Best Subwoofer for DJ – Lightweight, Powered & Active Sound Box

Subwoofers are for the quality sound that delivers low-frequency sounds. The design is in the way that produces sound and allows it to surround itself all-around. The best subwoofer for DJ has features that no other subwoofer could hold. These features help to maintain the audio all-around long distances. The bass, enclosure, and audio quality are great care while purchasing the best subwoofer for DJ.

DJs usually want to buy subwoofers that have great bass and produce high-quality results when played. Often it is the most challenging task to choose a single product out of many. As today’s world is too fast and manufacturers compete with each other while producing new products. All want the subwoofer with more updated features, which allow the customers to choose the leading product with pre-eminent functions. As the best subwoofer for DJ needs the finest quality, so one must need to have the subwoofer from the best company.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Table of Contents

  1. Alphasonik DJ Subwoofer for Music
  2. Rockville 15 Inch DJ Subwoofer
  3. Pyle 10 Inch Subwoofer for DJ
  4. PRORECK 18 Inch Powered Subwoofer for DJ
  5. Sound Town DJ Subwoofer Under 500
  6. Electro-Voice DJ Subwoofer Design
  7. Gemini Powered Subwoofer for DJ
  8. MTX DJ Subwoofer Under 200

8 Pre-Eminent DJ Subwoofer Speaker

Best Subwoofer for DJ - Lightweight, Powered & Active Sound Box

If we talk about simple subwoofers, they are always inefficient as compared to subwoofers. Subwoofers are top-rated for best results in a grand event of communal gatherings. Speakers usually seem to be the primary tool for a person who is addicted to music.

To get the best quality, one must have to own a subwoofer that is fine in quality. Choosing the best subwoofer for DJ is of great responsibility because DJ has to provide a musical environment to the people belonging to different walks of life.

1) Alphasonik AKDJ155BTS Best DJ Subwoofer for Music

Alphasonik AKDJ155BTS

Size :15″ | Frequency Response : 44Hz – 17kHz | Sensitivity : 94dB | Impedance : 8 ohms | Connectivity Technology : Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB | Speaker Type : Wireless, Surround | Dimensions : 16 x 29.5 x 19 inches | Weight : 40 pounds

The remarkable Alphasonik ALPHABASS DJ audio speaker system, could be the standard in customer Pro Sound audio. You’ll be surprised at how loud these audio speakers will certainly appear with their broad insurance coverage horn tweeter and also the amount of bass power they can output with their carefully tuned wind-resistant ports.

Along with the effective sonic capacities of the system, the creative ergonomic layout enables you to install the audio speaker to an installing pole to broaden your sound insurance coverage and reach your target market even better. The soft grasp handles allow you to tune and transform your system levels to the right amount of outcome, and audio quality will provide an experience your target market should have. 

Integrated Amplifier

The integrated amplifier can operate the subwoofer as long as you desire because the cooling system inside the device ensures the system works for several hours without shutting down due to extensive heat. 

Sturdy Functionality

The ALPHABASS DJ system is extremely flexible when it concerns music playback. It collaborates with USB along with SD cards that maintain media data. The tracks are visually revealed on the system’s integrated digital display and regulation of music playback by using the onboard control switches.

Tweak the audio speaker system utilizing the double band equalizer and form the audio of your music. Moreover, use various audio links containing AUX, RCA, 1/4″, XLR, and play your music wirelessly by connecting to the systems integrated Bluetooth.

Comfortably add even more audio speakers by linking the mix output to broaden your system using XLR wire. When no audio sources are readily available}, you will certainly discover the integrated FM receiver extremely useful and ready at any moment.

Bright LEDs

The brilliant LEDs radiance around the audio speaker to the beat of the bass without any added configuration required. Its illumination will certainly change as the bass volume increases or decreases.

Buyer’s Choice

The consumer’s choice due to extraordinary features allows the users to operate the product according to their own choice and demand. I recommend this product to the buyers due to the subwoofer’s same reliability and great functions. It is for people fond of listening to music at home or gathering. The best subwoofer for DJ permits the audience to take pleasure in every moment occasion.

