5 Best Subwoofers Under $1000 With Loudest Soundbox

It would be great if you want to consider purchasing a new sound system when you are ready to upgrade your home theatre. Because now it is possible to buy the best subwoofer under $1000, and that’s why we have put a comprehensive guide together to help you find a brilliant yet affordable subwoofer. No doubt, it would help if you had a subwoofer that reproduces the sound in any movie, making the action sequence more exciting. So that is why we come up with the five best subwoofer under 1000 dollars.

This article will walk you through how these subwoofers work, their features, dynamic power, cone sizes, and frequency response. As you know, cheap subwoofers are not as powerful, and you will not find such technology in them. Furthermore, we have included a buying guide and mentioned the pros and cons of subs for your convenience to choose according to your needs. By the end of this article, you will find the best home theater subwoofer under 1000 dollars and enjoy your favorite music.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Table of Content

  1. Best Powered Subwoofer Under $1000
  2. Most Musical Subwoofer Under $1000
  3. Best Audiophile Subwoofer Under 1000 Bucks
  4. Best PA Subwoofer Under $1000
  5. Best DJ Subwoofer under 1000 dollars

5 Best Subwoofer for Music under 1000 Dollars

It is pretty challenging to find the best subwoofer for music under 1000 dollars. That’s why we have gathered all the information on five perfect subs for you.

Best Subwoofer Under $1000 With Loudest Soundbox

In this article, we will try our best to answer all of your queries regarding subwoofers, and you will get to know the specifications, features, pros and cons of high-rated subwoofers. So don’t waste any more time and read about these outstanding subwoofers.

1) Mackie Thump Series Best Powered Subwoofer under $1000

Mackie Thump Series Best Powered Subwoofer

Size : 18 Inch | Peak Power : 1000 Watts | Frequency Response : 30 Hz – 132 Hz | Dimensions : 28.2 28.2 x 27.5 | Drivers : Thump 18S | Input : 2 x XLR inputs | Output : 4 x XLR

Looking for the best powered subwoofer under 1000 Mackie thump would be a great option. It provides you with ultra-efficient sound and features a professional band-pass designed to deliver high quality and deep bass.

Its efficient design took you to portability, and the in-built amplifier provides power for high output applications. In addition, this class D amplifier design is much more relaxed than its previous designs and prevents thermal shutdowns in hit temperatures. The combo of this subwoofer and amp gives you next-generation music and movie experience.

Amazing Frequency Response:

You will not miss a single note at any level while using this subwoofer. The total precision crossover of 125 Hz is as unique as the other features of this subwoofer, and you can enjoy everything you need.

I watched Fast and Furious 9 on this subwoofer on my home theatre, and it brings the action sequence and drifting to reality.

Complete Input/Output:

Moreover, it provides you with a complete set of input and output connections, providing simple integration and optimization for any system. This high sensitivity subwoofer catches the lower frequencies more efficiently and consumes less power.

All in all, this best subwoofer under $1000 provides you with professional optimization, high punches of bass and make it a perfect subwoofer for home and studio.

Enclosure Finish:

Its rugged finish of all-wood enclosure is reliable and durable for every environment. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that this subwoofer is built like a tank, giving it an extended lifetime. In the end, the Mackie active electronics provide you with total system optimization, which is genius.

As mentioned, this is an enhanced subwoofer that leaves its predecessor behind in every way, including durability. In my personal experience, it is one of the highest pitch subwoofers, along with deep and dynamic bass.

Purchase Decision:

Suppose you are looking for audiophile speakers under 1000 dollars, then Mackie Thumps would be the best option to consider. With this subwoofer, you get the highest sound quality along with rich bass.

Its unique cooling technology keeps the subwoofer cool in all kinds of venues and hot temperatures. In addition, the robust system protection of this subwoofer allows you to take this durable subwoofer wherever you want without any problem.

  • Distortion-free sound
  • No excessive overtones
  • Affordable
  • Compact size
  • High inputs and outputs
  • Cooling system
  • Some complaints have been registered in the thermal prevent system.

2) Skar Audio Dual 10-Inch Most Musical Subwoofer under $1000

Skar Audio Dual 10-Inch Most Musical Subwoofer

Size : 10-Inch | Peak Power : 2400 Watt | Impedance : 1 Ohm | Dimensions : 37.25 x 18.25 x 19 Inch | Working Voltage : 8.5V – 14.4V | Frequency Response : 25Hz – 250Hz | Wood Thinness & Material  : 5/8” MDF | Front Baffle Thickness : 1.25”

Skar is the most musical subwoofer under 1000 dollars and provides you with fantastic sound and powerful bass quality. This Bass Package has two remarkable SDR10 subwoofers that reproduce rich bass and excellent sound quality.

