Best Reverb Pedal – Top Choices with Buying Guide in 2022

When it comes to your instrument, what you play is just as important as how you play. That’s why having a choice of top-quality best reverb pedal is an essential part of your toolkit. Whether you’re looking for an option that prioritizes a vintage sound or focuses on modern tones, reverb pedals can alter the tone of your guitar and add new dimensions and textures to your music. Whatever genre you prefer, pedals come designed to help create whatever styles or sounds you need.

Reverb pedals are among the most important inventions for musicians, regardless of genre or instrument you play. Thanks to its versatility, it’s used in every recording studio, from country to rock. You can use it for subtle softness or your reverb pedal to give off that hard metal sound by adding an almost bombastic amount of reverb to your guitars. There is the perfect companion for your music composition.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


Table of Content

  1. BOSS Reverb Pedal RV-6
  2. TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Top Reverb Pedals
  3. Strymon BigSky Spring Reverb Pedal
  4. Keeley Caverns V2 Delay Reverb Pedal
  5. Donner Reverb Best Budget Reverb Pedal
  6. Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Guitar Pedals
  7. Fender Marine Layer Digital Reverb Pedals
  8. MXR M300 Best Analog Reverb Pedal
  9. Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Best Reverb Pedal for Bass
  10. Behringer DR600 Best Cheap Reverb Pedal

10 Best Reverb Pedal 2022

I have reviewed dozens of reverb pedals available to compile this list of the best reverb pedals in 2022. Each manufacturer has crafted these pedals with great dedication. However, I will list only the top 10 reverb pedals with their complete feature brief and review. It will help you make an informed decision and avoid any confusion you face when deciding between these reverb pedals.

1) BOSS Reverb Pedal RV-6

BOSS Reverb Pedal RV-6
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions5.08 x 2.32 x 2.87 inches

Boss has been in the game for a good while now. Their pedals are perfect when you want to take your sound experience to another level. The RV-6 is just such a product carrying the DNA of Boss products. A versatile reverb pedal that provides easy access to a range of studio-quality sounds, it’s a reliable addition to any pedalboard or rig.

More Versatility

The RV-6 reverb pedal guitar employs eight modules to generate rich and robust reverb. You can thicken up your sound with various reverbs to help you: standard classical reverbs such as room, hall, and plate; or if you’re looking for something more modern, you can achieve these swirling resonant tones using the modulation control.

Dynamic Mode

There’s also a dynamic mode that will automatically adjust the sound levels for each bass string by taking into account your playing velocity when strumming. It ensures that it never becomes too quiet or overly loud, and you can always have the perfect level of bass to pair with your melody.

Complete Reverb Package

The Boss Reverb Pedal RV-6 is an affordable choice among guitarists, so this is a great starting place if you’re testing the waters for reverb pedals. The pedal boasts vintage sounds and modern delay styles, perfect for surf rock or jazz genres.

  • It is a solid performer for the features and quality of the reverb.
  • The durable body and sturdy construction can make it last for years.
  • It has low power consumption for a digital reverb pedal.
  • The sounds and controls are one of the best in the competition.
  • It seems like the pedal misses the depth.

2) TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Top Reverb Pedals

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Top Reverb Pedals
ManufacturerTC Electronic
ModelHall of Fame 2
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions5 x 3.5 x 3 inches

With its stunning red design and array of onboard controls, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 is among the top reverb pedals ideal for guitarists looking to trigger DAW plugins on stage.

It provided me with the level of details that were more impressive than previously released pedals, mainly due to the learning process that TC Electronic has benefitted from when making the previous edition.

Diverse Reverb Settings

The Hall Of Fame 2 is just as its name suggests – a classic reverb pedal with ten widely-used, distinct settings. Church, plate, lo-fi spring, and hall are among the reverbs of choice for this pedal, and the MASH technology feature allows users to influence their effects by pressing harder on the switch reactively.

