5 Best Univibe Pedal for Your Guitar Tunes [2022 Review]

Multiple professions in this world have been working for a long time. None of them can compete with the passion for this music industry. Music is one of the fewest professions that has everything involved in it. It enables you to earn uncountable money only if you work hard consistently. Also, the music industry can make you the most famous person around the globe. No other profession can be that good in these two things.

Success in the music industry is not all about passion anymore. You need to be harmonized with the requirements of the modern music world. Music nowadays depends a lot on the guitars. The guitar is one of the most used instruments that can adjust itself in any setup. To cover the issues of distortion, tunes, and many more, some people may advise you to purchase some expensive guitars.

Before you invest some good money on the expensive guitars just because you are afraid of minor issues in your music, you should learn about Univibe pedals. Best univibe pedal can give you the art of tuning your music according to the requirement of people. It is made to not just be your ideal instrument in working. It is also designed to save some good bucks from your budget. Let’s get going and look at the best vibe pedals list.

JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Univibe Pedal Original (RECOMMENDED)
MXR Uni-Vibe Pedal M68 Vibrato Effects
TC Electronic VISCOUS Univibe Guitar Pedal
EarthQuaker Best Cheap Univibe Pedal Depths V2
Boss Vibe Pedal WAZA VB-2W

Top 5 Best Univibe Pedals 2022 Shootout

Race to be the best vibe pedal is not stopping at any place. A tough competition in the market is causing new and improved inventions in the music industry. If you want to try the best univibe pedal in your music production, you must be aware of some facts to find the best compatible pedal.

Univibe guitar pedals in the market do not come in the same format. They have a variety of knobs and features according to the need. I have gathered the five best Univibe pedals for you. We’ll discuss each element of the pedal in detail. This article may help you find the best compatible Univibe guitar effects pedals for your genre. Sit back and enjoy.

1) JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Univibe Pedal Original

JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Univibe
  • Type: Univibe Pedal
  • Working: Analog
  • Controls: Knobbed
  • Effects: Dry & Wet
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 3 Inches
  • Weight: 0.3 Kg
  • Power: DC 9V
  • Input: Single
  • Output: Single
  • Tap Tempo: Buttoned
  • Extra Jack: Expression Pedal

My life as a musician has seen many ups and downs. There was a time when no one believed in my skills. I did not stop, and consistency led me to success. Being a musician, you need to try every sort of instrument. In the beginning years of my guitar career, I used different guitar effects pedals to enhance my tunes.

JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Univibe Pedal Original was the first-ever pedal that helped me produce the year’s sound. Its high-performance work makes it one of the best in the market. It can add the required modulation effect to the guitar sound as most musicians require.

Analog Univibe Effects Pedal

You will see many types of Univibe pedals in the market. Most of them will be automated vibe pedals. Automated vibe pedals are not good enough to control the passing tunes completely. This excellent vibe pedal comes with one of the most delicate operations technologies. Because it is an analog vibe pedal, it will give us complete control.

In the beginning, it was tough for me, but with time I mastered its use. Once you master this vibe pedal, you’ll get incredible modulation effects. In this manner, this vibe pedal can create the tune a musician desires. Its user-friendly analog feature makes it the best stereo vibe pedal on the market.

Dry and Wet Effects Pedal

An Univibe pedal should be flexible with its features, especially an analog vibe pedal. So, the manufacturer has introduced this pedal with a unique feature in it. It has a dray and wet effects option. You can work with the wet effects option if you want to add the sound volume variation to your music at the required speed.

It created some of the best vibrato tunes for me. A dry option is used to adjust the Univibe effects. It can lead to the addition of flexible modulation effects in the sound. That means this Univibe pedal can work as vibrato in some conditions. You can change the option from dry to wet with the help of a toggle switch.

Flexible Operation with Knobs

A variety of models in the market offer buttons and other ways to control different things. Knobs are the best option in all of them. This excellent Univibe pedal comes with knobs as a controller. A total of four knobs are provided to control the different flows in the sounds.

