10 Best Vintage Turntable – Classic Vinyl Music Players in 2022

Buying the best vintage turntable offers several benefits over the production line’s new, shiny, and fresh looks. Vintage turntables are affordable and unique, offering more for the people concerned about the budget. Record collecting is not a cheap hobby; finding the affordable and cheapest options with retro looks fit the bill. These options are attractive and maintain the higher quality standards you want in a turntable.

When buying the turntable, we must look at several things and select based on these criteria. The vintage turntables are classic and exhibit the element of old-fashioned music players. You must research and select the option that best suits your needs. Fortunately, the online market has several options that can deliver high-end performance while remaining affordable. Looking out for those options gives an advantage over the modern turntables regarding the looks and feel.

Table of Content

  1. Victrola 8-in-1 Multimedia Center
  2. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable
  3. Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record
  4. 1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable
  5. ION Audio Air LP Vinyl Record Player
  6. 1 BY ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Turntable
  7. House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable
  8. Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable
  9. Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable
  10. Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable

10 Best Vintage Turntable Models in 2022

Best Vintage Turntable

Choosing a suitable vintage turntable can get challenging when you don’t know where to start. It is where you need help from a professional that can let you narrow down the choices. As an audiophile and knowledgeable person about musical instruments, I have sorted this list of the options from all the best vintage turntable brands. You can choose your option based on the reviews and buying guide given in the article.

1) Victrola 8-in-1 Classic Turntables Multimedia Center

 Victrola 8-in-1 Classic Turntables Multimedia Center
Motor TypeAC Motor
Signal FormatAnalog

The Victrola Aviator is a beautiful and classic-looking record player that is an upgrade with modern features. It’s very versatile and perfect for the whole family. It’s also surprisingly less expensive than the original Victrola Aviator. I liked it for the features and design that exhibit a blend of modern functions and vintage looks.

Classic and Antique Design

When you first look at Victoria’s classic turntables, you will fall in love with them. Their classic design fits well with the home décor and can boost the overall look of your room. The 8-in-1 is made of reliable and rich wood and adds a stylish look to your antique collection. Its box contains the front portion for the record player and has delicate chrome details, including the stereo speakers, and features a CD player and cassette player. 

High-End Performance

When I reviewed the performance of Victoria 8 in 1 best vintage turntable, it amazed me with the wide range of features that let me enjoy different music in different ways. The sound quality is excellent and loud, which surprised me for recording this price tag.

Although the speakers are very loud, it doesn’t mean they are loud enough to entertain a large crowd. If you want to host a party in your home, you may need to hook this record player with an RCA jack set of active speakers so that anyone can enjoy music in any corner of the room.

Dual Connectivity System

With Victoria 8 in 1 turntable, you have an option to connect the record player with any device that is not Bluetooth enabled. For this purpose, it offers a 3.5-millimeter aux-in cable to attach any device, and the RCA inputs are available for the same function. There is an RCA output for connecting the external speakers to get excellent results.

Due to its wireless connectivity option with Bluetooth capability, you can enjoy music by connecting it with any Bluetooth-enabled device like your smartphone. With this ability, you can enjoy streaming music wirelessly as you will need no connection cord, similar to the Sony vintage turntable. However, if you want to listen to music via vinyl record or cassettes, you may need to plug it into an outlet.

  • It is a perfect blend of modern functions and vintage style
  • The sound balance is excellent
  • The recording feature allows recording from the CDs
  • Several playing options are available that offer versatility
  • The phonograph arm is light making it sometimes skip the tracks
  • It has manual switching due to the absence of a power button on remote

2) Audio-Technica High-End Vintage Turntables

audio-Technica High-End Vintage Turntables
SpecificationTested Values
ManufacturerAudio Technica
Motor TypeDC Motor
Signal FormatAnalog

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK is an excellent turntable for anyone with a vinyl collection. It can digitize your records into a digital audio format, and it also has a lot of customization options. I have personally used it to digitalize the old records, which worked like a charm.

Modern and Unique Design

The Audio-Technica is among high-end vintage turntables with a modern design made of lightweight material. This polished black turntable has an anti-resonance, professional-grade, die-cast aluminum platter and a felt sheet, so there will be no vibrations while playing records due to voice. 

Plastic Build

Technics vintage turntable plastic builds it lightweight, and unlike Thorens vintage turntable, the Audio Technica has a plastic body. Even the knobs and dials will also make from plastic. However, this may feel like an odd choice because the whole high-end feel diminishes the presentation of the player, which will look lovely in any way.