Custom Presets

Most of the time, I have sound in my head that I want to use for the music. TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 has catered to the issue for me as it let me translate those sounds to use in the music. It is cool for my musician friends as they love the unique reverb tone that is ready for the user anywhere they want while in a concert or among a group of friends.

Professional Sounds Quality

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 is phenomenal because it has excellent presets that sound very professional. It also lets you be creative and customize your sound. With lots of customization, you never remain short of options. I would recommend it for music lovers to create custom tones and music.

  • Fantastic reverb allows for a great overall sound.
  • It is an excellent choice for ambient and reverb delay for musicians.
  • The quality of the sound is phenomenal, with improved tone flexibility.
  • It is an excellent choice for acoustic and electric guitars with broad compatibility.
  • The switch mechanism is somewhat unreliable when working with the mash feature.
  • The sound quality sometimes seems digital, which can unsettle a few users.

3) Strymon BigSky Spring Reverb Pedal

Strymon BigSky Spring Reverb Pedal
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions10 x 6 x 4 inches

I liked the Strymon BigSky powerful multi-reverb pedal because it produces exceptional sound quality and pristine reverb tones. The 12 different effects can be programmed using presets themselves. It seems like it could be ideally suited for an acoustic guitarist looking for studio-quality ambiance in a pedal.

A Huge Presets List

There is room for a maximum of 300 presets, so you can save your desired settings and instantly access them during performances. The knobs on the top right set different parameters according to the desired value.

Controlled Operations

The BigSky Vocal Reverb Pedal features an extensive input/output for various instruments. It comes with stereo connections for your guitar and any other instruments. I have tried this pedal with a synthesizer, and it worked like a charm. Besides that, an expression pedal input and MIDI connection are available on the BigSky.

A Complete Reverb Solution

The Strymon BigSky is the best reverb pedal for metal I’ve reviewed this year. I have found it to provide an excellent quality reverberation, with no distortion or artificial artifacts. It comes at a hefty price tag but is worth the cost for those looking for something that works as advertised.

  • It is one of the best reverb pedals with smooth and beautiful harmonics and swell effects.
  • The reverb quality is mind-blowing compared to the competitors.
  • It is an excellent choice, from ambient worship swells to subtle pads underneath big chords.
  • It is versatile with excellent sound quality.
  • Slightly expensive, but the performance justifies the price.
  • The screen seems dim for a clear view in the daylight.

4) Keeley Caverns V2 Delay Reverb Pedal

Keeley Caverns V2 Delay Reverb Pedal
ModelCaverns V2
EffectsReverb, Delay, Modulation
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions6.75 x 4.3 x 3.25 inches

The Keeley Caverns V2 is a dual delay reverb pedal with a clear separation between effects. It features reverb on the left and delays on the pedal’s right, making them easy to use together. It takes up less space on your pedalboard than having them in separate pedals. I have used it for the perfect delays that give the music a new life.

Reverb Control

There are three basic controls on the reverb side – level, tone, and time. An additional control called rate exists, but it alters different things in different effect modes.

The shimmer is the first to come to mind because when applied slowly, this control takes us through a vibrant range of sounds, while spring and modulated simply mirror how altering rate in the mode mentioned above affects their sound.

Multiple Delay Effects

There are four controls and three modes for the delay effects. There is a significant difference I see here between the modes. These different modes do not segregate from the delay types. However, they are modulation addons with the Deep, Light, and Off modes available.

Convenience at Disposal

The Keeley Caverns V2 is a compact pedalboard-friendly pedal that features unbelievably large, deep reverb and delay tones all in one unit. This convenient package provides the warmth and ambiance of an effects switcher but with the convenience of just leaving it on your pedalboard without having to tweak every single effect inside it.

  • Aesthetically it is one of the best-looking reverb pedals currently available.
  • It is versatile owing to the number of modes and effects available.
  • The sound quality is solid for a range of performances.
  • It does have a niche type of sound which feel amazing.
  • Some people may not seem to be satisfied with its reverb sound.
  • Tweaking needs to play around with the knobs.