Two knobs on the left side are dedicated to the direction of your tone. One is a volume controller, and the other is a ratio knob. Two knobs on the right side are for speed control, such as depth and speed. It also has a LED light that blinks with the passing current. This feature led to one of the most delicate workings of any Univibe pedals. I felt the difference in my music with its regular use.

  • It provides us with complete control with knobs.
  • LED lights keep us updated with setup.
  • Regular size is helpful for transportation.
  • It comes in an eye-catching color.
  • An extra jack is also provided at the side to connect the manual expression pedal.
  • Its high-tech performance demands a dual output feature.

2) MXR Uni-Vibe Pedal M68 Vibrato Effects

MXR Uni-Vibe Pedal M68
  • Type: Univibe
  • Working: Analog
  • Control: Knobs
  • Knobs: 3
  • Output: Single
  • Depth: Dedicated
  • Power: 9V DC
  • Power Source: Adapter
  • Design: Mini Pedal
  • True Bypass: Buttoned

The music industry is full of surprises. One of my school friends met me at a live band competition. It was tough for me to guess he was my same old friend. Guess what, he was a guitarist as well.

He told me that he used this MXR Uni vibe Pedal M68 Vibrato Effects for his tunes. At the live competition, I felt his music was far better than others in the competition. His incredible performance shows that this pedal is the best Univibe pedal on the market.

Knobs for Absolute Control

To add the music effects through pedals is nothing less than art. It would help if you had flexible pedal control options to be a master of the effect pedal. This Univibe pedal is incredibly engineered to give complete control to you.

It comes with three knobs that can provide you with an excellent experience. To control the speed, level, and depth, the knobs can be helpful. My friend told me that its high-quality working ability could create a superior quality of sounds. Knobs give you complete control to get that sound.

Direct 9V Power Source

The best small Univibe pedal also depends on the power source. This pedal needs the direct power of 9V in the shape of a direct current. This power source is required to get the maximum advantage from this pedal. Some Univibe pedals also come with battery operation.

Batteries can sometimes be dangerous, as working on a low battery can lead to the loss of guitar sounds flowing through it. That is why it is introduced with a direct power source only. Use the 9V DC adapter to give it a try. It can create the most soothing sound with a healthy power source.

Extra Addition of True Bypass

Imagine having one of the finest Univibe pedals in the market with the feature of true bypass. All these features together are made possible with the addition of true bypass. An oversized button is provided in the middle that can be seen from far away on this mini pedal. A true bypass feature helps the musicians boost the audio level without interruption during its flow from input jack to output jack.

Mini Pedal with Compact Style

I cannot complete this MXR uni vibe review without mentioning its small dimensions of 3 x 8 x 10 inches. This feature makes it the best small Univibe pedal on the market. Also, it is an expert in working in quick time. Just plug in the cables with the power adapter and watch it operates at its finest. This pedal is an expert for old tunes reproduction. That makes it the best vintage Univibe pedal as well.

  • It has a direct adapter power source of 9V in DC.
  • A dedicated depth knob gives us more control.
  • A compact style needs no time to get started.
  • True bypass with vibrato effects pedals is perfect Univibe.
  • It is one of the cheapest Univibe pedals on the market.
  • A charged battery option can be an excellent addition.

3) TC Electronic VISCOUS Univibe Guitar Pedal

TC Electronic VISCOUS Univibe
  • Type: Univibe
  • Dimension: 5 x 3x 3.31 Inches
  • Weight: 0.34 Pounds
  • Power: DC 9V
  • True Bypass: Yes
  • Buffered Bypass: Yes
  • Controls: Knob
  • Intensity: Dedicated Knob
  • Status: LED Light
  • Special Feature: TonePrint Technology
  • Vibrato & Chorus: Toggle Switch
  • Input: Stereo and Mono
  • Output: Dual

After using it for a long time in my Music career, I decided to purchase a new one for a better modulation effect. Proper research in the market led me to this TC Electronic VISCOUS Univibe Guitar Pedal. My first look at this Univibe pedal just made my mind for it.

It is made with a beautiful color combination that will not let you leave. Its small size cannot stop its outstanding working ability. It can create the best uni vibe clone for you. It has some of the most incredible features you would ever see.