General Performance and Usage

When it comes to the performance of the Audio-Technica vintage turntable, you will find that it is excellent in working. It is easy to choose the right speed to play record with controls 33/45/78 RPM placed right next to the start button, so you will only place it on your turn table and operate it efficiently.

Audio-Technica has a built-in preamp that will prove very helpful for you if you don’t have stereos with dedicated phone lines. However, you can switch between the amp and phone line with the flip of a switch on the back side of the record player. It will also excellently feature for the users of vinyl that doesn’t contain a powerful stereo system with a dedicated amp.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Audio-Technica is excellent, but sometimes it may vary due to the attached device with the turntable. While testing it with a dedicated stereo amp, you will get excellent sound quality with a crisp tone and high bass. During the other testing experiments, I found that its sound depends on the quality of the speakers and amp. It is also good to know that the sound dynamics of this model have more room than the others.

  • It provides aesthetics and design that fit every setup
  • It has USB connectivity for easy setup
  • The vinyl to digital conversion is highly effective
  • The sound quality is phenomenal
  • The build quality seems less durable due to plastic
  • It lacks the belt-driven mechanism

3) Fluance RT81 Elite Best Vintage Record Player

Fluance RT81 Elite Best Vintage Record Player
SpecificationFeatured Values
Motor TypeAC Motor
Signal FormatAnalog

If you’re looking for a great starter turntable, the Fluance RT81 is the one you want. It’s easy to set up and use, and it looks great. Plus, it’s very affordable, which I prefer because most people asking for a vintage turntable want an affordable choice. While experienced audiophiles may not be impressed with the RT81, most people will appreciate its mix of features and value.

Classic and Understated Design

The Fluance RT81 is classic and discreet in design, carrying the same design that 70s turntable brands had in common. Its platform is made of MDF and gives you a beautiful high-gloss walnut finish. Due to the use of walnut, the RT81 brings a retro look but is still modern. Although its turntable is belt driven, there is no need to change it whenever you change the speed.

Decent Sound Quality

The sound quality of Fluance RT81 is also remarkable, with a good number of details, and its plastic tonearm plays a vital role in tracking records. The Audio Technica AT95E will not blow audiophiles away. However, it will prove an excellent beginner cartridge with a replaceable needle at an affordable price, making it the best vintage turntable under 1000.

I find the sound of Fluance RT81 very significant these audiophiles will nitpick about the detail retrieval, slightly varying speed, and dynamic range. It looks like the sound of Fluance RT81 hunting and pecking and maintaining its perfect speed. It will be easily noticeable while listening to classical music because in classical music, every note will sustain for an extended period, and you can notice it quickly.

RCA Output and Connectivity

The Fluance 81 ranks high among the best turntables of all time due to several factors. It has an RCA output at the rear, including a ground post. There is also a power port available for the wall-wart power supply. A couple of switches also come along with the turntable. One is a toggle on the start and stops feature, and the other toggle for a built-in phono preamp.

  • The phono stage is built-in the box
  • Its presentation is solid and weighty
  • Has excellent sound quality with convenient features
  • It is engineered well and has an attractive design
  • The tonearm has plastic making it less premium
  • Speed can feel inconsistent

4) 1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable

1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable
Manufacturer1 BY ONE
Motor TypeDC Motor
MaterialMetal, Wood, Plastic
Signal FormatAnalog

The 1 by One Belt Driven Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable was designed with a specific purpose – playing those old records you have hiding away in your loft. It’s affordable and can play whichever record you choose, at whichever speed you want, between 33, 45, or 75 rpm. To all the audiophiles like me, it’s a utility that fits the bill.

Basic Stylus Design

The 1 By One Belt Driven Bluetooth Record Player undoubtedly has a stylish primary output with excellent audio sound quality. I can say that the people who design it know very well that they must make a well-rounded classic vinyl turntable or record player.

Tracks Sound Quality

The sound quality is high-end for this type of record player. As it goes according to the weight settings, I will continue to play it in this regard, but its turntable is also a thing that will please you. One thing to keep in mind about these record players is that they are delicate parts of machines. However, while working with this unit, you may need to pay attention to the tone while adjusting for playing it.

Quick Connectivity

The 1 BY One best vintage turntable allows you to plug it in and play when you want. You can also connect it with Bluetooth wirelessly, and it will also work for your smartphones and tablets, including Apple and Android devices. If you want quick access to play and save recorded songs, you can make it with an additional USB cable, which most people already have in their collections.