5) Donner Reverb Best Budget Reverb Pedal

Donner Reverb Best Budget Reverb Pedal
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions2.4 x 2.4 x 3.9 inches

If you are learning to use reverb pedals and want something useful at a budget price, there is nothing better than the Donner Reverb Best Budget Reverb Pedal. It cuts your cost on the need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a range of authentic-sounding reverbs.

With a digital circuit design and a wide variety of effects for your guitar, this pedal is ideal for any guitarist who wants more flavor in their clean sound.

Diverse Settings

Donner is the best affordable reverb pedal that produces a variety of reverb sounds, including your standard room and hall options and more extreme forms such as a church, plate, spring, and modulated. The large knobs on the pedal center allow tweaking seven different settings for these reverb sounds.

Customizations & Controls

This reverb pedal features controls for level, decay, and tone. The level control allows you to adjust the amplitude of the signal reaching the speaker, which can be helpful when maintaining consistent levels throughout the performance. Despite its small size, you can do a lot of customizations on the pedal.

Versatility of Features

The Donner Reverb also features a visible LED light on/off function and proper bypass features, which is hands down the best option for guitarists. Its sleek, compact design makes it ideal for any guitarist looking for a versatile reverb pedal to add to their pedalboard. It’s so tiny you can practically take it anywhere.

Simplicity of Functions

I recommend the Donner Reverb Pedal to musicians who want to explore their creativity. It offers professional-grade presets with zero confusion. It is an easy tool to get started while keeping a high standard of results. The sound is, in my experience as a guitarist and individual who appreciates quality, highly sufficient regarding its price range.

Basic Settings and Controls

Along with its affordable price, I liked this best reverb pedal for synth because it has a small and simple design to fit in with your existing pedalboard. It features the most basic controls necessary to dial in the right amount of reverb without going overboard and without getting too confusing.

  • It has evaluated the flaws of other one button reverb pedals and solved them precisely.
  • You can store three different 30 minutes loops on this reverb pedal.
  • It offers unlimited undo and redo, which is incredible for musicians.
  • LED lights show you when you are in tune or not, which is impressive for tracking things.
  • The overall chorus seems a little shallow for a few tones.
  • The rate parameter doesn’t seem to follow the standard as it is steep.
  • The echo knob seems a bit off when setting the delay interval.

6) Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Guitar Pedals

Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Guitar Pedals
ManufacturerWalrus Audio
ModelSlo Multi Texture
EffectsModulation, Reverb
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions6 x 4 x 3 inches

Walrus Audio is fast becoming a leading brand of guitar effects pedals, with the Slo Multi Texture being no exception. This pedal aims to provide ambient soundscapes for guitarists who have no trouble projecting depth. It features three different onboard “algorithms” specifically designed to help guitarists achieve reverb without fail.

Three Reverb Modes

There are three different modes for changing the reverb in Walrus Audio Slo Multi Texture Reverb Guitar Pedals. You can toggle between the dark, rise, and dream modes. Each mode offers a versatile experience regarding the reverb. A secondary function in the switch modulates the reverb’s tone and characters.

Custom Effects

Additionally, this pedal gives you the option to build lush pads using the sustain effect. All one needs to do is turn on the Sustain switch, play a note, and then engage with another switch or button to capture that note.

Textural Melodies

If you are in search of a guitar effects pedal that is capable of offering you the ability to create vast ambient soundscapes, then the Walrus Audio Slo Multi Texture guitar effect pedal will help you achieve those goals. Slo Multi Texture is the perfect pedal if you like playing understated or textural melodies or even pads because it offers all those things.

Wide Array of Unique Tones

The Walrus Audio reverb pedal is unique because it’s far above and beyond the average stompbox. It provides a psychedelic range of tones that help to create a space within your guitar track. These tones make it possible to create an atmosphere that allows a wide array of unique tones and is perfect for creating space within your tracks.

