How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar? 3 Quick Methods in 2022

Vizio Soundbars are excellent for enhancing the sound quality of your Television by recreating deep, low bass sounds and providing a fantastic home theatre experience. They take up less room and are simple to assemble.

On the other hand, some sound bars can jam and develop sophisticated software difficulties, necessitating a factory reset. You will resolve connectivity troubles and other software issues with a factory reset Vizio Soundbar.

A system restoration isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it doesn’t necessitate any special tools or knowledge. To return your Vizio soundbar to its factory settings, press two or three switches and wait for the gadget to restart.

Once the device is in reset mode, you must re-enter all of your passwords, account details, and sound and function settings. Check How To Reset JBL Flip 4 also.

Keep in mind that the position of the reset button on models that use it varies, and some of them have a recess instead of a regular button. This guide will answer your question about how to reset Vizio sound bar.

Vizio Sound Bar

Vizio is among the most well-known brands in home entertainment systems. For a good reason, the company is known for its dependable LED-backlit TVs, such as the Quantum Series LED 4K TV and the outstanding visual quality of its OLED 4K TV.

However, the California-based team is skilled in tv sound bars and subwoofer surrounding systems. As a result, Vizio has swiftly established itself as a significant challenger for home theatres in the audio industry, as well as among satisfied customers, with a wide range of solutions to suit different space requirements and prices. 

Vizio Offers A Variety Of Stereos:

Since recent TVs have become increasingly thinner, there is less space for high-quality speakers. That’s where a sound bar can make all the difference. Even the simplest bar will surpass the audio from your TV’s speakers, adding strong sounds to your household setup in no time.

It provides a variety of full-home audio sound systems, all of which produce immersive surround sound for your room with the help of a powerful wireless subwoofer and surround speakers. All of these are set up in the typical 5.1 formats.

If you don’t have much room for a full sound system, opt for something smaller, like Vizio’s all-in-one sound bar, which is now on sale at Best Buy for $149. In either case, you’ll want a bar with Bluetooth and WiFi so you can connect several gadgets to the stereo Bluetooth.

When Should You Reset Your Vizio Sound Bar?

Each malfunctioning of the Vizio sound bar requires a reset. However, certain issues can be resolved without restarting. In some cases, additional solutions are required instead of a reset Vizio Soundbar. Whichever problem you’re having with your factory reset Vizio soundbar, our article will assist you.

There are many reasons why you might have to restart the Vizio sound bar, but the most common are connectivity issues. When using wireless connections such as Bluetooth or WiFi, this is a common issue.

You could have trouble associating a device with the sound bar at times. When you connect your sound bar to multiple devices simultaneously, the connection can become crowded. To clear up the connection list on your sound bar, you must reset it and then set it up again.

Few Things You Need Before You Reset

When addressing any issues, resetting your sound bar should be the last choice. It’s a terrific technique to be sure the problem is with your sound bar rather than your TV. It’s possible that resetting your sound bar is easier than resetting your Television.

Before resetting your sound bar, consider rebooting all of your devices, including the Television, sound bar, and stereo, and then reconnecting them.

To determine if the sound bar is the problem, try connecting it to a separate TV. Remove any other connections using the same frequency, such as a microwave or a piece of medical equipment, from the range, and test it. Reset Vizio sound bar is the only option if restart do not work.

Before resetting your sound bar, it’s great if you also transfer or save your presets and everything else stored on it. Everything on the vizio sound bar will be erased if you reset it.

Reset Vizio Sound Bar

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How To Reset a Vizio Soundbar? 3 Methods

Assuming the Vizio sound bar has Bluetooth, look for the Bluetooth button and the volume down control on the control panel. When you see both buttons, press them down simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds.

If all of the lights on the display flash three times, you know the factory reset is finished. Which Vizio soundbar you have determines the number of lights and the location of the control panel.

If you’re having further issues that you can’t seem to solve with other techniques, consider doing a factory reset on the Vizio soundbar by following these steps. 

How To Do A Vizio Sound Bar Factory Reset?

  • Turn the Vizio sound bar off.
  • For almost ten seconds, turn off the AC power.
  • Plugin the power cable once again. The sound bar’s settings will be erased and will reset the gadget to factory defaults. While you are unlikely to notice any changes, you can frequently fix minor issues.

How To Reset Volume On Vizio Sound Bar?

To reset the volume on the Vizio sound bar for a total of 13 seconds, push and hold the Power button on the soundbar’s top. Alternatively, for 15 seconds, press the Reset button on the device’s back. When the factory reset vizio sound bar effect is heard, release the button. You’ll hear a louder tone, followed by a softer tone; release the key after the second softer tone, and the volume will reset.

