
  • Sealed enclosure
  • Single Voice Coil
  • Sweet and Strong Hearing experience
SpecificationFeatured Value
Subwoofer Size  12″  
Peak Power Handling  1400 Watts  
RMS Power Handling  700 Watts  
Voice Coil Configuration  Single  
Impedance  4 Ω  
Frequency44 Hz  
Sensitivity  86 dB  

Boss Audio System manufactures audio and video products specially made for power sport, automotive, and marine applications. The company came into being in 1987 and has headquarters in Oxford, California, and United States. The company has been serving over 30 years, and its specialized mechanical and electrical engineers have designed the products according to the customer’s needs.

The products from the company are selling in 130 different countries. Best subwoofers under 100$ are available on the company’s site; you can buy your own according to your need. 

Low Profiles

Low profile home subwoofers are getting more popular. These subwoofers are suitable for both home and car. Nowadays, vehicles are made in the sense that subwoofers would be unable to install in depth. So the boss audio system has made it easy by providing the low profile subwoofers for such situations. Now do not feel lacking; just install your subwoofer in the car.

Sealed Enclosure

The products get a very well enclosure that would provide the best, tight, and solid bass. The fabric for the coating of the subwoofer might be already made or made according to your car’s size. You need to contact us for installing the subwoofers in the car.

Single Voice Coil

A single voice coil would be used to match the amplifiers and several impedance at the same time. Single voice coil subwoofers are usually best for an application that is from low to medium power.

Rubber Surround

Rubber is used in subwoofers to provide the best results. When the subwoofers are coated with rubber made of 98% isobutylene and 2% of isopreneit gives an undistorted and clear sound to listeners. The foam surround is nowadays replacing with rubber surround.

Hearing Experience

The hearing experience matters a lot when we have a hearing aid. The listener must enjoy the music by using Boss Audio System P120F subwoofers. The experience would be positive because of the use of new technology in it.

Buyer’s Choice:

It is the customer’s foremost priority to buy this product as it has many more consumer-friendly features. I have experienced the sound of this product at my university. It has a powerful bass and frequency that makes the product recommended and suggested to others. Its high-quality features and positive comments have made it the best one.

7) Pioneer TS-A250D4 Best Subwoofers for Under $100

Pioneer TS-A250D4 Subwoofer
  • Dual voice Coil
  • High impact bass
  • Butyl rubber surrounding
  • Polypropylene cone assembling
  • Aromatic polyamide Fiber spider
  • Optical fiber
  • Mica interlaced injection
  • Pioneer A-series design
Sensitivity74 dB  
Frequency Range  20 Hz to 2 kHz
Continuous Power Handling (RMS)400 Watts  
Peak Power Handling1300 Watts  
Magnet Weight56.4 oz  
Voice Coil Type  Dual Voice
Mounting Depth  5-1/4″
Free Air Resonance (Fs) [Hz]  30
Total Speaker “Q” (Qts)0.59  
Linear Excursion (Xmax) [mm]10.8  
Port Diameter  2″

Pioneer Corporation is commonly known as the pioneer. It is a Japanese multinational company that was founded in Tokyo. Its headquarters are situated in Chrome, Bunkyo, and Tokyo. It produces car audio, television, DVD recorder, DVD players, and many other DJ equipment.

This company’s products are low in prices and have high quality as it is in the category of best subwoofers under 100 Dollars. It is the lowest price that the company is offering. Here is the product that has unmatched features and specifications. 

Dual Voice Coil 

The subwoofers having dual voice coil has multi wiring that allows the speakers to provide a smooth and soft voice. It is mainly designed to let people enjoy the music with softness. Subwoofers are the Best cheap sub that is available for less than 100. 

High Impact Bass 

The most notable characteristic of the subwoofer is that it has a high impact Bass, has the natural feeling of the music, and allows to have a balanced motion that could move in both directions forward and reverse the trend. The sound waves that are produced will consist of highly smooth and soft sounds. 

Butyl Rubber Surround 

It is a surrounding material for speakers that produces distortion-free voice. It helps in listening to music that is crystal clear. Butyl rubber is made with a mixture of different materials to get the desired efficiency of the subwoofers; the best subwoofers for under 100 are available in different sizes to meet the clients’ needs. 

Polypropylene Cone Construction

The polypropylene cone is popular among the speakers because of its less distorting nature. It has been replaced with foam that helps to lessen the distortion. Buy the best cheap sub for your PC and enjoy the music that best suits your budget and requirements. 

Buyer’s Choice:

The best subwoofer for under 100$ is the customer’s priority because of its new features. The home will give a cinematic view when the subwoofer plays at home. I suggest this product to the users because of its positive reviews from several users. Its results are excellent that provide user-friendly behavior.

