Spotify’s Car Thing Review | Touch and Go to Listen Music

If you are a fan of music and like trying new and better things to enjoy, you need Spotify. Spotify offers dynamic playlists and its second best to none, and I think music lovers would love it to have in their cars. You can discover the old songs you love, but they need to stop shoving the podcasts down my throat. Spotify took another revolutionary step in automobiles after being favored in smartphones and introduced this product, getting popular among music fans.

Frankly, some people think of it as pointless, and they don’t like to have it in their cars. In this review, we will walk you through some features and functions of this amazing product to decide the best option for yourself.

Spotify Car Thing

You will get to know how much is Spotify’s car thing? But, first, have a look at the specs of this product:

SpecificationsDescriptive Values
Display3.97 Inch | 480 x 800
MountsAir vent, CD slot, Adhesive backed
InputTouchscreen, Six Buttons, Rotary dial, near & mid microphones
MaterialsPlastic Uni-body
PowerUSB Type-C
Dimensions124 x 64 x 200 mm
Weight90 gram
PrinceApproximately, $80

About the Car Thing Spotify

Most Spotify fans are anxiously waiting for the car thing and asking how to get Spotify’s car thing? We will answer this and other queries in this review, so buckle up and walk with us.

Previously a favorite music app, Spotify is now introduced as a car’s entertainment system, known as ‘Car Thing.’ It was launched in spring for the people asking about the Spotify car thing release date.

It was launched on an invite-only basis to assess the customer remarks about the product, and now it is becoming available in the U.S.A. People can buy it at the price of $79.99.

At the limited release testing period, Spotify distributed the product at just the shipping cost. Many people get confused after reading that and ask is Spotify’s Car Thing free? It is not free, and you will learn more from the article about its buying details.

The car thing is the first hardware of Spotify, and they are just initiating that’s why they want to get things right. So that you know, Spotify will ship the car thing first to those on the waitlist and have placed the order before its forthcoming release.

There are quite a large number of music streaming services available in the market, but Spotify has succeeded in making itself visible thanks to its intensive customer analytics system.

After knowing the system drives excellent discovery and features like an end-of-the-year wrapped experience, people also search for where to buy Spotify car thing?

Moreover, it also offers the playlists like Your Top Songs and Discovers Weekly, making it more popular among teenagers.

Design of Car Thing

In this Spotify Car Thing review, its design is also discussed. The Car Thing is the first initiative and tentative step to bring a unique experience to your hardware. The plastic body of the Car Thing is astonishing, and you will love the precision finish and ultimate fit.

The fantastic screen is almost four inches, supported by the big rotatory dial, and you also get a handful of buttons. Most excitingly, it comes with a rubber tag with the Spotify logo and wordmark sticks at the device’s left edge.

This rubber logo gives a nice touch to the design of the Car Thing, unlike the screen-printed branding we usually get on other devices. The incredible design provides you with multiple mounting facilities which enhance your expertise.

Hardware Functions

There is also a row of additional buttons at the top of the Car Thing which allows you quick and comfortable access to the shortcuts to the settings, playlist, and specific content to play, pause and resume.

These buttons are pretty efficient to do the job, but they are a little hard to press. They would have been easier to press if they were bigger or somewhere else on the Car Thing.

In addition, this Spotify’s car thing review includes details about this feature. There is no built-in audio output, but the power is supplied over a USB port on the back of the device.

Premium Screen Size

Its screen size is ideal, and it feels premium and well designed. We can say that it’s a perfect size, not too big or too small either. This seems a little challenging to put on the dashboard.

Moreover, the size is large enough to be useful without obstruction while driving. In addition, the screen of Spotify Car Thing has sharp viewing angles and an intelligent screen. It can also automatically get dim enough or bright enough to use in all driving conditions.

But, unfortunately, the manufacturers do not take into account the polarized glasses while making the screen. You cannot use the screen while wearing polarized sunglasses while driving.

Buttons on Screen

Spotify hardware has the most efficient buttons, and screens which is the best thing mentioned we found in the Spotify review. So, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your stereo, you can also use the ‘Car Thing’ via buttons and screen.

The big rotatory dial allows you to scroll through your songs, and tapping it will select while pressing the smaller button below will navigate back.

This dial also controls the volume of your phone, and it pause/plays the songs when you are in playback screen mode—moreover, four buttons out of the five-assist you as shortcuts that you can program as you like.

