5 Best Guitar Speaker For High Gain and Clean Tone in 2022

Guitar speakers are the best way to amplify the guitar sound and produce the sound enough for a bigger gathering. However, choosing the best guitar speakers seems somewhat complicated due to the hundreds of options and the diversity of the features they offer. Guitarists usually want a versatile speaker to match their playing style and requirements, which makes buying the guitar speaker crucial for performances. Don’t worry! This guide will help you buy the guitar speaker and let you choose the best one.

Looking for the best speaker choices for making your guitar performance stand out but not finding the right option? I have tested many guitar speakers over the years, and being a veteran guitarist, I thought this guide would help you in this regard. I don’t want to see my fellow guitarists regret the speakers they bought by reading some random review. I reviewed each product and tested it in many scenarios to provide the recommendation that best-suited everyone’s needs.

      Top 5 Best Guitar Speakers For High Gain

      When choosing between the top guitar speakers, everyone gets confused due to the diverse features and almost similar specifications. To make it easier for guitarists seeking the best purchase according to their requirements, I have compiled this list of the best guitar speakers.

      I have spent weeks finalizing the list due to the extensive research and testing. Sorted from hundreds of options, these speakers won’t disappoint you when performing at gatherings or parties. Let’s get started!

      1) CELESTION Ten 30 Best Guitar Speaker For Jazz

      CELESTION T5814 Guitar Speaker
      ModelTen 30
      Power Rating30 Watt
      Speaker TypeFlush Mount
      Size10 inch

      The Celestion guitar speakers are one of the most well-known in the market, and I think the manufacturers also know what their users need. They give importance to the design and quality as well. The Celestion guitar speaker range is impressive and meets the standards of high-quality sound and reliability. I prefer it and find it very well in performance between well-known guitar speakers.

      Range and Power

      The full-blooded Celestion guitar speaker of 10″ offers about 30 watts. Moreover, you can also use an amp head that will contain the ability to blow anything up to 100W to 150W. But I find it very good at producing the sounds characterized by warm and low. It will also provide quality mid-range and articulate top-end.

      Compact and Reliable

      Regarding the build quality, Celestion is awe-inspiring in it as well and provides a good quality material product. The Celestion guitar speaker is reliable and durable, giving you a long-lasting amp for better sound. Its compact design fits most musical cabinets and proves an excellent upgrade for compact recording and practice amps.

      High Power Magnet

      The magnet in any speaker is significant for delivering quality sound. Like the other affordable guitar speakers, the Celestion also has a Ceramic magnet 10″, which contains 30 Watt power handling ability. The Ceramic magnet is heavy enough, but at the same time, it is cheap and remains in the range of many users. However, I also find it good in sound quality without distortion.

      Impressive Wattage

      When it comes to wattage, I experienced the 300-watt marshall cab up to 15 Watt amp with sweet headroom. The wattage is vital and is compatible with various gears and instruments. If the speaker has low wattage, the sound quality is not much impressive, even at lower sound levels. However, Celestion offers 8 ohms which is good enough for music.

      Enjoyable Sound

      It is enjoyable to experience the sound and tonal improvements in Celestion guitar speakers. I enjoyed its rich and expressive quality after replacing a 25Watt amp with 88-ohm amplifiers. It is the best guitar speaker for jazz with 30 combined warm lows with vocal mid-range and articulate top end. I experience an unmatched and revealing sound, pushing hard with a reward of full-blooded Celestion grind.

      Impedance Level

      The impedance must be compatible with the other gears to avoid damage. However, you can also use an amp head with the ability to below anything from 100W to 150W. But you must make the proper connection for compatible impedance. If the wires are not connected properly, the impedance will become wrong and damage the amp.

      • It is affordable while providing impressive sound
      • It is available in both 8 ohms and 16 ohms
      • Upgradable according to the needs
      • Crisp and clear sound quality
      • Huge in size
      • It can get damaged when playing at high volumes

      2) Eminence Legend 1058 Best Guitar Speakers for Rock

      Eminence Legend 1058 10 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohms
      SpecificationFeatured Values
      ModelLegend 1058
      Power Rating75 Watt
      Speaker TypeComponent
      Size10 inch

      The Eminence Legend 1058 guitar speaker brings the tone and sound in a compact package. Its Vintage American punchy classic sound makes it more prominent than the others. I experienced better sound quality with all lows and warms, smooth, bluesy mid, and high. The tone has a very high depth that will significantly increase its definition.