Dual Sound Genres, i.e., Mono and Stereo

I have seen many Univibe pedals in my career. Most of them are limited to a single type of music genre. This Univibe pedal is claimed as the best Univibe pedal by the manufacturer because of its variety of high-tech features.

One of those features is a stereo and mono option. You can work with its dual input and output option simultaneously. It will create the most seductive sound out of both these genres. Its tunes are known as the best stereo vibe pedal tunes.

Decide Between Vibrato and Chorus Sounds

This best mini Univibe pedal will leave you in a shell to decide from many options. It can work as a vibrate and chorus effect at the same time. A vibrate pedal needs you to give it the manual feed for better working. But in this Univibe pedal, you can easily decide with a toggle switch to add the vibrato or chorus. Chorus sound is a specific sound used in the late 70s. It creates a beautiful tune. This Univibe pedal can work as a best chorus sound pedal as well.

Genuine TonePrint Technology

As I mentioned earlier, music is not the same anymore. Modern times have developed some of the best sound technologies. This TonePrint technology in the Univibe pedal is the best example of this. A Univibe pedal can convert the tunes into your required type of sound with its help. You can easily make some futuristic tones with the use of this technology. This high-class automated technology is part of the best uni vibe pedals 2022.

  • Multiple sound genres option is available.
  • It is one of the best stereo vibe pedals.
  • It has a futuristic technology in the name of TonePrint.
  • Dual output means more flexibility.
  • Knobs operation for complete control.
  • The addition of the depth knob could have been a better vibe feature than others.

4) EarthQuaker Best Cheap Univibe Pedal Depths V2

EarthQuaker Best Cheap Univibe
  • Type: Univibe
  • Controls: Knobs
  • Knobs: 5
  • Dedicated: Throb Knob
  • Dimension: 6 x 3 x 3 Inches
  • Output: Single ¼ Inches
  • Weight: 0.75 Lbs.
  • True Bypass: Dedicated button
  • Power: 9v-18v

My Univibe pedal was not available once. I needed to tune in for the final touch on my music. I borrowed a Univibe expression pedal from one of my friends. This Univibe pedal just worked perfectly for me.

Although I was working the first time with it, I should have felt a bit confused. But this flawless Univibe pedal made it easy for me to understand its basics. Its features at a limited price are just unbelievable.

Analog Function with 5 Knobs

You will not find a Univibe better than this one. Many manufacturers have offered the analog operation to date. But they can provide only 3 to 4 knobs maximum. This excellent Univibe pedal has done its best.

It comes with five dedicated knobs. 5 Knobs mean more control over the musical sound. Knobs are divided into Intensity, Rate, Voice, Level, and throb. I felt in complete control while editing the required tunes.

Dedicated Throb Feature

You might have seen multiple dedicated knobs in your life. That will be your first time to see the throb dedicated knob. Throb is known for adding some low passing signals to the vibrating sound. This knob will help you to feel more aesthetic and under control. Imagine controlling the low pass signals of subharmonic voice with the help of a knob. This feeling is one of the finest for any musician in the world.

True Bypass Makes It Complete

This Univibe pedal will make you fall in love with it. A Univibe pedal is an incredible invention in the music field. Imagine if your vibe pedal shootout leads you to the best every Univibe experience. That is what happened to me. This pedal has all the required features for excellent working.

Also, it comes with a true bypass feature. True dedicated bypass can lead to the best-untouched tune coming out of your guitar. This feature will boost the new theme as per the requirement to sound more realistic.

  • Addition of special modulation effect.
  • We have a dedicated throb knob for low passing frequencies.
  • Multiple knobs to give absolute analog control.
  • A Single but compact-sized output jack is added.
  • High voltage vibing experience.
  • Dual output could have been better.

5) Boss Vibe Pedal WAZA VB-2W

Boss Vibe Pedal WAZA VB-2W
  • Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 10 Inches
  • Weight: 1 Lb.
  • Controls: Knob
  • Knobs: 4
  • Output: Single
  • True Bypass: Knobbed
  • Status: LED Light
  • Color: Blue

I was watching the reviews of different guitar effects pedals. Guitar effects pedals are available on the long list. Every guitar pedal has its built-in functions and features.