  • Built-in Amplifier that enables it to have more power
  • Rugged and durable cabinet for protection 
  • Control switches to regulate the settings easily
  • Connect via multiple sources such as; Bluetooth, Auxiliary, and USB
  • Bright LEDs that work with the bass
  • Easily Portable, best for celebrations, weddings, concerts, home parties.
  • The water-resistant feature is absent in it
  • It cannot connect via RCA.

2) Rockville SBG1158 15 Inch DJ Subwoofer

Rockville SBG1158

 Size : 15″ | Peak Power : 800W | RMS Power : 400W | Impedance : 8 Ohms | Sensitivity : 94 dB | Frequency Response : 20Hz-500Hz | Dimensions : 18″ x 17″ x 20″ | Weight : 44 lbs

The Rockville brand is the name of innovation, quality, and value. All the products are tested several times before reaching the customer. The quality of products is very much considerable while buying an audio device. Rockville is a large firm for audio manufacturing. Its best subwoofer for DJ is the most advanced manufacturing as the products got tested twice for selling the best standards.

MDF Cabinet

 Rockville SBG1158 has a design of MDF wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet always sets best for the subwoofer, as the wooden enclosure allows the air to pass as required by the speaker for delivering quality sound. We have the best DJ subwoofer under 200 that produces low-frequency audio with stable and great bass.

Pro Audio Subwoofer

It has a feature of having Pro audio that consists of 3” voice coils and a 70 oz magnet that is best for the cabinet of a subwoofer. The benefit of using giant magnet and voice coils is that it produces more power, and it also helps to work as a long-lasting device with a fantastic beat, low-frequency sound, and best bass. 

Build Quality

Building an enclosure for a subwoofer is a great deal. One must have to be an expert in creating a quad. The cabinet must have the right amount of glue for connecting the enclosure. The solder also must be insufficient amounts. The amount matters a lot because if there remains space for passing air, it will result in poor quality sound


The handling of the subwoofer matters to a great extent while building one. It has ergonomic recessed handles that help to carry the subwoofer conveniently. It has comfortable and hollow handles that have more power to move heavy objects. These handles are easy to carry and hold and also comfort the owner.

Buyer’s Choice

Rockville SBG1158 is a subwoofer for DJ that allows the buyer to feel comfortable after owning it. It is the customer’s choice because of its additional features such as; 3-inch aluminum voice coil, 70 oz magnet, ergonomic recessed handles, and MDF enclosures. All these features enable the consumer to have it at such a lowest price. The best subwoofer for DJ has many more functions, and I have witnessed its quality live. This subwoofer was in operation at a concert, where the audio quality and appearance were making it the best one.

  • A large voice coil and magnet enables the subwoofer to produce fantastic beats.
  • Comfortable handles help to transfer the device conveniently.
  • It lacks water resistance, so it must be out of the reach of the water.

3) Pyle PPHP1037UB Best 10 Inch Subwoofer for DJ

Pyle PPHP1037UB

Size : 10” | Impendence : 8 Ohm | Magnet : 40 oz. | Voice Coil : 2” | Sensitivity : 96dB | Frequency Response : 40Hz-22kHz | Power Output Max : 700 Watt RMS: 350 Watt | Dimensions : 14.1” x 11.4” x 21.2″

Pyle is a company in the USA that manufactures audio products. The headquarters of the firm are in Brooklyn and New York. It manufactures televisions, DVD players, musical equipment and many other electronic devices. The best subwoofer for DJ is available in a wide variety of the events such as; weddings, parties, conferences, etc.

Connectivity Technology

It can connect to Bluetooth or wired connections. It helps in connection with any device having a USB port or Bluetooth. The band equipment and many other devices could easily connect to the subwoofer. The devices that connect are iPod touch, Apple iPod, iPhones and many different mediums.

XLR Cable

XLR allows linking many devices at once. It helps make connections quickly and enable all instruments to attach directly via port and have fun.