To program these buttons, you need to long-press while the last button will take you to the setting menu where you can do other setting stuff. It allows you to connect more phones, reset, restart and disable the microphone.

The microphone will restart once you say “Hey Spotify” to the ‘Car Thing’ again. This shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, the screen controls a little bit vary, but you can ‘like’ songs to save them in your playlist, seek tracks, pause/play, and you can enable and disable shuffle if you want.

You can also control all of these commands with your voice control and buttons. But Spotify gives you a choice and because some people want to get involved with the hardware because they love absolute control. It means you can’t read anything on the screen if you wear glasses, which many people do.

Rotatory Dial

The rotatory dial controls the phone’s volume in your car, which is very efficient in this device. The button beneath it is easy to use for an easy and intuitive interface.

In this Spotify’s Car Thing review, we elaborated that you can grip the rotatory dial with the forefinger or thumb and rotate it with a light push. All of these things are attached to your dash, vent of CD slot with the rotating two-part mount.

These things connect the mount to the Car Thing, making it more attractive and valuable. All these layers add more play to the Car Thing, making it easier to use while driving your car, and this is a new trend that is getting popular.

I used the Car Thing with the 3m backed mount because it offers more stability and takes even less space making it more useful. The futuristic Car Thing comes with all the mounting hardware compatible with the CD players, flat surfaces in your car, and consistent vents.

In addition, you get a USB Type-C power cable and a 12 V power adapter to connect your device. The device comes with clips for cable routing, which safes your car from becoming a mess.

Setting up Car Thing, Software and Performance

There is a little oops moment when you decide to buy the Car Thing. We mentioned this in our Spotify car thing review so you would not get any surprises after making a purchase.

To use this product, you need to get a premium Spotify subscription. Yes, but you can choose the subscription plan, which is easy to select.

Only the car owner can buy this product, which is weird. However, this Car Thing works with both Android and iOS perfectly, and we tested it with them both.

In addition, it also works fine with the CarPlay and Android Auto, and there would be no effect on its performance. Do most beginners inquire how to put Spotify in car mode? Read below for details.

Now, we will be answering your setup questions, such as does Spotify work with Android Auto?

Setting Up Car Thing (Pair the Device)

You do not need to get worried; setting up the Car Thing is quite simple. In the Spotify’s Car Thing review, we will discuss it in complete detail. When you get started and plug it in for the first time, the screen displays a Q.R. code.

You need to scan that Q.R. code via your phone; in this way, it will take you to your Spotify app, and a simple process of pairing begins in your phone via Bluetooth.

For assistance with the connection, you can refer to the user manual. But most people already know the process, and for beginners, the process is self-explanatory, so there would be no problem.

You can also initiate the process manually via the app, and you need to pair the device the first time with a Spotify pairing code, and the rest seems fine to begin.

Once the configuration is complete, you will automatically have connected to the Car Thing next time it’s powered on. This is the answer to your question, how to add Spotify to Android Auto?

If there is no unusual happening with the app or device, you will be connected when you enter the car. When your phone gets connected with the device every time, the playback will resume wherever you left the last time. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. Anyhow, Spotify discovers weekly not updated by the brand that also helps in its setting.

Mounting Options

Would not you like to have multiple mounting options in the device which you intend to install in your car? This Spotify Car Thing review elaborates its three different mount types, making it more interesting to install.

These mounts can cover all the needs of different people. First of all, a vent mount is perfect for an air vent. The second mount is for a CD slot, and you can also utilize the sticker in the back of the hardware for general purposes.

One of my favorite mount functions is that Car Thing has a\ magnet embedded on the rear and sticks. It helps the hardware mount with a solid magnetic connection which is incredible in every way.

Moreover, it gives you another option of MagSafe mount if you like to add more mounting options. Isn’t it incredible?

“Hey Spotify”

The Car Thing responds to the “Hey Spotify” voice command that allows you to play specific songs, albums, playlists, in short, everything you would like to hear.

The Spotify’s Car Thing review is based on the personal use of our team, which gave us these insights. Moreover, the voice command system introduced by Car Thing is quite ingenious and liked by the people of the U.S.A.

Moreover, it allows you to save content or control playback. In Android smartphones, google assistant does the same job, and for iOS, Siri is quite efficient, but its activities are limited.

An exciting feature of Spotify is the ability to command it to show things. So, if you know that it would not play the exact right playlist by name, you can command it to show you all playlists.

Then you can quickly scroll down to the one you want to play. It will save you a little, which you have to invest in navigating and selecting the playlist manually.

