5 Best Marine Tower Speakers – Audio Wakeboard Enclosures

Marine speakers are built to endure tough environments and corrosion. No doubt that they’re more hard-wearing than a car speaker that isn’t made to resist those things. Whether it’s an experience with water, sun, or salt, a marine speaker can last for a while.

The chosen best marine tower speakers are generally water-resistant, but they are also more rigid. These are made to bear the different acquaintance to water, dampness, and weather. Even if you’re mainly placing the speaker privileged your watercraft. There are still differences needed to keep it running throughout the journey.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


5 Best Boat Tower Speakers

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  1. WetSounds REV 410 marine tower speakers
  2. BOSS Audio MRWT40 Sounding Tower Speakers
  3. BUGANI M83 Bluetooth Marine Tower Speakers
  4. M6-880X-S-Gw Cheap Wakeboard Tower Speakers
  5. MCM Custom Audio Marine Tower Speaker Enclosures

1) WetSounds REV 410 Marine Tower Speakers

WetSounds REV 410 marine tower speakers
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Grills are stainless 
  • Reinforced Composite Enclosure

Wetsounds REV 410 tower speakers deliver strange volume and excellent full-range sound fineness on axis and off axis at long disinterests. Broad acoustic testing has long-established these speakers’ aptitude for projecting volume at 80 feet and beyond without losing information.

It is the highpoint of boat tower speaker design contribution the most advanced speaker design. Separate titanium diaphragm modulates high output Horn Loaded compression driver size and weight hang height 11. 

 The best point of UV inhibitors features enhanced mid-bass response at all volume levels with smooth frequency response for amazing weaker and stronger range sound quality.

Its RMS Watts for the peak is 400 Watt to 800 Watt. Included wet sounds suit speaker cover for protection. 

REV TEC technology provides extraordinary volume and outstanding full-range sound quality. Comprehensive acoustic testing has long-established these speaker’s aptitude to scheme volume at 80 feet.

Available with a fixed clamp or swivel clamp. Frequency responses from 20Hz to 20KHZ mid-bass with dual 10inch HLCD tower Speaker.


  • Best quality sound
  • Speakers are more than adequate 
  • Installing and tuning is easy
  • the Retaining collar is in place


  • Sometimes tuning problems occur due to unnecessary upcoming signals

2) BOSS Audio MRWT40 Sounding Tower Speakers

BOSS Audio MRWT40 Sounding Tower Speakers
  • Cones are made from polyurethane latest weatherproofing techniques
  • Dome shape discharge sound wider
  • Rubber can protect

BOSS MRWT40 is not just the boss, but these speakers are armed to be your best music mate for your marine quests. This best boat tower speaker is good choice for all your outdoor gratings. The internal parts are well wrapped to work against damage. Apart from the assurance of permanency, they offer the fine sound quality.

It has a tweeter dome shape that intensifies every sound. BOSS Audio MRWT40 is strong enough for thriving while on the boat. It can withstand uneven circumstances without getting scrapes or damage.

It has everything that will make your fun day memorable. The speakers are made from polyurethane. The tweeters are strong in structure. The toughness increases its lifespan.

Rubber has the aptitude to endure much chastisement without any sign of damage. But, on the other hand, it foils the whole structure of the speaker by letting continuous misuse where it is most needed. High-frequency sound waves are steering.

A wider dispersal of the sound waves will give you better music sound while enjoying your ride. Its impedance is equal to 4OHM.

The frequency of best marine tower speakers is 130 Hz to 20 kHz, and dimensions are equal to 7.1″ x 5.4″ x 7.1. The main and the most essential thing is Weight. Its weight is equal to 5.9 lbs.


  • Portable
  • Powerful tweeters
  • Attractive designing
  • Best quality withstand stress


  • Height and placement issue

3) BUGANI M83 Bluetooth Marine Tower Speakers

BUGANI M83 Bluetooth Marine Tower Speakers
  • Material provide grip
  • Streamlined Connectivity
  • Bluetooth range 10 Meters/ 33 Feet

BUGANI Bluetooth speakers ensures instant pairing. Wireless speakers have quicker assembly speeds, steady signal broadcast, and lower power ingesting. Bluetooth allows easy and fast connection to mobile mp3 devices and computers as well.

