10 Best Guitar AMP Under 500 – Cheap and Affordable in 2022

For beginner guitarists, selecting the right equipment is limited as they don’t yet know what equipment suits them well. However, as time pass, they can invest in more feature-specific choices that can help them in long-term usage. In such situations, the best guitar amp under 500 is the perfect selection to hit the right spot and get the most out of your guitar. Whether you are new to guitar playing or have a limited budget, these choices help get the desired action and performance from your guitar.

Whether recording or practicing the guitar at home, the budget amp choices cater to all your needs. These budget choices are better at delivering tones comparable to the expensive choices and provide them in simple yet smaller formats. They work well for the electric, solid state, and digital technology, providing the best performance you can expect from a high-end amp. Days are gone when the budget amps were not up to the mark for their quality of amplification and production, as the new technology is more sophisticated and well-rounded for every kind of use.

Table of Content

  1. Positive Grid Spark 40-Watt Combo Guitar Amp
  2. Fender Champion 100-watt Guitar Amp
  3. Fender Mustang GTX50 Guitar Amplifier
  4. Yamaha THR10II WL Wireless Amp
  5. Marshall Code 50 Digital Combo Amp
  6. Boss Katana 100 MkII 100-Watt 1×12-Inch Guitar
  7. Boss Katana Air 20/30-Watt Wireless Guitar Amp
  8. Vox VXMSB25 Mini Amplifier
  9. Marshall Amps Guitar M-MG50GFX-U
  10. Blackstar HT Series HT-1R 1W 1×8 Tube Guitar Amp

10 Best Guitar AMP Under 500 in 2022

The right tools are always essential for the perfect music production and live performances. The best guitar amps are one of those essentials that are a must for producing quality music from guitars. However, choosing the right one from the options always seems complicated. Don’t worry as I have got you here.

Best Guitar AMP Under 500

Follow the detailed guide and reviews when buying the best affordable guitar value amp for your musical adventures. The buying guide will serve you for selecting the right product if you don’t know what features to look for when buying these products.

1) Positive Grid Spark 40 Best Guitar AMP for Beginners

Positive Grid Spark 40 Best Guitar AMP
ManufacturerPositive Grid
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage40 Watts
Weight15.36 pounds
Dimensions7.48 x 13.78 x 7.09 inches

positive-gride-spark-40-wattThe Positive Grid Spark 40 is the best guitar AMP for beginners, taking your guitar playing to the next level. It has endlessly customizable tones to get the most out of your setup, while it’s packed with features helpful for beginners. Besides its affordability, it is an excellent choice for its looks and sound production.

A Simple Design

The Spark design is similar to any modern amplifier designed for guitars. It has table-friendly looks but does not have vibes of being HiFi equipment with exotic looks. The black and gold color with the control panel and piping provides it a good reassurance of a player. For portability, it has removable leather straps, and a high-quality finish ensures that it does not look bad with the setup.

Independent Channel Selection

With this Amp, you get a lot of choices in terms of the sound you want to create. You’ve got your standard three-band EQ to adjust the highs, mids, and lows and dedicated gain control. Plus, there’s a separate knob for each effects type – modulation, delay, and reverb – so you can dial in exactly the right sound.

40 Watt Power

This little Amp is a powerhouse, offering 40 watts of stereo sound through a speaker setup. You can play it at lower volumes for your enjoyment or crank it up to start the party. With modeling tech that offers valve-like dynamics, this Amp can pack a punch.

Smart Jam and Auto Chords

Spark provides two great features that can help improve your experience and skills while playing guitar: Smart Jam and Auto Chords. Smart Jam uses your device’s microphone to create a backing track that goes along with what you’re playing. Auto Chords is a fantastic tool that can listen to a song, analyze it, and then provide the chords for you to play along, all within the app!

  • It has modern technology for making the convincing tube amp tones
  • The affordability makes it excellent value for money
  • The compact form produces rich sound quality
  • It is excellent for use as a practice tool for your guitar sessions
  • Improvements needed in the Auto Chord functionality
  • Smartphone control is not smooth

2) Fender Champion 100 Best Guitar Amp for The Money

Fender Champion 100 Best Guitar Amp
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage100 Watts
Weight40 pounds
Dimensions29.3 x 13.6 x 22 inches

The next guitar amp on my list is no other than Fender Champion 100, known as the best guitar Amp for the money. It is the flagship product from the Champion series of Fender guitar amplifiers. I like the solid performance it can generate using the 100 watts solid state power drive. It has 12-inch speakers that can produce clean Fender tube sound depending on the selection of the two selectable channels.