Vizio Soundbar Troubleshooting with Remote:

Every Vizio soundbar type comes with its remote. It’s where you turn on and off the soundbar, control the volume, and change the settings.

If the soundbar somehow doesn’t respond to any remote’s keys, there is an issue with the remote or with the soundbar itself. However, most of these issues may resolve quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

1) Verify the line of sight between the remote and the IR sensor

Vizio remote controls require a straight line of vision to the soundbar’s Ultrasonic sensors. The Ultrasonic sensor is the Vizio soundbar’s eye that detects the remote’s signal. When the IR sensor detects a signal from the remote, the soundbar executes the function.

Help ensure nothing is in the way of the soundbar’s top. Items in front of the soundbar, such as a picture frame, a stack of DVDs, a cable box, or anything else, can block the remote’s signal and prevent the soundbar from responding to the remote. Remove any items that may be interfering.

2) Restart the remote

Remove the remote’s batteries and push each button twice. Because most soundbar remotes contain a few buttons, this takes relatively little time. Then replace the batteries in the remote and try it once more.

3) Get new batteries 

A new set of batteries may be all that’s required to get your remote working again. Replace the remote’s batteries, especially if they haven’t been changed in a while.

4) Restart the Soundbar

Unplug the power cord from the soundbar. Then hold down the soundbar’s power button. A power button can be found on the top or left of most Vizio soundbars.

For thirty seconds, press and hold the power button. Then let go and reconnect the soundbar. To turn on the soundbar, press the power button. Then try the remote once more.

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar Without Remote?

VIZIO SmartCast Televisions, Home Theater Displays, and Sound Bars can all be controlled using the SmartCast Mobile apps. Use the steps below to program your remote to control all of your VIZIO SmartCast products.

  • On a compatible Android or iOS smartphone, download the VIZIO SmartCast MobileTM app.
  • You will be prompted to create an account the first time you open the SmartCast Mobile App. Select the ‘Skip’ option near the bottom of the screen if you’d rather use the app as a guest.
  • At the bottom of the screen, press ‘Choose A Device to Control.’ (Remember: You may see the name of your Television if you have previously matched it.)
  • The device should appear in the list of available devices if it has already been set up and connected to the internet. After choosing the device you want to link to, you’ll be asked to ‘Pair’ it.
  • Select the ‘Add Device’ option towards the top of the screen and complete the setup instructions on your mobile device if your VIZIO Device has not been set up and connected to the internet.
  • Now, you can to use the app and to reset Vizio soundbar without a remote by following the steps.

Why Did My Vizio Sound Bar Quit Working?

If you’ve used a cable to connect your Television to the sound bar but still don’t have audio, the most likely cause is an erroneous cable link or a defective cable. For example, if the speaker is turned on but there is no sound, check the connection first and foremost.

Make sure the Television sound is turned up if you’re utilizing an analogue connection. If the TV’s analogue signal output is set to “constant” and the sound bar isn’t working, try dialing up the TV’s volume. Even if the sound bar is set to full volume, you won’t hear anything if the TV is turned down.

Help ensure your Television and sound device’s Settings for HDMI or BRAVIA Sync is turned on. Make sure your audio device’s ARC feature is set to ON or AUTO. After turning on the TV and then the audio device, check whether the sound is coming from the TV. Check to see if your stereo gadget is set to television input.

Problems with Vizio Sound Bar

No Sound from the Soundbar:

If your Vizio Sound Bar isn’t producing any sound, start pushing the volume up switch and increasing the volume from an external audio source.

Ensure the sound bar’s connection is set to the correct gadget. If none of these methods works, the final step is to reset your Vizio soundbar using the instructions provided at the conclusion.

Sound of Buzzing:

If you hear a buzzing sound, you should move wireless devices first, including your smartphone. Change the connecting cord or the input choice to see if it helps. It’s possible that the last input type you used was faulty. If neither of those solutions works, please restart your Vizio sound bar.

LEDs Blinking and Other Issues:

LEDs may begin to flash if there is an issue with the settings. It gets difficult to know the issue. Other issues of similar nature are also triggered. Resetting the Vizio soundbar is the only way to fix these issues.

Summaries Note

In this guide, we have explained how to reset vizio sound bar. A Vizio sound bar reset isn’t as difficult as it seems; it just demands that you follow the instructions carefully. 

We have also given some reasons why the Vizio sound bar quit working and other problems with the Vizio soundbar troubleshooting.

You can restart the Vizio sound bar at home without difficulty, even without a remote using the app discussed in this article to turn your phone into a remote control. Hence it is a very convenient and user-friendly device.

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