  • At a reasonable price, it offers built-in preamp
  • The plastic dust cover has high quality and excellent design
  • It has well-explained documentation for connectivity
  • It can bypass the built-in preamp and connect to the phono stage
  • Range and bearings are not excellent on the tonearm
  • The weighted anti-skate is not precise
  • It lacks semi-auto stop upon ending

5) ION Audio Air LP Best Audiophile Turntable

ION Audio Air LP Best Audiophile Turntable
SpecificationTested Values
Motor TypeAC Motor
ConnectivityWired, Wireless
Signal FormatDigital

I don’t emphasize the plastic turntables much, but ION Audio Air LP’s best audiophile turntable is an exception. It is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much money on a record player. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it wherever you go. It also has a built-in USB output for converting your vinyl records to digital format.

Vintage Design

Regarding design, the ION Air LP turntable looks cheap, and its frame makes a sacrifice for this. However, you can also double the place for the setup Bluetooth speaker temporarily. But in my recommendation, place it near a dedicated stereo system instead of Bluetooth. The RCA at the rear will allow you for connection, and as a result, you will get a better setup for your speaker system.

Audiophile Listening Experience

The overall listening experience depends only on what you expect to hear from this sound system. However, you may disappoint if you hope to have an audiophile listening experience in this price range. While on the other side, if you want to have precious little from this little investment, you will get enough in the ION Audio Air LP.

Although it lacks details and style still, the turntable provides a good balance with its low, mids, and highs. All of them are relatively solid. However, the overall quality is better when we connect its turntables through wires with speakers, but its sound becomes perfectly lovely when you connect it wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Bluetooth and Phono Stage

Due to its Bluetooth connectivity option and built-in phono stage, the ION gives you a fuss-free listening experience. There is a button on the right side of its base through which you can pair it with your Bluetooth device, and you will enjoy your music streams in seconds.

  • It can pair with the Bluetooth speakers for more options
  • It provides options to convert vinyl to digital collection
  • There are several connection options like AUX, headphone jack, and RCA
  • The sound quality is very balanced
  • Plastic can feel slightly cheap
  • The audio is not exceptionally good

6) 1 BY ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Vinyl Turntable

1 BY ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Vinyl Turntable
SpecificationFeatured Values
Manufacturer1 BY ONE
Motor TypeDC Motor
MaterialMetal, Wood, Plastic
Signal FormatAnalog

The 1 By ONE High Fidelity Belt Drive Vinyl Turntable is an excellent record player for several reasons. Firstly, its unique design is eye-catching and stylish. Secondly, its price is very reasonable. Finally, it has a range of excellent features, which makes it even more user-friendly.

Design Build to Last

The design and build quality are excellent and durable material is used in its making. Although it still has a few features than its competitors, they are all instrumental. Wood and metal components make it affordable and fabulous. A unique sense of layering design and no doubt its streamlined corner is stylish and atmospheric in design.

Adjustable Counterweight

1 BY One best vintage turntable consists of counterweight essentials in most classic severe designs. They work to produce rich and warm audio and provide a balance to each channel. They will release a good sound so you can escape any distortion and noise.

Built-In Stereo Speakers

A built-in stereo speaker produces a clear and crisp sound without any bass distortion. However, you can also plug in external speakers through an RCA cable for a more elegant sound experience. There is also an internal amplifier to play vinyl music on vintage turntable.

An external preamp will allow you to connect your power speakers without any additional external preamp. I think this is one of the best turntables on this list due to its built-in speakers and other features.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Streaming

Through this turntable, you can enjoy music by paring your devices like iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, and USB-mp3. They can easily connect via Bluetooth. Due to its wireless connectivity option, this turntable allows you quick access to music and can listen anywhere you want.

  • It is a highly affordable turntable that plays 33 and 45 RPM speeds
  • It can take input from other devices using Aux and Bluetooth
  • The sound clarity and quality are exceptional
  • The built-in RCA and AMP allow for connections from other sources
  • Its built-in speakers do not match the external speakers’ quality
  • It does not handle higher RPM than 45.

7) House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable

House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable
ManufacturerHouse of Marley
Motor TypeAC Motor
Signal FormatDigital

The House of Marley Stir It Up is a modern, well-sounding turntable perfect for displaying your vinyl collection. I like how easy it is to set up and utilize it for wireless connectivity. Even though some components can be challenging to adjust, it is still an excellent choice.