      Range and Power

      The Eminence Legend ranks top among the best guitar speakers for rock, providing a range and power of 75 Watts. The Legend 1058 guitar speaker is perfect for generating a 10-inch replacement if you want extra power. It is compatible with one of my favorite guitars and sounds pretty well for a large gathering.

      Level of Impedance

      As we know, compatible impedance is very vital for better performance. It may damage the amp’s health if incompatible with the amp and other gears. When I replaced it with the original one, it woke its amp, and as a result, the tone was surprisingly pleasing to hear.

      Excellent Build Quality

      The build quality of Eminence is also very excellent, and they don’t make any compromises on it. To provide high-end audio to upgrade your guitar speaker, they assemble all their products by hand to maintain quality. The size is very compact that even can place the 1×15″ cabinet to pair with a 200W head. I find out that everything may shake, but this speaker’s rock and solid build stay in its place.

      Improved Sound Quality

      Eminence Legend 1058 provides improved sound quality with its direct-fit replacement quality. I experienced a clear, rich, valuable sound with the reduction of the hissing sound. I also verified this quality when I turned the treble down to eliminate the background hissing noise. But it will start to leak through the above half treble. However, they bring quality sound, which is excellent for this guitar speaker.

      High-Quality Magnet

      The magnet in Eminence Legend 1058 compact speaker is also of good quality, and I noticed this difference when I replaced my old low-priced speaker with the Eminence. The lows and highs have a great comparison; no matter that the amp is only 25 watts, you will still hear a clear sound. I get a good result when I pair it with a low-powered amp. The magnet in this guitar speaker managed to control the distortion of sound.

      Wattage Range

      The Eminence Legend 1058 guitar speaker has 25 Watts to 75 Watts with excellent depth of tone. So it is great to pair it with a compatible amp to get better results. If the wattage range becomes less or more, it may damage the amp and impedance.

      • Sometimes it has sizing issues with the system

      3) Jensen MOD6-15 Best Guitar Speaker For Clean Tone

      Jensen MOD6-15 6 Guitar Speaker 4 ohm
      SpecificationTested Values
      Power Rating15 Watt
      Speaker TypeFerrite Speaker
      Size6 inch

      The Jensen MOD6-15 is one of the latest and most modern guitar speakers. They develop it more modernly with various advanced equipment technology to match every playing style. They provide a Vintage sound for their players with a hint of British rival’s sound that will give you a clear crystal sound to enjoy performances.

      Better Material Quality

      The MOD6-15 8-inch guitar speaker comes with the finest build material to provide better quality for their users so they can rely on them. The Jensen is suitable for all types of music, even for high volume levels. It has become one of my favorites by providing high flexibility options for sound and power. The other exciting thing is its availability in different sizes like 5″,6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 15″ diameters.

      Power, Wattage, and Impedance

      The MOD guitar speaker is the best guitar speaker for clean tones packing 15 Watts of power. This 6″ inch speaker also contains 10 Watt amp. However, the sound of the guitar speakers will also affect it, so don’t expect the sound of the 6″ speaker to be like the sound of a 12″ speaker. They will be vastly different because the upgrade will be worth their performance.

      The MOD series comes in different sizes, and the impedance will also vary due to various sizes. That’s why they provide a wide variety of impedance, so it is essential to get the proper impedance compatible with your other gears.

      Ceramic Magnet

      A ceramic magnet of 15W Rated Power comes inside the Jensen MOD 4 ohm guitar speaker. The ceramic magnet is cheap enough, then. The other high-end magnet types use inexpensive models. However, the heavy ceramic magnet remains within the range of many users.

      Clean and Crunching Sound

      When it comes to sound, the Jensen has a great clean, crunching sound. Although it is slightly lower than the other guitar speakers, it is still worth a new upgrade. In my experience, it is the best 6-inch replacement, even excellent for other small amps. Making it a pair with a Fender SP-10 will give you a fine finish with a credible channel amp that will give results like expensive units.

      Versatile Usage

      The Jensen is one of the best small practice amps I have ever tried. No matter if you turn up the volume to its max, sound clarity remains constant. It will be excellent if you plan parties and picnics and enjoy music with your small gatherings. You will enjoy a sweet sound with good single-coil guitars playing through it.

      • It is available in various sizes
      • Tone and volume are much better than other choices
      • It fits best for low and high volumes equally
      • An affordable and reliable choice
      • The magnet feels cheap at times
      • Easy to assemble and install

      4) Jensen MOD10-50 Best 10 Inch Guitar Speaker

      Jensen MOD10-50 10 Replacement Speaker 8 Ohm
      Power Rating50 Watt
      Speaker TypeFlush Mount
      Size10 inch

      I tried Jensen MOD10-50 after switching from Eminence Legend 1058 and found it worthy of its features. The frequency response chart and sound quality show it is great. The amp is quite well and provides unbelievably quality sound with impactful bass and clear highs with a bit of mid-notch that will soothe your ears.