The handles that are a part of the subwoofer makes transportation easy. It is very convenient to take the loudspeaker from one place to another. It can be placed at any site and delivers the same results. 

High Performance

Pyle PPHP1037ub is a powered 10-inch subwoofer that produces quality sound and gets drowned out in large venues.

Built-in Amplifier

An integrated amplifier allows the subwoofer to get more power and perform well. The subwoofer works on a rule in which more the power better will be the audio quality.

Buyer’s Choice 

Pyle PPHP1037ub is the best subwoofer for DJ that allows the audience to feel the music. It is for concerts that need much better audio quality. The product is very well manufactured. The delivery of quality sound to the gathering is possible by operating it. I recommend this product to the DJs, because of its extraordinary performance. I have seen its performance at a concert in my college. It was a great gathering, and the loudspeaker was working in a way that delivered sound beyond the venue.

  • The wired and wireless connection enables the subwoofer to connect to the PC.
  • Suitable to use with computers
  • Can link to any device having Bluetooth.
  • XLR cable helps to attach several speakers at once.
  • Not compatible with any wired connection other than the computer.
  • The device is not water-resistant.

4) PRORECK PR18 Best 18 Inch Powered Subwoofer for DJ


Size : 18 Inches | Peak Power : 2000W | RMS : 400W | Program : 800W | Magnet Size : 60 oz | Voice Coil : 3″ | Dimensions : 22.05 x 24.61 x 25.98 inches | Weight : 70 pounds (31.5 kg)

PRORECK is an audio manufacturing company that contributes to producing musical instruments of the finest quality at a low cost. The firm delivers microphone systems, tripod stands, powered subwoofers, PA systems, and tripod stand covers. The reputation of the business sets well, as its products are selling out worldwide. Best subwoofers for DJ are also available that deliver quality sound that no other could do.


Protect PR18 is a powered subwoofer having a built-in amplifier that provides quality power to the subwoofer to deliver sound. This subwoofer is mainly for celebrations like weddings, parties, bars, official meetings and conferences, home theaters, and many more purposes. It helps to deliver quality audio to everyone present in the gathering. DJ powered subwoofer is best for significant events and ensures fine quality.

XLR Combo Unit

XLR stands for External Line Return. XLR is a connector that is generally in professional audio, videos, and stage lighting apparatuses. The purpose of having a part of 18 inch DJ subwoofer is that it allows you to plug the microphone in the subwoofer even in the presence of an XLR jack in it. In Proreck PR18, it helps to export audio signals that are between 100Hz and 20kHz.

Class-D Amplifier

It has a Class-D amplifier that allows the intense and fascinating sound to be delivered.

RCA Connectivity

 The wired connection system allows the subwoofer to connect any device such as; PC, laptop, mobile. It is often challenging to operate because of having restricted moves. Its usage is by putting it at a specific place. RCA also ensures that the left audio signals and right audio signals must be to avoid the loss of information.

Buyer’s Choice

Protect PR18 is the best subwoofer for DJ that allows the audience to have full-fledged enjoyment while playing. Its XLR combo unit has made it more useful for DJs. The listeners like the DJ subwoofer PR18 because of its non-resembling features. The gathering was admiring its sound at a wedding event; I also listened to it for the first time at that place. The music that is playing by using this subwoofer has a stunning performance.

  • A lightweight but powerful subwoofer allows it to deliver fascinating and intense audio.
  • Volume indicators enable you to control the volume easily.
  • Suitable for all kinds of venues.
  • A solid cabinet reduces the vibration and produces distortion-free sound.
  • It has a stand that allows being placed on the floor. It needs no shelf for placement.
  • It does not hold a Bluetooth feature.
  • It lacks a waterproof feature, so it must be away from water.