Eyes Catching Design

The House of Marley Stir It Up turntable is one of the most stylish at this price tag. Its compact and curved design adds extra marks, and the frame is also excellent due to the bamboo material. Its natural finish will make it more adjustable in all types of your home décor.

Belt Driven Mechanism

Although the turntable is belt-driven, has an unattached platter, and needs assembling, it will not be as daunting as it sounds. The belt loop is placed around the plate and needs stretching into position and hooking over a peg on the turntable top. Without any special tools, you can do it in seconds.

Modern USB Connectivity

The House of Marley Stir It Up turntable can connect with a USB output, and you can convert the records and other digital files for your PC or Mac, and they will become ready to play in the car and other devices. It will become more accessible and convenient if your house sticks with ultra-rare vinyl.

Exquisite Sound Quality

Although the turntable provides a warm sound, it doesn’t mean that it lacks punch, and, you will hear quality life in the legends, even for 45-year-old tunes. However, you may hear some distortion at the higher volume because Stir It Up is not perfect. But it is still as good as you can expect a deck at this price tag.

  • The design and aesthetics are beautiful
  • It has sustainable and sturdy materials
  • Sound quality is good at an affordable price
  • The access to the switches and jack is convenient
  • It lacks plastic or solid cover to prevent dust
  • The power supply is not up for the wall mount
  • Sound can distort between tracks

8) Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Fluance RT80 Classic High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable
SpecificationTested Values
Motor TypeAC Motor
Signal FormatAnalog

Fluance turntables are great for sound, character, and quality. RT80 is one model that particularly shines in this area, and part of the reason it does so well is that it only plays records- nothing else. Because of this focus, it can do its one job better than other models that try to do more than one thing.

Standard Build Quality

Fluance 80 utilizes an MDF frame, and it is also excellent to have superb resonance rejection and sturdiness relative to its weight. The turntable is very smooth and gives you a brilliant glossy black finish. There are four rubber feet underneath for standing and providing balance. The top of the frame is of the tinted plastic dust cover.

Pleasant Listening Experience

With its glossy black frame, S-type tonearm, and Audio Technica cartridge, the Fluance RT80 is the best vintage turntable among most modern turntables. The sound quality is also much better than the other models in this range. Its records become hot than your expectations, and it hooks with a traditional sound system with a separate stereo.

Moreover, the bass will emphasize the high-end, but it will give you a transparent sound in listening. The turntable is entry-level, and you can compare it with Fluance RT85, which is also very impressive due to its price.

High-Quality Cartridge

When talking about the other models in this price range, they do not have quality cartridges and needles. And as a result, you may need to spend more money upgrading your turntable. So, it is better to pay it once and buy a quality thing instead of upgrading the low-quality product. Fluance outfitted their model with a quality Audio Technica AT91 conical stylus. You will get a crystal-clear sound with its 2 grams of force.

  • It has excellent anti-skating system implementation
  • It comes with the sound isolation feet
  • The RCA outputs are gold plated
  • It comes paired with the Texas Instruments preamp and Audio Technica AT91 stylus
  • It lacks built-in speakers
  • It doesn’t play 78 RMP records
  • There is no built-in headphone jack

9) Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Turntable

Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Turntable
SpecificationFeatured Values
Motor TypeDC Motor
Signal FormatDigital

Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Turntable results from superb engineering of the suitable materials and components. I am a fan of budget turntables, and PL30K doesn’t disappoint in most departments. It has high-quality audio and clear stereo separation making it a better choice than most other turntables available on the market.

High-Quality Audio

Pioneer vintage turntable has much better audio quality, and its tonearm is very lightweight, which will help it to preserve the quality of records. You will get a crisp and clear sound without buzzing and unwanted responses.

Clear Stereo Separation

The sound quality is clear than enough, and the position of the stereo is much better than the others. However, if you want an automatic turntable, this will be a good pick for you, and I recommend this one over the LP60. But it doesn’t mean that the LP60 is not tremendous, but PL-990 is far better due to its advanced improvements.

High-End Build Quality

The PL-30 is very sturdy and heavy in design. Any turntable enthusiast can tell you that this heavy-weight turntable will translate for a better sound. Its feet are soft, and the mat of the plater is very thick and heavy but flexible rubber, not cloth, wool, or other light material that doesn’t do anything.

