How to Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless? Step by Step Guide

Wires of the surround system can feel troublesome to handle at times, and you can get frustrated handling them. I think no one wants to do the stretch and go through the wire clutter every time to reach the back side of the speakers. Wireless speakers eliminate the reach issues and dealing with the wire clutter but cost you more.

If you are among those people, you may wonder how to convert wired speakers to wireless. It is a straightforward process by using a wireless speaker kit. The kit can turn wired speakers into wireless by providing RF signals. However, connecting a separate amplifier is necessary to give them power because these kits cannot deliver power to your speakers.

Several methods are applicable to convert the regular speakers to wireless technology. This guide will elaborate on making the regular speaker wireless using the wireless kits. The procedure is relatively easy, so there is no need to worry about it.

How to Make Wired Speakers Wireless?

The setup to convert wired speakers to Bluetooth depends on the configuration of your speaker and the type of wireless speaker conversion kit you want to use. I will try to generalize the whole procedure and provide ample info to set up your kit. These typical kits for your surround speakers and subwoofers are the best.

How to Make Wired Speakers Wireless?

The passing cables of your front channel speakers are easy as you may locate your receiver close to the speakers. But the rear speakers may also place far away from the amplifier or receiver. At the same time, the subwoofer has many options for its locations, which can be set according to them.

So, we can say that it depends on where you locate your rear speakers, and it doesn’t matter whether you use a cable or wireless kit setup. However, running a cable surround speaker looks tidy for the layout of your room, but this will replace using a wireless kit.

1) Select Wireless Speaker Kit

The wireless speaker kits send the audio signals via Radio Frequency, and through this process, your surround speaker becomes a wireless one. You only need to install a wireless speaker kit to get superior-quality signals for your regular surround speakers.

Wireless Speaker Kit

There are receiving and transmitting units in a wireless kit. The transmission unit gets input from the receiver and then sends them to the reception unit. After this, the receiving unit process these signals and convert them into whatever is connected to its output.

Currently, two types of speaker kits are available in the market for making speakers wireless:

No Built-in Amplifier

Several wireless speaker kits are available in the market, enabling the user to make speakers Bluetooth enabled. One important thing is that you should pick up no built-in amp kit if you have active speakers.

Keep in mind that these kits pass the audio signals only and cannot provide power for the speakers. For this purpose, you can get a mini amp from Amazon to power the speakers.

Built-in Amplifier

If you want a built-in amplifier wireless kit, then the Amphony model 1800 is one of the best on Amazon. A single transmitter unit can send signals to the built-in amp of the separate receivers in audio form.

These amps are rated at almost 80 watts, more sufficient than the other wireless kits available. The 80 watts will be enough for most of the system. They also claim that this range may go up to 300ft. in my recommendation, the Amphony model 1800 is the best pick for you if you want to make your regular speaker a wireless one.

2) Transmitter Connection

When choosing a wireless kit for your speaker, it’s time to convert the regular ones to the wireless ones. You have to understand Bluetooth speaker wiring before getting started with the process. Don’t worry if you don’t know it as I will explain it briefly.

The first step is to connect your speaker wire to Bluetooth transmitter to the amplifier or receiver. Now the transmitter will send these signals wirelessly by using radio frequency. Depending on your chosen kit, there are various options for inputting the audio signals. The transmitter has a speaker wire, Aux 3.5mm, and RAC for input.

Transmitter Connection

You should connect the two speaker outputs to the inputs on the transmitter using the speaker wire. Connect the RCA inputs from the receiver to the transmitter when connecting the RCA inputs for the setup.

You will have to connect an RCA 3.5 mm adapter to your receiver to the transmitter if you contain a transmitter with 3.5 mm input. After completing the input connection to the transmitter, use the AC power adapter to power the system using the outlet.

3) Receiver Connection

After connecting the transmitter perfectly, you need to connect the wireless receiver for speakers to turn speaker into wireless. And it also depends on the wireless speaker kit you have. However, the things used by the speaker can vary a little bit.

Here are some states for various devices and speaker setups connecting them accurately:

By Separate Amplifier

The separate amplifier will connect RCA from the receiving unit to the amp if you have no built-in amp. After this, join the speaker wire from the amp to the speaker. Now the receiving unit will give a signal to the amp, and then the amp gives strength in the form of power to the signals to send to the speakers.

The whole procedure will do when the speakers are passive, which means that the speakers don’t have their internal amp or power source. It is also apparent that you should require to plug into the power source using an AC adapter and connect to the receiver.

Built-in Amplifier

It becomes easy to make connections when you have a built-in amplifier. Only connect the receiving unit speaker wire to the speaker and later combine the power to the receiver for powering it up.

It may look straightforward, but it is also essential to know that the power provided by the receiver should be very low. And don’t expect the speakers to produce incredible sound in the result. Because these speakers have an Internal Amplifier, they use their Active Speakers.

Built-in Amplifier

Few can use their internal amp and the power source by plugging into the wall outlet. But it also needs an audio source for sound output, and it is also good to know that with an active speaker, there will be no need for an amplifier for your wireless receiver.

Only join your RCA from the receiver unit to the speaker; your speaker will work wirelessly. But still, you may need to connect the wireless speaker adapter to the receiving unit, and there is no way around that.

4) Check the System

When the whole thing is connected, test your system. The first important thing is that the Bluetooth receiver for wired speakers can receive a strong signal from the transmitter. If there is any problem like faint sound, delay in sound, connected speakers containing static, etc., you may need to readjust the position of the transmitter or receiver.

For good and quality sound, you may need to check the connections and make certain that all es are secure. Some transmitters and receivers contain several channels, and you can set them manually. So, you can also change these channels and see whether the sound quality improves.

When you get the best possible signals, adjust the speakers’ level. The wireless and wired speakers with Bluetooth have the same sound levels. There is no need for the front speakers to be so loud and hardly be able to listen to the rear speakers. You can adjust the levels from the receiving unit and amp or both.

After setting everything perfectly, you will need to enjoy your wireless system as you learn how to make your regular speaker a wireless one.

Final Words

It is pretty simple to make a wireless speaker, and there is only a need for proper tools and knowledge about everything you want to set up. You can convert wired 5.1 speakers to wireless by following the same method.

I hope you will get enough information from this guide and understand how to convert wired speakers to wireless. Buying a wireless speaker from the market is good if you don’t want to go through the whole process. But keep in mind that high-quality wireless speakers are not cheap that everyone can afford them.

Although you may get one cheaply, it may not prove as good and have insufficient power behind them. I think it is not difficult to set up a wireless speaker if you don’t have a budget or don’t want to spend extra bucks because you already own wired speakers. I must say that learn to convert them and try to use a wireless speaker kit. You will be surprised to see the results.

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