5) Sound Town METIS-15SPW2.1 Best DJ Subwoofer Under 500

Sound Town METIS-15SPW2.1

Size : 15″ | Frequency Response : 40 Hz – 500 Hz | Sensitivity : 96 dB | SPL Max : 122 dB | Voice Coil : 4″ | Magnet :100 oz | Impedance : 8Ω | Dimensions : 24.02 x 21.85 x 25.59 inches

Sound Town is an audio production company that began in Los Angeles, California. It aims to manufacture professional quality products. The speakers from the same firm have been delivering for the past 15 years.

The quality of the items is so excellent that Sound Town Inc. is growing business worldwide. There is a wide range of the very best subwoofer for DJ. Let’s have some detailed features of Sound Town METIS-15SPW2.1.

Integrated Amplifier

Sound Town METIS-15SPW2.1 has a built-in amplifier designed to provide more power to the subwoofer and get better and more euphoric effects. An integrated amplifier is a great facility for a subwoofer. With a built-in amplifier, it delivers the best DJ subwoofer quality.

Wooden Enclosure

The wooden enclosure of a subwoofer enables it to produce deep bass. When it comes to METIS-15SPW2.1, it has plywood front and rear that delivers great audio and allows it to deliver awesome results. Plywood enables it to produce a distortion-free sound that is the foremost choice of the audience.


The subwoofers are designed to surround all the areas with their powerful sound. If a venue is not surrounded by sound and the people are not moving, it portrays some incompleteness in the loudspeaker. A great subwoofer always enables the audience to enjoy the audio to their fullest.

PA System  

METIS-15SPW2.1 has a microphone, amplifier, and loudspeaker; that’s why it is called a PA system. It can increase or decrease the volume of the human voice as well. PA systems are usually for the public venue, where a large crowd is gathered to listen.

Buyer’s Choice

Sound Town METIS-15SPW2.1 is the best subwoofer for DJ that has all the features which a DJ’s subwoofer must hold. It has become the venue’s owners’ foremost choice due to its great results and reviews. The new functions of the subwoofer allow it to produce better audio. I recommend this product to the newly buying people because of its user-friendly and more awesomely performing.

  • It serves a mighty bass with a 15″ low-frequency driver.
  • Compatible with all speakers and delivers great results.
  • Easy to list by using two ergonomic handles
  • Heavy-duty black carpet finishing allows to produce better sound and look incredibly fantastic.
  • The unavailability of a wireless system/ Bluetooth makes it difficult to operate.
  • Non-water-resistant nature requires it to take great care of the loudspeaker.

6) Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP Best DJ Subwoofer Design

Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP

Size : 12″ | Power Rating : 1200W | Maximum Peak SPL : 129 dB SPL | Frequency Range : 41Hz-165Hz (-10dB) | Frequency Response : 49Hz-135Hz (-3dB) | Low Pass Crossover Frequency : 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 150Hz | Dimensions : 16.7 in x 17.6 in x 18.0 in | Weight : 42.11 lbs.

Electro-voice is an audio manufacturing company in America that produces microphones, loudspeakers, and amplifiers. The products from this company are best for concert venues, celebrations, and worship places. Most of the products are for DJs; it has the best subwoofer for DJs that allows the public gatherings to get full-fledged enjoyment through this subwoofer.

Connection via Auxiliary  

The subwoofer can connect via an auxiliary cable usually used to connect band systems, amplifiers, home theater systems, and computer speakers to enjoy flawless audio music. The main work of auxiliary cable is to transfer sound when it is connected to a certain device.

Wireless Connection

The subwoofer could also connect via a wireless connection. Bluetooth is available in the subwoofer to connect to any Bluetooth device, whether mobile, laptop, or iPod. The wireless connection makes it easy to move from place to place, and it is more convenient to operate the subwoofer by using Bluetooth.

Subwoofer Design

The enclosure is made of strong plywood, enabling it to produce quality bass and not allowing the air to pass through the cabinet. Enclosure matters a lot while purchasing a subwoofer. It has two handles that allow the subwoofer to move easily and comfortably. When lifting a loudspeaker is convenient, it is easy for placement.