Moving Magnet Cartridge

The PL-30-K also comes with an Audio-Technica 3600L containing a moving magnet cartridge. The sound quality is reasonable, but you can upgrade it by upgrading the cartridge. It will base on a built-in phono preamp which gives you a pleasing sound. However, it can sound even better if the dynamic kick harder, and the bass has more oomph when you want to use it with another preamp.

  • It has an automatic start and stop button
  • The recording from CD and mp3 has sound warmth
  • It has an excellent built-in preamplifier
  • The sound quality is clean and crisp
  • The design looks relatively standard due to the plastic body
  • It has only wired connectivity

10) Denon DP-300F Best Vintage Automatic Turntable

Denon DP-300F Best Vintage Automatic Turntable
Motor TypeDC Motor
Signal FormatAnalogxz

The Denon DP-300F is the best vintage automatic turntable for beginners who want to start their record collection without having to deal with a complicated setup. You won’t get the best sound quality with this turntable, but it has convenient features that make it worth sacrificing some sound quality. If you decide you want better sound quality, you can always upgrade the cartridge.

All Black Design

The Denon vintage turntable DP 300F is a complete black turntable with a borderline look and a beautiful manageable glance. It finishes with black paint, not piano black but a grayish black look like a metallic flake.

Fully Automated Operation

The Denon is fully automatic so it will be a good pick for you over other similar choices like the Marantz vintage turntable. It starts and stops with the push of a simple button, followed by the automatic playback and arm movement. During playback, it automatically lifts the record using tonearm and returns to the initial resting position to prevent any wear from the needle.

Sound Quality

Denon provides their DSN-85 cartridge and stylus. They are not very high-end regarding the sound quality. That’s why turntables produce an average sound quality. The lack of high-quality extension and bass doesn’t provide a gut effect on this more expensive cartridge. Moreover, the cymbals sound bold, and the soundstage is also limited.

Decent Dumping Potential

The Denon is average in terms of damping. You may need to skip the DP-300F’s needle as the turntable cannot isolate it from vibration as for other expensive desks, and it will become perfect for you if you live in apartments with wobbly floors. However, you will not expect excellent damping from a budget turntable.

  • The playback is fully automatic
  • Beginner-friendly turntable with a built-in phono preamp
  • It is customizable and upgradeable
  • The retro styling is perfect for the setup
  • The sound quality feels average
  • It lacks USB recording
  • The built-in cartridge is not of high quality

Buying Guide of the Best Vintage Turntable

When you want to buy the best vintage turntable, there are some essential things for consideration. Look for a high-quality cartridge, general quality, playback speed options, price, and other features. The following thing may help you to make the right decision.

Cartridge Performance

The cartridge is a device where sound vibrations turn into electric signals and travel towards the preamp. The tonearm connects to the cartridge on the opposite side of the stylus. If your turntable contains a high-quality cartridge, stylus, and tonearm, it will provide you with a quality and clear sound and protect your record from any damage.

Playback Speed and Motor

The other important feature is its motor and the playback speed. Different type of vinyl records needs a different type of playback speed. However, if you want one that can help for all types of vinyl, pick up the turntable that can support 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM speeds. At the same time, the 78 RPM needs a different type of style for speed.

Mainly two types of motor are used for turntables; bet driven and direct driven. The direct-driven motor is a new technology that will spin the platter with a standalone mechanism. On the other hand, the belt-driven motor is older and requires a belt system to spin the platter.

Build Quality

The construction quality of anything is a central and vital point for consideration. And when it comes to turntables, it becomes more vital as they are not easy to fix. So, always buy a sturdy turntable with high-quality parts as they will bring you a long life for this kind of precious thing.

Price Compatibility

Maintaining your budget and keeping an eye on your pocket are essential. You will get lots of turntables reasonably without stretching your range. However, you can avoid other high-end features and consider an affordable turntable with good qualities if you have a tight budget.

If you’re looking for that warm, classic sound of vinyl records, you’ll want to invest in the best vintage turntable. I have listed several options that offer a perfect blend of vintage style and modern features in a complete package. After reading the reviews and buying guide, do some pondering to find the one that’s right for you and your audio setup.

The Fluance RT81 Elite Best Vintage Record Player is a perfect choice if you want something easy to use with excellent sound quality. If you’re working with a tight budget, the Audio-Technica High End Vintage Turntables is a great option that offers high sound quality without breaking the bank.

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