8) IIIHAT IPX7 Super Cheap Subwoofers for Outdoor

IIIHAT IPX7 Super Cheap Subwoofers
MaterialABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) metal  
Transmission rangemore than 30m  
Bluetooth versionV 4.2
Support formatape, flac, wav, mp3
Frequency response80Hz 18 KHz
Battery Power3.7V 6600mAh
Power supplyType C 5V/2.1A
Output power20W x 2
Distortionless than1.0%
Driver Unit48mm
Charging time3 5 hours
Music time15 hours
Size8.1 x 3.1 x 2.5inch

III HAT IPX7 is a high-quality subwoofer with several features; one of those features is Bluetooth connectivity; Bluetooth allows the device to connect the device anywhere and have fun. Subwoofers are available with several connecting features. Bluetooth is a popular feature and very useful for people to play anytime and whatever they want, openly. These cheap powerful subwoofers are easy to buy and carry.

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Subwoofers 

III HAT IP X7 subwoofers provide the feature of TWS. TWS allows the subwoofers to connect two devices at once. It facilitates listening to 2 devices at a single time. This product can connect one device to the right and the other to the left channel at once. The wireless system is convenient to operate and easy to transport. This audio speaker is the best cheap sub that can be suitable for indoors and outdoors. 

Portable Product

This model of the subwoofer is portable as it is wireless. Usually, people feel easy with wireless devices because devices having no wire is compatible and easily moveable to the desired place. It has excellent quality in portable products. 

Battery Life 

This version is rechargeable and facilitates with a long-lasting battery. It can play 15 hours after charging. Its battery lasts a long that is compatible and can be played easily without having a tense situation. 

Waterproof Technology 

IPX7 subwoofer has the feature of having a waterproof system that allows the system to stay undamaged if it gets a direct interaction with water. One must keep the subwoofer out of the reach of water, but if something like that happens, there is no need to be worried about it. Super cheap subwoofers are user-friendly at both home and outdoors without any hazards. 

All in One Subwoofer

Best home theatre subwoofer under 100 Dollars has many more facilities for its users. It connects to Bluetooth and links to the AUX cable to provide the listener with excellent output. It also has a lanyard that makes the subwoofers easy to hold and carry from place to place. All these features make the subwoofer too good to use.

Buyer’s Choice:

It is essential to provide the buyer with a piece of full-fledged information about the product he will buy. It is the customer’s priority because it owns all the features that the person needs. This product is recommended to people who require portable subwoofers. It is the best subwoofers under $100 that are too cheap to buy. Most of the people have experienced this product and have outstanding reviews about it. 

Buying Guide of Super Budgeted Subwoofers for Home

Several varieties of the best cheap subwoofers under 100 come in handy when we search out for the subwoofer. Whether our search is for a home subwoofer or car subwoofer under $200, we always need a more reliable product and less costly.

If you require the best budget subwoofer whose price must be less than 100, are some instructions that you need to follow while buying the sound system.

Sound Quality 

The sound quality matters a lot when you would like to buy the subwoofers. The subwoofer must have strong bass with low frequency. The sound should be distortion-free and produce a feeling of having a realistic scene. Cheap powerful subwoofers are the best if you are new to buying the subwoofers.

Compatibility with Devices

Subwoofers are compatible with all the devices and deliver luxurious sound effects that are unable to produce by any simple subwoofer. Very cheap subwoofers are available that conveniently connect to the PC, mobile, TV, or laptop. The subwoofer might connect via a cable or Bluetooth. If both wireless and wired connections are available in a single subwoofer, it is convenient to buy.

Costing Factor

Cost is the crucial factor while purchasing the best subwoofer for under 100 Dollars. The buying decision must be made based on the product’s quality and price. The subwoofer that is low in cost and high in quality would be the most comfortable one for the customer’s demand.

Attractive looks

Everyone’s focus must be on the look of the product too while buying. If a product looks good to your eyes, you would probably spend the money on it. The stylish looks are always attractive. Customers demand to have less price, high quality, and a fantastic look. The product that fulfills all these criteria would be the customer’s first and foremost priority to buy. 

Comfort Level

Best subwoofers under $100 must also be comfortable because the significant features must be operated with a single touch. Controlling or muting volume and having wireless or wired connectivity are the major factors that make you feel comfortable.



We will desire to have Logitech Z313 Subwoofers. It has prominent features and offers excellent comfort while using them. Its balanced frequency and bass make the sound cozy to hear. It has multiple input options, a wooden cabinet that provides the best sound, and RCA connectivity.
It has a power-saving mode that would take the device to stand by, and waterproof technology is lacking, but it would be suggested based on its notable features and stylish design. It is best for a PC and provides whole day comfort.

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