10 Best Motorcycle Speakers Review for 2022 | Wireless Stereo

Motorcycle speakers have a great demand because it makes our lives easier and enjoyable while passing through cobbles. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a prodigious outing, especially on the back of a two-wheeler accompanied by music.

You can also talk easily to your friends, family members, or any other person on call by using in-helmet speakers, as they are more advantageous in minimizing distractions.

Everyone wants to know that what kind of speakers are best for their motorcycle. And are so much confused with a lot of questions in their mind. Choosing or buying the right motorcycle speakers is the most arduous task.

So, I drew out a solution for you and listed the best speakers for motorcycles with buying guide and answers to your queries at varying price points.

Running a studio as a Music creator making me knowledgeable in Acoustics industry. I’ve personally researched, compared, and hand-picked Top Quality Products for my use and write experienced review.


10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycle

  1. Boss MC420B 6×9 Speakers For Motorcycle (Recommended)
  2. GoHawk RD8 Speakers For Motorcycle Handlebars (Recommended)
  3. Boss MC470B Loud Motorbike Speakers (Recommended)
  4. LEXIN Best Sounding Motor cycle Speakers
  5. GoHawk TJ4-Q Cheap Motorcycle Speakers
  6. Rockville rocknride Bluetooth Speaker
  7. Boss MC720B Speakers For Motorcycle Fairing
  8. Go Hawk TN4-Q Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers
  9. Kuryakyn MTX Bose Loudest Motorcycle Speakers (Recommended)
  10. Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Audio System

1) Boss MC420B Speaker For Motorcycle

  • Class D compact amplifier
  • 3-inch weatherproof speakers
  • Volume control
  • Great for 12-volt vehicles

Without compromising the sound and build quality, these speakers have a friendly budget and are a great option. It is similar to the previous products in connectivity options. However, it has a louder sound rated at 600-watts but, it can be slow down when speeds up on the highway.

installed Boss MC420B Speaker

When riding, it is safe to use because it has dedicated volume control and delivers clear-cut sound. However, we can say that it is the downside to this system. A Lower level of stereo separation is also by two speakers.

The lack of loudness is the downside to this system. If we compare to the four speakers, these two 6×9 motorcycle speakers create a lower level of stereo separation, and it will take up to the real estate. This system is loud enough and safe to use when riding.

new installed Boss MC420B Speaker

I found its durability for a long time with an excellent and loud sound quality. It is available at an affordable price at the marketplace, and these speakers are not present with on and off switches either.

Front side new installed Boss MC420B Speaker

It also comes with amplification and connectivity options. The budget of these 6×9 high-quality speakers is quite friendly with great possibilities.


  • Wireless connectivity is quite good and reliable
  • Volume control is dedicated and changes in a single turn.
  • AUX input
  • Good build-quality and highly waterproof.
  • Adequate mids-and-highs


  • Get underpowered at higher speeds
  • Lack on and off switches
  • Muffled lows

2) GoHawk RD8 Speaker For Motorcycle Handlebars

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • Handlebar mount MP3 music player
  • Amplifier system
  • 1.25-inch range

For more custom installation, it included a set of 2 optional stainless steel extension brackets. It is the loudest speaker for motorcycle handlebars. You will never be disappointed if you like interruption-free blast audio. It has standard 12-volt power connectivity.

Due to its small size, it is easy to install, and it does not leave anything to be desired. They have decently sized speakers that come with a straightforward interface with totally waterproof construction.

With chrome detailing and excellent color, they are entirely water and weatherproof. Moreover, it becomes more attractive to its overall performance and exceptional sound quality. With a durable sleek design, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Installing this top-rated speaker system on your mobile phone or any playback device will be very remarkable and appreciable. You can straightforwardly stream your favorite audio because it comes with Bluetooth for extra compatibility.

The most convenient option in these speakers for motorcycle handlebars is a wired remote control system. Unfortunately, you can’t set it in just a single turn of a knob.

You can connect four speakers if needed as its compact amplifier has four channels. And this speaker will become an excellent choice for you due to its entirety and ideal highs and lows when listening to the music.