Iconic Fender Design

If you are not new to guitar playing, you probably have seen the 1960s Fender blackface amps. The Champion 100 recalls the same design and construction while having MDF and black Tolex vinyl mixing for the material selection. The black vintage knobs and solver grille cloth provides it’s the vintage vibes that you may miss on other Amps on the list.

Dual Channel Design

Champion 100 is the best guitar amp under 500 that utilizes a two-channel mechanism to serve the purpose. Channel one provides Twin reverb based on Fender Blackface amps with a classic clean tone. It lets the user control the customizations by allowing the FX rotary switch for combination and effect. Besides that, it has treble and bass control for more clarity.

Variety of Effects

One of the most presentable features of the Champion 100 is its variety of digital effects for customizations. The rotary switch on each channel can let you configure the 16 combinations of varying effects. To toggle the effect On and Off, you can utilize the right footswitch, which is a great addition. Some widespread effects include auto-wah, slapback delay, reverb, and many more.

Included Speakers

The Fender Champion 100 has 16 ohms 12-inch powerful speakers that have branding by the manufacturer. These speakers have a unique design that indicates the Eminence mode. The sound quality seems impressive for the Amp, and it fits well according to the industry standards.

  • Highly compact design for portability and storage
  • The build quality is excellent as per living room standards
  • It sounds great with even average types of guitars
  • The app gives your access to download the presets
  • Effects parameters are not controllable
  • It lacks output for the external speakers
  • Speakers can have better loudness as it lacks dedicated speakers support

3) Fender Mustang GTX50 Best Solid State Guitar Amp

Fender Mustang GTX50 Best Solid State Guitar Amp
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage50 watts
Weight23.1 pounds
Dimensions27.4 x 22.6 x 13.2 inches

The Fender Mustang GTX50 is the need for every studio setup due to its quality of production and ability to perform reliably for live performances. For people like me who want ample power and control over the guitar at their fingertips, the GTX 50 features everything. It has 200 presets that help you to find the right tone making it efficient and easy to use.

Studio Level Footprint

GTX50 is the best solid-state guitar amp primarily used in my home studio. I have it plugged in and always turned on, so I can use it whenever I get inspired. The Amp is mic’d up before, but the line outputs have a great cab and mic IR loaded up on them, so it feels like there’s an amp in the room even though it’s just plugged into my system.

Fully Controlled Sound

The small size of the Amp and the many ways the app usability lets me put it in the corner of my studio, yet I can still control every sound with a few taps on my phone. I can also mute the sound, so I only hear the Amp through my studio monitors or headphones, which is great when I don’t want to make any more noise in the room.

Sound and Feel

The Fender models are great for the Fender Mustang GTX50 amp, and I have a few of the real models in my studio. I’ve found that it’s easier to use the GTX in place of them because it sounds and feels so close to the real thing. It’s easy to get it in the mix without worrying about mics or anything else.

App Connectivity

To get the full potential out of the GTX50 amplifier, you’ll want to download the Fender Tone app. This app, available on iOS and Android, allows you to control the amps, pedals, and effects as if they were in the room with you. You can also save, and load presets through the app, which might come in handy if you do not even need to touch the amplifier itself.

  • Highly compact design for portability and storage
  • The build quality is excellent as per living room standards
  • It sounds great with even average types of guitars
  • The app gives your access to download the presets
  • The app needs improvements, and it is not much intuitive
  • The amplifier needs some time to get used to
  • Need a firmware update to get rid of all bugs

4) Yamaha THR10II WL Best Electric Guitar Amp

Yamaha THR10II WL Best Electric Guitar Amp
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage20 watts
Weight8 pounds
Dimensions14.49 x 5.5 x 7.2 inches

The THR10II is the best electric guitar AMP that is great for those looking for a portable option with many features. It comes with Cubase AI, an intuitive recording interface perfect for those just getting started. THR10II is also great for intermediate to advanced players.

Variety of Music Styles

Yamaha THR10II WL has 8 channels for a versatile experience of playing music. It does not matter if you like overdriven high gain sounds or clean sounds. It has always got you covered with the right set of effects. You can use it for electric and acoustic guitars without any performance concerns.

Effects and Sound Quality

The portable best guitar amp under 500 amplifier, THR 10II, produces great-sounding effects like reverb, delay, tremolo, and flanger. If you’re considering an upgrade from a cheaper amp, you’ll be amazed at how much better this one sounds in comparison. It is primarily due to the sound quality components used in its construction.

Connectivity and Recording

The THR10 II has great features like amp types, inbuilt effects, and the ability to play external audio in stereo. Plus, there’s a USB port so you can connect it to the free editor app. And if you want to record or playback directly via USB, you can do that too! Another great feature is the speaker-emulated headphones output, allowing you to record without using a DI.

