What Is a Subwoofer? Work, Purpose and Usage

A subwoofer is from the category of sound systems manufactured to deliver a low frequency sound, which we call bass and sub-bass. It provides a frequency that is low than the delivered by a woofer. Most of the part of a subwoofer depends upon the bass. It usually generates frequencies between 20Hz to 200Hz.

The subwoofer is such a system that enhances the sound quality quickly. Whatever we listen from our ears has a frequency. It depends upon the sound, whether it is high pitched sound or low-pitched sound. The sound having low pitched has low frequencies and vice versa. The center of attention for a subwoofer usually is bass, and the purpose of a subwoofer is to deliver low-frequency sound that produces bass.

One or more woofers get into an enclosure to make a subwoofer. The section must be wooden that have the bass. Wooden enclosures can resist the air pressure and produce echoes with the sound. That adds musical touch to the sound with bass.

How Does A Subwoofer Work?

A subwoofer manufacturing to produce the lowest pitch frequencies. A subwoofer generally uses a woofer in addition to the built-in amplifier that provides clear and deep bass. Powered subwoofers are also available in the market that means they need their power supply to give power to the amplifier inside.

Receiver Connected to the Subwoofer

Generally, subwoofers connect to an audio receiver. That receiver transmits low-frequency effects to the subwoofer. The subwoofer then amplifies the current and transfers it into the sound using a magnetic coil which causes the vibration. The vibration that the subwoofer produces results in the lowest bass frequency sound waves. The sound that it makes has perfect bass and quality.

Positioning Matters

Place the subwoofers at the right place is of utmost importance if you hear clear and direct sound. The users have the flexibility in placing the subwoofers according to their use. One can place the left and right subwoofers in a suitable way for the listener. The subwoofer must be in a position where the listener could easily listen to the music and feel it.

The positioning of the subwoofer must depend upon the room’s layout. The experimentation of placing the subwoofer at different places helps choose the best one for the best quality sound. Power to create ripples in water, and they may also vibrate your spine. The sound is strong enough to make you feel vibrated, while subwoofers can install at different places.

What Is The Purpose Of The Subwoofer?

The principal purpose of a subwoofer is to provide the listener, a new dimension. A great subwoofer has the power that allows the listener to feel the music, and those in-depth feelings create a significant impact on the final delivery output.

A good subwoofer is not permitted to produce deep and resonant sound, and it also doesn’t allow to make an unpleasantly overpowering sound that is uncomfortable for ears. Its purpose is to deliver a soft and cozy sound between 20Hz (Average human being range).

What Is A Subwoofer Used For? Why Do You Need

Typically, a subwoofer uses the sound from 10 Hz to 200Hz. The subwoofers offer to convert high tone into low and produce the resulting sound softer and softer. Subwoofers have the power to create ripples in water, and they may also vibrate your spine. The sound is strong enough to make you feel vibrated, while subwoofers can install at different places.

1) Home Theatre Subwoofers

Subwoofers could use for your home that we generally call Home theatre subwoofers. The home theatre subwoofers must install in a room according to the room layout. If the room lacks furniture, it creates an unpleasant sound and makes the definition of subwoofer false. Before keeping the subwoofer in the room, you need a device that absorbs noise or place the subwoofer on the bookshelf that is heavily filled with books to help strengthen the bass.

2) Car Subwoofers

If we have a query asking, what is a subwoofer in a car? Its answer would be in several manners. Have you ever experienced a car playing music with such heavy bass that your car starts shaking? According to the model and manufacturing, it is what great subwoofers do—the subwoofers placed in the car.

The built-in subwoofers designs are in line with the body of the vehicle. Subwoofers must install appropriately if you need your desired results. The key factors that you must keep in mind while buying Subwoofers for your vehicle are discussed below.

Size of Subwoofer

As the size of the subwoofer increases, so does the bass. Space is the essential factor for placing the under-seat subwoofer or fixing it in the car trunk.

Enclosure Type

The enclosure box matters a lot when we talk about fixing the subwoofer in a car. The enclosures are of two types. A sealed enclosure that creates deeper bass and it is recommendable for all types of frequencies. At the same time, ported enclosures are much louder and only suited for the genres such as house music and rap.

Power and Impedance

RMS is connected to the main power of a subwoofer. The higher the RMS, the more bass it produces.

The electrical resistance of a subwoofer is usually measured in ‘Ohms.’ It is must match the amplifier and subwoofer at once. It is most likely to choose the specifications that are in line with the correctness. Before installing the subwoofer, you need to focus on its features.

Subwoofers usually offer a better bass response. It allows you to listen to the sounds that your speakers are unable to reproduce. By installing quality Subs in the car, the chances of having distorted sound at high volumes are significantly lower.

What Is a Subwoofer 2

Subwoofer VS Speaker

If we discuss both subwoofer and speaker, we will find several differences in its features, and the manufacturing usage of every sound system is different from the other. It matters a lot when you would choose a sound system.