Complex DSP 

Digital Signal Processing allows the digital signals to pass and provides high-quality digital audio. DSP enables the audience to fascinate themselves and enjoy the music through their stay at the event.

Buyer’s Choice

Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP is a subwoofer that allows the audience to enjoy the music. It is suitable for concerts, weddings, and other celebrations at several institutions. I have witnessed it working at my farewell party; what a great sound it was producing. The audience was too excited and listened carefully.

I suggest this product for the same reason; its results are awesome that anyone could conveniently become a fan. The company’s reliability and trustworthiness matter a lot before buying, so this company is also recommended for purchasing audio products.

  • Connect via Bluetooth and Auxiliary
  • Comfortable to lift with two side handles
  • Easily portable from one place to a new place
  • Lacks RCA connection
  • Not waterproofing

7) Gemini Sound GD-115BT Best Powered Subwoofer for DJ

Gemini Sound GD-115BT

Size : 15” | Peak Power : 1000 Watts | RMS Power : 500 Watts | Connectivity Technology RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary | Recommended Use : Clubs, Weddings, Parties, Live Performance | Dimensions : 16 x 20 x 29 inches | Weight : 33 pounds (14.85 kg)

Gemini is a sound products corporation that produces products for DJs. The firm delivers professional sound systems and mobile DJ equipment such as; loudspeakers, professional amplifiers, DJ CD players, wireless microphones, DJ mixers, DJ turntables, & DJ audio effects. The loudspeakers that it manufactures have the best subwoofers for DJ, enabling the audience to enjoy the event with deep bass and distortion-free audio.


The Gemini GD-115BT could connect to any medium that has Bluetooth and RCA input available. It is easy to use as wired and wireless connections are available in the subwoofer. The latest technology allows it to connect via auxiliary cable as well.

Class D Amplifier

The built-in amplifier in the subwoofer enables it to produce more power and deliver outstanding results. The class D amplifier is used in the subwoofer that has quality sound with deep bass and allows the audience to fascinate and fill your venue with top-quality audio music.

 Secure and Adaptable

The closure is so strong and flexible that it can be operated in any direction; whether it’s tilted or placed straight, it delivers the same audio of high quality with distortion. Choosing a product is not easy, but if it comes to the subwoofer, one must focus on the construction of the enclosure. The enclosure helps a lot in delivering quality sound.

Audio Mixer

The feature of a 3-channel audio mixer enables the operator to adjust the volume according to the place and audience. It allows hearing as much you could easily bear.

Buyer’s Choice

Gemini GD-115BT is a subwoofer with specific features that are user-friendly and enable the DJs to perform well in front of the audience. It is the best subwoofer for a DJ with the primary purpose of fascinating the audience with its bass and audio quality. I saw it during a university event at the auditorium; it was good enough that everyone was delighted with the audio quality. That’s the reason I recommend this product to one who asks me before buying a particular loudspeaker for their celebration.

  • Sturdy build and mobility allow moving the product quickly from one place to another.
  • Stand mountable enables the subwoofer to fix or remove the stand according to the consumer’s demand.
  • The security and versatility of the enclosure empower the subwoofer to be positioned in different directions.
  • Several ways to connect: Bluetooth, RCA input, and auxiliary cable.
  • It is not waterproof, so it must be away from the water.

8) MTX Audio Pro 2 TP1100 Best DJ Subwoofer Under 200

MTX Audio Pro 2 TP1100

Size : 10″ | Power : RMS: 100 Watts Peak : 200 Watts | Tweeter  : 1″ (25mm) w/ 13″ x 6″ Horn | Impedance : 4Ω | Sensitivity : 92dB | Dimensions : 25 x 15.5 x 13 inches | Weight : 30 pounds each

MTX ThunderPro2 audio speakers are usually developed for individuals who enjoy songs and intend to pay attention to them loud. These speakers are made for mobile DJs, artists, and loud song fans almost everywhere. MTX owns the best subwoofers for DJ, that are so good in output and appearance.