Excellent App Integration

The app bundled with the Yamaha THR10II amp provides more control over the choice of the effects and cabinet emulation according to the amplifier type. Besides that, it allows for alternative reverb types and options for the compressor and internal gate. I liked more features about the app, like the ability to set the guitar DI mode with and without effects.

  • It contains eight different channels
  • The sound quality is similar to the tube amp
  • Cubase AI is a perfect addition for the music editors
  • It has several effects on audio playback
  • It does not have foot switch support
  • Feel slightly expensive

5) Marshall Code 50 Best Guitar Amp for Home Use

 Marshall Code 50
SpecificationTested Values
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage50 watts
Weight27 pounds
Dimensions17.91 x 10.71 x 17.01 inches

The Marshall Code 50 is the best guitar amp for home use that gives you a vast range of tones to play with and will keep you entertained for hours with all the different sonic possibilities. If you’re a bedroom rocker, this Amp is perfect because it gives you access to Marshall’s most iconic amp sounds and a bunch of customizable affects you can easily adjust.

Modern and Tough Design

The Marshall Code 50 is an amp that looks like it would fit perfectly in any modern music lover’s collection. It has a sleek, black design with amp controls on the top of the cabinet. Like other Amps offered by the manufacturer, the Code 50 is sturdy and made to last. The 11-ply Birchwood with a fiberboard back construction means it won’t succumb to wear and tear.

Top Mounted Controls

This Marshall amplifier has a sleek, minimalist design with a classic white Marshall logo. But what sets it apart from other Marshalls is the control face. The controls are on top of the cabinet, not the front, making it a little uncomfortable for usage. It serves an essential purpose, making the complex controls simpler to use.

Versatile Connectivity

The Marshal Code 50’s top section is where all the controls are for the effects, digital Amp, and cabinet simulations. There is also a screen to access all the presets. The standard headphone jack output, aux input, and USB port are present in the top section for connectivity.

Superior Sound Quality

The sound quality that comes from a Marshall amplifier is second-to-none. You can expect great sound if you’re using the built-in effects or amp models. The 50-watt solid-state Marshall is perfect for any event. The wide range of available effects sets this amplifier apart from the competition.

  • It has unlimited possibilities for any tone
  • The build quality is sturdy and compact
  • It is light and flexible for usage
  • It has various connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB
  • Editing the exact tone is tedious
  • The controls on the top seem less conventional than front-facing
  • It lacks foot control

6) Boss Katana 100 MKII Best Practice Guitar Amp

Boss Katana 100 MKII
SpecificationFeatured Values
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage100 watts
Weight38.5 pounds
Dimensions24 x 19 x 13 inches

The Boss Katana 100 MK2 is a powerful and versatile best practice guitar Amp that gives you five-amp voicings and five independent effect sections. With its 1×12″ speaker combo and variable power control, you can create massive soundscapes with multiple Katanas in stereo. And with the easy-to-use Boss Tone Studio, you can perfectly customize your sounds.

Redesigned Sturdy Looks

Despite some new additions and improvements, the Boss Katana MKII is the best guitar amp under 500 and doesn’t stray too far from the original design. It is just as durable and trustworthy as the last one, which is a lot because Boss products are known for being practically indestructible. Gigging musicians need an amp they can depend on without fail, and the Katana MKII checks that box.

Sound and Variations

When tested, the MKII felt spot on due to the sounds from the original Amp. The foundation is good to work with, and there are more options that you can utilize. Variations, on the other hand, don’t feel like drastic departures from the originals; instead, they expand on the original selection of voices, adding new and complementary colors to the fantastic sonic palette of the Katana.

Effects and Modulation

The effects on the MKII sound great, and it is not surprising from the leading manufacturer of guitar pedals. Besides the ace performance and sound of the effects, they are easy to control and access. Adjusting the boost, modulation, and reverb seems much easier due to the addition of the dual concentric pots.

Updated Tone Studio

I am not usually up for the software manipulation of the guitar amps, but it is a different case for the MKII. It comes with easier-to-navigate and precisely developed software. The update Tone Studio is a nice upgrade over the previous software, which is welcoming for the musician’s requiring assistance.