  • Aluminum construction with high quality
  • USB, Bluetooth, and FM Radio compatible
  • Interface with clock and buttons


  • Stop working at high speed
  • Difficult to install

3) Boss MC470B Loud Motorbike Speakers

  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Class D Compact Amplifier
  • 3-inch weatherproof speakers
  • Volume control
  • Fine usage experience with ATVs and 12-volt vehicles

Boss MC470B are Bluetooth speakers on which you can play and control a great library of music of your own choice by using MP3 devices. You can plug wirelessly into different apps like Pandora and Spotify. These motorcycle speakers are also present in two 3-inch, full-range, and chrome speakers. The handlebars will fix in the adjustable brackets ranging from 0.75-inches to 1.25-inches.

With complete stereo experience, they are the best Bluetooth speaker for motorcycle because they have adjustable brackets that help to connect everything firmly to your motorcycle.

You can hook it with your mobile phone and other devices for instant playability due to its Bluetooth compatibility. You only have to connect an amplifier to your favorite device.

The latest outfitted weatherproofing techniques have been in these motorbike speakers for protection against harmful elements. Audio outputs are compatible with a 3.5mm auxiliary input of smartphones and other devices.

If you want to fix the volume of tune, these loud stereo systems for motorcycle are installed with convenient inline volume control, making sure that when the need hits. So, it is present in a place of your choosing.

Online dealer warranty of Boss audio speakers is so long as you purchase them from Amazon.com. And we strongly appreciate the professional installation to make sure the proper and safe functionality of this product.


  • Wireless and reliable connectivity and high-durability
  • AUX input
  • High-build quality made it weatherproof
  • Dedicated volume control according to your choice
  • Good mids-and-highs


  • Not Found

4)LEXIN Best Sounding Motor Cycle Speaker

  • Bluetooth speakers with stereo sound effect
  • Radio with turning light
  • Waterproof 

These speakers have modern and classic bullet-style and are worth looking at. Most speakers are rate in PMPO so, never get deceived by 50-watts RMS rating motorcycle speakers especially, if you are looking for a more distinguished aesthetic appeal. LEXIN motorcycle speakers have peak power equivalent to 400-watts and are loud enough for practical use.

Its USB port functions as a charger, and you can connect your USB drives, as well, and this is its excellent build quality. Installation of these speakers is simple and easy. As its sound quality is good even in mids-and-highs, there is no distortion in the sound at its highest volume.

If we compare these speakers to its competitors, then they offer better sound quality at this price point. You can change and enjoy the sound by double-clicking down the volume button.

When the signal light of your motorcycle is with a wire, the LED light will act as a turning light. These are built-in metallic housing with chrome. So, these are highly waterproof to combat moisture.

The LEXIN Q3 is a 3-inch handlebar mount speaker system, and it is the best size for best sounding motorcycle speakers. Handlebar having a length from 8 to 11-inches is also fitted on the motorcycle. Through your mobile phone and other Bluetooth devices, you can stream the music wirelessly.


  • Excellent quality of sound and give clear and crisp sound.
  • USB charging is also included.
  • Great looks with LED lights.


  • Lacks a remote
  • Quite Expensive

5) GoHawk TJ4-Q Cheap Motorcycle Speakers

  • 1000-watt power
  • 4 channel amplifier
  • 4-inch full range
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • AUX USB SB Radio

The Go Hawk speakers are available with high-performance bass because they have a 1000 watt amplifier with four channels and are full-range stereo speakers. The 1.5-inch bar is handled or supported by a new X-Large mounting clamp compatible with the crash bar and ape hanger.

These are full-function wired control, cheap motorcycle speakers. You only have to connect the RE jack to start using it. To change the track, turn it on and off, adjust the volume, a 3.5mm audio jack AUX IN is available.

Moreover, it supports USB, SD Card, and MP3 files. The high-quality Aluminum present on the matte black stereo unit makes it more perfect and suitable.