Two 20W mid-bass external magnetic speakers and two 4W tweeters, and two subwoofer diaphragms work together for the best conductivity of music. Digital audio processor pumps up the bass and improves the clearness of the mids and highs frequencies.

These marine tower speakers are without water resistance and can’t withstand water. Rechargeable lithium battery fixed in it. You can easily use this speaker to charge your smartphone via a USB cable.

40 Watts of power delivers unexpectedly louder volume from the dual exactness bass diaphragm. Distortion-free stereo sound, even at max volume, makes it perfect for traveling.

If you think this is not enough, then connect 2 speakers. They can play simultaneously with the advancement of 80W directly.

Its better styling made it attractive enough to buy these speakers; once you buy, you feel addicted to its best sound quality music.



  • If a problem occurs, no proper website solves that.

4) M6-880X-S-Gw Cheap Wakeboard Tower Speakers

M6-880X-S-Gw Cheap Wakeboard Tower Speakers
  • Excursion capability
  • Automatic tweeter protection
  • Corrosion-free
  • Higher Frequency

M6-880X-S-Gw marine speakers lead over conventional 6.5-inch designs that delivers a more powerful sound. These 8.8-inch diameter fiends offer important performance advantages over our 7.7inch models.

The bass is so impressive that the M6-880X can be used poorly of a subwoofer while still padding a very grave low-frequency success. Used with a subwoofer, they offer massively better and mid-bass influence than smaller speakers, making them the best choice when the ultimate recital is desired.

M6-880X Coaxial Systems can be used with as slight as 50 W, but best for audio performance. M6 8.8-inch Marine Coaxial Speakers worked on the same code and brought a more effective dose in our M6-880X 8.8-inch coaxials.

M6-880X uses only 50W per channel, but for the best audio presentation. The tweeter plays brasher and cleaner lower in incidence to mate with the woofer. The high-frequencies sound depends on bass quality.

The good the bass is, the better the sound. Intended a big 1.25-inch, silk-dome tweeter, a multi-order 2-way passive crossover is hidden within the woofer chassis, protected from shaking and corrosion.

A huge advantage over conservative 6.5inch in this best marine tower speaker is marine coaxials. More cone area and almost double the jaunt competence.


  • 2-way crossover
  • Power handling is much easy
  • Best sound clarity
  • RGB LED lighting


  • These are not much fit on your average bulkhead.

5) MCM Custom Audio Marine Tower Speaker Enclosures

MCM Custom Audio Marine Tower Speaker Enclosures
  • Titanium doom tweeter
  • Subwoofer and tweeter combo
  • Cone with rubber for protection
  • Heavy ABS case and mount

While focusing on using tower speakers for boating, many people also designate purchasing multipurpose or moveable mounting speakers that can be used for other sports, like water skiing, riding in an ATV, just droopy beside the boat.

The best will be somewhat waterproof, contempt usually being mounted up high on towers. While most speakers aren’t going to get drenched wet and rather aren’t going to get very wet at all, it’s still important to find some that can resist water, especially in saltwater areas because saltwater causes corrosion easily. 

Tower speakers are mostly used in ATVs, dirt bikes and other non-marine applications. Larger speakers can reproduce a wider range of frequencies than smaller ones.

While this doesn’t unavoidably mean they’ll sound better, it does mean they’ll incline to grip bass frequencies easily, which is often what’s so hard to come by in bad-sounding speakers.

 However, speakers with good tower speaker audio can often be attained with a subwoofer and a tweeter, even out on a boat. It comes with a poly cone woofer that provides a rubber surround and 1 titanium dome tweeter with binding post connections, heavy-duty ABS case.

Its Power handling ranges from 100W/200W, and impedance is 4ohm. Frequency responses from 40Hz~20KHz. Sensitivity is 90dB. Its minimum diameter is 1/8, and its maximum diameter is equaled to ½.