  • It has a highly durable and sturdy body
  • It comes packed with the new amp model variations
  • The sound is loud and clean
  • The distortion and crunch feel excellent
  • Sound quality sometimes fluctuates but not too concerning levels
  • The cable quality needs an improvement

7) Boss Katana Air Best Mini Guitar Amp

Boss Katana Air Best Mini Guitar Amp
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage20 watts
Weight5 pounds
Dimensions16 x 10 x 10 inches

The Boss Katana-Air is the perfect guitar amp for those who want to freely move while playing, making it the best mini guitar Amp on the list. Boss COSM modeling is also great for beginners who want to experiment with different sounds and effects. I found Katana the best Amp under 500 when it comes to portability.

Compact and Elegant Design

The Boss Katana Air wireless amplifier is an excellent device for those who are looking for portability and convenience. The amplifier is shaped like a black lunch box with black plastic on the top, bottom, and back. The front and sides of the device have a black grille that carries the Boss logo in the middle.

Tone and Stereo Effects

The Katana series is overall impressive for its amp setting and stereo effects. I find the Clean, Acoustic, Brown, Lead, and Crunch amps helpful while playing my favorite gigs. Regarding the effects, the boost, modulation, reverb, and delay are right on the spot. With the stereo speaker arrangement, the tones sound better and well round.

Boss Tone Studio App

Like other Boss amps, the Katana also support the Boss Tone Studio companion app. The app is available for all popular platforms, including Android and iOS devices. It has all the tools to let you control the tones, effects, and presets and assign the best guitar amp settings without even touching the amplifier.

App controlled Effects

The Tone Studio mobile app gives you access to 50 additional effects that you can use to create and organize sounds wirelessly. It is a convenient feature, especially if you want to be able to store presets on the app and download community presets to try out.

  • It is ideal for use as a practice amp for guitars
  • The built-in toners come in handy for the performances
  • It can serve the dual purpose of being a Bluetooth speaker
  • It is highly portable due to its mini size and battery-operated model
  • It lacks an option for the looper
  • It does not offer foot control for the knobs
  • Not the best choice for the acoustic amps

8) Vox VXMSB25 Mini Amplifier under 500

Vox VXMSB25 Mini Amplifier
SpecificationTested Values
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage50 watts
Weight17.98 pounds
Dimensions24 x 11 x 21 inches

The Vox Mini is a great-looking little practice amp that delivers a decent sound at a reasonable price. It’s not built for the road, but it’s perfect for keeping at home. It’s undoubtedly one of the best guitar amplifiers under $500 that you can buy.

Compact and Reassuring Design

The design of this Amp is very reminiscent of the past designs of Vox amplifiers. It is because Vox tries to maintain a distinct look with their products, and they successfully kept that look over the years. When people see this design, they can recognize that the Amp is from the Vox without seeing the logo or name.

Built-in Reverb

The new Vox amp has all the features that one would expect, including reverb and tremolo. The latter is especially notable because it is a signature sound for Vox amps. There is also an output for headphones or line connections.

Audio Quality and Sound

Vox’s best guitar amp under 500 is one of a kind. It’s got the power you need with a sound that’ll blow you away. The reverb and tremolo give it a vintage feel, and the gain adds a touch of modernity. It’s an impeccable combination of classic and contemporary. Sound quality is great when the volume is low to moderate, while it can distort a bit at higher volume levels.

Exclusive NuTube Technology

The Vox Mini Amplifier uses NuTube technology, which gives it a great sound at any volume. It makes it perfect for home use but not ideal for gigging. It also has a classic look (which I love) and great tones whether you’re using it by itself or with the Vox Stomplab.

  • It is intuitive and easy to use
  • The reverb feels unique and nice
  • At low volume, the sound quality is superb
  • The tone quality is excellent given the price
  • At higher gain settings, the distortion washes out
  • Power light needs a tone-it-down notch

9) Marshall M-MG50GFX-U Best Guitar AMP

Marshall M-MG50GFX-U
SpecificationFeatured Values
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage50 watts
Weight36.5 pounds
Dimensions10.9 x 20.3 x 19.4 inches

The MG50FX can get loud, making it perfect for practicing and smaller gigs. If you need even more volume or headroom, you might want to check out some of the larger models. It is also great for home practice since you can adjust the volume to however you need it without sacrificing sound quality.

Glorious Design

The appearance of the MG50GFX is reminiscent of other Marshall amps, and for a good reason – the iconic look of these amps is one of the things that made Marshall such a legendary brand in the world of rock music. With its gold face and knobs, black grill cloth, and white Marshall logo, the MG50GFX will turn heads and make a statement in any music venue.

Various Channels Integration

The MG comes with a lot of features, which is one of the reasons people buy it. It has 4 programmable channels; you can save the customized presets. The channels are sufficient for practicing at home and include ODI, OD2, crunch, and clean.