Of all these reviews, I liked the most is Boss Vibe Pedal WAZA VB-2W. Its high-quality features differ it from many. Its small size and the eye-catching color are also plus point. I was stunned to watch the working of its vibrato feature. Just incredible.

Knobs Function to Control Vibe

Control the modulation effect in your music is a tough job. This challenging job is made easy with the help of Knobs. Different types of pedals have different types of controller features.

Some have buttons, and some have toggle switches. The knobs are known as the best way of controlling the music effects. This pedal comes with four knobs total. Three knobs are divided into ratio, depth, and speed. The fourth one is dedicated to switching between different modes.

Dedicated True Bypass Knob

More features in the pedal make it more flexible to use. Flexibility increases our ability to be more creative in the production of sounds. This best Univibe pedal comes as the most flexible pedal in operation as it has a dedicated knob to decide the mode.

You can easily switch to the proper bypass mode with the help of a knob. A true bypass can help you to achieve your feat. This feature is necessary for direct and untouched sound coming out from single output. To check the status of the pedal operation, an LED light is provided that will blink through every crossing wave.

Perfect for Transportation

Best Univibe pedal can be of many things, but it cannot compromise its size and build quality. This Univibe pedal is made with aluminum alloy. Its frame is durable that will not hurt you in traveling. Minor accidents are not going to damage its operation.

Its small size is also perfect for traveling. For example, you are traveling from your house to a location where you will perform live. You will need an ideal-sized pedal for the travel. This compact-sized pedal is perfect for transportation.

  • The blue color attracts the audience.
  • Knob for the genuine bypass is a unique addition.
  • High-class technology for modulation effects.
  • It has a dedicated knob for the depth effect.
  • Dual output could have been a better option.

Buying Guide for the Best Budget Univibe Pedal

You must be excited to add some incredible modulation effects to your guitar tunes. After reading the best Univibe pedals in detail, you must feel confused.

A Univibe pedal is known for adding some of the most soothing effects to your tune. You can achieve these modulation effects by reading our buying guides in detail. It will help you be more realistic in your approach as it is your first Univibe pedal.

Analog Univibe Pedals

The most important thing to remember is the analog operation of the Univibe pedal. An analog feature can lead you to the best tunes. Some Univibe pedals in the market are automated as well.

It would help if you tried to have an analog Univibe pedal. You will not feel mastered initially, but with time you feel skillful. You will learn well with analog Univibe pedals. Also, Univibe pedals can give you complete control over the melodic sound.

Buttoned or Knobbed

The next thing to look for in any Univibe pedal is its controller type. Mainly, there are three types of controllers in the Univibe pedal, buttoned, knobbed, and toggled. Always be inspired by the full tone Univibe pedal and have a knob feature. Knobs can lead to the best experience. You will feel that things are under your analog control with knobs.

True Bypass is a Plus

Some of the Univibe pedals offer additional services like vibrato and bypass etc. It would help if you looked for the Univibe with other features of true bypass. A buttoned or toggled true bypass can be helpful in case you don’t want to touch the frequencies of the sound but wants to boost it. I always prefer the best Univibe pedal with the true bypass option as it becomes a complete package.

Multiple Knobs Control

Knobs are the best feature of any guitar effect pedal. One can feel in complete control by using them. Try to buy a Univibe pedal with more knobs. More knobs mean more detail working. Detail working will give you good learning and unbelievable results in tune. Try to have more than four knobs in your Univibe.

Best Univibe pedal gilmourish is followed across the globe. You should not feel that purchasing the first Univibe is tough. I have a product recommendation for you. As we all know, Dunlop Univibe pedals are known for their high-class performance.

So, I will also recommend JHS Unicorn V2 Analog Univibe Pedal Original. This Univibe pedal is made for beginners especially. It will give you proper teaching of using the best vibe pedal for a long time. When you purchase this Univibe pedal, you will feel that this recommendation Is nothing less than a gift in this challenging field.

Product Recommendation

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