It will make your neighbor irritated if you play it at maximum volume. Moreover, the rich bass and high-quality sound make your music more impressive, and you will get a new feel from it.

Enclosure & Built-in Amp:

The custom design enclosure produces the optimal bass reproduction and protects the subs from any external damage. As a result, the sound from these subs is not just loud but also detailed and remarkable.

In addition, with the base package, you get a fantastic built-in amplifier that is perfect for home theatres, and this is the best car subwoofer under 10000 dollars.

Power Rating:

It provides you with great bass and excellent sound control. But, more importantly, it comes with the incredible 2400 peak power and 1200 RMS, which makes it the best subwoofer under $1000.

Moreover, the 4 Gauge wiring kit delivers constant and clean power to the subwoofer all day long for your non-stop entertainment. The 4 Gauge complete oxygen-free copper amplifier installation.

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) Construction:

The box is constructed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is reliable and perfect for this heavy subwoofer. In short, it makes it lightweight and eliminate distortion and delivers accurate sound across low frequencies.

SDR Series:

SDR series is an enhanced, improved and re-engineered version of the subwoofers. This sub provides you with distortion-free bass, fantastic sound quality and takes less space in your room.

You can keep this subwoofer in the most compact places, even in a small room and enjoy the deep bass with rhythm.

I used these sub in my home, and they provided the deep bass with a fantastic rhythm. But, mainly enjoyed the action sequence and sound using these subs in my home theatre.

Purchase Decision:

This best subwoofer for car under 1000-dollar subwoofer provides everything you need, including deep, elegant bass and high-quality sound. With the help of this sub, you will have to enjoy your favorite songs and movie like never before.

With the fantastic frequency response, there is no chance that you will miss a single note if you want to level up your music listening experience; that’s the time to upgrade to Skar’s latest top 10 soundbar with subwoofer under 10000.

  • Need space for ventilation

3) Edifier Bluetooth Wireless Best Audiophile Subwoofer under 1000

Edifier Bluetooth Wireless Best Audiophile Subwoofer

Subwoofer Diameter : 5.5 Inch | Playing Modes  : 4 Modes | Bluetooth : 5.0 with aptX | Dimensions : 20.7 x 17.6 x 14.7 Inch | Weight : 37.6 Pound | Driver : S2000 MKIII | Input : Optical and COAX | Enclosure Material : Planar Diaphragm Tweeters

Edifier is the best audiophile subwoofer under 1000 available on the market, perfect for your room. This wireless subwoofer stream high-quality audio wirelessly with reduced latency and increased stability.

This subwoofer will leave a mark on your room because it completes the space with excellent sound and clarity. In addition, this subwoofer gives you four different preconfigured sound profiles, including dynamic, monitor, vocal and classic.

Switching Modes:

When you switch modes from one to another, you will feel a significant change in the overall tone of the sound. However, the tones and reproduction of the sound are unique in every mode.

The sound that comes from these subs is ultra-clear and enjoyable. You can connect the audio system with your television or your computer, and you will enjoy the most significant music experience.

Loudest Music:

The manufacturer claims that this subwoofer provides you with loud music in a 50-meter square room which is excellent for a home theatre.

It comes with the master volume, which controls fifty level high precision knobs that allows you volume adjustment for a loud listening experience. I watched movies on dynamic mode for sound testing, and actually, this sub brought the films to life.

Incredible Bass:

In addition, the bass of the subs provides you punching sound waves, and if you go to lower frequencies, it works more efficiently. However, if you go to the maximum level, it will undoubtedly rattle your eardrums.

In the mid, the sound of this sub is imposing and enhances your movie experience. I could say that this is the best subwoofer under $1000 which provides you remarkable sound and bass quality.

Wireless Connectivity:

This wireless subwoofer comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which gives you stable and undisrupted sound quality. In addition, it comes with multiple inputs, including line-in optical, and COAX which gives you a fantastic sound experience.

You get the clear OLED LCD which shows you clear inputs you should select. So no more remembering the colours when you can see in LCD and adjusting the inputs. Moreover, you get 2-Yeats of comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer Edifier.

Purchase Decision:

If you want to upgrade your sound system, you should get this best type of subwoofer for a big room under 1000 dollars. From its predecessor, S1000, this subwoofer is more advanced and contain more features than you can think of.

Getting this subwoofer will enhance your movie and music experience. More importantly, they do not contain much space in your room and are perfect for compact places. So buy them and enjoy the dynamic bass and high sound quality.