      Power and Wattage

      Jensen is the best 10 inch guitar speaker with an advanced guitar speaker with a contemporary feel and contains a touch of old British sound. It comes with a 10″ guitar speaker and contains 50 Watts of power.

      Moreover, the musical power is about 100W, which is good enough to enjoy the sound of this guitar speaker. It will prove great for guitars with 4×10 bass cabs. The MOD has standard settings with 32 ohms. Due to this, it will be a great replacement speaker for your guitars.  

      Reliable and Sturdy Material

      If I talk about the build quality, the MOD10-50 has a great build with reliable material. It is easy to handle its wire settings and is great for confined spaces. Its easy installation makes it more reliable for users. I love placing it in my best guitar speaker cabinet, and it feels straightforward to pair it for reliable performance.

      Loud and Rich Sound

      The sound that comes out from this speaker is excellent, and I love to use it for my guitar performance due to its clean amp. The Jensen MOD brings excellent and has plenty of loud rich sound with clarity of tone. However, I am thrilled with its sound quality and feel happy to replace my old guitar speaker with it.

      Heavy Ceramic Magnet

      The magnet in speakers plays an important role. Some heavy and low-weighted magnets are used in guitar speakers and are responsible for providing clear sound. The Jensen MOD contains a Ceramic magnet that is cheap but heavy. But due to this, these guitar speakers remain in range for users without significantly impacting the quality.

      Varying Impedance

      A compatible impedance with the other gears is a very concerning thing. The Jensen has 4/8/16/32-ohm impedance with 50W rated power. This impedance is quite enough to make a comparison with other gadgets. If the impedance range may not match the amp, it will break out and cause damage. The MOD10-50 has 95.8 dB [email protected], 1m.

      Performance at Budget

      The price is affordable and brings an advantage for their users. I find it very reasonable and also excellent in performance. You will not expect more than this at this affordable price that will bring joy to your routine and fulfill the requirements of a good guitar speaker.

      • Lows, mids, and highs are much more definitive
      • It offers a more warm, clear, more musical sound
      • Its overdrive breaks up nice and smooth
      • The sound clarity is phenomenal
      • Heavyweight magnet

      5) Warehouse G12C Best Guitar Speakers For High Gain

      Warehouse Guitar Speakers G12C 12 American Vintage 8 Ohm
      SpecificationTested Values
      ManufacturerWarehouse Guitar Speakers
      Power Rating75 Watt
      Speaker TypeFlush Mount
      Ohms8 Ohm
      Size12.2 inch

      The WGS G12C is one of the loudest 75 Watt guitar speakers and the best pick for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with a high-quality, low and mid-range definition, and I must say that you will not disappoint by its performance. It weighs only 0.5 pounds and is best for those looking for low weight and a product that can produce a clarity of sound.

      Excellent Sound Clarity

      Someone who spent dollars on guitar speakers also wants a high-end sound. The Warehouse guitar speakers are great in sound quality. They are the best guitar speakers for high gain, but at low, they are also very melodic, whereas the mids are concerned they are also very rhythmic, and you will get all of them in extreme clarity without distortion.

      Detailed Sound Output

      The WGS guitar speakers come with a high range of 80Hz to 4.5kHz, which means they can capture the high guitar speaker frequency range. In his regard, they will give you more detail in sound so that you can give high performance with a quality guitar speaker.

      Finest Material Construction

      The finest material in Warehouse Guitar Speakers makes it perfect for us. Skilled workers assemble all its parts to give us quality and long-lasting life without damage. The speaker’s cone comes made of hemp, which increases its durability. All of these things make it reliable and durable.

      High Power and Wattage

      The WGS G12C comes with the power of 75Watts and 8 ohms. The high power handling means it can work in lower and high wattage combos and with big cabs 2×12. I also tried it and found it best due to its combo ability, and due to this, it will remain break free.

      Workable Impedance

      There is no need to worry about impedance, as it will work for both low and high powers. The impedance will match it anyway between the range, and they will become compatible with the other gears and prevent any break out of the amps. They are fine for more oversized 2×12 cabs.