  • The sound quality is perfect for a diverse range of players.
  • It has the significant advantage of being versatile while remaining practical.
  • The build quality is excellent with durable material.
  • Volume does seem consistent throughout the performance.
  • Despite the versatility, you have to stick to a few settings to get things done.
  • The secondary function setup seems complicated and challenging to understand.

7) Fender Marine Layer Digital Reverb Pedals

Fender Marine Layer Digital Reverb Pedals
ModelMarine Layer
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions5.4 x 3.85 x 3.15 inches

The Fender Marine Layer is a unique pedal that can create various reverbs. Whether you’re looking to add an ambient delay or mirror your sound, this pedal can do it with high-quality processing capabilities practically unmatched by other options on my list.

I liked it for being one of the best reverb pedals with features that most musicians need. It is one of the best reverb pedal for ambient.

Perfect Variations

Fender Marine Layer Digital Reverb Pedals have the Hall, Room, and Shimmer effects for effectiveness and versatility. The Hall effect adds depth to the user’s guitar tone by adding reverb with an echo chamber ambiance.

The room adds more space and thickness to your sound. Shimmer is perfect for high-pitched melodies where you want the notes to sparkle and shine in intensity.

Build Quality

The Marine Layer Reverb is a portable and lightweight 9V reverb pedal. It comes made up of anodized aluminum giving it a durable and long-lasting finish, which means that it’ll even last you through outdoor gigs or on tour. Fender Marine Layer can take power from a 9-volt power supply or a 9-volt battery.

Practical Design

The battery door is magnetically latched to the pedal’s chassis and opens as if by magic. When you’re in a rush, you can open it quickly & easily without having to worry about damaging the electronics of the pedal during an intense practice session or performance. There’s also a pair of LED-backlit lights to make finding your pedals in dark spaces whenever you need them.

Exceptional Reverb Effects

The Fender Reverb Pedal is a powerhouse of a design composed of rugged aluminum and appealing vintage aesthetics. However, the outstanding characteristic of Fender Marine Layer is the exceptional quality of the effects it produces.

  • The reverb is suitable for playing with a variety of tones and effects.
  • It has exceptional build quality to use on the go and at home.
  • The sound variety is exceptional, from standard to extreme reverbs.
  • The LED-lit knobs add to the usability and practicality of this pedal.
  • The lights are very bright and can affect how you operate things during the performance.
  • It works best with the DC power source compared to the battery.

8) MXR M300 Best Analog Reverb Pedal

MXR M300 Best Analog Reverb Pedal
EffectsReverb, Delay, Expression
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions6 x 3 x 3 inches

I stumbled upon the MXR M300 best analog reverb pedal, when one of my friends needed a space-efficient design reverb pedal with lots of options at disposal.

When he used MXR M300, he was astonished by the six individual reverb styles meticulously designed and crafted by renowned MXR designers. The M300 can easily be accessed and operated smoothly with such extensive options at your fingertips.

Analog Mechanism

One of the main reasons I was so impressed with this pedal is its innovative Dry Analog Path that gives you maximum sound quality, whether the pedal is used. It allows you a 20-volt headroom through the help of its Constant Headroom Technology, giving you a clear sound even when using some high volumes.

Accurate Reverbs

The M300 is among the best reverb pedals under 200 that offers exceptional quality, as it comes with four high-quality reverb styles. Thanks to the “plate” setting, you can experience a studio-quality sound, like that of an authentic sheet of metal.

With the spring option, you too can recreate the authentic sound of a high-end rack unit thanks to those characteristic echoes produced by a valve amplifier.

Delay Effects

M300 is the best reverb pedal for acoustic guitar. By utilizing the tone control, one can toggle between different reverb effects – quickly cycling through these settings with the tone control. There are two outputs to split your dry/wet signal into multiple amps for recording or going on stage. It’s epic!

Highly Versatile for Music Production

The MXR M300 offers the sounds you need to complete your project, no matter your style. It delivers everything you could want in an affordable, high-quality reverb pedal.