Update Your Car Thing

And the excitement does not end here; it allows you to update Car Thing once in a while. This updating process usually happens automatically in the background with the default settings.

The update gives you access to the latest music and the podcasts available for Spotify users. So you don’t need to search. It will be added to your playlists automatically.

There was a common problem; during this Spotify Car Thing review, we noticed many people reported that Spotify discovers weekly not updated or cannot update the Discover Weekly.

Spotify officially replied, make sure that you have been regularly listening to the Discover weekly. If not, then start listening. The problem will go away. Moreover, Car Thing’s documentation states that you will get a message when updates are available.

Updated Software

Navigating around the Car Thing interface is remarkable, surprisingly simple, and easy to use. There are a few ways to do it between the screen, voice, and buttons, which is incredible.

If you have ever used the Spotify app on any platform, the interface should feel immediately familiar because it is similar to the mobile app. The side-scrolling lists and the commands are identical to other features.

A home screen also shows the mix of recommended content and a voice tab that offers things you have searched. Moreover, it shows related and recent vocal queries and a Library tab where your liked songs are listed.

UI Performance

If we talk about the Spotify customer reviews for Car Thing, you will know some interesting facts. Yes, people face some problems, and they can’t locate the issue with the software or underpowered hardware. Many complained that the U.I is not mainly that smooth, which it should be.

The Car Thing also questions the audio quality, but that entirely depends on the smartphone, not the device. However, no one faced any problem pairing the device or something like that. Moreover, it’s a new tech, and it will take time, and you will be adjusting to it after a couple of days.

The Spotify’s Car Thing review states the performance of this newly developed device is remarkable. You can enjoy the whole playlist of System of a Down Spotify, and you will also want the other latest and a decade-old playlist.

Furthermore, it is usually quite hard to measure the performance of newly developed software and hardware, but you will notice many unique features while using Car Thing.

As mentioned above, car Thing does not have any built-in audio out. That’s why it entirely relies on the phone’s audio supply, which can be either wired (hands-free) or with a secondary Bluetooth device (Airpods).

Not Meant to Complete Car’s Infotainment System

The Car Thing does not brag and states that it is not made to fulfill your infotainment needs. This is more than that; it is a larger step of ubiquity strategy.

They want to give you a frictionless audio experience for its users and music lovers who love to listen to music while driving. Your music experience depends on wherever you want to use and however you want to choose the music.

It is a revolutionary step in-car entertainment and getting popular among music lovers day by day, and it’s the futuristic approach by Spotify.

How Is It Best?

We could say that if you have reached here, you are a great music lover, and you are the one for whom Spotify took this initial step. After the Spotify’s Car Thing review, we have reached some conclusions.

Spotify wants to give you the best music listening experience while you drive. Moreover, the easy and quick setting, touch, and voice interface increase usability while driving your car.

As mentioned above, Spotify allows you to choose a song or playlist with voice commands while driving on a busy road. You don’t need to see the hardware or touch it when you want to skip or change the playlist.

It is the best invention for music lovers, and it will be available in the market shortly. However still, you can be a part of this revolutionary initiative by adding yourself to the waitlist.


  • Great build quality
  • It comes with three types of car mount.
  • Good user interface
  • Fantastic range of music and songs
  • Touchscreen, voice activation
  • Shortcut buttons
  • Updated playlists
  • Weekly Discovery
  • Innovative hardware


  • Dependent on the phone for audio output
  • Enhanced Streaming Experience

By experiencing the features of the Spotify Car Thing review, you can say that they got the right idea of enhanced music streaming. Its overall performance is remarkable and efficient while providing you with a handy solution to everything.

By getting a Car Thing, you can enjoy the quicker, convenient, and more efficient music streaming in your car. Moreover, while doing all this, your phone will work just fine on its own.

Car Thing enhances your listening experience by giving you more control, ease, and comfort while you enjoy your favorite music while driving.

The Crux of the Review

Spotify’s Car Thing review team has used the device and shared their feelings about the product. Everyone experienced the device from a different perspective.

Most people appreciated the dedicated screen, the excellent navigation, and Spotify playback. But some also criticized the limited approach of the device.

On the other hand, Spotify lovers appreciate the initiative, and they focus on the positive side that their favorite music app is providing them all the features in their car. More importantly, there is no limitation, such as the best phone for Spotify device pairing. You can connect Android as well as iOS and expect excellent sound results. Listening to live podcasts on this product is one of the greatest inventions for music lovers.

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