Developed For Performance

These powerful audio speakers are sufficiently durable for your home event, garage, or live performances anywhere. The high result audio is developed utilizing a 10″ woofer that supplies remarkable mid and low frequency audio recreation and a 1″ horn-packed tweeter ideal for providing crystal clear vocals and high frequencies at high volumes. The TP1100 has a 4Ω resistance and generates approximately 200-watts Peak power.

Pro Sound, Thunder SPL

The system consists of a stainless-steel grille that secures the drivers from celebration incidents and transport snafus. The MDF unit is durable and developed to endure the huge SPL produced inside the enclosure.

The device is covered with aviation-quality carpeting that can withstand severe usage. It has integrated certain grasp handles in the sides for very easy movement. Edge supports secure the unit from damages as well as the 5-way binding posts and 1/4″ input jack make attaching your source to the audio speakers quickly and easily.

Buyer’s Choice

MTX Audio Pro 2 TP1100 is the best subwoofer for DJ that holds all the features that a subwoofer for public gatherings must own. Its design is made for the convenience of the audience and the performer. It is reliable and produces quality results that are the choice of the public during a celebration.

The product is highly efficient and delivers deep bass that surrounds the venue all-around and enables the listeners to move freely on the bass. I have seen it working at a wedding; the audience enjoyed and danced at great bass and appreciated the sound quality. This product is suggested to those who wish to make their events memorable and celebrate their celebrations with more enthusiasm.

  • PA speaker that has a microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker.
  • It Produces a crystal-clear voice with a tweeter.
  • The stainless-steel grille enables it to look sophisticated and awesome.
  • Easy to lift and carry from one place to another.
  • The absence of a cordless system/ Bluetooth makes it hard to run.
  • Non-water-resistant nature needs it to take excellent care speaker.

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor DJ Subwoofer

It is essential to know about the kith and kin of the subwoofer before buying one for you. The subwoofer you buy must be the best in all functions and features. Getting knowledge and suggestions from someone with great knowledge about the product is the best action. 

For the convenience of the new buyer, we have managed to make a comprehensive guide for you. You could easily get the best guidance from the buying guide mentioned below:

Frequency Response Range

This feature enables you to choose the subwoofer that provides you with setting the frequency range by yourself. The frequency response range describes the audio result that a speaker supplies. You have to buy a subwoofer that has theoption of choosing the frequency response range on your own.


The enclosure is the most important thing you must check before buying a subwoofer. An enclosure is used to deliver the best bass and distortion-free sound. The wooden enclosure is always appreciated as it delivers the customer’s results. 


The size matters a lot while purchasing a subwoofer. The large subwoofer always produces better results. The size of the subwoofer must be large for a large audience so that each and every person could enjoy the music equally.


It would be best always to have a subwoofer that delivers the best quality bass. The working of a subwoofer is to replicate the sound of the connected device. It changes the sound into low-frequency and provides quality bass, so a subwoofer must be top-quality to deliver the best quality bass.

Power Rating

Power rating also matters to a great extent when you buy a subwoofer. Before buying, you need to focus on the RMS of the subwoofer. If your subwoofer does not have a built-in amplifier, you must buy one by keeping in view the RMS of the amplifier that is the same as that of a subwoofer.


Cost is the top-most priority before purchasing a subwoofer. The cost must be in line with the features of the subwoofer.

The market is full of high-class, costly products; it is hard to find the best one for you. A cost-effective product is the best choice for the customer.


After buying the product, you must check the warranty that ensures the long-term use of the product without stress. The warranty helps you protect your investment and get better results throughout the usage.



We will prefer the buyer to own Alphasonik DJ Subwoofer for Music DJ-powered subwoofer that is large. It has an 18-inch driver that produces great bass and low-frequency output. The lightweight, event-friendly subwoofer has an RCA connectivity feature.

Class D amplifier delivers fascinating sound, XLR combo unit, floor standing facility, Volume indicators, and a solid enclosure makes it best for purchasing. It has the best features at a low cost that no other subwoofer could provide.

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