  • Superb build quality
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Extremely loud in a room of 50-meter square
  • Best value for money
  • Remote control & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Selection nobs to bypass remote control
  • No removable power cable

4) Electro-Voice Best PA Subwoofer under 1000 Dollars

Electro-Voice Best PA Subwoofer

Size : 18 Inch | Peak Power : 1200 Watts | Frequency Response : 40 Hz – 145 Hz | Sensitivity : 132 dB | Dimensions : 23.7 x 20 x 22.6 Inch | Weight : 76 Pounds | Drivers :18” EVS-18L woofer | Input connectors : 2 x XLR- ¼ Inch Combo

If you are looking for the best PA subwoofer under 1000, you are at the right product. Most of the subwoofers need enough mass to handle low frequencies without rattling. In addition, the proper tuning of subs can make them efficient and precise.

Electro-Voice is one of the best subwoofers providing punching bass shaming other subwoofers and larger enclosures.

Compact PA Subwoofer:

This subwoofer offers you incredible audio quality, control, and a robust body. These subwoofers are massive versions and feature deep bass and high-quality sound for DJs, bands, mobile entertainers and more.

More importantly, this subwoofer comes with a quick, intelligent DSP (Digital Signal Processing) system.

Digital Signal Processing:

The DSP ensure that the subs pair perfectly with the most powered speaker setup. Furthermore, this intelligent DSP setup features the best things for the processing, which are very important for modern subwoofers, and everything is done by LCD on the subs. I concluded that this is the best subwoofer for home theater under 1000 dollars.

Powerful Amplifier:

In addition, this fantastic and high-efficiency subwoofer comes with an amplifier of 1200 Watt, which delivers up to 132 dB peak SPL. Furthermore, it utilizes ultra-efficient, high-sensitivity designed and engineered by Electro-Voice.

This amplifier provides you with fantastic sound quality along with erythematic deep bass, which is quite fantastic with this subwoofer.

Portable to Install Anywhere:

Electro-voice is ideal for both applications, portable and installed. In addition, it is pretty easy to lift with professional-grade hardware, including an integrated M20 threaded pole mount plate and two handles for lifting convenience. This model has the latest and advanced features that differentiate it from previous versions.

Innovative Application:

This best subwoofer under $1000 provides you with an innovative mobile application to monitor and control the subwoofer simultaneously. It will send a notification in case of any critical performance condition.

Most importantly, these subwoofers come with built-in Bluetooth. From my personal experience, I believe that this could be an ideal pick for your home theatre and enjoying movies.

Purchase Decision:

Electro-Voice is the loudest subwoofer for the money that can take your music experience one level up in a market full of lousy subwoofers. If you are making your mind to get a subwoofer, you must choose the one with the high bass.

The built-in amplifier is a perfect device that reproduces the sound and makes it more authentic and heavy. With this excellent sound system, you can easily upgrade your music listening standards and watch movies.

  • Perfect for small venues
  • Best for home theatre
  • Bass blends with the prominent guests
  • Remarkable frequency range
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Bass beats lack during Hip Hop
  • Expensive

5) Rockville Dual 15” Powered Best DJ Subwoofer under 1000

Rockville Dual 15” Powered Best DJ Subwoofer

Size : 15 Inch | Peak Power : 1500 Watts | Bluetooth Range : 60 feet | Frequency Response : 45 Hz – 20000 Hz | Sensitivity : 128 dB | Dimensions : 17.7 x 14.7 x 44 Inch | Support USB or SD card : 64 GB | Controls : 5 Bandmaster equalizer

Rockville is the Best DJ subwoofer under 1000 and comes with Bluetooth and TWS, making it more wonderful. It provides you with an extraordinary range of up to 60 feet without affecting the sound quality of the subs.

Class AB Built-In Amplifier:

These subwoofers come with the peak power of 1500 Watts, 750 Watts of program power and 375 Watt RMS. In addition, it includes the Class AB amplifier for the fantastic sound quality and deep bass, which rocks the party.

Non-Pressed Paper Cone:

The Dual 15 Inch long-throw woofers and non-pressed paper cones make your party unique and give you a fantastic portfolio as a DJ. More importantly, if you buy the set of 2, you can easily connect them to play in stereo.

Comes with Cooling fans:

These subs come with cooling fans that keep the speakers from getting hot, making you play the songs for hours without any stress. I usually recommend these speakers and subwoofer to my friends working in the music industry or working as DJs. You can buy these subwoofers in a pair, connect them wirelessly, and enjoy the double sound.

Power LED:

The amplifier has an LED indicator with built-in wireless audio streaming and a remarkable range. LCD screen in this best subwoofer under $1000 displays your MP3 functions and Bluetooth connectivity, making the process easier. In addition, the subwoofer’s enclosure is made of rugged and high impact ABS for durability and reliability.

If you wish to play high-quality MP3 songs via SD Card or USB, you can directly connect them to the MP3 player in the audio system. You can also enjoy the built-in FM Radio with manual tuning.