When it comes to the option of connectivity, these cheap motorcycle speakers offer versatility. However, those who want to up their bass games surely need an amplifier that supports subwoofers. Unfortunately, the real problem is that the subwoofers are not included in the package.

As they are- built with high-quality ABS material, so they are fully waterproof. And have 4-inched chrome finished housing. Due to its good crystal sound quality, it is definitely, great for outdoor use, including full function wired control.

It is easy and lucid to install these speakers because it comes with all the necessary wiring and hardware, plug and play, and a standard 12-volt power connection.


  • Media connectivity with your favorite devices
  • Subwoofer output
  • Affordable price at a marketplace
  • Multi-function remote is included in the package


  • The subwoofer is not present

6) Rockville Rock n Ride Bluetooth Speaker

  • 10-inch full-range
  • 3000-watt power
  • 4-ohm frequency
  • Dual voice coil
  • Polypropylene cone and foam surround

The Planet AC10D motorcycle speakers for bass with the pair of 10-inch subwoofers add some bass to your motorcycle equipped with 1500-watts peak power. Moreover, to maintain its strength and fatigue properties, it can withstand high temperatures and extreme environments.

With dual four ohms 2-inches voice coils, it offers a great sound with features of long-lasting subwoofers with higher excursion and efficiency provided by foam surround. Durable and resilient material gives a great sound of longer play times with lesser weight.

You can hear a clean and clear music output because of stamped baskets engineered in it. One year of warranty is also available in its specifications.

They are water and weatherproof speakers and combat high temperatures and other extremities in the environment, and have great demand in the market like the other products.

As they are the top-rated motorcycle speakers so, they come with exceptional sound quality and sleek design.

It is a great choice in its entirety because you can set it up anywhere you want and change the volume in just a single turn. The chrome detailing with white color increases its attractiveness and overall performance.

You can enjoy the high power capacity if you have the best speakers for motorcycles and enjoy the great loudness of sound of four speakers all around.


  • 1000-watts power of sound capacity.
  • Gives clean, clear, and loud performance
  • 4-set of speakers with chrome detailing and sleek design.


  • Does not offer much volume
  • Bluetooth option reduces watt input

7) Boss MC720B Speakers For Motorcycle Fairing

  • Bluetooth and weatherproof amplifier
  • 4-inch speakers
  • 2 channel amplifier
  • Great for ATVs and 12-volt vehicles

It is an excellent option to look at if you want a good-sounding speaker system for motorcycle fairing. In its compact form factor, it is loud despite its size. A wide range of handlebars of different sizes can accommodate because it is made, especially to be mounted, on the handlebars.

This is a great option to look for if you want an excellent loudspeaker system in a compact form factor. All the elements used in these speakers for motorcycle fairing are good, and great either. They have an affordable price if you consider wattage.

The sound quality is too good and decent. You can enjoy its loud sound and volume without any distortions. Its aesthetics are also fine. These motorcycle speakers are waterproof and combat high temperatures or moisture from rainwater.

You only have to mount the speakers with two connections as there is no additional fluff here, and now you are ready to go. The most noticeable thing that made it louder is its 1000-watts power with two speakers, and it is the loud part.

The sound quality depends on the volume and is pretty decent. All of the gadgets in their music quality are great either. The price of these speakers is also reasonable if you consider the wattage.


  • Loud music for its size
  • Simple and good looking also
  • Made to be mounted; on handlebars.


  • No remote control system
  • Lack of additional connectivity options.

8) Go Hawk TN4-Q Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
  • 1000-watt maximum power
  • 4-channel amplifier
  • 4-inch full-range
  • AUX USB SD radio

These are full-range stereo Bluetooth and waterproof motorcycle speakers, with a 1000-watt amplifier, four-channel, and high-performance bass is also available. Ape hanger and crash bar of 2-inch diameter is compatible over it and are braced, with X-Large mounting clamp having one to two-inches size.

You can use your speakers by supporting them with SD Card MP3 files and USB. They support FM Radio and USB charging also. The 3.5mm audio jack AUX IN is gettable and wired control. The high-quality Aluminum is present over Harley motorcycles and Polaris four-wheeler electric bikes.