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that reproduces low pitch frequencies. We commonly call it bass. On the other hand, the speaker usually converts an electrical signal into sound. It is unable to produce deep bass, but it usually covers mid-frequency and high-frequency sound.

The difference between both systems is that subwoofers are considered much better as they have a single amplifier. Its frequency can also be adjusted that can provide a balanced sound. Both are designed to connect to your PC, mobile, laptop, or iPod. None can be able to work separately.

As subwoofers could deliver low-frequency sound with manageable bass, so we could hear those sounds too. But speakers are usually manufactured to have mid or high-frequency sounds.

Suppose we look at how both subwoofers and speakers are designed in the way that they are used to work by following the law of Physics for having extraordinary audio experiences. At the same time, the structural design of subwoofers matters to a great extent while producing sound—the components of the subwoofer designed to have the best delivery of bass.

Can A Subwoofer Be Used As A Speaker?

As the low-frequency is concerned with subwoofer and high-frequency is delivered by speakers. So, the subwoofer cannot be used as a speaker. If you want to own a subwoofer to get something out of the range of it, then you will be unable to find it beneficial for you.

What Is A Subwoofer In A Soundbar?

Mostly, soundbars are designed with speakers that are usually known as subwoofers. Subwoofers are, therefore, considered external boxes. The soundbar as a whole is a complete package that would deliver crystal clear audio that seems detailed and natural with connecting any additional device, such as a subwoofer.

Soundbars as a whole deliver great bass, but if we add a subwoofer to it, additional audio would transform the environment and create a sound that feels too good and natural. The power that sound produces creates a heroic atmosphere while watching a movie.

It’s a fact that not all subwoofers would work in a better way. Your experience of using a subwoofer with a soundbar might differ. Some subwoofers deliver the sound after the video, that distracting nature of sound impacts badly. We often see some soundbars’ built-in subwoofers. Some soundbars have a subwoofer as an eternal add-on.

The soundbar plays without any subwoofer. The soundbar can produce extraordinary results with a subwoofer. It is not compulsory to have a soundbar and subwoofer at the same time. The soundbar could deliver a great sound without a subwoofer. But if the subwoofer connects to it, it will help deliver low-frequency sound that most of the soundbars cannot produce.

What Is a Subwoofer

What is a Subwoofer Amplifier?

In general, a subwoofer amplifier is a loudspeaker that works to produce low-frequency audio signals. These signals work efficiently and also enhance the quality of bass. As a whole amplifier improves and maintains the sound quality by amplifying the sound.

Its working is quite simple. It normally amplifies the low pitch frequencies. It works through filtering the high-frequency indicators and amplifying the low-frequency indicators with the assist of a voltage amplifier. It also uses a transistor that converts the low-frequency signals into power signals with loud bass.

Essential Parts of The Subwoofer Amplifier

  1.  Amplifiers
  2.  Voltage Amplifier
  3.  Resistors
  4.  Transistor
  5.  Capacitor
  6.  Power Supply Voltage
  7.  Battery

All these apparatuses are used to build up a subwoofer amplifier that amplifies the sound and helps to make that sound softer and softer. That low-frequency sound proves to be the listener’s priority because of its ears-friendly nature. The sound that an amplifier produces must have a frequency from 20Hz to 200Hz. This frequency range is for those who are the consumers of the subwoofer.

In the past, amplifiers were not introduced to everyone, but today, they are universal and widely used in appliances to produce high-quality sound.

What is a Subwoofer Cable?

Audio cable is used in subwoofers that enhance the sound quality. The purpose of the cable is to connect any media device that is compatible with a coaxial audio cable. RCA connectors are present at both ends of the subwoofer cables. The excellent cable is a great deal higher than the RCA sound.  

It produces intense, deep, and superior quality sound. The solid copper core bass conductors wrapped in the cable helps to increase the low-frequency signals. The sound that comes out of this cable is clearer, dramatic, and feels real.

The subwoofer cables are easy to connect to any device that uses a coaxial audio interface. It might use for the devices such as satellite boxes, DVD players, and cable boxes.

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What is the point of a subwoofer?

Subwoofers are a sort of speaker that boosts the lowest frequencies no matter the audio you’re listening to. These low frequencies sometimes embrace bass guitars, pipe organs, deep voices, kick drums, and motion-picture show sound effects. Subwoofers are improbably common for theatre and automotive stereo systems and are simple to line up.

Summary Note

We have mentioned everything in the article that would help you in deciding while buying a subwoofer. The article What is a subwoofer? It would prove to be the complete guideline for the consumers. Each and everything that would help you in purchasing a subwoofer is discussed here.

A subwoofer is the best device to produce low-frequency sound. The sounds that it delivers are easy to listen to and provide comfort to the listener. You can easily find the factors including its working, usage, purpose, how subwoofer is different from the speaker, use of soundbar in this article.

While choosing a subwoofer for your car or a home theatre system, you must need to know deeply about the bass, frequency, amplifier, and other key factors that would help you decide for life. Subwoofers are usually designed for cars and homes to help to produce great sound in no time.

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