Multiple Controls:

You get a remarkable frequency response of 45 Hz – 20000 Hz, which is excellent, and you will never miss a chance to miss a note. Moreover, you get several controls over it, including master volume, input volume, mp3 volume, mic Volume, master Bass and master treble.

This subwoofer has more features than its previous version, including stereo, wireless connection, XLR and RCA Inputs. You are going to love this best sealed subwoofer under 1000 dollars.

Purchase Decision:

As you know, this is the best DJ powered subwoofer under 1000 dollars and provide excellent deep bass and high-quality sound. With this subwoofer, you will rock the parties and make the hell out of every event.

In addition, you can control the woofers from a distance via remote control. Moreover, the wireless Bluetooth connection allows you to play songs and music from a distance of 60 foot which is incredible.

  • Built-in amplifier
  • Wireless connection
  • Support USB and SD card
  • Remarkable frequency response
  • Comes with cooling fans to prevent heat
  • Bass is not as deep as expected

Buying Guide for a Subwoofer under $1000 Price

If you reached down here, it means you have made up your mind to buy the best subwoofer under $1000, and you want to know more about them. But, first, you need to know about a few factors which influence the buying factor.

These factors will help you find the best subwoofer and best soundbar with subwoofer under 1000 on the market; otherwise, you can end up with an average subwoofer which you cannot keep with you and can’t throw out either due to your investment.

That’s why keep these things in mind and make your investment-worthy.

Frequency Response:

If you want to enjoy your music and movies in your home theatre dully, you should keep in mind that you should look for the subwoofer with the best frequency response.

To get the best and accurate frequency response on your subwoofer, you should be aware of lower plus/minus values. The narrow the plus/minus value, the more accurate will be the frequency response.

Two subwoofers with the same size but different frequency responses could have different power and sound quality. Lower frequency response is the best home theatre subwoofer under 1000 dollars on the market.

Dynamic and Continuous Power Output:

Dynamic power means what a subwoofer can deliver you when it’s at the peak of its power. While the continuous power output is what a subwoofer delivers you on continuous delivery.

Sometimes a subwoofer can deliver a sound at its peak and return to the average level. And for in others, you can play the subwoofer at its peak level for a longer time.

Types of Enclosure:

There are two types of enclosures on the market: sealed and ported. Sealed enclosures are far better because they keep any backward waves trapped in the box; therefore, the sound you hear is a lot cleaner.

So, you should look for the best sealed subwoofer under 1000 dollars, even if you are on a budget.

Cone Size:

The cone size is one of the most important factors because it influences how loud, low or long a speaker can produce sound.

The human ears can only hear the sound to 20 Hz; that’s why the best subwoofer under $1000 always has a cone that produces a sound between 1andHz to 30 Hz.

Portability Factor:

In the end, the size of a subwoofer should be as much as you can easily fit on the available space. So first, you should consider the available space and then go for the accurate subwoofer.

Moreover, a compact subwoofer can produce excellent sound and deep bass, so there is no need to buy bigger subwoofers or the best subwoofer under 10000 dollars.

What kind of People Use the Best Subwoofer under $1000?

Sound and bass lovers use the best subwoofer under $1000 to watch movies in home theatres. Moreover, people who love to enjoy music with excellent bass buy these subwoofers.

These subwoofers provide outstanding high pitch sound quality with deep and rich bass, which gives a real-life sound experience. Once you have this subwoofer in your home, there is no going back from this incredible sound system.

Moreover, some subwoofers are used as car subwoofers mounted under the car’s seat or in the trunk. This is because they have a built-in amplifier which makes them more compatible.

How to Install a Subwoofer?

When you get the best subwoofer under $1000, you need to install it properly to reproduce sound and bass better. To install, you need to follow these instructions.

  1. Unpack the subwoofer
  2. Place it near the electronic socket, which should be in a ventilation area.
  3. Don’t ever install a subwoofer in a room or small space where there is no space for ventilation.
  4. First, connect the complete setup before powering on the subwoofer.
  5. Read the user manual to clear the ambiguity.
  6. Switch on the subwoofer and enjoy the fantastic sound technology.


Best Powered Subwoofer Under $1000 is the best subwoofer under $1000 in our list of 5 subwoofers. It has a peak power of 1500 Watt and is considered a DJ subwoofer, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor events.

More importantly, it is a wireless subwoofer with efficient Bluetooth and performs flawlessly. For example, you can connect Bluetooth from a distance of 60 feet without affecting the sound quality of the speakers.

These subs have a built-in amplifier and cooling system, which keeps the speaker cool in every atmosphere. In addition, you get a LED to control the MP3 and USD options.

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