Go Hawk waterproof motorcycle speakers are most persistent or reliable as they are built with ABS Material of good quality and are waterproof. Large cable with standard RCA males is available separately if you search for RCA Extension.

Now, rivulet you’re your favorite music and radio channel by using Bluetooth wireless on your smartphone or any smartphone device and note the series. Keep 15 meters of your wireless Bluetooth connection, keeping in mind the supporting range of wireless.

This brand comes with all the climacteric wiring and hardware. The leading IP56 waterproof design makes the crystal sound quality more superb while using outdoor. FM Radio and 2X External antenna provide full function wired control for Bluetooth.


  • Very versatile and inconstant at any place
  • High-build quality and waterproof designing
  • Good bass response with crystal sound quality
  • Multi-function remote is included in a package
  • Has USB Charging facility 


  • Irritating beep sound

9) Kuryakyn MTX Bose Loudest Motorcycle Speakers

  • Weather-resistant
  • 300-watt power
  • Handlebar-mounted audio speakers
  • USB power charger

Kuryakyn MTX motorcycle speakers have wireless connectivity to any of the Bluetooth-enabled musical devices or mobile phones connected to the standard devices by 3.5mm cable through auxiliary input and output ports, and it’s very outstanding and beneficial for those who ride motorbikes.

By their design, these Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle are limited inherently. However, if you want to get the compact form factor of the motorcycle sound system, it is the exact and actual solution to these conundrums.

Moreover, it has an acceptable bass response in a speaker system of motorcycle without any subwoofers.

With dual voice coils, these are full-range and best speakers for motorcycles, with 300-watts of power. At any level of volume, the N42 dome tweeter magnets inhibit the powerful distortion of sound and have four-channel internal amplifiers. In this way, it’s advantageous as it gives a clear-cut sound.

The best and loudest motorcycle sound system has speaker measures of about 10.6-inches in length and 2.9-inch in diameter. Its bracket is about 6-inch in volume and 3-inch diameter. A 1.0 Amp USB charging port is assembled over the motorcycle handle soundbar having a peak power of 300 watts.

These top-rated speakers are highly durable and weather-resistant as it is IP66-rated. It is also heat-resistant and combats heat because they are built-in self-protection, heat-sink, and under-voltage regulation. The articulating mounting clamps virtually any bars and brackets.


  • Best sound quality with little or no distortions
  • Loud according to its size
  • Excellent build quality and highly waterproof


  • Price tags is high
  • Limited connectivity options

10) Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Audio System

  • 6.5-inch full range
  • Fosgate built quality
  • 150-watt maximum power

In both the fairing and Tour-Pak locations, this pair of TMS65 speakers are best. However, they are 6.5-inched full-range speakers, and no modifications are needed; in them. Using the mounting hardware and speaker connectors, the speaker directly replaces the existing speakers; of a factory and comes with new grille assemblies.

An ultra-efficient 25mm tweeter featuring 150 watts MAX of power with an integrated plug is -built for clear highs even at high speeds. They are element-ready audio speakers so, they are water and weather-resistant and fight against UV rays, extreme temperature, corrosion, dust, and vibration.

They enhance the sound quality of your speaker system and give a clear sound. One of the big reasons for calling it the best motorcycle sound system is that it is easy to clean and completely free from corrosion.

This best motorcycle sound system causes minimal distortions, so it’s perfect for Harleys and designed especially for them. This sound system replaces the OEM speakers of motorcycles. 

They are highly water-resistant and available with an RMS rating. If you want to take the performance to the next level, you can integrate an amplifier. It has a full 2-year warranty when purchased from an Amazon.com reseller because it has a high-built quality.


  • Minimal distortion with the clear and loud sound.
  • Weatherproof and harmful combat elements.
  • Corrosion-free and highly protected.


  • Fits Road glide motorcycles

Things to Consider For Motorcycle Speaker System

One of the best modifications that you made on your motorcycle is installing a motorcycle speaker system. So you can enjoy your favorite music or song while you are riding or parking anywhere. There is nothing that feels greater than listening to music while riding.