It stands out because it can produce classic reverb effects and offers different presets. What’s more, controlling this reverb pedal with its simple yet effective controls is a breeze.

  • Exceptional sound quality, given the price and features.
  • It is one of the best reverb pedals to work with the bass.
  • It has plenty of reverb to play with due to various reverb types.
  • You can easily select between the Trails bypass and True bypass modes.
  • It requires setting the TRS cables to benefit from stereo input and output.
  • Playing around and setting the Trails bypass is somewhat annoying.
  • The modulated reverb setting seems undercooked.

9) Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Best Reverb Pedal for Bass

Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Best Reverb Pedal for Bass
ModelMS-70CDR MultiStomp
EffectsDelay, Reverb, Chorus
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions5.13 x 3.05 x 2.3 inches

Zoom MS-70CDR is the best reverb pedal for bass featuring that has solved my friends’ problem who wanted unique delay, chorus, and reverb combination.

It allowed him to use 25 built-in studio-quality reverbs available at the press of a button, as it can add spatial effects to your music by creating layered guitar sounds. This pedal has a built-in DSP that uses 32-bit floating-point calculations, providing crystal clear sound quality.

Vintage Reverb

Another aspect concerning this good reverb pedal is that it offers several vintage emulation options. Several legendary pedals are recreated within the MS-70DCR, including the TC Electronic Hall of Fame and the Digitech RV-7.

Huge Versatility

This pedal is extremely versatile and can handle a variety of different effects. It has extensive modulation capabilities and a selection of 31 choruses, one being the popular auto pan function.

Perfect Delay Reverb

The Zoom is the best reverb pedal for blues that offers 26 mono, stereo delays and 25 reverbs, and 31 choruses. The most extended delay you can achieve stretches to 4 seconds so that creating ambient guitar tracks is possible and switching between effects in real-time.

Quality at Perfect Price

Considering how affordable the Zoom MS-70CDR is at just under $130, you get many effects according to price. It’s always a tradeoff with multi-effect pedals when it comes to this, but with this pedal, the quality of each of its effects doesn’t suffer in comparison to more expensive options sold on the market today.

  • The assortment is valuable, and the sounds feel excellent and reasonable.
  • Overall build quality is exceptional, and you can take it with you without any issues.
  • The manufacturer-provided patches are helpful for the most part.
  • There are plenty of effects to play around with and use.
  • Usability and user interface seem slightly off as they seem fussy for new players.
  • It does not come with a power cord, so you must purchase it separately.

10) Behringer DR600 Best Cheap Reverb Pedal

Behringer DR600 Best Cheap Reverb Pedal
Power9 Volt
Connectivity6.35mm Jack
Dimensions2.76 x 2.13 x 4.84 inches

When it comes to buying inexpensive professional audio equipment, Behringer consistently delivers. My neighbor uses DR600’s best cheap reverb pedal to get studio-quality reverb at a price even casual guitarists can afford. He was amazed by the performance as the pedal has 24 different reverb modes, including plate, hall, gate, room, spring, and modulate.

Efficient and Flexible

Behringer DR600 gives you access to several reverb settings. Still, it also includes several other helpful parameters that let you fine-tune how the pedal interacts with your tonal sound. For example, the dedicated mode, time, tone, and level controls are usable with adjustability on how each pedal interacts with your guitar signal.

Complete Control

DR600 is an excellent choice for players who frequently play on stages in low lighting conditions, as the pedal includes an LED light that lights up so that you can easily see whether the pedal is turned on or not. It also features an electronic footswitch, so you don’t have to worry about the pedal harming your tone when it isn’t engaged.


If you’re hunting for the best reverb pedal under 100 that can match the reverbs of models at least twice as pricy, look no further than the Behringer DR600. With all kinds of reverb controls and options to play with, this is the perfect pedal for guitarists who like to take their tone experimentation to new heights.