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Used with or without an amp
  • Clamps are included


  • Not durable with heavy waves

Things to Consider for Best Marine Tower Speaker Enclosures

When you buy the best marine tower speakers, you should have information about the parts of marine boat speakers. The speakers are an important part of your boat’s audio system. 

Woofers are the main part on which the quality and durability of a speaker relay. There are certain things if you want to buy with marine speakers, not the necessary part.

For example, some people like to hear music via headphones; on the other hand, most people want to listen to the music loud in the air.


Owning a set of marine speakers that produces an adequate quantity of control is an important thought. The higher the number, the more important it is to know the amount of control your speakers can grip.

The amount of power is characteristically measured in RMS or continuous wattage. Your marine speakers should have an equal quantity of control or more than your boat’s stereo. 

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of your marine speakers is another vital point to reflect on if you will be using your speakers primarily for fishing. Most of the best speakers obtainable on the market will have the ability to project sound well and crop many volumes.

Then the sound quality and volume are perhaps not as important as if you will be using your speakers for entertainment.

Power Handling:

You want your speakers to be able to grip an equal amount or more power than your stereo. That way, you avoid gusting them out. This can be a little problem because manufacturers measure power in different ways.

The head unit will perhaps have 4 channels, so 200 watts need to be alienated by 4. A 50-watt speaker will work fine. A characteristic stereo head unit will be rated at 200 watts of top power.

Speaker’s Quality:

There are several types to consider a speaker’s quality. Once you have to know the size of the speakers you are looking for and the power handling you need for your setup, the last thing to consider is the excellence of the speaker.

Dual Cone:

These speakers are usually of the lowest price with the cheapest quality. The smaller cone produces higher frequencies are existence reproduced while the larger cone guarantees that there is bass and are midrange. A dual cone speaker only has one speaker driver with 2 cones to duplicate the sound.


You have a tweeter located in the middle of a woofer cone with a distinct driver. The term “coaxial” comes from the detail that it is one speaker enfolded around another.

The incidences are alienated up amongst the speakers by a device called a passive crossover. These are often called 2-way or 3-way speakers.


A subwoofer is just postponement of the constituent speaker shape deliberated. You are simply adding another speaker to grip the lowermost occurrences.

You would never want to use a subwoofer alone because the outcome would sound like mud. However, to improve the overall sound quality of your system, you might choose to use a subwoofer.

Diameter and Weight:

Diameter, 6.5-inch speakers offer 400 watts of power. Although slightly larger speakers produce 600 watts of power and efficiency, 6.5inch speakers can be easily fitted in a variety of locations because of their smaller size.

However, they require more space than 6.5inch speakers. The larger the size, the more the space requirement.

Traditional marine audio speakers weigh is almost 5 pounds. As a result, these models are typically more reasonable than frivolous ones.

These speakers are solid and rigid, but they can only be positioned in certain areas. A frivolous speaker uses a Neodymium (NEO) magnet. Its weight is half of an outdated speaker.

Magnetic Shielding:

Magnetic devices on ships can affect your compass. You are also affected if the speakers are too close or too far from the compass mounting points. For example, the closer the magnetic shield, the more affected compass will be.


Level sound will not be possible with a 180WATT powerful speaker. An amplifier can also be used to amplify sound, making it perceptible. A marine-rated amplifier can give you the extra boost you need.

A closed room will improve the sound by striking the walls and other surfaces. However, they must point into the same space you can hear the sound. Speakers on boats are not an option unless you install them above deck.

Waterproof Technology:

Waterproofing is a must for any marine boat speaker. The entire audio system must be covered with boards to prevent corrosion. To meet the high quality of sound, you much check the waterproofing ability of your marine speaker from rain, water splashes, and sunlight.



Build quality is very high on BOSS Audio MRWT40 Sounding Tower Speakers. It comes with built-in RGB LED lighting and a stylish look even when they’re turned off. They feature marine-grade stainless steel grilles, synthetic fibers, and UV-resistance polymer baskets to stop the internal erosion of the speakers. 



If you are addicted to loud music, I highly recommend you to buy WetSounds REV 410 marine tower speakers as they have a high and clear crisp sound underwater as many speakers don’t have outside water. It is corrosion-free due to the material used in making this speaker. 

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