The only option that is not safe is that some bikers put on headphones or earbuds during their ride, and it’s risky.

You should first highlight the choice of safety and keep an eye on the road. You learn some things before installing the speaker system on your bike. So, here are some things that you should consider before buying your best speakers for motorcycle.

Ease of Control:

Some options like volume change, skip the next track make the speaker system to use and is easy to control. But, for enhanced safety, it’s better that you have remote control speakers; so that in case of any urgent condition, you can easily control the system. So, put the remote control motorbike speakers on your priority.

Stereo System Compatibility:

The most important thing is to select the speaker system which is compatible with your motorcycle. We can attach all the stereo devices as long as they have space. It does not mean that they are only attachable to motorbikes. It means that it depends on us that whether we want to attach headphones or not.

Waterproof Capability:

Most of the speakers available here for bikes are waterproof. Therefore, they are entirely safe from damaging elements present in the environment. Consequently, it is very advantageous for bikers to have a waterproof speaker system.

Ergonomics Structure:

Before installing the best speakers on your motorcycle, make sure they use buttons that which type of buttons are present on a stereo system. And if the controls are present in the awkward position, there are chances that you mount adequately. So, first, learn how to operate these buttons before riding.

Sound Quality:

Buy the speaker system that delivers the music to you even in the noise made by a motorcycle. It will be better to choose a speaker that has a loud and clear sound.

Its volume should be enough to overcome the noise of your motorcycle engine. Some people suggest using headphones when you are wearing helmets built-in headsets.

Easy Installation: 

For easy installation of your motorcycle speakers, make sure that they have adjustable mounting brackets that fit around your handlebar. Of course, the easiest option is the plug-and-play option. Keep in mind these things when you are buying handlebar speakers with easy installation.

Input Sources: 

If you love to listen to the FM radio, buy the devices that support the input sources. For example, through Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream the music wirelessly. There are also some other options like USB input, AUX input, etc. Choose the speakers from your most preferred devices.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity:

With Bluetooth connectivity, all is wirelessly, and you do not need to connect your portable devices with wire. For example, you can attach small mp3 devices to your motorcycle stereo system. Bluetooth is also necessary for GPS Navigation services.

Rider’s Choice

Kuryakyn MTX Bose Loudest Motorcycle Speaker is suitable speakers for motorcycles with ultra-construction and superb sound quality. It is designed, simply clearly, and made ideally effective and water and weatherproof. They are also capable of Bluetooth connectivity.

Boss MC470B Loud Motorbike Speaker is as perfect as their name. Boss motorcycle speakers are highly durable, have high sound quality speaker, and are dynamic. I feel it suitable for outdoor use as it gives a loud and crystal clear sound but punchy. You can easily buy these speakers because they are available at an affordable price on the marketplace.

GoHawk RD8 Speaker for Motorcycle Handlebars is reliable because they are easy to install, and you do not need an engineer for installation. They have very high sound but not so loud, but still a good choice for you with a great value, and much better than other brands.

Best Motorcycle Audio System FAQs

Who makes the best speakers for motorcycles?

Overall the Boss audio systems make the best speakers for motorcycles including, handlebar speakers, best 6×9 inch speakers, helmet speakers on the best budget, and many more.

How many watts are motorcycle speakers?

10 to 15-watts of power is given -off by factory motorcycle stereos, and it is not enough to listen to your music when you are riding at a higher speed. So, it is better to look for a product that has 300-watts of peak power.

Do motorcycle speakers have to be waterproof?

Yes, they should be waterproof because there are chances of exposing these speakers to elements that harm them. There are risks of damaging and becoming useless if your speakers are not water and weatherproof.

How to install a motorcycle speaker system?

Choose a compatible stereo system for your motorcycle and strap in. From batter under the seat, run the audio power wiring, and your speaker system is installed and ready to use.

How can I make my motorcycle speakers louder?

A lot of power is required to make your motorcycle speakers louder. For this purpose, upgrade your motorcycle for a high-efficiency amplifier and high-power. It is enough to drown out exhaust noise and wind.

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