Modulation at its Best

The Behringer DR600 is one option if you are looking for a pedal that will help to add some reverb to your guitar or give your music a “spacey” quality. With several different controls for modulation, timing, and decay, this unit has plenty of features that would be a welcome addition to any guitarist’s collection.

  • It does not reset the reverb even if you power it off unless you press the pedal.
  • The performance of this reverb pedal justifies the price.
  • The flat reverb response on the Hall mode is one of the best features.
  • The level control is effective, and the tone control is satisfactory.
  • Some slight latency delays can cause an issue for pro players.
  • The plastic pedal does seem appalling from a durability perspective.
  • There are some random LED blinking complaints.

Buying Guide for Best Reverb Pedal

With so many reverb pedals on offer today, choosing the right one is not easy. Amps alone have tons of different specifications: wattage, tube type, speakers, etc. How can you ensure you’re picking out the best one when choosing from all the pedals? Here are some things to consider when picking out your reverb pedal:

Build Quality

Reverb pedals are essential for all musicians. However, they will have to take care of the wear and tear they’re likely to experience while on the road.

Although most of the time, it is better to have a sturdy pedal that can withstand heavy usage, there are also cases where you may want a slightly weaker (but also less expensive) pedal that is ideal for use at home. Investing in the sturdy pedal saves you from repeated investment in the same gadgets.

Noise Reduction System

One key to a good-quality audio production is to produce a few little noises generated during the process. Of course, different types of sounds will be present in an audio recording, but those can be easily managed and edited out in postprocessing.

The best way to avoid unnecessary noise is to use only a high-quality reverb pedal that produces low amounts of sound during the creation process.

Taste and Playing Style

Try to find the right reverb pedal depending on what genre you like playing and, to some degree, your taste. Some pedals provide more subtle reverb effects, excelling in highlighting your overdriven tones. However, if you play softer music with plenty of ambient sounds, choosing the right reverb pedal can become a significant decision.

Power Compatibility

When deciding what reverb pedal to buy, you need first to determine whether or not it needs a power supply. Should the pedal come with one, or will you need to purchase one separately? Also, some pedals can operate through batteries, but many require a wall outlet – especially those that produce more powerful effects than others.

Size and support

Size and support are also significant for the reverb pedal. Many people want something that they can travel with, so if you don’t have enough space on your pedalboard for a multi-effects unit, it may be best to find a more accommodating one. Remember that traveling pedals tend to be a little smaller as well!

Price Factor

When it comes to reverb pedals, it’s clear that high-quality sound becomes highly dependent on price. There is a clear difference in both the reverb quality and its versatility with each pedal. So wisely choose the reverb pedal and evaluate the overall value it provides for the price.



I find it very intriguing to test all the reverb pedals available. They all offer versatility, functionality, and superb sound for the production. Some produce better sounds and realistic effects than others, while some stand out in the build quality.
Overall, I like BOSS Reverb Pedal RV-6 over others due to its complete reverb solution for producing excellent quality soundscapes. It offers customizations and quick access to the settings that can help during live performances.

Is it worth getting a reverb pedal?

If you find the sound of your amp’s reverb not satisfying, getting the reverb pedal is essential. It provides more control and versatility over the effects and lets you handle the reverb effects more precisely. However, you can experience both to get an idea of the real difference.

How do I choose a reverb pedal?

Choosing the reverb pedal is a decision based on a particular need. However, there are certain things like build quality, sound effects, power source, noise level, and reverb pedal size that need more consideration than any other aspects.

Are reverb pedals better than amp reverb?

Amp reverbs are more organic and have natural quality sound, but they lack flexibility. In contrast, reverb pedals are more versatile, and they offer more control over the sounds and results of your production.

What is spring reverb?

Since the 1960s, the spring reverb has been a popular choice among enthusiasts. It works by feeding the sounds by springs while creating the illusion of reverb. You may find the software version of spring reverbs, but the authentic ones are the hardware-based spring reverbs.

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