      Vintage Sound Magnet

      The G12C is a classic guitar speaker from an American workhouse. A 35 oz magnet, seamed cone, and 1.5″ voice coil increase its workability. It is a sign of the tones of American Vintage. It provides an exclusive boost to the overall sound quality.

      Distortion-free and Affordable

      All of the features are very balanced and worth the cost. It is a little bit expensive, but it could be better if it came with guitar speaker Bluetooth connectivity. I am thrilled to install it in my collection as it provides a massive bonus for quality sound without distortion.

      • It has its sound, which many guitar players seem to like
      • The power rating and loudness are excellent
      • It works great with low and highs
      • It is reliable and durable
      • The cone material can easily pop due to a thin sheet
      • Some people may not like its unique sound

      Buyer’s Guide for the Best Guitar Speakers

      Some essential features should be considered while buying the best guitar speaker. The first thing to note is that the speaker will be compatible with the other gears of your setup. For this, there are some vital parameters for you.

      Power and Wattage

      Wattage means the amount of power a speaker can handle as input. It is different for various guitar speakers, and it is essential to get compatible power for your guitar. For example, if your speaker can handle the power of 40 watts and you attach it with a high-rated amp, it will blow out or get damaged.

      Various brands offer different ratting for wattage, so be careful and check the specs according to your requirements. So, compatible wattage is necessary. You can go with the Eminence Legend 1058, which packs 75-watt power. You can even choose 150 and 200W versions.

      Size and Shape

      You may prefer a guitar speaker that can fit into your cabinet. The size of the speaker matters a lot to keep it in the right place in your cabinet or with other musical stuff. However, you will get 6″, 8″, 12″, and 15″ diameter speakers from the market. The size of the guitar speaker also has a significant impact on volume levels and tone.

      To use it for large crowds, powerful speakers should move good air through their membranes. When buying a speaker, keep the size according to your performance or cabinet size. However, Warehouse Guitar Speakers 12-inch and CELESTION Guitar Speaker 10-inch speakers will be good choices for regular use.

      Impedance Level

      The speaker’s impedance is another point for the perfection and safety of your gear. It is essential to have a keen observation of the resistance of the amp and speakers. This resistance should match each other for better results no matter how many speakers are combined. It may become complicated when multiple speakers like 2×12 or 4×12 cabs are wired in a setup.

      Speakers contain different impedance but always pick up compatible ones. I think the 8-ohm impedance matches most of the amps, but I still make considerations before deciding. Jensen MOD10-50 offers 8 ohms which you can consider for a better handle over the impedance.

      Tone and Sound

      Using a guitar speaker will influence the guitar tone and sometimes becomes more important than an amp. You can judge the sound by using your ears and make a guide for you on what sounds good to you. For this, I recommend you test various guitar speakers from the shop or take a review through online demos.

      The guitar speakers may also check its clean, distorted, and crunch sound level. This process will give you a complete tonal range and allow you to pick the right genre for your music. All the guitar speaker brands listed here offer great tonal quality.

      Magnet Type

      There are different types of magnets used in guitar speakers. One of the comment magnets is ceramic, although they are heavy, cheap enough, and also have some limitations regarding tone. However, if you want a vintage tone, then Alnico is an excellent choice, but they are expensive, and you will get them in premium models only.

      Most models use Ferrite and Neodymium magnets to get better results as they are not heavy enough and give more corrosion resistance. They prove an excellent alternative to expansive magnets.

      No matter what genre of music you prefer, choosing the right speaker is essential to creating an inspiring tone. I hope you found the answers you were looking for to get the perfect speaker for your needs. In conclusion, the Eminence Legend 1058 is the best overall pick for a guitar speaker that won’t break the bank. It delivers great sound quality and is versatile enough to work well with any tone you play. It’s also a beautiful piece of equipment that will add a touch of class to any setup.

      Best Product Recommendation
      Which speaker is best for the guitar?

      All guitar speakers are good in this list and are also highly rated among the users. But there are needs for any users according to their requirements. It is up to you and your budget if you can afford high-end magnets with expensive features. However, the ceramic magnet is also well for sound.

      Do speakers make a difference in guitar amps?

      As the other factors may affect the sound, the speakers are responsible for this too. All the other gears should be compatible with each other so that you can get good results. The speakers are the last part in the chain of re-creating the sound, so it needs to give importance to all other instruments, just as for speakers.

      Are Celestion speakers good?

      Celestion offers the best guitar speaker combination for guitarists. It is a reputed brand that focuses on the speakers’ quality and sound. So, any speaker coming from Celestion is worth giving a try. However, you should keep the feature considerations that suit your playing style.

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