Line and MP3 Inputs

The Marshall MG has an output for headphones similar to other solid-state amps for practicing direct recording or silent recording. The MP3 input helps play the songs and back the tracks without connecting to other sources like separate loudspeakers.

Advanced Damping

The Amp has an exciting feature called “damping.” It makes the Amp more versatile and gives the user more options. You can utilize the same button to switch between the user presets and manual modes.

  • It provides an excellent all-around performance
  • The outputs are crisp and clean
  • It supports quiet practicing using the headphone
  • The foot pedal is an excellent addition for practicing
  • It is more expensive than most other options

10) Blackstar HT Series HT-1R 1W Best Tube Amps Under 500

Blackstar HT Series HT-1R 1W
Compatible DevicesGuitar
Output Wattage100 watts
Weight13.2 pounds
Dimensions6.77 x 12.13 x 12.01 inches

The HT1R from Blackstar’s HT Series is a single-watt tubular amplifier that performs just as well as its larger counterparts but without noise complaints from neighbors. These best tube amps under 500 can give you the classic rock guitar sound and feel you crave without sacrificing volume.

Tiny but Durable

The Blackstar best guitar amp under 500 is tiny in real life, though it may look large in photos. The marketing for the product downplays its size, though it is still a good quality build. The cabinet is professional grade, with a mixture of metal and aluminum that can last for years without damage.

Connectivity and Output

The headphone out jack and XLR input for the guitars serves for the audio monitors. The 3.5mm input jack also comes in handy for external playback. There is additional output for the extra speakers on the backside, which is helpful for connectivity. I like the emulated output jack for practicing in silence on this amplifier from Blackstar.

Channel and Controls

The Blackstar HT-1R has control for a single channel, which is convenient when used with the best guitar amp attenuator. It has a control cluster with knobs for EQ, gain, and volume. The knobs for adjusting the amplifier’s tone between the American and British voices come in handy when you want to get the most out of the amps.

Sound and Performance

The Blackstar HT1 may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. This little Amp has the same great sound as the HT5, but with only 1 watt of power. It promises top performance by combining the custom speaker and tubular amps. Despite the size, it produces great results and lets you record and plays high-quality music.

  • It has a compact and tiny body for easy placement
  • It sounds crisp and clear at low volumes
  • The direct recording features help practice
  • It is best for playing the vintage sound
  • It provides limited control over the EQ
  • The volume seems less loud for jam sessions

Buying Guide for the Best Tubular Guitar AMP Under 500

Once you go through the best guitar Amp under 500 reviews, the immediate question you may ask is how you decide between all these options. The answer primarily depends on your needs, but other considerations are worth watching out for. Here are the standard features you must consider when buying the best cheap guitar Amps.

Power Rating

You must consider the power rating of the guitar Amp before deciding on the final product. It is the rating that shows how loud the guitar Amp can get without needing any external assistance.

The rule of thumb is that the more watts an amp has, the louder the sound will be for the performance. Out of all the reviewed guitar amps, Fender Champion 100 and Boss Katana 100 have the highest power rating that you can rely on for the loudness.

Ability of Customizations

The second factor that needs the buyer’s attention when purchasing the guitar amp is its customization and configuration abilities. You must closely look for whether it is a combo amp or has a separate head and speaker.

The customization allows you to play around with the configuration for pairing the Amp with different speakers and set the sound level according to the needs. However, most Amp under the 500 budget comes in combos with the speakers already built in.

Speaker Size

The size of the speaker is of foremost importance when purchasing the best guitar amp. Always look for the bigger speaker if you aim the performing outdoor. 12-inch speakers are best in this regard for guitarists as they offer more loudness.

However, you can choose 10-inch speakers too as they don’t perform poorly either. The 8-to-10-inch speakers are enough for a clean, crisp sound for mid-range performance. Marshall M-MG50GFX-U Best Guitar AMP offers 12-inch speakers, a plus point.

Additional Features

Besides all the essential features I have already explained, getting additional features is always helpful. Extra features ensure that you get the enhanced functionality of the Amp while getting all the basics too.

An effect loop, lineout, built-in effect, and speaker extension provide more options and help you get the most out of your guitar and amp setup. All the guitar amps listed here offer something unique for the guitarists, so choose them according to your preferred features.

You must consider the build and sound quality when buying the best guitar amp under 500. The amps in this price bracket almost offer the same functionality and build quality, making the decision-making challenging. The final choice depends on your preference and list of additional features.

In my recommendation, Positive Grid Spark 40-Watt Combo Guitar Amp is the best Guitar Amp for the money, which all the features that most other top-of-the-line amps offer. It comes with a 12-inch speaker and 100-watt output to provide the perfect volume clarity and loudness for the performances.

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